Chapter 287 – End of the Auction

A carefree voice drifted in the surroundings of the auction area, and it seemed to be extremely abrupt in this silent atmosphere as it carried along a force that pointed straight towards the hearts of everyone.

Everyone including the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Su Jiankong was stunned, and then he chuckled to himself as he shook his head endlessly. “I went into the limelight for the sake of suppressing the arrogance of the Sikong Clan, whereas when another stands out and interferes, the person would become the target for the Sikong Clan to vent their rage. Alas, people these days don’t even want their lives for the sake of becoming famous…”

“You want to fight to the end with the Sikong Clan?” Ya Qing asked in the VIP room.

“I thought you’d say that I wanted to become famous.” Chen Xi spoke with slight self-ridicule, and then he turned the topic and said, “It isn’t that I’m going against him until the end, but the Profound Dispersion Pill is extremely important to me. Of course, if it exceeds the scope I’m able to endure, then I’ll stop resolutely.” 

Ya Qing laughed. “You’re really brave to even disregard the Sikong Clan. I can lend you some Nascent Condensation Pills if you really want this medicinal pill. How about it?”

“That depends on circumstance,” said Chen Xi after pondering for a moment.

Ya Qing nodded and didn’t say anything further.

“It’s that kid!” In the other VIP room, Sikong Hen instantly recognized that the owner of the voice was precisely the fellow that had competed for the spiked club with him.

“It’s actually him again! If this kid isn’t killed, then it won’t be enough to vent the hatred in my heart!” Sikong Hua’s expression was livid as he gnashed his teeth endlessly.

“It’s already 950,000, let’s give up this Profound Dispersion Pill, it isn’t worth the price,” said Sikong Hen.

“No! If I don’t suppress the arrogance of this kid today, then I’ll be unable to endure the resentment in my heart! Brother, don’t worry. Once we leave the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, I’ll make him spit out all of what I spend now!” After Sikong Hen finished speaking with a ferocious expression, he made a bid once more. “960,000!”



“One million!” Chen Xi directly made a bid for one million, as after he purchased the Baleful Divinewater and spiked club, there were only another one million Nascent Condensation Pills in his possession, and if the price was any higher, he would have no choice but to give up on this medicinal pill.

He didn’t know that the wealth of Sikong Hua and Sikong Hen had arrived at its limit as well.

“Give up. This price has already greatly exceeded the true value of the Profound Dispersion Pill. If you continue bidding, you’ll only be an idiot that overpays, and it would only benefit the Treasure Heaven Pavilion in the end,” said Sikong Heng coldly.

“I will not take this!” The nerves of Sikong Hua’s forehead bulged and seemed extremely hideous as his chest rose and fell rapidly. “I don’t believe that I can’t defeat this kid, I don’t believe it!”

“What do you want to do?” Sikong Hen faintly felt that something that wasn’t good was about to occur.

“I want to make a bid! I want to destroy this bastard in one go, and I won’t continue wasting time with him!” As he spoke, Sikong Hua stood up abruptly and shouted out loudly. “1.2 million!”

Instantly, a wave of gasping sounded out in the surroundings. A Profound Dispersion Pill was worth around 800,000 at most, and its violent rise to 950,000 has already flabbergasted everyone. Yet never had they imagined that not only had the price not stopped in its rise, it had instead risen explosively to a price of 1.2 million?

That was 1.2 million, a sum sufficient to buy almost 10 top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures!

“Hahaha, kid, come on and bid! Bid! Want to fight with me? You simply don’t fear!” When he saw that detestable voice had fallen into silence, Sikong Hua couldn’t help but laugh loudly, and he felt that never was there a moment in his life as pleasing as this.

“I intended to give up once the price exceeded one million, but I never imagined that Young Master Sikong was so heroic and extravagant. As expected of a talent of the Sikong Clan, you possess shocking wealth that allowed me to widen my horizons and have no choice but to feel admiration. This Profound Dispersion Pill will belong to Young Master Sikong.” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out indifferently, yet when heard by everyone, they kept having the feeling that it contained a sarcastic flavor. It seemed as if from the very beginning, Chen Xi hadn’t intended to obtain this Profound Dispersion Pill, and he was only probing Sikong Hua’s wealth.

“Give up once it exceeds one million?” Sikong Hua was dumbstruck as the smile on his face froze instantly. He seemed as if he was struck by lightning as his mind buzzed, then his entire body started to tremble as a mouthful of blood almost rushed to his throat from his extreme rage, and he almost spat it out.

I’ve been tricked again!

Motherfucker! I’ve been tricked again!

When he recalled how he’d been tricked by Su Jiankong before and was now tricked by Chen Xi again, Sikong Hua even had the urge to kill himself. Detestable, truly too detestable…

“Look what you’ve done!” Sikong Hen left his seat furiously. He’d long since noticed that his young brother’s state was slightly off, and he was just about to stop Sikong Hua when his idiotic young brother had actually made a bid already and there was no chance of retracting the bid.

When he thought how everyone present was probably laughing at the two of them, Sikong Hen wished for nothing more than to slap his idiotic young brother to death.

Obviously, this thought wasn’t realistic, so he could only leave, as out of sight meant out of mind, and he could avoid spoiling his health from the anger he would feel.

“Brother, where are you going?” When he saw his older brother leaving and disregarding him, Sikong Hua was instantly scared out of his wits, and he spoke out repeatedly.

