Chapter 292 – A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang’s experience in assassinations was extremely abundant, so when they attacked with their full strength, not only did it possess a shocking force of destruction, it was capable of following according to their intentions and caused all the movement to be annihilated silently. Their control of energy had already attained a state of perfection.

In an instant, the room Chen Xi stayed in was devastated. It was riddled with countless rifts and there wasn’t a single intact thing present. Actually, if it wasn’t for the three of them controlling their force, just the force of the explosion was sufficient to destroy the entire inn.

“Oh, let me see how dead our little prey is. The Eldest Young Master ordered that we have to bring his corpse back even if he’s dead.” The scar faced Luo Gui looked at the deathly silent room, and then he rubbed his fists together as he walked in.

“This damned pervert is even so interested in corpses.” Xiu Sanniang cursed with disgust and then entered the room with Ning Yi.

“Hmm? Something’s wrong, why can’t I find his corpse? There isn’t even a trace of blood… Could it be that this kid was vaporized by our attacks?” Luo Gui searched over every single inch of the room, yet he didn’t find a single trace of the pieces of flesh and an incomplete corpse that he expected, and he couldn’t help but extremely perplexed.

“Vaporized? Even if he was vaporized, his storage Magic Treasure ought to have been left behind, right?” Xiu Sanniang ridiculed.

“Let’s all search carefully. Even a Rebirth Realm cultivator would be injured when suddenly encountering our full force strikes from before. If nothing unexpected happened, that kid is dead for sure.” Ning Yi spoke with a gloomy voice.

Right when the three of them had just made a move, a light swish was suddenly emitted in the air. The sound was almost weak to the point of being inaudible, and it was like an extremely sharp blade had sliced through a thin piece of paper.

However, their expression went grim in unison.

“Watch out!” Ning Yi’s pupils constricted abruptly to become small like two needles. He saw a wisp of an almost incorporeal sword light swiftly appear 10cm before Luo Gui’s throat, and it seemed as if it had teleported over as it pierced out fiercely.


Swift beyond equal!

When faced with this sudden strike, Luo Gui was utterly unable to react before his throat was penetrated by this sword.

At the same time, an enormous pitch black spiked club that was covered in icy cold and sharp spikes traversed the air as it smashed down towards Xiu Sanniang. There were layer upon layer of club images that seemed like mountains that were being smashed down, yet their speed was extremely swift, and it smashed down extremely fiercely and overbearingly to the point even space itself split and collapsed. 

Xiu Sanniang, who had noticed something was wrong long ago, fully revealed the qualities of an assassin. She didn’t even think before raising a mirror shaped defensive Magic Treasure that was coiled with crimson red lights before her.


A heavy sound of collision resounded. Xiu Sanniang’s petite body seemed as if it was fiercely hit by a mountain, causing her body to stagger and be unsteady. Yet she wasn’t a weakling after all, and her ability to adapt to sudden changes was extremely swift. She rolled backward along with this force and was barely able to disperse the terrifying force of the collision that her body suffered.

“Luo Gui, Xiu Sanniang, are both of you alright?” Ning Yi was alert towards his surroundings as his entire body emitted terrifying energy, yet the astonishment in his heart was beyond compare. That wisp of sword light and the spiked club had simply seemed to have appeared out of thin air and vanished without a trace after a single strike!

How could an attack that struck and vanished without a trace not cause one’s heart to go cold?

Ning Yi’s heart sank quickly.

“I’m fine.” Xiu Sanniang’s expression was surprised and bewildered as she looked at her surroundings like a bird that was startled by the twang of a bowstring. Under the attacks of her enemy, the Rippling Echo she took pride in had lost its miraculous effect for the first time and was completely useless.

“How could anything possibly happen to me? It isn’t so easy to kill me, Corpse Transformation!” Right at this moment, Luo Gui who had his throat penetrated actually emitted a furious and savage voice.


Luo Gui’s body suddenly exploded apart into three, the middle section of his body that had its throat pierced was completely dead since long ago, whereas, the other two sections were completely unharmed instead, and with a flash of a bloody light, they once again combined into a body.

Ning Yi and Xiu Sanniang weren’t surprised. Luo Gui was a cultivator at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm in body refinement, causing his body to be strong, and his vitality boiled like lava. Moreover, he’d cultivated the Divine Ability, Corpse Transformation. So long as his head and heart weren’t crushed into powder, he would be able to quickly recover.

