Chapter 286 – Endless Twists and Turns

The auction held by the Treasure Heaven Pavilion could indeed be said to be unprecedentedly grand and possesses numerous treasures.

Right when the top-grade earth-rank spiked club was bought by Chen Xi, another treasure was being auctioned off below. It was a rare equipment refinement material that was completely coiled with fiery red bolts of lightning that crackled about as bolts light lightning flames flickered, and it emitted a strong force of destruction.

Crimsonsky Thundershine Iron! 

Everyone present at the auction held their breaths when they saw this thing. It was an equipment refinement material that assembled the attributes of fire, earth, and lightning, and it was extremely rare. When it was used to refine a Magic Treasure, the finished product’s quality would at least be at the ranks of top-grade earth-rank.

Chen Xi didn’t intend to buy it. Firstly, it was useless to him, and secondly, its price was too shocking. Merely the minimum bid was already at 80,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and it was 30,000 more than the minimum bid of the spiked club Magic Treasure from before to be only slightly lower than the Dao Grade martial technique, Snowlion Soundwave.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine that if the competition was intense, its final price would also be at 500,000 or above.

Sur enough, after a round of bidding, it was purchased by the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Lin Moxuan at the price of 630,000.

Something worthy of mention was that during the process of this bidding, Su Jiankong had bid time and time again, and the Crimsonsky Thundershine Iron that originally only required around 500,000 Nascent Condensation Pills was forcefully driven up to 630,000 by him, causing Lin Moxuan who sat within the VIP room to be angered to the point he fiercely smashed the wine cup in his hand again.

The auctions after that didn’t have any intense bidding, but the number of treasures was numerous indeed. For example, Nine-colored Ningpo Figwort, 10,000 year old Blood Chalcedony, Ancient Viburnum, Multicolored Star Silverstone, Dragonwhisker Luxuriantwood, etc. Chen Xi had even seen a spirit beast that had already comprehended Dao Insight, an Azurevein Spirit Ape.

The Azurevein Spirit Ape was completely dark green with a pair of wings on its back. The skin and fur on its entire body was suffused with an azure glow, and its roar was like thunder and possessed shocking might. Moreover, its speed was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it had actually comprehended Gale Dao Insight, revealing extraordinary intelligence.

Most attention catching of it all was that its strength had obviously attained the Golden Core Realm, yet it didn’t show the slightest sign of taking human form. Obviously, it possessed a noble bloodline and boundless potential. Thus, using a spirit beast like this to guard one’s abode or as a servant was an extremely good choice.

This beast was purchased by a great cultivator at the Rebirth Realm with one million Nascent Condensation Pills.

All in all, the auction held by the Treasure Heaven Pavilion this time encompassed rare treasures, unusual beasts, Magic Treasures, materials, cultivation techniques, spirit pills… They emerged in endless streams and possessed extraordinary quality, causing even Chen Xi to have too much to see, and he wished for nothing more than to buy all of them.

But he hadn’t made a move all the time as he was silently awaiting the appearance of the Profound Dispersion Pill.

Actually, most of the people had the same way of thinking as Chen Xi, and they were waiting for this pill.  The cultivation of all these people was hovering at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, and all of them wanted to obtain this pill so that it would improve their chances when advancing into the Golden Core Realm.

Suddenly, the entire auction area was stirred, and it turned out that the Profound Dispersion Pill that was anticipated by everyone had finally made an appearance.  

This pill wasn’t covered by a damask, allowing everyone present to see it exceedingly clearly. It was around the size of an infant’s fist with a dim blue sheen that was glittering and translucent like spring water suffusing its surface, and one could faintly see strands of white colored flowing lights that seemed like tadpoles flashing about within it and forming countless profound talisman markings within it.

When looked at from afar, this pill was like the center of an ocean, and extremely vast and pure medicinal strength was emitted from it, causing one’s spirits to be refreshed and arouse the desire to possess it.

What strong medicinal strength! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he’d faintly discerned that this pill seemed as if it possessed life, and it was filled with intelligence. Merely a trace of its medicinal strength was already capable of causing the Door of Life within his Dantian to tremble as howls of wind rose suddenly and burning hot air coiled around, and it actually almost drew out his tribulation of wind and fire!

“This pill is ranked amongst earth-rank spirit pills, yet it’s a type of extremely rare spirit pill that possesses boundless magical effects. It’s refined from gathering profound dispersion qi and another 100 types of rare spirit medicines, and a single batch will only refine a single medicinal pill, causing its value to be shocking to the extreme. In the present cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, only the current Emperor Chu is capable of refining it.” The nearby Ya Qing explained.

