Chapter 297 – Talisman Battle Tactics

Yonglin was indifferent when he saw Chen Xi crushing the Yellow Dragon’s Shield treasured talisman, as the might of a high-grade treasured talisman was barely capable of blocking a single strike of his, yet it was absolutely unable to block a second strike.

He had such confidence because he was a Rebirth Realm cultivator. No matter how formidable the might of a high-grade treasured talisman was, it was only capable of withstanding a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator. Moreover, it was common knowledge that talismans were only a single use treasure. After they were utilized, they would vanish in an extremely short period of time no matter what happened, and it was utterly insufficient to turn around the current situation.

However, his gaze unintentionally swept out and his pupils swiftly constricted when he saw the stack of talismans Chen Xi held in his hand.

This is…

A stack of talismans that overflowed with flowing lines and at least amounted to seven or eight talismans. They were crimson, golden, black, azure… Every single treasured talisman was coiled in divine light was surging with talisman markings, and they were filled with vast energy of Dao Insights.

How experienced was Yonglin’s gaze? He was able to discern with a single glance that all these talismans were high-grade treasured talismans and the various energies of Dao Insights that surged on them caused even him to feel afraid in his heart.

My god! Could it be that this fucker sells talismans?

Wait, even someone that sells talismans is probably unable to take out so many high-grade treasured talismans, right?

According to Yonglin’s knowledge, the value of a single high-grade treasured talisman was at least around 50,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and it was already capable of purchasing an ordinary earth-rank Magic Treasure. If it’s counted in this way, then the talismans held in that kid’s hands are at least comparable to 400,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, right?

At this moment, even the eyes of Yonglin who was a respected cultivator at the Rebirth Realm couldn’t help but go red with greed and feel his mouth go dry. The value of those talismans in total were almost comparable to more than half of his wealth!

It wasn’t only Yonglin, even Sikong Hen by his side was dumbstruck at this moment.

The Sikong Clan was the number two power in Maple Leaf City, and it possessed shocking wealth and deep resources and reserves, causing it the be merely inferior to the Earthly Heaven Sect. As the Eldest Young Master of the Sikong Clan, he naturally didn’t have to worry about not having money to spend, yet when he saw the stack of high-grade treasured talismans that Chen Xi held in his hand, Sikong Hen instantly felt that he himself was simply like a beggar that couldn’t raise his head when facing this.

It was too extravagant!

Even single high-grade treasured talisman was expensive to an extreme extent in the market, and it wasn’t solely because it possessed formidable might, it was also because talisman formation masters capable of crafting high-grade treasured talismans were too scarce and the materials utilized to craft them had exceedingly high prices. This also caused the number of high-grade treasured talismans available in the market to be extremely scarce.

As the saying goes, a thing is priced by its rarity. An ordinary cultivator was utterly incapable of purchasing it, whereas, those with a good amount of wealth could afford to buy one or two, yet more would cause them to feel extremely pained.

Under these circumstance, Chen Xi was still capable of taking out seven or eight treasured talismans of this quality in one go, so the shock and envy in Sikong Hen’s heart was obvious.

This fellow is either an expert that’s adept in talisman crafting or someone with shocking wealth!

Sikong Hen went silent. No matter which guess it was, it required an enormous amount of wealth to support it, as a talisman formation master was a profession that burned money. Battling an enemy like this was extremely terrifying as well. Perhaps the combat strength of a talisman formation master was slightly weaker, yet if the talisman formation master tossed out stack after stack of talismans, he would simply be like the commander of an army of a million and would sweep through everything with overwhelming might.

Simply speaking, the core of a talisman formation master’s battle strength was using money in exchange for victory as they used endless amounts of talismans to crush their enemies! This also proved an irrefutable truth that has been circulated in the cultivation world until now — Once you possess sufficient money to throw at a person, you’d be able to obtain victory on most occasions.

It seemed to have taken a long time in words, yet all these flashes of thoughts only occurred in an instant. After he crushed the Yellow Dragon’s Shield treasured talisman, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest before crushing another four high-grade treasured talismans.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was like a pressuring sound was resounding out as an expanse of a blazing sea of flames that released numerous blooming and exquisite flowers, a dark blue colored moon of water that hung in the sky and emitted a clear tune, countless azure colored vines that danced about wildly like snakes, and numerous celestial soldiers in golden armor that held pikes and axes as they patrolled about.

Exquisite Fireflower Sea, Watermoon Paradise, Azurewood Vitality, Golden Celestial Soldier. Four high-grade treasured talismans that contained the energy of the profundities of the Grand Dao of fire, water, wood, and metal combined with the Yellow Dragon’s Shield that had condensed into form since long ago to construct a strange and magnificent world of talismans.

Myriad rays of light and thousands of strands of auspicious qi illuminated the world. Countless profound talisman markings drifted and fluttered about as the five elements formed an endless cycle that developed boundless profundities.

