Chapter 284 – Baleful Divinewater

During the three tests in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, every single one of the first 12 people to pass the first test was able to obtain a Dao Grade martial technique. Chen Xi was the fourth in this test and had chosen a half-step Dao Grade martial technique, Grand Obliteration Fist, and one of the remaining eight Dao Grade martial techniques was the Snowlion Soundwave.

Moreover, according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, these eight Dao Grade martial skills were respectively obtained by Lin Moxuan, Man Hong, An Qianyu, Pei Zhong, Xiao Linger, Wang Dao Xu, Xue Chen, and Yue Qi.

At this moment, when the Snowlion Soundwave actually appeared in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s auction in Maple Leaf City, it instantly caused Chen Xi to think of these eight people.

It ought to be Lin Moxuan that put it up for auction. This place is within the territory of the Earthly Heaven Sect and he’s a Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect, so who else would it be but him? Chen Xi quickly inferred the original owner of the Snowlion Soundwave, but he felt curious about why Lin Moxuan would sell a Dao Grade martial technique.

“Lin Moxuan’s Earthly Heaven Sword being seized by you was an extremely great humiliation to the Earthly Heaven Sect, and then the sect’s Ancestor Zhao Zimei came back in failure from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect with a bellyful of rage yet without a place to vent it. So he vented it fully onto Lin Moxuan, causing his status in the sect to be placed in jeopardy as well." Ya Qing seemed to have perceived Chen Xi’s thoughts, and she said with a smile, “Presently, the support of the Earthly Heaven Sect towards him has weakened greatly, and it’s already impossible for him to obtain a Magic Treasure of similar quality to the Earthly Heaven Sword, so he can only part reluctantly with his treasures and sell away this Snowlion Soundwave so that he’s able to buy a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure suitable for him, for the sake of preparing for the Allstar Meeting.”  

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. The lack of a suitable Magic Treasure was of great affect to one’s strength, and if Lin Moxuan wanted to obtain a ranking in the Allstar Meeting, then he could only sell off the Snowlion Soundwave for the sake of buying a new Magic Treasure. 

After that, Chen Xi glanced at Ya Qing and couldn’t help but feel shocked in his heart. The Treasure Heaven Pavilion was formidable indeed, and it seemed as if there wasn’t any news in the world that couldn’t escape from them.

“This Dao Grade martial technique’s starting bid is 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and every increase must be more than 1,000 Nascent Condensation Pills!” When Du Feiyu saw the atmosphere of the scene was bustling, he didn’t let the opportunity to indicate the starting bid slip by.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the scene became much quieter, and many people looked at the dark gold jade slip to the point of drooling, yet they extinguished any intention to bid in their hearts.

What sort of notion was 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills?

Chen Xi had the Nine-Pythons Skyruler Cauldron, a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure that was passed down from the Wise King’s Estate, and it was only sold for this price. It was obvious how shocking this price was. Unless it was a Golden Core Realm cultivator that was especially wealthy, a Golden Core Realm cultivator’s wealth would only be a little over 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills. 

If the price is appropriate, I can try to bid for this Snowlion Soundwave. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. He was slightly moved by this martial technique while he was in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, but he could only choose one at that time, so he could only choose the Grand Obliteration Fist. After all, comparatively speaking, the Grand Obliteration Fist was more pleasing to him.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, are you interested in it? But, this jade slip will need at least 500,000 Nascent Condensation Pills,” said Ya Qing.

It’s too expensive. Chen Xi pondered for a short moment in his heart before shaking his head, and his intentions towards it were extinguished instantly.

Sure enough, the following situation was indeed as Ya Qing said.

“101,000!” Finally, someone couldn’t hold back any longer and shouted out with a sharp voice that revealed arrogance, and it came from a VIP room.

Even though he couldn’t see who it was, Chen Xi instantly discerned that it was the Sikong Clan’s second young master from three days ago, Sikong Hua. I never imagined that this domineering and arrogant fellow actually possesses so much wealth. He shouted 101,000 Nascent Condensation Pills out so casually, and it’s obvious that he possesses an enormous wealth supporting him from behind.

“105,000!” A voice that was chilly like iron sounded out from a VIP room at the side, and it revealed a trace of slight arrogance.

