Chapter 296 – Yellow Dragon’s Shield

This was a gorge that was surrounded by beautiful, tall, and luxuriant peaks that flowed with waterfalls and fountains, and the scenery was rather quiet and beautiful.

However, at this moment, an intense battle was playing out here, and the terrifying attacks shook the mountains into pieces and crushed the plants, causing the spirit energy of the heaven and earth in an area of 50km to become extremely chaotic.


Mu Kui had already returned to his true form, his silver colored wings fluttering as they roiled the airflow, causing sand and pebbles to spray up into the sky, whereas he held an enormous, ferocious, and overbearing spiked club that was like an axe that split open the heavens. Every single time it smashed down, it would carry a monstrous and ferocious might that crushed mountains into pieces and swept through everything that stood before it.

However, his opponent was obviously more skillful than him. The Corrosion Dao Insight that contained toxic poison transformed into countless roiling mist dragons that caused the hard rocks and luxuriant plants everywhere it passed to be completely transformed into dust before being completely corroded to nothingness, and the ground even cracked open into numerous horrifying rifts by the corrosive energy that contained toxic poison. 

It was corrosive and toxic to the point that even the air was tainted black by it, and it emitted a stench that caused one to vomit.

“Just give up. You aren’t a match for me. I can spare your life so long as you hand over the spiked club in your hand and pledge allegiance to me. How about it?” Sikong Hen’s body was like a wisp of black smoke that fluttered about indeterminately in the sky, and his pure white and flawless palm danced about repeatedly as he slapped out numerous black colored mist dragons that covered the heavens and the earth while raging out in all directions.

He admired Mu Kui’s ferociousness and ruthlessness, and he intended to take Mu Kui for himself. So he didn’t attack ruthlessly, otherwise his current cultivation was enough to kill Mu Kui within a hundred moves, and he utterly wouldn’t have been trying to turn Mu Kui over to his side until now.

“Don’t kid yourself! You’re about to die, yet still boast shamelessly? Truly ridiculous and laughable!” Mu Kui laughed loudly and endlessly, yet his heart was extremely heavy and didn’t dare be the slightest bit careless.

Under Sikong Hen’s attacks that didn’t leave a single gap in the sky, his silver colored skin and fur were tainted with some black colored mist that were filled with a corrosive energy, and they were like cancer that was utterly impossible to get rid of. If this situation was to be allowed to continue, then Sikong Hen didn’t have to make a move, yet the skin and flesh on his entire body would be completely corroded, causing him to completely lose his life. 

“You’re courting death! Looks like you’re just like your Master and refuse to repent until you’re facing your coffin. Since it’s like this, I’ll kill you and will similarly be able to obtain that spiked club.” Sikong Hen laughed coldly as he revealed killing intent, and then he moved with profound steps as his entire body abruptly emitted boundless black mist that condensed in his white and slender palm to form an enormous jagged wheel.

The wheel was large like the size of a house and completely pitch black, and its borders were covered in numerous sharp teeth. Boundless corrosive energy whistled and surged within the wheel to form a terrifying vortex that emitted a frightening swallowing, corrosive, and toxic aura.

Swish! Swish!

At the instant this enormous jagged wheel appeared, the surrounding space was instantly minced into pieces and corroded, forming an exceedingly pitch black void that caused one’s scalp to go numb just by looking at it from afar.

What a formidable Dao Grade martial technique!

Mu Kui was astounded in his heart and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flap his wings and flee towards the distance. He didn’t have the confidence to receive this attack, so he could only preserve his life for now.

“Hmph! Want to escape? You can be proud of yourself for being able to die under my Wheel of Corrosion!” Sikong Hen shouted out explosively as his arms shook. The enormous wheel rose into the air with a bang, and it was like a slowly rising black colored sun that shot out jet black lights and covered the heavens and the earth.

Crack! Crack! 

The jet black light emitted by the wheel swept out into an area of 50km, causing the mountains, forest, streams, and demon beasts that weren’t able to flee in time to be completely tainted in a layer of a strange black color before their bodies were corroded to the point of being gaping with holes, and they emitted an extremely rotten stench. 

Mu Kui’s figure was covered by the jet black light as well, yet the surface of his body possessed a layer of a dense barrier supporting him. But the strength of the jet black light was truly too terrifying, causing the barrier to swiftly be corroded at a speed that was visible to the eye, and no matter how Mu Kui exerted all his strength, it was unable to withstand the corrosive energy.

Could it be that I, Mu Kui, am going to die here today?

This won’t do!

Even if I die, I have to pull this bastard along with me so that I can finish off this final trouble of my Master’s!   

Mu Kui gnashed his teeth as a wisp of resolution gushed out from within his jade green eyes, and then he turned around. He didn’t flee anymore and charged towards Sikong Hen instead.


What does this fellow want to do?

Sikong Hen was stunned, and then he saw a dazzling golden core abruptly fly out from Mu Kui’s mouth, causing him to instantly understand everything. This animal actually intends to detonate his golden core and bring me down with him!

Dammit! What ability does that kid, Chen Xi, possess to actually take such a loyal wolf demon as his servant…? But, want to bring me down with you? Impossible! Sikong Hen’s expression darkened. He stood on the spot as he raised his hands up to actually hold the black colored wheel up high, and then he strode forward before fiercely smashing it towards Mu Kui!


However, before the black colored wheel could leave his hands, a wisp of fierce and swift sword light shot out explosively with a matchless speed, and it pierced directly towards Sikong Hen’s heart from behind.

“Dammit!” Sikong Hen sensed the bone piercing sword light that came from behind, causing him to be greatly shocked in his heart, and he abandoned attacking Mu Kui right away before swinging up the black colored wheel to block before him.


