Chapter 285 – Fierce Bidding

In a VIP room not far away from Chen Xi.

Numerous attendants with astute expressions stood respectfully at the side. All of these attendants had a cultivation at the Golden Hall Realm, yet at this moment, they revealed reverent and humble expressions and didn’t even dare breathe heavily.

At this moment, a young man in black clothes sat upright before them. His skin was snow white like a piece of paper and his eyes emitted bright lights and were suffused with a peculiar cold sheen that took one’s breath away. A shapeless pressure filled the entire room as he sat there, causing even the air to freeze up.

“Brother, that ignorant bastard is trying to compete for this spiked club with you. Do you want me to investigate him? Or warn him?” A young man with a dandified appearance by the side of the black clothed young man spoke fiercely, and this person was the Sikong Clan’s second young master, Sikong Hua.

“No, the Treasure Heaven Pavilion has its own rules, don’t cause trouble.” The corners of the black clothed young man’s mouth were suffused with a trace of a sneer. “But I’m determined to obtain this spiked club, so let me see how long he dares to compete with me for!”

“Brother, you cultivate the Five-Toxin Bloodtransformation Technique, and your Dao Insight is the extremely formidable Corrosion Dao Insight. You seem to have no use for this spiked club Magic Treasure, right?” Sikong Hua’s eyes spun about as he asked carefully.

“Hmph! What do you know?” The black clothed young man stroked his chin and said unhurriedly, “This item is worth 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills at most. But it contains some secrets concealed within it, and it possesses an immeasurable worth.”

Sikong Hua’s eyes lit up as he said excitedly, “Could it be that there’s a mystery hidden within this spiked club?”

“Of course. Otherwise, would I pay through the nose for a treasure that’s useless to me?” When the black clothed young man spoke until here, he recalled the legend and a trace of excitement couldn’t help but gush out from his heart, and he smacked his lips and said, “There’s no harm in telling you. This thing ought to have a treasure map concealed within it, and it’s related to some clues about the Ironflag Sect. If I’m able to obtain it, then I have an extremely high likelihood of finding the inheritance treasure vault left behind in the world by the Ironflag Sect!”

“The inheritance treasure vault of the Ironflag Sect?” Sikong Hua was stunned, and he stared blankly as he said, “That Ironflag Sect seemed to only be a small sect, right? Moreover, it was annihilated 3,000 years ago, so what things of value would be within its inheritance treasure vault?”

“A small sect?” The black clothed young man sneered. “If the Ironflag Sect was only a small sect, then some ancient sects in the central plains are probably lower than bugs.”

When he saw his younger brother’s puzzled expression, the black clothed young man couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh. “The true Ironflag Sect is a colossus that exists in the Dark Reverie. As for the Ironflag Sect that was annihilated 3,000 years ago, it was merely a sect established by a good for nothing outer sect disciple within the Ironflag Sect, so what ability would it possess?”

A colossus from the Dark Reverie?

Sikong Hua was stunned in his heart and said with astonishment, “The Ironflag is actually so formidable, then if we’re able to find the inheritance treasure vault it left behind in the world…” When he spoke up to here, Sikong Hua’s entire body shivered as he felt that this matter had already exceeded his imagination and was unable to continue. 

It’s truly troubling. Even if I obtain this spiked club, I’m afraid I’ll have no fate with the inheritance treasure vault of the Ironflag Sect if I’m unable to enter the Dark Reverie… The black clothed young man sighed lightly in his heart, and then a wisp of a resolute expression appeared on his face. But having hope is better than having none. Not to mention I still have an extremely great chance to rank amongst the top ten in the Allstar Meeting!

“120,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, are there any more people that wish to bid?” The Soulslaying Sword, Du Feiyu’s, voice sounded out form the platform once more.

The black clothed young man awoke from his deep thought, and he made a bid once more. “130,000!”

