Chapter 294 – Raid In The Forest

Under the covering of the towering ancient trees and dense leaves, the boundless forest on the mountains seemed to be extremely dark and quiet. An environment like this was the most suitable to conceal one’s tracks.

Sikong Hen had his hands behind his back as his eyes, that were like the tips of blades, were suffused with icy cold killing intent. Behind him were numerous shadows that flickered about, and then the 18 Golden Core Realm disciples of the Sikong Clan stood solemnly and respectfully as they awaited their orders.


A black figure appeared before Sikong Hen like a specter, then bowed and said in a low voice. “Eldest Young Master, the rainstorm from yesterday was too strong, and the target’s tracks in this forest can’t be tracked any longer. But he’s surely hiding in this forest now.”

Sikong Hen waved his hand to order the Shadow Guard to withdraw himself, then he turned around to look at the people behind him and said in a low voice, “All of you form groups of three and push forward into the forest. Once you notice the target’s tracks, launch a Crimsonsun Flare immediately and don’t get tangled up with him!”

“Yes!” Everyone accepted their orders solemnly, and then they formed a total of six groups of three that spread out into arch before searching forward into the depths of the forest.

If you don’t die this time, then how will I, Sikong Hen, have any face to keep a foothold in Maple Leaf City? Just you wait, the Ironflag Sect’s spiked club is bound to be mine and no one can seize it away from me! Sikong Hen muttered to himself as his figure flashed out towards the forest by himself. His entire body was coiled in black mist as he emitted his formidable aura without the slightest worry. Everywhere he passed, the plants and rocks would be instantly corroded into powder as a pitch black color suffused the earth and caused all vitality to be extinguished, and it terrified the demon beasts that were moving about to flee endlessly for their lives. 


Chen Xi wore azure clothes as he stood alone before the cave in the gorge.

In his sea of consciousness, his Divine Sense was like fine gossamer spread out in a profound method, and it was like an extremely large spider web that covered the entire forest.

In next to no time, numerous scenes were reflected exceedingly clearly within his mind.

The Divine Sense detection technique, Rippling Echo, was formidable indeed, and it was capable of allowing him to clearly grasp any movement within an area of 500km. Moreover, it was also capable of disturbing the Divine Sense of others, causing them to be unable to lock onto his location.

“They’ve come. 18 Golden Core Realm cultivators in groups of three, and they’ve formed an arch that’s searching out towards us. Sikong Hen is all alone, but don’t touch him for now, we’ll deal with the others first. Mu Kui, you depart from the east, if your strike misses, then withdraw safely. Let’s allow them to try the taste of being assassinated.” Chen Xi instructed with a light voice.

Mu Kui held up the enormous spiked club as a ruthless and cunning gleam arose in his jade green eyes, and he chuckled. “Don’t worry, Master. We wolf demons are most adept at waiting patiently and launching surprise attacks. I guarantee they’ll find themselves in serious trouble this time.”

Chen Xi instructed. “Be careful.”

Mu Kui nodded, then his figure suddenly transformed into an enormous wolf phantom that stomped on the ground before charging out of the cave, and he entered silently into the dense forest.

Ling Bai was absolutely correct. Not attacking unless being attacked obviously doesn’t work. In the cultivation world where strength is respected, I must be ruthless and cold when facing my enemies. Only by this way would they be fearful and respectful towards me, and they wouldn’t dare wantonly look for trouble with me… Chen Xi looked up into the sky as he muttered to himself. Under the sky were over 10 eagles that flapped their wings as they circled, and then his eyes flashed before his body vanished from the cave.

The Sikong Clan’s group were spread further and further apart the deeper in they searched. All of these Sikong Clan Golden Core Realm disciples possessed a Crimsonsun Flare, so they didn’t have to worry about anything. So long as Chen Xi’s tracks appeared within their field of vision, they could rest easy once they launched their Crimsonsun Flare.

