Chapter 291 – Assassins In The Shadows

The rainstorm showered down heavily while accompanied by bolts of lightning and the rumbling of thunder, and the entire heavens and the earth fell into a violent and awful atmosphere.

Chen Xi woke up from his meditation and his heart was completely peaceful as he listened to the sound of rain that was like drums and the rumbling of thunder outside his window. Since the moment he decided to go against the Sikong Clan, his Dao Heart had become pure, flawless, and as strong as iron. There was no fear nor any intention to escape, and he only possessed a strong conviction to keep forging ahead and a will that was hard like steel.

“Master, you’ve awakened.” Mu Kui stood up from the ground and was slightly hesitant to speak.

“What? Is something the matter?” Chen Xi was dazed and asked.

Mu Kui scratched his head and said, “I kept feeling something was slightly unusual during these past few days. The guests in this inn have grown fewer and fewer by the day, and even the attendants and servants have vanished without a trace. It’s too strange.”  

“It’s slightly unusual indeed.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and as he spoke, his Divine Sense stretched out to instantly cover the entire inn within it.

Mu Kui still wanted to say something, yet suddenly saw Chen Xi make a gesture towards him, and it caused him to feel his heart go cold.

“There are people that have snuck in. Three of them. We’ll wait and see what happens, so don’t impatiently make a move against them.” Chen Xi’s voice was slightly wary.

Mu Kui nodded as a trace of killing intent surged within his jade green and shiny eyes.

It was already deep into the night now, and besides this room, the entire inn was completely pitch black, so when Chen Xi silently crushed all the moonlight stones within the room, the entire inn fell into complete darkness. At the same time, Chen Xi and Mu Kui had already swiftly concealed themselves in the corner, and it was a completely traceless concealment.

At the entrance of the Lofty Phoenix Inn.

“Eh, our little prey has noticed us.” The black robed man spoke with a gloomy and indifferent voice. The lights in the room on the second floor had been extinguished the instant they entered, and this indicated that the target ought to have noticed them.

“It doesn’t matter if we’ve been noticed or not. The outcome will be the same anyway.” The nearby middle aged man with a face covered in scars spoke indifferently with a savage expression.

“Oh, I wonder if this little prey’s appearance is handsome? Big Sister hasn’t nourished my Yin with the energy of Yang for a long time, and it’s truly causing me to feel intolerable hunger.” This was a charming and seductive woman with a voluptuous body, and her black colored tight fitting clothes were partially open, causing part of two full, round, towering, snow white, smooth, and soft breasts that were extremely captivating to be revealed. 

The scar faced middle aged man took a fierce glance at the seductive woman’s chest but laughed slyly. “Xiu Sanniang, if it wasn’t for the Serpent Beauty Technique you cultivate being too overbearing, I’d have fucking subdued a wench like you long ago.”

“Fuck off! You twisted pervert. How many virgins have you ravaged to death? I fucking hate pieces of shit like you the most.” Xiu Sanniang glared at him with detest.

“Don’t speak so heartlessly. There seems to be many pretty boys that have died underneath your legs, right? Both of us are birds of the same feather, don’t you think so?” The scar faced middle aged man laughed with a savage expression, and his face that was covered in dense scars twisted like an earthworm, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

Xiu Sanniang grunted coldly and spoke with an expression of disdain. “Hmph! According to my knowledge, that thing of yours down there has been crippled since long ago. How can a cripple like you compare to me?”

“You’re courting death!” The scar faced middle aged man’s expression instantly turned ominous, and he seemed as if a scar in his heart had been pulled open.

“If the two of you want to argue, then go home and do it. If we’re unable to complete the mission and the Eldest Young Master seeks to punish us, then none of us will be able to bear the consequences.” Meanwhile, the black robed man spoke with an icy cold voice. “Move out, end the fight as soon as possible.”

Their hearts instantly focused as they stopped speaking in unison, and they were obviously deeply afraid of the black robed man in their hearts.


The three of them formed the shape of a ‘’ character as they flashed towards the second floor like ghosts that didn’t emit the slightest sound.


Step! Step! Step!

A wave of rapid footsteps sounded out, causing Ya Qing who was staring blankly at the veil of rain outside her window to be jolted back to her senses, then she turned around and frowned as she looked towards her most capable subordinate and said, “Xin Huan, didn’t I ask you not to disturb me?”

Xin Huan had an ordinary appearance and a stiff expression, and when he heard Ya Qing’s reproach, he just walked forward and passed over a piece of paper. “Young Miss, please finish looking at this information first.”