“What? Emperor Chu?” Chen Xi was shocked and spoke out in astonishment.

“It’s indeed the current Emperor Chu, he isn’t merely a supreme Emperor that controls the Dynasty, and he’s also an unprecedented pill refinement grandmaster!” Ya Qing’s clear eyes were suffused with a trace of respect and a fervent expression was even faintly revealed from her face. Obviously, she adored that current Emperor Chu extremely. 

So that’s how it is. Everyone says that the shadow of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family is behind the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and now it would seem like it ought to be real as the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s ability to obtain a Profound Dispersion Pill from Emperor Chu and auctioning it off had already explained everything. But anyway, since this pill is so precious, its price will surely not be low. I’ll just have to see if I can obtain it or not… Chen Xi pondered in his heart.

Sure enough, Du Feiyu who presided over the auction spoke with an extremely fervent voice. “I presume I don’t have to explain the effects of this Profound Dispersion Pill, because according to my knowledge, most of the Fellow Daoists present today have probably come for the sake of this pill. The starting bid is 150,000, and every increment must be at 10,000 or above!” 

150,000 Nascent Condensation Pills!

Actually, the Nascent Condensation Pill was an earth-rank spirit pill as well, yet it was obvious from this price that it was utterly incapable of comparing with a Profound Dispersion Pill, and there was an extremely great distance between the two.

“160,000!” Even though the starting bid was high, yet it couldn’t stop the fervor of the people present, and someone instantly made a bid as soon as Du Feiyu finished speaking.






The sounds of bids rose and fell, yet the bidders were only the cultivators on the ordinary seats and no a single person from the VIP rooms had started bidding. Perhaps, they were waiting to see what happened and intended to make a move right after the people in the ordinary seats to obtain it in one go.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he noticed this detail. The ownership of this Profound Dispersion Pill will probably fall into the hands of the cultivators in the VIP rooms in the end.

“700,000!” As expected, when the bidding from the ordinary seats became sparse, a voice was finally emitted from a VIP room, and it raised the price to 700,000 in one go.

Instantly, most of the cultivators on the ordinary seats revealed extremely disappointed expressions, as this price had already exceeded their ability, and they wouldn’t be able to attain it even if they sold all their property.

“710,000!” Within a VIP room, Su Jiankong, whose reputation was like the sun in the midday sky, spoke out indifferently.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned. This fellow’s cultivation is already at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, what is he butting in for?

“The effect of the Profound Dispersion Pill is shocking, and very few old sects possess it. So Su Jiankong is probably buying it as a gift.” Ya Qing explained. “It isn’t only him, some formidable figures will probably make a move later as well. Even if they aren’t using it themselves, they can gift it to their children and nephews.”

Chen Xi’s heart sank as a competition between those of the same generation was still alright, yet if some great figures with enormous wealth were to be included, it would probably become even more difficult for him to obtain the pill today.

“720,000!” An aged voice resounded out slowly from a VIP room, and it carried a slight sense of dignity, causing others to know that the owner of the voice surely possessed an extraordinary identity just from hearing it.

“730,000!” At this moment, Chen Xi’s interest had been aroused as well, and he made a probing bid, yet he never imagined that as soon as he finished speaking, the aged voice grunted coldly. “740,000!”

“This old fellow seems to disregard his bearing, his cold grunt is actually filled with a threatening intent.” Chen Xi rubbed his nose, yet he disapproved in his heart.

Ya Qing covered her mouth and giggled. “This is an old fellow indeed, a dirty old man, and his name is Qi Lengshui. He’s a well known Nether Transformation Realm independent cultivator from Maple Leaf City that possesses an eccentric character and looks down upon others because of his old age. He thinks highly of himself, so he won’t make a move against you.”

Chen Xi laughed bitterly. “He disdains to make a move against me, right?” 

Ya Qing blinked. “I can’t do anything if you think like this.”

“750,000!” Right at this moment, a deep and clear voice sounded out from Sikong Hen’s VIP room. It turned out that an extremely dignified middle aged man that was fierce as a tiger had actually appeared within the room, and he sat upright at the center and actually emitted a monstrous aura that caused others to arouse the feeling as if they could only look up to him.

The two brothers, Sikong Hen and Sikong Hua, were standing respectfully and reverently behind the middle aged man at this moment, and they were entirely without a trace of a domineering aura.