Chen Xi stood at the center with the sea of flames and exquisite flowers beneath his feet, a moon of water hanging above him, yellow dragons coiling around him, vines crawling about, and celestial soldiers in golden armor guarding his surroundings. All of this caused Chen Xi’s aura to increase by more than three times, and it actually was capable of being on par with Yonglin, who was a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

“Kill!” Chen Xi charged forward while holding up the Talisman Armament towards the sky, causing the entire sky to quake, and the five types of treasured talismans seemed as if they possessed life as they emitted a divine brilliance that pressed down towards Yonglin.


Yonglin casually grabbed out to easily neutralize this strike, yet his body shook slightly, and he’d actually almost been forced back by this strike!

“A combination of the treasured talismans of the five elements? It’s might has probably already surpassed the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm and possesses the strength to go against me. This won’t do! I must kill this kid quickly!” Yonglin’s eyes went cold as he shook his arms, and his palms that were large as cattail leaf fans instantaneously slapped out thousands of palm images that slapped forward.  Under the combination of baleful qi, the terrifying Water Dao Insight transformed into a phoenix that seemed to be constructed from icy crystals, and its wings were coiled with mist and overflowed with the brilliance of water, causing it to be dazzling and gorgeous. Moreover, a phoenix cry sounded out and shook the nine heavens.


The Talisman Armament was like a rainbow while following Chen Xi who’d already approached, and he brought along a might that would never stop as the five colored divine lights of the talisman markings covered the sky and penetrated space, causing even the heavens and the earth to tremble.

“Die! You can die without regret from dying under my Dao Grade martial technique, Darkice Phoenix Palm!” Yonglin’s aged appeared revealed killing intent as he strode through the sky and charged at Chen Xi.


The brilliant Talisman Armament collided with the ice phoenix, and it was like doomsday had arrived as a torrent of water shot into the sky and sword insight covered the heavens, causing an extremely dazzling light of an explosion to fill the heavens and the earth and nothing else could be seen. 

Both of them fought each other fiercely and had crossed attacks a few tens of times in an instant. One of the was covered in the glow of five colored treasured talismans and stood towering in the heavens and the earth. The other bathed in the overflowing brilliance of water as if he’d transformed into a divine beast Ice Phoenix, and his speed was swift like a bolt of lightning. Every single collision caused divine light to shoot into the sky and leveled all the mountains in an area of 500km.

Sikong Hen, who watched the battle, was exceedingly astounded and repeatedly retreated explosively as he circulated all his cultivation to protect himself. Otherwise, he would surely be injured. Chen Xi was too strong and was actually capable of fighting Yonglin who was at the Rebirth Realm equally while at the Golden Hall Realm, and it was truly unimaginable. After all, the distance between the two of them was so great that it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

“Sikong Hen, my obedient grandson, die for your Grandpa Mu Kui!” Amidst an explosive shout, Mu Kui’s entire body had talisman markings flowing about, and his aura had actually skyrocketed by a few times, causing him to seem like an ancient devil wolf that had appeared in the world and possessed monstrous ferociousness. The spiked club in his hand was like a falling comet as it smashed down fiercely.

“Dammit! This animal has high-grade treasured talismans in his possession as well.” Sikong Hen’s pupils constricted from suffering a sudden attack from Mu Kui, and he couldn’t care about how wealthy Chen Xi was to actually give high-grade treasured talismans to a wolf servant to utilize before circulating his entire cultivation to condense a Wheel of Corrosion between his palms and use it to block before himself.


The black colored Wheel of Corrosion that possessed energy that was thick like a mountain was actually smashed apart by this strike, and Sikong Hen’s body was fully revealed before the spiked club.

“Uncle Yonglin! Save me!” This strike terrified Sikong Hen to the point his expression went pale and was frightened out of his wits, and he flashed out explosively towards the side as he tore open his throat to emit a shrill scream.

“Animal, you’re courting death!” Yonglin was enraged to the limit and had thunder within his eyes when he heard this. The baleful qi in his entire body surged out explosively, and he couldn’t care to continue tangling with Chen Xi before moving to attack Mu Kui.


A phoenix cry resounded out, and it was extremely fierce and swift to the point it penetrated through metal and shattered rocks apart. The icy cold baleful qi froze the sky, and the infuriated Yonglin had utilized his strongest killer move as he approached with surging killing intent, causing an icy phoenix to flutter about in the nine heavens.

“Aowu!” Mu Kui let out a howl as his entire body emitted an azure divine glow, and then the image of an enormous wolf shaped ferocious beast that pressed down onto the heaven and the earth appeared. The wolf raised its head and howled, and it seemed like a king amongst beasts that looked down onto the boundless earth had appeared.

This ferocious beast image was extremely fuzzy, yet the aura emitted from it caused even Chen Xi to feel extremely fearful in his heart. Chen Xi guessed that this ferocious beast was probably the strength of the divine beast Lunarwood Wolf that Mu Kui had inherited from within his bloodline, otherwise it wouldn’t possess such a might of dominating the heavens and the earth.