Ya Qing was stunned and her expression became solemn. Xin Huan was an expert Madam Shui Hua had sent over to protect her and possessed an unfathomable strength. Even though he was a man of few words, yet he worked meticulously. So since he’d appeared suddenly, then a great even had surely occurred.

The piece of information was extremely simple. It only described the information of three people, and it was precise and succinct.

Ning Yi, cultivation at the perfection-stage Golden Core Realm. Possesses a ruthless and merciless character, and is adept in sneak attacks and assassinations. He’s the captain of the Sikong Clan’s Shadow Guard, his weapon is the top-grade earth-rank Evilearth Saber, and he has grasped the Dao Grade martial technique, Evilearth Yin Slaughtering Saber.

Luo Gui, cultivation at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm in body refinement. Possesses a twisted and murderous character. He’s one of the capable generals under Ning Yi’s command and has grasped the Divine Ability Heavenly Transformation and Corpse Transformation.

Xiu Sanniang, cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm. Beautiful and sinister, with a heart like a toxic scorpion. She’s one of the capable generals under Ning Yi’s command, her weapon is the top-grade earth-rank Azure Bloodfeather Fan, and she’s skilled in enchanting, possession, and soul attacks.

“These three people are assassins the Sikong Clan fostered in secret. They’d just returned from carrying out a mission in Ray County’s Soulsplit when they were sent out by Sikong Hen once more to head to the Lofty Phoenix Inn to assassinate Chen Xi. Presently, they’ve already started taking action.” Xin Huan spoke in an orderly manner, and his calm voice didn’t contain the slightest bit of emotion.

Assassinate Chen Xi? Ya Qing’s eyes squinted as she said angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Xin Huan said calmly, “Young Miss, I just got news of it as well.”

“Dammit! The Sikong Clan is actually so outrageous. This won’t do, I want to go take a look. Chen Xi’s cultivation is only at the Half-step Golden Core Realm, how could he be a match for these three people?” Ya Qing stood up and didn’t dally in the slightest to head out in a hurry.

“Young Miss, the Madam ordered that you’re only allowed to observe, yet you’re disallowed from interfering with Chen Xi’s business.” Xin Huan didn’t seem to have made any movement, yet his body already stood by Ya Qing’s side as if he’d teleported.

“You…” Ya Qing ground her teeth together tightly and the expression of her beautiful face became indeterminate as she’d recalled the Madam’s orders. In the end, she returned weakly and dejectedly to her room and said with a wave of her hand, “You can leave. I want to be alone.”

“Yes.” Xin Huan turned around and left with an expressionless face.

“Alas, since this fellow is looked favorably upon by the Madam, I hope he’ll be fine this time…” After a long time, Ya Qing’s faint sigh resounded out within the empty room. 


The entire Lofty Phoenix Inn was pitch black to the point one couldn’t see one’s own hand, and only when a bolt of lightning struck would an instant of brightness appear.

Ning Yi’s group of three arrived silently at the second floor, yet their speed had slowed down greatly, and every single move their made didn’t even cause a movement in the air, causing them to seem like immaterial specters.

They were assassins fostered by the Sikong Clan and had always been living in a world of darkness, and they were most adept in launching sneak attacks and assassinations. Since the moment they had become Shadow Guards until now, the three of them had joined forces and assassinate countless formidable figures without a single failure, and the cooperation between each of them had long since attained an extremely tacit extent and their division of work was extreme detailed.

For example, because of her strong soul, Xiu Sanniang had already taken the role of the scout.

However, at this moment, right when they were about to approach Chen Xi’s room, Xiu Sanniang who was in the lead had suddenly stopped moving, and her charming face was suffused with a trace of surprise and bewilderment.

“What’s wrong?” The nearby Ning Yi’s footsteps slowed down slightly as he sent a voice transmission with a low voice.

Xiu Sanniang said with surprise, “I’m unable to lock onto their exact location.”

The heart of scar faced Luo Guo jerked when he heard this. “What’s going on?” he knew that even though Xiu Sanniang’s combat strength was inferior to himself and their Boss Ning Yi, the reason she was able to become a companion of his that never left his side was because she was skilled in a Divine Sense detection technique called Rippling Echo. 

This technique was mysterious, unfathomable, and rather rare, and it was a technique Xiu Sanniang had seized from a disciple of a clan that had fallen into decline. When one utilized this technique with one’s Divine Sense, one was capable of covering everything in an area of 500km, and it was like a larger spider web. Moreover, after one executed this technique, no matter how living beings restrained their aura and concealed themselves, they would be detected and have themselves firmly locked onto. Conversely, the Divine Sense of the enemy would be disturbed by the technique when trying to lock onto the person that executed the technique, and this was the formidable and unique point of the Rippling Echo.