“Alright, another person has bid! Fellow Daoists, what’re you hesitating for? Quickly make your move! Don’t let the opportunity slip by!” Du Feiyu’s spirits rose as he looked at his surroundings and spoke in a loud voice.

“140,000!” In another VIP room, Chen Xi didn’t even think before bidding once more.

Ya Qing’s beautiful brows frowned as she said, “Chen Xi, do you really intend to compete all the way with Sikong Hen? This price is already extremely overpriced.”

“Master, I don’t want this anymore. Let’s wait for a while longer and maybe there’ll be a treasure that’s even more formidable than this spiked club later,” said Mu Kui from the side. 

“There’s no need say anything else. No one can change something that I’ve already promised you,” said Chen Xi indifferently, and his calm expression revealed a sense of firm resolution.

“Master…” Mu Kui was extremely excited in his heart. He was able to discern that his Master was already determined this time, and no matter what, Chen Xi would obtain that spiked club. Moreover, wasn’t his Master doing all this for his sake?

“200,000!” The black clothed young man’s expression went cold as the aura on his body skyrocketed, causing even the air within the room to be covered by a layer of ice. Obviously, Chen Xi’s successive bidding had caused him to be extremely irritated in his heart.

“Brother, you’ve made such a high bid, isn’t it slightly…” Sikong Hua spoke cautiously as he’d been shocked by this price as well. Even if it was in their clan, 200,000 Nascent Condensation Pills weren’t a small expenditure.

“Hmph! We’ll talk about it after I obtain this treasure. If that kid dares to compete with me again, then I’ll naturally be able to investigate who he is once we leave the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and at that time, a great calamity will befall him!” The black clothed young man grunted coldly as infinite ghastly killing intent shot out explosively from his eyes, and it was sharp to the point it could cause terror in the hearts of others.

“210,000!” Right when he finished speaking, an indifferent voice sounded out from the VIP room at the side, and it once again raised the bid price.

Hmm? It’s that fellow again! Who exactly is he? He knows clearly that I, Sikong Hen, am determined to obtain this treasure, yet he actually dares to provoke me time after time. Looks like he really doesn’t want to continue living! The black clothed young man aroused determination to kill Chen Xi in his heart.

“Brother, this person is so arrogant, and he simply doesn’t take our Sikong Clan seriously. I’ll go pressure the Treasure Heaven Pavilion and inquire about that person’s origins before killing him directly!” Sikong Hua stood up with a swish, and he spoke with a savage expression.

“Wait!” Sikong Hen took a deep breath, and a trace of a peculiar sneer appeared on his snow white face. “There’s no rush. Once we leave the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, I’ll surely capture this person and refine him into a Five-Toxin Puppet, causing him to forever be unable to attain rebirth.”

“250,000!” Sikong Hen made a bid once more.

“300,000!” In the other VIP room, Chen Xi had an indifferent expression as he made a bid that caused everyone present to be shocked and go into an uproar.

“A top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure has actually been bid for an entire 300,000 Nascent Condensation Pills. My god! This price can already purchase three treasures of the same quality!”

“They’re most likely two people that have too much money to the point they have nowhere better to spend it.”

“Only disciples of great sects have so deep pockets, right? We can only hate our fate for possessing inferior natural talent, otherwise, we’d have entered a sect since long ago…”

At this moment, everyone had already discerned that the competition for this spiked club Magic Treasure had already become a contest between Chen Xi and Sikong Hen, and they felt, shocked, envious, and jealous, causing their thoughts to be complicated to the extreme.

As an expert at the Rebirth Realm, even Du Feiyu that presided over the auction felt his heart almost leap out from his chest when he heard this price, and it was truly too unbelievable. A top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure was actually able to be sold for 300,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and even he couldn’t help but feel envious towards those two cultivators that sat in the VIP rooms.

“400,000!” Sikong Hen made a bid once more from within the VIP room, and he’d added another 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills!

Instantly, the entire auction went silent, perfectly silent without the slightest movement, because this price was truly too high, and it was already extremely overpriced for this spiked club.