“This is another disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect, Su Jiankong, and he’s similarly a genius expert at the Golden Core Realm. Along with Lin Moxuan’s loss of power and influence, the Earthly Heaven Sect started to support him anew. Supposedly, he wants to determine a victor between himself and Lin Moxuan in the Allstar Meeting. Thus, it can be seen from this that the relationship between the two of them isn’t harmonious.” As she spoke, Ya Qing stretched out her white hand to form a few seals, and then a figure was reflected in the space before her. The figure wore clothes that were as white as snow, his expression was cold, yet revealed extreme handsomeness between his brows, and his body faintly emitted a feeling that was unfathomable and seeming to be heavy like the earth on the Earthly Heaven.

“He’s indeed extraordinary.” Chen Xi took a glance before moving his gaze away, yet he exclaimed with admiration in his heart at Ya Qing’s technique. If he wasn’t wrong, it should be a type of illusory technique, Aquamirage Technique, and it was capable of condensed various things with True Essence.





Right when Su Jiankong had just called out with a price, a string of prices resounded out in the scene, and it soared successively, causing the atmosphere at the scene to become extremely fervent.

“550,000!” In next to no time, Su Jiankong didn’t hesitate in the slightest to call out with a price that caused everyone present at the scene to be shocked! A price like this was sufficient to buy a heaven-rank Magic Treasure!

The entire scene was in perfect silence.

In the next, the Snowlion Soundwave technique was obtained by Su Jiankong.


In a VIP room, Lin Moxuan who wore black clothes fiercely crushed the wine cup in his hand as his handsome face warped and turned livid. “Bastard! Su Jiankong! Are you trying to provoke me because of my current status?”

Even though the Snowlion Soundwave had been sold for an astronomical figure, Lin Moxuan would rather it be bought for an even lower price than be obtained by his rival, Su Jiankong.

This was related to his status in the Earthly Heaven Sect. He was poor to the point of pawning off a Dao Grade martial technique, yet Su Jiankong spent money lavishly and even intentionally bought something that belonged to him. Wasn’t this undisguised face slapping?

“Dammit! Chen Xi, Su Jiankong, both of you deserve death! If it wasn’t for the both of you, how could I have fallen to such an extent? Just you wait! I’ll surely kill both of you in the Allstar Meeting!!” Lin Moxuan’s eyes were entirely icy cold as his throat emitted a voice that was like the howl of a wild beast.

Chen Xi was completely unaware of this, and he was amused in his heart. Both of them were Earthly Heaven Sect disciples, yet one had lost his power and influence, whereas the other had obtained favor, and competition between the two of them had actually appeared during the auction, causing how adverse their relationship was to be obvious. 

The main event of the auction’s opening, a Dao Grade martial technique, Snowlion Soundwave, was bought, and the subsequent treasure was three violet gold colored large gourds that contained Baleful Divinewater within them.

This water was capable of cleansing the meridians and tempering the physique, causing the strength of one’s body to undergo a complete transformation, and it possessed an extremely unbelievable effect towards body refinement cultivators.

Even though it was an item of great benefit, yet body refiners amongst the cultivators present here were few to a pitiable degree, and they occupied less than 30% of all the people that were present. Moreover, most of them possessed cultivations that were below the Golden Core Realm, and only a scant few had attained the Golden Core Realm in body refinement.

So after experiencing a round of bidding that couldn’t be considered to be intense, the three gourds of Baleful Divinewater were purchased by Chen Xi at a price of 90,000 Nascent Condensation Pills.

What a good treasure. Perhaps it’ll be able to provide a beneficial effect when my body refinement cultivation advances to the Golden Core Realm. After he paid 90,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, Chen Xi hurriedly sized up the Baleful Divinewater after obtaining it, and he noticed that it contained enormous energy, causing him to be extremely delighted in his heart.

He’s originally come for the sake of the Profound Dispersion Pill for the sake of allowing his body refinement cultivation to advance more smoothly into the Golden Core Realm, yet never had he imagined that he would be able to purchase Baleful Divinewater that similarly possessed an extremely great beneficial effect towards his body refinement cultivation advancing into the Golden Core Realm. Perhaps this could be considered to be an unexpected pleasant surprise.