It could be said that no one was capable of escaping her detection within an area of 500km, and even a cultivator that possessed a cultivation that was higher than her would be unable to escape Xiu Sanniang’s detection within this area.

This was also an important reason why the three of them had killed countless formidable experts yet were able to survive until now, as so long as Xiu Sanniang noticed that something was off, they would be able to flee safely.

Presently, the three of them had instead encountered a fellow that was capable of escaping the detection of Rippling Echo! So they instantly didn’t dare underestimate this little prey at the Golden Hall Realm any longer.

But it was merely to this extent. There were countless techniques and Magic Treasures in the world, and there were all sorts of fantastic things. So there was surely something that was capable of escaping the detection of Xiu Sanniang’s Divine Sense. As far as they were concerned, perhaps this little prey had only relied on some sort of Magic Treasure to achieve this, and as for his strength, it was still barely passable.

So, all three of them were still filled with the confidence of surely killing Chen Xi. They were most adept at carrying out battles in the shadows, so even if they were unable to lock onto the exact location of their target, they were unafraid in the slightest.

“Get ready. Exert your full strength the instant the room door is opened. We must strive to annihilate the target in a single strike. Once we delay too long, our identities will be exposed, and that would cause the Eldest Young Master to fall into a disadvantageous state. After all, the Earthly Heaven Sect is trying every conceivable method to suppress our Sikong Clan.” A voice that was cold like the flicking of a poisonous snake’s tongue sounded out from Ning Yi’s mouth.

Luo Gui and Xiu Sanniang nodded, as they understood how grave the situation was.  

Ning Yi didn’t speak anymore, and he stretched out his hand immediately to push open the door.



This was a void space that was completely in chaos and extremely narrow and small, and it could only accommodate two people standing side by side within it.

To Mu Kui’s shock, he was able to overlook the entire scene within the room while standing in this space, yet it was utterly impossible for someone to notice him from within the room.

Amazing! This treasured talisman, the Five Element Seed Pocket, that Master crafted simply possesses an unfathomable effect. Unless it’s an expert that has comprehended Spatial Dao Insight, otherwise, no one is capable of noticing us while we’re hidden within it. When he thought up to here, Mu Kui felt even more admiration to this Master of his that was skilled in the Dao of Talismans while at a young age.

At this moment, Chen Xi was staring concentratedly at the room, and his mind was unusually clear and calm. He’d already made all the preparations and was only waiting for his enemies to step into the trap.

This Five Element Seed Pocket treasured talisman was one of the high-grade treasured talismans he’d crafted during these past few days. It was formed and crafted by gathering some talisman marking structures related to space from all of the five Divine Talismans. It was capable of opening up an independent space in the void, and it overlapped with the original part of space it was opened at. When one was within this space, it was as if one was within another world, allowing one to be able to completely disregard the detection of Divine Sense. Moreover, it was extremely formidable and profound, as one would be able to see one’s enemies while within the space, yet the enemy would be unable to see one’s self, and it was absolutely a great instrument of concealment and assassination.

Unfortunately, the materials for crafting this talisman was too rare, and it required a material called Space Crystalrock. Chen Xi had searched all the materials within his Buddha’s Pagoda, yet he’d only found a thumb sized piece. So it was impossible for him to craft another one of this particular talisman.

Moreover, this high-grade treasured talisman wasn’t perfect due to his lack of Spatial Dao Insight, causing the energy of the treasured talisman to be only capable of being maintained for 15 minutes. Once this time passed, this space would vanish and they would return to reality.

They’ve come!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he saw the door of the room was pushed opened without a sound. What caused him to feel frightened in his heart was that it wasn’t those three people that entered but instead a wisp of jet black saber light that contained a murderous aura that shot into the sky, an enormous fist that carried along the sounds of wailing, and a feathered fan that surged with azure mist.

A fierce and swift saber light!

A ferocious fist!

An agile feathered fan!

Three types of attacks, and every single one of them carried a terrifying might that could shatter and obliterate everything. At this moment, when they appeared in the room at the same time, their might almost instantly crushed the tables, chairs, screen, bed, and various decorative items into powder. 

It was to the point that even the fluctuations in the sky and space were completely obliterated. In this way, the attack that ought to have shaken the heavens and the earth had instead revealed a silent state, causing it to be extremely bizarre.

Obviously, Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang’s attack this time was for the sake of silently annihilating all vitality and movement in the room, so as to avoid unusual sounds from being created and drawing the attention of the nearby cultivators! 


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