The enormous ferocious beast image struck down with its claw causing space to be obliterated and mountains to collapse into pieces as it fought with Yonglin that assaulted it head on. A battle with this type of might had long since become a battle with one’s life on the life, and it was extremely horrifying. The collision of this energy emitted a terrifying explosive force that swept out towards all directions and caused everything in the surroundings to tremble uneasily.

Sikong Hen had the intention of retreating after escaping from death. It was too terrifying, as everything that occurred today had destroyed all his previous conception of strength. If someone told him in the past that a Golden Hall Realm cultivator was capable of going against a Rebirth Realm cultivator, then he would surely snicker with contempt at this remark. Yet now, when he saw Chen Xi battling his Uncle Yonglin, he completely believed this to be true. There were always some freaks in the world that destroyed convention, and Chen Xi was undoubtedly one of these freaks.

Sikong Hen turned around and fled right away. Spiked Club? Ironflag Sect’s inheritance treasure vault? He didn’t care about all this any longer. At this moment, he only cared about whether his life could be preserved.

“Eldest Young Master Sikong, you still want to flee? If it wasn’t for you pressing hard onto us without letting off, how could you have fallen to such an extent? The evil one brings on one’s self is the hardest to bear. There’s only a single end for a person that has offended me, Chen Xi, death!” Amidst an indifferent voice, Chen Xi’s figure swiftly appeared before Sikong Hen, and then the Talisman Armament swept out horizontally as the Tempest Sword Dao that carried the force of swift lightning shot out to slice off Sikong Hen’s head before Chen Xi’s voice finished sounding out.


A swish only resounded out after Sikong Hen’s head descended and blood sprayed out from his neck, and it could be seen from this that Chen Xi’s speed was so quick it had completely surpassed the speed of sound by a few times.

“AH! You actually killed Hen’er, You… you… All of you deserve death!” Yonglin’s eyes almost split apart and bled as he roared towards the sky, and then his entire body was like a volcano that had been detonated, causing his entire body to be filled with a terrifying aura that intended to annihilate and shatter everything in the world.


The ferocious beast image Mu Kui released was blasted apart with a single punch, causing Mu Kui himself to be affected by it and spit out a mouthful of blood as his body flew out over 50m.

He was at the Golden Core Realm, after all. Even though he relied on some high-grade treasured talismans to allow his strength to skyrocket and even luckily activated the inheritance energy within his bloodline to release the image of the divine beast Lunarwood Wolf, he seemed to be extremely weak under the extremely furious attack of Yonglin. If it wasn’t for him dodging in time, then strike would have probably taken his life. But even though he’d dodged in time, he’d already suffered a heavy injury, causing him to be unable to continue fighting.

After Yonglin who’d fallen into a violent rage blasted Mu Kui back, he instantly arrived before Chen Xi before his enormous palm swept through the sky while having a violent and raging icy cold baleful qi condense on it, and then he attacked with his full strength.


Chen Xi was unable to dodge this strike and could only grit his teeth as he swung down his sword with all his strength. But in almost an instant, Chen Xi’s strike was dispersed by the strength of this palm before it shattered the energy of the treasured talismans that coiled on Chen Xi’s body, causing Chen Xi to stagger back over 50m in distance, and the vital energy and blood in his body roiled to the point he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


The strength of a Rebirth Realm expert was absolutely an existence that his current strength was incapable of surmounting, and even if he relied on the strength of the high-grade treasured talismans, it would be utterly impossible for him to kill Yonglin.

This was an enormous chasm between cultivation realms that was impossible to change.

But Chen Xi was already exceedingly satisfied so long as he was able to kill Sikong Hen. So when facing the furious Yonglin who moved to assault him once more, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute the Starsky Wings and rely on its speed that was comparable to teleportation to arrive by Mu Kui’s side before crushing the last remaining treasured talisman in his possession.

This treasured talisman was called Traceless For 10,000 Leagues. It was a means of escape that he’d prepared long ago, and it was time for it to be of use now.


At the instant the treasured talisman was crushed, a wisp of golden ripples covered the bodies of Chen Xi and Mu Kui, and in the next moment, both of them had already vanished completely.

“Dammit! Dammit! The heavens are blind. Why did the heavens allow these two ants to escape from me?” Yonglin’s reaction was extremely swift when he saw the two of them vanish, and his terrifying Divine Sense spread out towards the surroundings. 500km, 1,000km, 1,500km…

However, he was unable to discover the slightest trace of the two of them. He understood that those two people had probably escaped long ago, but even though he understood, he was still enraged to the point his eyes went crimson red and his expression warped when he recalled the scene of Sikong Hen dying tragically, and he had nowhere to vent the flames of rage that filled his chest, causing him to almost go mad.

“I never imagined that the Venerable Shadow Ghost, Cheng Yonglin, who’d always had a cruel and ruthless heart, would actually have such a furious moment…” Right at this moment, a clear voice that was wispy like the wind resounded out and shook the heavens and the earth. 

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