“450,000!” Chen Xi instead followed the routine and would absolutely not drive up the price like that. Even though he’d just obtained 1.7 million Nascent Condensation Pills a few days ago, it wasn’t an infinite supply of wealth, and it would finish in the end, so he wanted to save as much as possible. After all, he still had to purchase the Profound Dispersion Pill next.

“500,000!” Sikong Hen’s voice was practically squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth and was filled with dense killing intent, and everyone present was able to discern this.

“550,000!” Chen Xi didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to this killing intent as he continued bidding, yet a trace of bewilderment arose in his heart. Sikong Hen wants to purchase this spiked club so urgently, could it be that there’s some secret in it?

“600,000! I, Sikong Hen, want to see who dares compete with me!” At this moment, Sikong Hen couldn’t endure it any longer and announced his name before everyone, and a dense threatening intention was revealed completely.

“This person is detestable, we must kill him! Does he think the Treasure Heaven Pavilion can protect his identity? It’s simply a joke!” Sikong Hua roared with a savage expression at the side as well.

“So long as he dares make another bid, then not only will I kill him, I’ll even kill the clan behind him, his friends and relatives will be buried with him as well!” Sikong Hen spoke word by word.

As soon as he finished speaking, the voice sounded out from the VIP room Chen Xi was at. “601,000!”

Exactly. It wasn’t 650,000 but a mere thousand above the base of 600,000, and it just happened to be the lowest incremental requirement for a bid. Because Chen Xi had already perceived that Sikong Hen probably didn’t have any extra wealth to support himself in bidding, so in this way, Chen Xi didn’t have to bid so much anymore.

“Dammit!” Sikong Hen was completely enraged, and the aura in his entire body surged out violently and it seemed to want to destroy the entire VIP room.

After a short moment, he finally restrained the flames of rage in his heart, and he took a deep breath before saying slowly, “Very good! 601,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, he has some shrewdness to have discerned where my bottom line is at. But since he dares go against me in Maple Leaf City, then only death remains for him!”

“Since no one is bidding any longer, this treasure belongs to the Fellow Daoist in that VIP room.” Du Feiyu gave the final word, and he broke out in cold sweat in his heart. If the two of them were to continue competing, he really suspected that his heart wouldn’t be unable to take it.

In next to no time, a beautiful attendant held the spiked club up with both hands as she entered the VIP room.

“It has finally come into my possession.” Chen Xi smiled, and with a swing of his hand, he withdrew 601,000 Nascent Condensation Pills and passed it to the female attendant before holding the spiked club in his hand and looking it up and down carefully.

In next to no time, he noticed that there seemed to be a strand of a strange aura surging within the spiked club. It was the aura of weapons colliding and fervent battle, and it felt as if he was within an enormous blood colored battlefield.

Sure enough, there seems to be something concealed within that strange aura, and it’s extremely odd. I wonder what secrets are within it… Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he casually placed the spiked club within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and then he said to Mu Kui, “Leave it with me first, and I’ll pass it to you once we return.”

Mu Kui nodded fiercely, and his heart had long since been surrounded by an enormously pleasant surprise and a touched feeling. At this moment, he would probably not frown in the slightest even if Chen Xi asked him to give up his life.

“Hey, you wouldn’t have thrown out so many Nascent Condensation Pills just for a mere competition, right?” Ya Qing seemed to have thought of something.

Chen Xi smiled instead. “What do you think?”

“I think that there’s probably something strange about this spiked club, but it’s not suitable for me to ask what exactly it is.” Ya Qing perceived as well that she would be unable to obtain an answer from Chen Xi, so she didn’t pursue the matter and only reminded. “You’ve completely offended Sikong Hen this time, what do you plan to do?”

“Let me obtain the Profound Dispersion Pill first. As for anything else, I’ll take on whatever comes at me, so we can talk about it later.” Chen Xi seemed to be extremely sanguine as he spoke indifferently. 

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