In fact, if Xiu Sanniang was said to serve as the scout amongst the three of them, then Luo Gui was a defensive meat shield, and coupled with Ning Yi’s peerlessly swift and fierce attacks. When in battle, the three of them formed a triangular position and backed each other up, and it allowed them to bring forth their strongest might.


However, right at the instant Luo Gui’s body had just recovered, a wisp of fierce and almost incorporeal sword light appeared out of thin air by the side of Luo Gui’s head once more, and the sharp and ghastly sword light contained terrifying arcs of lightning condensed within it as it struck out. Amidst a heavy sound of shattering, Luo Gui’s head was instantly minced into a ball of bloody mist.

The bloody mist still wanted to condense together, yet was obliterated by the arcs of lightning contained within the sword light, causing it to vanish completely. In the blink of an eye, Luo Gui had become a headless corpse.

This sword strike had completely annihilated Luo Gui’s vitality, and no matter how formidable his body refinement cultivation and Divine Ability was, it was impossible for him to survive after his head was completely destroyed into nothingness.

“Luo Gui!” Ning Yi cried out involuntarily. He’d already noticed that the strand of sword light had flown out exactly from the location Luo Gui died.


He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to slash out with the Evilearth Saber in his hand, and a pitch black and seemingly material saber light was like a black colored crescent moon as it tore apart space and flashed out at lightning speed.

However, this hateful strike of Ning Yi’s had hit nothing but air. That area of space was torn apart into countless pieces, yet it didn’t reveal the tracks of his enemy.

How could this be possible?

Could it be that an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that has mastered the Spatial Grand Dao is nearby?

The astonishment in Ning Yi’s heart was like a tempestuous storm, and he felt deep terror from inside out.

The Spatial Grand Dao was a supreme Dao Insight amongst Grand Daos, and no matter how great the comprehension ability of an ordinary person was, it was absolutely impossible to comprehend it. Only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had overcome the sixth level of the Heavenly Tribulations, the Void Heavenly Tribulation, was capable of mastering a strand of the profundities of the Spatial Grand Dao from the lightning bolts that descended from the Void Heavenly Tribulation.

This was a force that only a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert was capable of mastering, and it was an iron law that was impossible to surmount. Similarly, this was also a standard to determine how many levels of the Heavenly Tribulation that an Earthly Immortal Realm expert had overcome.

It wasn’t wrong of Ning Yi to think like this, what he got wrong was that he’d mistaken Chen Xi for another person. Probably no one would have imagined that Chen Xi was capable of crafting a Five Element Seed Pocket treasured talisman that was capable of overlapping space. In this way, so long as he hid within the space opened up by the treasured talisman, he was completely capable of avoiding all attacks.

An overlapping space was an existence that was parallel yet independent, and it contained extremely profound Spatial profundities that only experts at the Earthly Immortal Realm or above were capable of utilizing freely.

We’ve walked into a trap? The coldness in Ning Yi’s heart grew denser as he felt that he’d jumped into a trap, and the aura of death was enveloping him. He didn’t dare hesitate any longer and made a prompt decision before shouting in a low voice. “Withdraw!” 

Xiu Sanniang’s had been terrified out of her wits since she saw Luo Gui die. Since they’d started carrying out assassination assignments, it was the first time they’d fallen into such a terrifyingly dangerous situation, so when she heard Ning Yi convey the order to withdraw, she didn’t hesitate in the slightest to charge out of the room.

At this moment, the dark Lofty Phoenix Inn was so ghastly and terrifying in their eyes, and icy cold and bone piercing coldness could be restrained from creeping towards their entire body. Fatal killing intent was hidden within the darkness and was like a trap that had been weaved together meticulously since long ago, and it was only waiting for them to enter.

But the owner of the trap seemed to be completely indifferent towards their departure.

We’re almost there, we’ll be able to escape this dark inn in another 30m. They were even able to see the rainstorm that was pouring down outside the entrance and the dazzling and resplendent bolts of lightning. A night like this was so violent and cold, yet it was unable to compare to the fatal aura that filled the entire inn.

But no matter what, in the hearts of Ning Yi and Xiu Sanniang, so long as they left this inn, it would mean that they were safe, and they’d left the situation of being out in the open while their enemy was concealed in the shadows. 


At the instant they were about to leave the inn’s entrance, suddenly an extremely subtle sound of the air being sliced apart torn open the darkness behind them.

“Watch out!” Ning Yi went pale from fright and cried out in alarm as he wanted to warn Xiu Sanniang that was beside him, however, a scene that he’d never ever imagined had occurred.