What a bastard! We’re actually required to expend so much energy to search for a single kid at the Golden Hall Realm. I really don’t know what the fuck Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang were doing to the point that they were unable to deal with a little fellow like this… A Golden Core Realm cultivator had a gloomy expression as he cursed in his heart.  While moving forward in this black forest, his Divine Sense had always been searching through everything in his surroundings, like the canopy of the trees, rocks, shrubs… Everything was carefully examined by him, and he didn’t let a single inch of ground slip by his inspection.

At both of his sides were two people that were respectively doing the same thing. The three of them had formed a fan shape as they moved forward with a distance of 90m between each other. Once something happened to any one of them, it would be instantly noticed by the other two people, so they didn’t to worry about any danger befalling them.

Six hours passed unknowingly, yet they’d utterly not seen a single trace of Chen Xi, and coupled with Chen Xi was only a little fellow at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, these people entirely didn’t believe that Chen Xi still dared remain nearby. So they felt that they were wasting time for nothing, and they unconsciously felt a trace of resentment in their hearts.

“You two continue on first. I have to rest for a while. More than half of my Divine Sense has been consumed and it’s killing me.” The Golden Core Realm disciple mumbled to his companions before walking towards an old tree and sitting on the floor beneath it.

“Sanbao, did you use too much strength on the Jade Brothel’s Miss Yao’er yesterday, so you’re weak now?” His companions ridiculed him and shook their heads, and they disregarded this lazy and lustful fellow before heading forward.

“I’m weak? Ptooey! You two are fucking ignorant! I’ve been given the damn nickname of ‘Eternally Standing Golden Spear’! How great a prestige is that? You two are purely envious…” As he spoke, Sanbao instinctively raised his head to look at the sky.

Suddenly, an icy cold, pure, and fierce aura was swiftly emitted from above him, and then he saw a black figure abruptly appear before its hand stretched out swiftly to cover his mouth. At the same time, a wisp of cold light slit past his throat.

“Ow!” Sanbao emitted a weak and inaudible muffled grunt as his eyes bulged, and his face was filled with boundless terror and despair as his figure struggled intensely for a moment before becoming completely devoid of any signs of life.

In practically an instant, Sanbao’s life was extinguished, yet his body still maintained his sitting posture like a clay sculpture, whereas the black figure had vanished long ago.

“Hmm? Why do I feel that something is amiss?” One of Sanbao’s companions stopped suddenly 300m away, and he glanced suspiciously towards the area behind him.

“Liuzi, you’re always fucking suspicious. Only the two of us are here, so what could be amiss?” The other person mumbled.

“I seemed to have noticed a trace of killing intent earlier… This won’t do. I have to go back and take a look at Sanbao. Laizi, wait here for me. I’ll be back soon.” Liuzi spoke with an anxious and doubtful expression, and he turned around and flashed out towards the back as he spoke.

After a short moment, Liuzi still hadn’t returned, and Laizi tried to shout out, yet he didn’t receive any reply.

Could it be that something has happened to Sanbao and Liuzi? Laizi’s heart jerked as his expression instantly went serious, and then he held his weapon tightly as he carefully moved towards Sanbao’s location.

In next to no time, he saw both of them. Sanbao sat on the floor while Liuzi leaned on the tree. However, to his horror, there was actually a pool of blood silently spreading beneath their bodies.

The enemy is nearby!

Laizi was extremely shocked, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and was about to withdrew and launch the Crimsonsun Flare, yet he suddenly felt a strong force assault him from above, causing him to practically instinctively dodge to the side.


Laizi’s entire face was covered in blood and his nose had caved in as he lay with on the ground with his face facing the sky. His tears and blood mixed together and filled his eyes, causing him to be blinded temporarily.

“Over here! The enemy…” Needless to say, his reaction was extremely outstanding. At the instant he was injured, he’d dodged repeatedly towards the side while preparing to launch the Crimsonsun Flare in his hand. But in the next moment, his head was sliced off by a wisp of cold light, and fresh blood sprayed out as he perished.

Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared by the side of Laizi’s corpse, then he bent down to pick up the Crimsonsun Flare, and he was able to guess its use after sizing it up briefly. Moreover, the other two people similarly carried a Crimsonsun Flare.