“Hmph! Take care of your own business!” Sikong Hen grunted coldly, and he left without taking another glance behind, yet he said in his heart, I’ll observe outside and once I find out about that kid’s identity, I’ll annihilate him and seize the spiked club and all the treasures in his possession. In this way, let me see who still dares laugh at me!

“Congratulations Second Young Master Sikong for obtaining the Profound Dispersion Pill with the astronomical price of 1.2 million. Extravagance like this has set a record in my Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s auction, and it’s bound to be widely spread and talked about with delight in the cultivation world.” Du Feiyu’s unrestrained congratulations resounded from the auction platform.


Sikong Hua fell down to sit on the floor instead, and his heart felt like it had been pierced by 10,000 arrows as he felt like weeping, yet couldn’t shed tears.

“Pfft!” In the other VIP room, Ya Qing couldn’t refrain from laughing as she never imagined that Chen Xi would be so sarcastic when playing a trick on another.

“Actually, I really intended to buy this Profound Dispersion Pill.” Chen Xi explained with a serious expression.

“I know. It was that Young Master Sikong that was unable to keep his calm and was too stupid.” Ya Qing chuckled, and she laughed to the point of quivering and being out of breath.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and he as well felt that this incident was slightly laughable indeed. Sikong Hua is really an utterly useless piece of trash. If he kept his cool slightly, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a situation.

Even though every single treasure in the following part of the auction was precious, yet when compared with the grand scale and unusually brilliant events from before, it seemed to be flat and boring.

Chen Xi didn’t stay until the end before intending to leave. Needless to say, the Profound Dispersion Pill being obtained by another was regretful, yet there was no other way. What could he do when such a peculiar Young Master, Sikong Hua, had appeared in the auction? Thus, he could only rely on his own strength to overcome the tribulation of wind and fire.

“You have to watch out for the Sikong Clan’s revenge towards you.” When he left, Ya Qing spoke with a serious expression. “You’ve completely offended both the young and older Young Masters of the Sikong Clan this time, and I’m afraid your tracks will be grasped by the Sikong Clan as soon as you leave the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.”

Chen Xi nodded. “I know. But their Sikong Clan wouldn’t dare arbitrarily make a move against me in Maple Leaf City, right?”

“Of course. Maple Leaf City is the territory of the Earthly Heaven Sect, at any rate. If incidents of battle and slaughter occurred frequently, who would dare come to Maple Leaf City? Even though the Sikong Clan is formidable, yet they didn’t dare provoke the power and influence of the Earthly Heaven Sect.” Ya Qing said, “But it’s surely impossible for you to stay in the city forever. If I’m not wrong, your movements will be monitored by the scouts of the Sikong Clan as soon as you take a step out of Treasure Heaven Pavilion. Once you leave Maple Leaf City, you’ll surely suffer the siege of the experts of the Sikong Clan.”

“It would seem that I’m in imminent danger?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, yet even though he spoke like this, his expression wasn’t nervous in the slightest, and he still possessed a calm appearance.

“Could it be that you aren’t worried?” Ya Qing glared at him as she muttered. “I wonder if you’re audacious to the extreme or fearless? You’re really a cause for worry.”

“I’m sorry for causing Miss Ya Qing to be worried, but even though the Sikong Clan is powerful, it will not necessarily be able to entrap me.” Chen Xi smiled. He was able to discern that Ya Qing was really concerned about him, and he couldn’t help but be slightly moved in his heart.

“Who’s worried about you? Go, go, go! Quickly vanish from my sight so as to avoid upsetting me.” Ya Qing spat.

Chen Xi smiled as he left with Mu Kui. Right when he left the VIP room, he suddenly turned around and said seriously, “Miss Ya Qing, thank you very much for today.”

As soon as he finished, he didn’t take a second glance back before leaving.

“This fellow!” Ya Qing shook her head, and her beautiful and charming face was suffused with a wisp of a smile. After a long time, she muttered to herself. Even though this fellow is audacious, yet his strength seems to be slightly low. His life will surely be in danger if he’s chased after by the experts of the Sikong Clan. Should I help him? 


From leaving the Treasure Heaven Pavilion until returning to the inn, Chen Xi noticed more than one scout all along the way, and they were simply like cancer as they filled every single corner of the city.

This also allowed him to clearly realize how powerful the Sikong Clan was in Maple Leaf City, and they were indeed like Ya Qing had said — not to be underestimated.

“Master, what are we going to do next?” Mu Kui asked carefully.

“We’ll act according to circumstance.” Chen Xi pondered for a moment and said, “If it really doesn’t work out, then we’ll stay in Maple Leaf City for a period of time. At any rate, every cloud has a silver lining.”

Even though he spoke like this, he was swiftly pondering in his heart. With his current strength, his chances of escaping Maple Leaf City would be the greatest if he was facing the siege of numerous Golden Core Realm cultivators, yet if he were to encounter an expert at the Rebirth Realm or above, then it would be a problem.

But, so long as I overcome the tribulation of wind and fire, I ought to possess the strength to battle a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm. If I’m able to advance my body refinement cultivation to the Golden Core Realm, then by utilizing the Starsky Wings, my certainty of fleeing safely would be even greater… As he sat cross-legged in the room he’d booked in the inn, Chen Xi pondered for a long time. In the end, he placed his chances of escaping onto the advancement of his own strength. So long as his strength was sufficiently strong, all problems would be solved easily. 

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