Chapter 293 – A Storm Is Brewing

Whizz! Whizz!

Two figures leaped out from the city wall and charged into the pouring rainstorm before instantly vanishing without a trace.

After flying for 500km, Chen Xi and Mu Kui arrived at a boundless group of mountains, and then they searched for a concealed natural cave within a gorge before stopping.

The boundless group of mountains covered an area of almost 500km, and it was covered in gorges and towering ancient trees, thus it was extremely difficult for one’s traces to be discovered when hiding within it.

“This place is only 500km away from Maple Leaf City, allowing us the ability to freely advance or retreat. Let’s temporarily stay here for a few days.” Chen Xi instructed.

“Master, I’ll go see if there’s any danger in the surroundings.” Mu Kui nodded, and as he spoke, he’d already vanished at the entrance of the cave and flashed into the curtain of rain.

Chen Xi stared blankly for a moment before walking out of the cave and starting to size up his surroundings.

This gorge was rather concealed, with a luxuriant mountain standing behind it. The mountain contained numerous waterfalls that were like white dragons that poured down, whereas natural spring water seeped out from the crevices between the rocks in this gorge, and some places had even sunken down to form numerous big or small pools. The area before the gorge was an expanse of an extremely clear lake, and when the rainstorm poured into it, a variety of fish would leap would frequently leap out from the lake, causing it to seem full of life.

Even though the scenery is nice, yet it isn’t a place for me to stay permanently. Chen Xi shook his head. Beautiful days would vanish one day, and only one’s own strength would accompany one forever.

After he returned to the cave, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground and started scanning the spoils of the battle this time. Two top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, the Evilearth Blade and Azure Bloodfeather Fan, 170,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and two cultivation techniques. One of the cultivation techniques was the Divine Ability Heavenly Transformation and the other was a Divine Sense utilization technique, Rippling Echo. Amidst these spoils were also some other items, yet they weren’t of any value.

These were the spoils obtained from Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang, but it was the two cultivation techniques that aroused Chen Xi’s interest.

The Divine Ability Heavenly Transformation was capable of allowing his body to transform into an enormous size that had a limit of 30km. At that time, his strength would rise explosively, and a single stomp of his feet would possess extremely great might capable of collapsing mountain ranges, blasting rocks apart, and severing both mountains and rivers. This was an extremely common Divine Ability in the cultivation world and practically all cultivators at the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement were capable of cultivating it.

What aroused Chen Xi’s interest was that under the state of Heavenly Transformation, he was still capable of executing other Divine Abilities at the same time, and this was extremely formidable. He imagined that if he’s transformed to a height of 30km and executed the Grand Astral Palm, just how terrifying would the destructive force caused by it be?

But regretfully, up until now, there wasn’t a single person in the cultivation world that was capable of cultivating the Heavenly Transformation to the state of having a 30km tall body, and according to legend, only Ancient Fiendgods were capable of it.

The situation in reality was that it was already extremely extraordinary if one could cultivate one’s body to attain a height of over 30m.

But this was still incapable of stopping Chen Xi’s footsteps to cultivate it. He’d already decided that in the future, he would take the Heavenly Transformation as an important combat ability to be cultivated.

Besides that, the Divine Sense utilization technique, Rippling Echo, caused Chen Xi to be pleasantly surprised to the extreme. Only now did he know that the soul could be tempered and utilized like this, and its ingeniously even caused him to be suddenly enlightened and praise it endlessly.

According to his prediction, if he grasped this technique, Rippling Echo, he would at least be capable of noticing danger early on when he encountered it in the future, and he wouldn’t be in such a passive position like he was in the past.

“Master, there are only some Violet Palace Realm demon beasts moving about nearby, and there isn’t any great danger.” Meanwhile, Mu Kui had walked into the cave and spoke with a bow.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Set your mind at ease and cultivate. If I’m not wrong, the Sikong Clan’s forces will quickly come searching for us. At that time, the true battle would begin, and we won’t be so lucky as before.”

“Lucky?” Mu Kui scratched his head and laughed slyly. “Why do I think that everything that happened tonight was under Master’s control?”

“That was because of the Five Element Seed Pocket treasured talisman, yet without a Space Crystalrock, I’m unable to craft it again.” Chen Xi shook his head as he spoke. Actually, he felt extremely regretful in his heart as well. If he possessed sufficient Space Crystalrocks, then he only had to stay in the inn, and unless an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had comprehended Spatial Dao Insight arrived, otherwise, no matter how many people the Sikong Clan sent out, they would be unable to threaten him.

Of course, they were merely unable to threaten him.

After all, the cultivations of Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang were at the Golden Core Realm, and when relying on his current cultivation and launching a sneak attack, he would still be able to kill them. But if some cultivators at the Rebirth Realm or above appeared, then he would be helpless as well. 


Maple Leaf City, Sikong Clan.

Sikong Hen carefully placed a small snake that was completely jet black, thick like a thumb, and completely covered with a layer of icy cold scales into an Enslaved Beast Token.

This small snake was the only toxic beast that had survived within the chamber that over 1,000 toxic beasts had fought in, and with slight training, it wasn’t difficult to foster it into a terrifying toxic beast that was comparable to a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

“Greentooth, I’ll let you fill yourself with that kid’s Blood Essence and flesh once his corpse is brought back, alright?” Sikong Hen stroked the Enslaved Beast Token as his snow white face revealed a rare trace of warmth.


Right at this moment, the room door was pushed open and Sikong Hua stumbled in before crying out loudly with a sense of urgency. “Brother, the situation isn’t good. Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang failed and they’ve been killed brutally.