“Master, look quickly! The spiked club that’s being auctioned off below is actually a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure!” Me Kui spoke out abruptly, and it turned out that the third treasure had already started to be auctioned off on the platform.

It was a 2m long and completely pitch black Magic Treasure with countless sharp spikes arising from its surface. Its shape was simple and rough, yet filled with a fierce and ruthless aura, and just from looking at it from afar, it caused one to feel one’s scalp go numb and be afraid to imagine exactly how terrifying the destructive force it would produce once utilized at full strength.

Chen Xi was stunned as he noticed a trace of yearning flashing past Mu Kui’s eyes, and he smiled as he patted Mu Kui’s shoulder and said, “Want this spiked club Magic Treasure as your weapon?”

Mu Kui hesitated for a moment but still nodded fiercely.

“Alright, I’ll buy it for you,” said Chen Xi. Mu Kui had always been following him with loyalty and devotion, and the heartfelt respect that Mu Kui revealed caused him to be extremely moved as well. So not to mention a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure, even if Mu Kui wanted more, he would be willing to buy it for Mu Kui.

“This spiked club Magic Treasure’s quality is at the top-grade earth-rank, and it’s the inheritance item of a sect that has already been annihilated 3,000 years ago, the Ironflag Sect. This treasure is constructed from Nine-Heavens Chaosiron and possesses a weight of 50,000kg, causing it to be capable of splitting the earth and mountains apart, and it possesses shocking destructive force. It was a well renowned ferocious weapon all those years ago. The starting bid is 50,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and the minimum increase is 1,000.” Du Feiyu announced the starting bid as soon as he finished introducing the spiked club Magic Treasure.

Everyone nodded in their hearts when they heard this price as they knew Du Feiyu didn’t falsely declare it. Even though this treasure was a type of weapon that wasn’t in demand, yet it was extremely ferocious, and if used in the hands of some cultivators that used overbearing cultivation techniques, it would undoubtedly allow them to be like tigers that were given wings.

Mu Kui wanted this treasure, so Chen Xi didn’t hold back and made a bid right away. “60,000!”

As soon as this bid was spoken, it instantly caused a clamor in the surroundings. Adding 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills at one go was indeed shocking. After all, these Nascent Condensation Pills weren’t candy and not everyone could possess some just because they wanted to, and there were some cultivators that were probably unable to obtain 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills in their entire lifetimes.

Chen Xi’s actions could be said to have awed the others with his display of wealth.

“61,000!” After a short period of silence, a bid sounded out from the other side of the VIP rooms.



In next to no time, the number of cultivators that were bidding increased. After all, a treasure at the top-grade earth-rank was something that was extremely difficult to purchase on the market. It was a type of treasure that had a price yet was without stock, and it could only be seen occasionally in some special auctions. So no one was willing to let this opportunity slip by.

“100,000.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to bid once more.

With this, everyone present was able to perceive that Chen Xi was probably determined to obtain this treasure, so it was meaningless to continue competing with Chen Xi. Instantly, most of the people unwillingly gave up competing.

“Are there any more people that wish to bid? If there’re no more, then this item will be sold to the Fellow Daoist in the VIP room.” Du Feiyu asked in a low voice.

“110,000!” Right when everyone thought that it would be sold, a hoarse and gloomy voice sounded out unhurriedly, and it was like a chill wind that blew past, and it caused everyone that heard this voice to have a chilly feeling. 

“This is going to be troublesome. This person is the Sikong Clan’s Eldest Young Master, Sikong Hen, and he’s a person that’s extremely difficult to deal with. So long as it’s something that he has set his eyes on, then they’ll be unable to escape his grasp.” The nearby Ya Qing frowned.

Sikong Hen?

Chen Xi was stunned, and he instantly recalled that when he was in the Myriad Venom Mountain Range, this person had seized an Inkjade Bloodlotus from under his nose and had even injured Qin Yuwei with his poisonous cultivation technique.

Hmph! You actually dare go against me in all respects? Even though it’s unintentional, it’s unforgiveable! Chen Xi was extremely furious in his heart, yet his expression was calm to the limit as he bid once more. “120,000!” 

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