The sword light collided with the black colored wheel, causing an explosive force that was like the eruption of a volcano to blast out towards the surroundings. The terrifying airflow caused by the explosion shook the earth and dimmed out the sky, and even the heavens and the earth fell into an expanse of violent and chaotic flow of energy.

It’s Master! Mu Kui was stunned, and then he put away his golden core right away before looking towards the distant Chen Xi who was already locked in battle with Sikong Hen as a wisp of happiness from surviving with his life gushed out from his eyes. He knew that if it wasn’t for his Master arriving in time, he would probably have detonated his golden core and died.

“Hahaha! Sikong Hen, I told you that you’re dead today, yet you didn’t believe me! Take this!” Mu Kui let out a loud and unrestrained laugh as his figure flashed out into the sky, and then he raised the spiked club and smashed it down at Sikong Hen.

Sikong Hen’s strength was extremely formidable, and when combined with his exceedingly insidious Corrosion Dao Insight, his strength was almost comparable to Huangfu Chongming. But it was obviously somewhat inferior when compared with Chen Xi. At this moment, Mu Kui’s addition into the battle instantly caused Sikong Hen’s situation to become critical.

Why is it like this?

I’m actually not a match for an ant at the Golden Hall Realm with my current strength?

The shock in Sikong Hen’s heart grew the longer he fought. He noticed that both his speed and martial techniques were suppressed by Chen Xi, and only his strength slightly occupied an advantageous position. However, this was utterly incapable of turning the situation around, whereas, after Mu Kui joined the battle, he didn’t have the slightest advantage any longer.

My Dao Grade martial technique is the Wheel of Corrosion that contains the extremely rare Corrosion Dao Insight, and when executed with my Five-Toxin Bloodtransformation Technique, it even contains a terrifying toxic poison. Moreover, my own cultivation is even at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm. How could I possibly not be a match for an ant at the Golden Hall Realm? Sikong Hen’s heart was filled with surprise and bewilderment, and his will to fight was unconsciously crumbling bit by bit.


An enormous flaming bull that was bathed in the glow of fire soared into the sky, the fur on its entire body was like blazing rays of fire, and it emitted an unparalleled monstrous might. An expanse of a surging sea of flames arose with a stomp of its hooves, and Sikong Hen, who was caught off guard, was instantly surrounded within it.

“Dao Insight taking form! This is a phenomenon that can only appear when the Grand Dao of Fire attains the Initial Realm. Could it be that this fellow’s grasp of the Grand Dao of Fire has actually attained such a terrifying extent?” Sikong Hen’s hair was disheveled as he cried out involuntarily in shock, and he felt the aura of death assault him while being within this sea of flames.


The Inferno Bull emitted an enormous roar that shook the heavens and the earth as it went on a rampage, and its horns that were long like sharp spears carried fierce, pure, and raging Fire Dao Insight as it fiercely struck towards Sikong Hen!

“No!” Sikong Hen felt the aura of his entire body being locked onto, causing him to be unable to evade this strike, and he couldn’t help but be terrified out of his wits, causing his pupils to abruptly dilate.

“Little kid, annihilating him won’t do!” Suddenly, an aged voice resounded out high above in the sky as a grey haired old man walked over through the air and swiftly arrived before Sikong Hen, and then his hand fiercely pushed out to smash onto the horn of the Inferno Bull with a bang.

Instantly, the entire Inferno Bull that was transformed from Fire Dao Insight was crushed and vanished, and it was actually easily exterminated by the grey haired old man with a single strike!

“Uncle Yonglin, you’ve finally come. Quickly, quickly help me kill this kid. I want to tear him into pieces before burning his bones and scattering his ashes!” Sikong Hen shouted out with joy when he saw this old man, and then his expression became savage and warped as he looked at Chen Xi and his words were filled with dense and irreconcilable resentment and killing intent.

This old fellow is actually a Rebirth Realm cultivator, and based on his aura, he seems to even slightly more formidable than Fan Yunlan. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly yet he didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear in his heart.

“Eldest Young Master, wait a moment. I’ll go take his life right now.” The old man called Yonglin patted Sikong Hen on the should to indicate his consolation, and then he took a stride forward before stretching out his hand to grab towards Chen Xi’s head without speaking a single word.


Yonglin was worthy of being an expert at the Rebirth Realm, as even though it was a casual grab of his, the strength condensed within his palm caused space to shatter, and it contained a terrifying baleful qi that gushed out with a bang.

The surrounding heaven and earth were frozen by this raging energy to the point of assuming a motionless state, and only the strength of this grab moved freely within this motionless environment without the slightest sluggishness.

How formidable! His aura is capable of locking all my paths of retreat with a single strike and separating the surrounding space from me. If it was any other Golden Hall Realm cultivator, then they would probably be at his mercy. Is this the strength of the Rebirth Realm? Chen Xi’s expression became exceedingly serious at this instant. This was the first time that he was truly going against a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm, yet there was no fear in his heart, and there was instead a strand of battle intent that boiled like lava burned within him.


A sound that was clear like shattering jade resounded out as Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to crush a high-grade treasured talisman that he’d prepared long ago.


An earthen yellow shield that was compact and heavy like a mountain appeared before Chen Xi, and it had an enormous yellow dragon residing atop it. The dragon had icy cold eyes with whiskers that fluttered about, its body was covered in scales, and it roared and soared atop the shield while emitting boundless Earth Dao Insight that caused the entire shield to be embellished to the point it seemed real, and it gave a solid and immovable feeling.

Yellow Dragon’s Shield!

However, this wasn’t the end. After he crushed this high-grade treasured talisman that contained Earth Dao Insight, a few more treasured talismans had appeared once again within Chen Xi’s palm…

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