“What? Say that one more time!” Sikong Hen’s heart shook as he shouted out loudly with a cold voice, and his expression instantly became extremely ominous as the nerves on his right hand that held onto the Enslaved Beast Token bulged up.

“They’re dead, all of them are dead.” Sikong Hua put on a long face and spoke with a dry voice.

“How did this happen? These three people are assassins personally fostered by Father, and they’ve never failed since they started carrying out missions. They’ve even killed an initial-stage Rebirth Realm cultivator. How could they have died?” Sikong Hen still didn’t dare believe it, and he gnashed his teeth and said, “The target this time was merely an ant at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, how could they have failed?” 

“But, this…this is the truth!” Sikong Hua spoke in panic. He was similarly shocked out of his wits when he heard this news earlier as well, and then he swiftly came over to notify his older brother.

Sikong Hen took a deep breath and very quickly restrained the flames of rage in his heart. He knew that he couldn’t afford to lose his reason now, otherwise it would probably be impossible to save the situation.

“Pass down the order. Order all the Shadow Guards in the clan to search the entire city and capture that kid. Besides that, put together a group of disciples of the clan that have advanced to the Golden Core Realm and bring them here to wait for my command!” Sikong Hen spoke swiftly and calmly as he instructed. “Remember, Father and the other elders must not be allowed to know of this matter. Otherwise, the status of both of us in the clan will probably be shaken.”

Sikong Hua nodded fiercely and gritted his teeth as he said, “Brother, since you’re making a move yourself, you must kill this kid. Be sure to not let him escape again.”

“Are you doubting my ability?” Sikong Hen grunted coldly.

Sikong Hua shuddered and said hurriedly, “Brother, I have 100% confidence in you. I’ll go make arrangements to deploy our forces?”

Sikong Hen waved his hand and didn’t speak anymore because he was almost unable to restrain his killing intent.

In next to no time, the Sikong Clan’s Shadow Guard was fully deployed, and they searched all of Maple Leaf City for Chen Xi’s tracks. All these Shadow Guards were responsible for assassination and intelligence, and even though their strengths were inferior to Ning Yi’s group of three, yet they were extremely adept in the art of tracking. Less than two hours had passed before numerous pieces of information were sent back to the Sikong Clan.

At the same time, a group that was formed by 18 Golden Core Realm cultivators had appeared before Sikong Hen. All of these 18 people were elite figures from the younger generation disciples of the Sikong Clan that possessed extremely heroic bearings and formidable auras.

“He actually fled out of the city? Hmph! Continue searching, you must lock onto the target!” Sikong Hen instructed coldly.

“Yes, Eldest Young Master.” The member of the Shadow Guard nodded. With a flip of his hand, an Azure Bolteagle that was especially used for passing on information had appeared there, and then he released it into the night sky.

“Everyone, the target of our pursuit this time is a cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm. Don’t underestimate him. This kid was able to survive the hands of Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang, so he’s absolutely not someone an ordinary cultivator can compare to.” Sikong Hen’s gaze swept the 18 disciples of his clan that possessed a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm, and then he said coldly, “But all of you don’t have to be excessively vigilant. I’ll be personally making a move this time, and the only reason I’m bringing all of you along is for the sake of ensuring nothing goes wrong. Understand?”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed in unison, and then rubbed their fists together eagerly and emitted a murderous air.

“Alright! If the mission this time is successful, then I’ll surely reward all of you heavily. Enough, let’s depart now!” After Sikong Hen finished briefing them, his figure flashed out to take the lead to fly out of the city. 

The 18 Golden Core Realm disciples didn’t dare dally, and they transformed into streaks that followed closely behind him.

Once all of them left, a tall and impressive looking figure walked out from the shadows. This person’s eyes were like bolts of lightning and fierce like the eyes of a tiger, and he emitted a dignified presence as an extremely overbearing and monstrous aura flowed on his body. Shockingly, he was the Sikong Clan’s Patriarch, Sikong Xiaoyun.

“Patriarch, may I follow by the Eldest Young Master’s side to protect him from any mishaps?” An old man with grey hair appeared after Sikong Xiaoyun. His skin was smooth like a baby, and every single move of his carried along a fierce and strong baleful qi. Obviously, he was a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

“There’s no need. A jade that isn’t cut and polished can’t be made into anything. Hen’er is proud and arrogant, so suffering some setbacks isn’t a bad thing for him.” Sikong Xiaoyun shook his head.

“Patriarch, just let me follow him. I watched the Eldest Young Master grow up, so if I don’t look after him, I keep feeling anxious in my heart.  Patriarch, don’t worry. Unless it’s a time of imminent danger, I’ll absolutely not lend a hand.” The grey haired old man requested once more.

“Yonglin, oh, Yonglin. What should I say about you? If I still disallow it when you’re protecting that child to such an extent, then I’m afraid you’d surely get angry with me.” Sikong Xiaoyun sighed helplessly.

The grey haired old man chuckled and said, “Patriarch, you know me best.”

“Go on. But Yonglin, it’s best if you don’t make an appearance in public. You brutally killed a disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect all those years ago, and you’ve always been on the mind of some old freaks of the Earthly Heaven Sect. Once you expose your tracks, then I’m afraid that even I will be unable to protect you,” said Sikong Xiaoyun.

The grey haired old man’s eyes went cold when he heard the words Earthly Heaven Sect, and then they recovered to normal and he said while nodding, “I understand.” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shook and transformed into a wisp of jet black light that swiftly vanished without a trace. 

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