“The Sikong Clan’s Patriarch, Sikong Xiaoyun!”

“I never imagined that even with his identity, he actually came to participate in the auction as well!”

“It’s over. The Profound Dispersion Pill will surely fall into the Sikong Clan’s hands this time.”

The scene of the auction instantly went into an uproar when this voice was heard, and everyone discussed animatedly. The appearance of Sikong Xiaoyun had actually caused such a stir, and it was obvious how terrifying his power and influence in Maple Leaf City was.

This is going to be a problem! Chen Xi frowned. The young one was already difficult to deal with, now even the old one has arrived. I’m afraid my hope of obtaining the Profound Dispersion Pill this time is extremely tiny.

“Hua’er, deal with the rest yourself. I believe that out of respect for me, no one will still dare fight for this pill with you. You have to cultivate properly and don’t disappoint my expectations. Alright, I have matters to attend to, so I’ll go ahead.” Sikong Xiaoyun stood up and patted Sikong Hua on the shoulder before nodding at his eldest son, Sikong Hen, and then he turned and left. He truly came hastily and left equally hastily.

“Hahaha… Let me see who dares compete with me now that I’ve obtained Father’s support!” Sikong Hua cried out with excitement.

“Hmph!” Sikong Hen grunted coldly instead. Obviously, he was extremely displeased with his father’s arrangements. As far as he was concerned, if he’d obtain his father’s support during the auction of the spiked club earlier, he would surely have been able to obtain that treasure. But unfortunately, all of this had already become empty talk.

“Brother, don’t worry. Once I obtain the Profound Dispersion Pill, I’ll go kill that kid with you and seize the spiked club Magic Treasure!” Sikong Hua’s eyes spun as he spoke hurriedly.

“What help can you provide? You should obtain the medicinal pill and quickly go cultivate. Strive to enter the Golden Core Realm as soon as possible, and only in this way would you not let down Father’s devoted fostering towards you.” Sikong Hen frowned, yet his voice had eased up greatly.

Sure enough, it was just like what Sikong Xiaoyun had said before leaving. Out of respect for him, all the cultivators present actually didn’t dare make a bid.

“750,000, is there anyone that wants to make a bid?” On the auction platform, Du Feiyu looked towards the surroundings as he asked with low spirits. Sikong Xiaoyun’s appearance had caused a treasure that was originally capable of being sold for an astronomical figure to become something that no one dared bid on, and he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart as well.

Everyone looked at each other, yet no one dared make a bid.

When the Profound Dispersion Pill was about to fall into the hands of Sikong Hua, the voice of the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Su Jiankong sounded out abruptly. “760,000!”

The spirits of everyone present including Du Feiyu who was on the auction platform rose, and he felt extremely pleased in his heart. If it was said that a power in Maple Leaf City was capable of disregarding the power of the Sikong Clan, then it would only be the true overlord of Maple Leaf City, the Earthly Heaven Sect.

As the most dazzling Golden Core Realm expert of the Earthly Heaven Sect, when Su Jiankong made a bid at this moment, he did indeed possess the qualifications to disregard the threat of the Sikong Clan.

“900,000!” Sikong Hua was even more ferocious than his brother, Sikong Hen, and he raised the price by 140,000 in one go. Obviously, after he noticed that he was unable to threaten Su Jiankong with the might of the Sikong Clan, he intended to use wealth to destroy Su Jiankong.

“Heh, I originally didn’t intend to obtain this treasure. So what if I let you have it? Being able to make the Sikong Clan pay an extra 140,000 can also be considered to be giving all of you a lesson that’ll make all of you understand that Maple Leaf City doesn’t belong to your Sikong Clan!” Su Jiankong’s voice that was filled with arrogance and conceit resounded within the auction area.

“Dammit! He’s going too far!” Sikong Hua felt extremely regretful. If he knew earlier, he would have only made a bid that was a little bit higher. Now, not only had he lost 140,000, he was even caused to suffer a loss by Su Jiankong. Even though he already possessed a sufficient certainty of obtaining the Profound Dispersion Pill, yet this sort of feeling was truly too detestable.

“950,000!” However, right when Sikong Hua thought everything had ended, another bid sounded out unhurriedly, and it seemed to be extremely jarring to the ear.


Who the fuck has come to disturb the situation?

Sikong Hua exploded into rage and was angered to the point of gnashing his teeth, and he had a savage expression and wished for nothing more than to swallow this person up. 


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