This fellow’s cry before his death has probably drawn the attention of the others. Since it’s like this, I’ll give him a hand and launch these Crimsonsun Flares. I’m truly curious, what would Sikong Hen do when three Crimsonsun Flares appear at the same time at three different places? Chen Xi raised his hand to cause three energetic and outstanding Azure Bolteagles to appear as he thought to himself. These three feathered animals were aerial scouts raised by the Sikong Clan, and they were captured by him when Sikong Hen and the others had just entered the forest.

In next to no time, Chen Xi tied the three Crimsonsun Flares onto the Azure Bolteagles, and then he stuffed three black colored talismans into their stomachs, whereas he held three white colored talismans in his hand.

Even though this Interconnected Fireball Talisman isn’t even a spirit talisman, the black and white pair are connected with each other, and so long as it doesn’t exceed a distance of 250km, then crushing the white talisman would cause the black talisman to explode. So, it’s sufficient to cause the Crimsonsun Flares to explode. After he finished doing all this, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth were suffused with a trace of a smile as he looked at the three terrified, furious, and uneasy Azure Bolteagles and said, “Good luck.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three Azure Bolteagles flapped their wings and flew towards different directions, and in the blink of an eye, they’d charged out of the boundless forest and vanished beneath the distant sky, whereas, Chen Xi’s figure had similarly vanished without a trace.

After a short moment, Sikong Hen who carried a strand of roiling black mist on him had swiftly arrived here, and his expression was livid and flames of rage burned in his eyes as he looked at the three Golden Core Realm disciples of his clan that had died miserably on the ground.

Subsequently, a few more Sikong Clan disciples flashed over, and all of them kept their mouths shut when they saw the three corpses that were soaking in pools of blood and the furious Sikong Hen who stood at the side.

“A little ant at the Golden Hall Realm is able to surmount a realm and kill Golden Core Realm cultivators time and time again. Is it he who’s too formidable, or is it all of you who are a group of worthless trash?” Sikong Hen’s eyes were like bolts of lightning as he berated coldly.

Everyone lowered their heads and remained silent, but they were extremely enraged and aggrieved in their hearts. As disciples of the Sikong Clan, they got everything they wanted in Maple Leaf City, yet they weren’t even able to capture a kid at the Golden Hall Realm now. So even if Sikong Hen didn’t say it, they still felt extremely humiliated in their hearts.  

“Eldest Young Master, that kid probably hasn’t fled too far away. We’ll chase after him and capture him!” A disciple spoke out.

“Chase? He’s already fled, so how will you chase after him?” Sikong Hen gnashed his teeth as he spoke. He was truly unable to restrain his rage. Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang had already perished, and coupled with the three people before him, an entire six Golden Core Realm cultivators of his Sikong Clan had been lost in a single day. Moreover, all of them had died at the hands of a little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm. How could he not be angry?

They weren’t Violet Palace Realm cultivators that were abundant, nor were they common Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Sikong Clan, they were six Golden Core Realm cultivators that possessed a first-rate status in Maple Leaf City!  Such a great loss was something even he, Sikong Hen, was unable to bear.


Suddenly, an extremely sharp sound tore through the sky, and then everyone saw a wisp of dazzling and resplendent fiery glow bloom beneath the sky.

“It’s the Crimsonsun Flare! The enemy is over there!”

“Fantastic, that kid has finally been surrounded!”

“Chase after him. We’ll kill this kid and help the Eldest Young Master vent his rage!”

Everyone rubbed their fists together and had elated expressions, and even a great deal of the rage on Sikong Hen’s face had disappeared.

Swish! Swish!

However, right when they were about to move out, two extremely sharp sounds sounded once more, and another two Crimsonsun Flares exploded beneath the sky. One was in the west, the other in the east, and they were  over 100 km apart. Moreover, both of them were at a location that differed from the first Crimsonsun Flare.

Instantly, everyone was dumbstruck. Three different locations, so exactly which direction should we pursue? 

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