Xiu Sanniang actually slapped her palm onto his chest, striking him to the point he was blasted flying, whereas Xiu Sanniang instead used the strength of this strike to fly out like an arrow that left the bowstring, and she instantly charged out of the inn and vanished under the night that was covered in a boundless rainstorm.

“How ruthless! What a malicious woman! She actually made a move against me for the sake of escaping with her life. I won’t fucking let her off even if I die!” Ning Yi was furious and terrified as his expression flickered these emotions, and then he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood. Xiu Sanniang’s sudden strike had already completely shattered his internal organs, causing less than 10% of his combat strength to remain.


Right at this moment, Ning Yi saw a figure that was like a wisp of chilly starlight flash past him with an extremely astonishing speed, and it charged out of the inn’s entrance.

Could it be that this person is the target of our assassination this time? Looks like he’s pursuing that malicious woman, Xiu Sanniang. Hahaha! Very good, I’ll be able to leave safely by seizing this opportunity… Ning Yi was stunned when he saw this figure disregarding him, and then a wisp of joy gushed out onto his face before he forcefully supported his heavily injured body to stand up slowly.

“What? You still want to live?” A heavy voice sounded out behind him, causing Ning Yi’s body to shudder as if it was struck by lightning, and the strand of hope that had arisen in his heart had instantly been extinguished.

Ning Yi turned around. He wanted to see who exactly was this fellow that caused his assassination to fail, and he wanted to see if it was a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had comprehended Spatial Dao Insight.

However, a spiked club that tore through the sky as it descended down greeted his gaze, and its icy cold and jet black surface was covered in sharp spikes. Isn’t this the treasure the Eldest Young Master told us we must bring back? 

This was the last thought that arose in Ning Yi’s mind, and in the next moment, his entire body had already been smashed into a pile of mush.

“Ptooey! Who the fuck do you think you are to dare think about assassinating my Master? You’re truly asking for death, and your death is nothing to be regretted.” Mu Kui held the enormous spiked club as he walked to the side of Ning Yi’s corpse before spitting fiercely with an expression of disdain. But in the next moment, he started to plunder the treasures left behind by Ning Yi.

A top-grade earth-rank Evilearth Saber, 80,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and a pile of gold and silver. Besides these, Ning Yi didn’t have any other treasures in his possession.

Mu Kui put them all away without the slightest modesty, and then he thought for a moment before returning to the room and plundering the wealth in Luo Gui’s possession. This fellow was even poorer than Ning Yi and only had a little over 40,000 Nascent Condensation Pills and the cultivation technique of a Divine Ability’s called Heavenly Transformation. As for the Divine Ability Corpse Transformation that he’d executed earlier, Mu Kui didn’t obtain it from his plundering, and it seemed like Luo Gui didn’t carry it along with him.

After he finished doing all this, Mu Kui didn’t hesitate in the slightest to charge out of the inn, and with a swish, he transformed into a winged silver wolf that tore through the night sky that poured with a rainstorm as he flashed towards the extremely distant city gate.

Master’s grasp of the situation of the battle is simply too formidable, and if said using the words of humans, it’s to have the situation well in hand and handling troops like a god. He utilized a single miraculous high-grade treasured talisman to transform a disadvantageous situation into a supreme advantage. He first annihilated Luo Gui abruptly to cause fear to be aroused in the heart of the enemies and collapse their will to fight. Once their will to fight collapsed, annihilating them would naturally be as easy as flipping one’s hand… It’s laughable that those two people actually started fighting with each other. They’re truly a group of trash. Are assassins like this even worthy of being called assassins? Mu Kui recalled the scenes from before as he flew, and his admiration of Chen Xi in his heart had arrived at a state of blindly admiring Chen Xi.

After a short moment, Mu Kui saw a figure standing on the city wall from afar. The pouring rainstorm was unable to cover this figure that stood straight like a spear and possessed an extraordinary bearing. It was precisely his master, Chen Xi.

“Master, let’s seize the opportunity before the Sikong Clan reacts to leave quickly.” When Mu Kui saw Chen Xi, he instantly knew in his heart that Xiu Sanniang who’d escaped earlier had surely perished.

“There’s no rush. Let’s first rest for a while outside the city for now. Since the Sikong Clan wants to play with me, how can I possibly not accompany them to the end?” Chen Xi had his hands behind his back as he spoke unhurriedly.

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