Chapter 282 – Force Field

Chen Xi’s sudden appearance caused everyone to be stunned.

“Senior!” A trace of pleasant surprise arose in Qin Yuwei’s eyes that were about to shed tears, and she seemed as if she’d found a pillar she could lean on, causing her to completely lose her sorrowful and despaired appearance.

“Luo Tong greets Senior.” The tall and robust Luo Tong puckered his lips as he spoke slowly, and he felt pleasantly surprised in his heart, but more than that, he felt heartfelt gratitude.

The Qin Clan had already declined now and had long since lost its former glory and period of prosper. Just like the attendant had said, a phoenix without feathers was inferior to a chicken. No one would care about who he, Luo Tong, was, and no one would pity Qin Yu Wei who was the Eldest Young Miss of the Qin Clan. Conversely, there were many that seized this opportunity to add insult to injury.

For example, the attendant before them that ridiculed them indifferently, Sikong Hua that seized the opportunity to extort and coerce them, and the surrounding people that looked on and did nothing, all of this had vividly portrayed Luo Tong and Qin Yuwei’s current situation.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was a young man they’d met by chance and had already saved their lives previously, yet he stood out once more at this moment. So how could it not cause Luo Tong to feel grateful?

Sikong Hua’s expression became extremely gloomy instead as he sized up Chen Xi from top to bottom, and then he laughed coldly. “Brother, you look extremely unfamiliar, you’re probably not someone from Maple Leaf City, right? I advise you not to interfere in this matter, as it wouldn’t be good if you bring calamity onto yourself.”

“Yeah customer, you look so young so you probably don’t know the reputation of the Sikong Clan, right? Besides the Earthly Heaven Sect, the Sikong Clan is the most powerful in our Maple Leaf City, and Young Master Sikong Hua is the second young master of the Sikong Clan and possesses a status that you can only look up to. It’s best if you don’t bring trouble to yourself.” The nearby attendant spoke out as well. He noticed that Chen Xi’s attire didn’t seem like that of an ordinary person, so his tone had become much milder, yet all his words still took Sikong Hua’s side.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he nodded to Qin Yuwei and Luo Tong, and then looked indifferently at the attendant and said, “How is that piece of 10,000 year old soul nurturing spirit wood?”

The attendant was stunned but still answered. “It’s not the slightest bit less. It’s rare that it’s preserved extremely well, and its quality is one of the best.”

Chen Xi shook his head and sighed. “Then what’re you standing here for? Could it be that you didn’t hear what I said earlier? Do the attendants of your Treasure Heaven Pavilion treat customers like this?”

The attendant’s expression instantly became indeterminate. As an attendant of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, his status was naturally different when compared to servants. It couldn’t be said that he possessed high status, but he was at least capable of relying on the reputation of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion to masquerade about. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi wouldn’t give him the slightest face and even used the identity of being a customer to pressure him, and he was instantly angered to the point of almost exploding.

But he was unable to dispute Chen Xi’s words, as after all was said and done, he was only an attendant of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and he was no different than a lowly servant in the eyes of some great figures and was even inferior to an ant. So he could only bully some ordinary people that possessed neither background nor strength.

“Hmph! Taking my goodwill as ill intent? You’re truly courting death…” In the end, the attendant glared resentfully at Chen Xi before turning around to exchange for the Ambergis, yet he still muttered unwillingly.

“Master, do you want me to kill this bastard? A lowly attendant that actually dares to insult you like this truly deserves death!” Mu Kui’s shiny jade eyes stared fixedly at the attendant, and his gaze became ruthless and icy cold.

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi shook his head, it was too senseless to fuss about it with an attendant that looked down upon others. Coupled with the fact that he was at the Treasure Heaven Pavilion and had obtained a great deal of benefit from Ya Qing earlier, out of consideration for Ya Qing, he couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with the attendant.

“Kid, you really want to interfere in the business of my Sikong Clan?” Sikong Hua’s expression became extremely ominous as killing intent gushed within his heart. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t taken a glance at him and had simply disregarded his existence. As the second young master of the Sikong Clan, when had he suffered such treatment? It was simply going too far!

“Want to fight? A tiny Golden Hall Realm cultivator like you dares to flaunt your strength before your Grandpa Mu Kui?” Mu Kui couldn’t contain his anger since long ago, and he glared at Sikong Hua with murderous gaze and didn’t conceal his killing intent and rage in the slightest.

“You… You dare insult me?” Sikong Hua cried out with a sharp voice. But the formidable aura emitted by Mu Kui caused him to be extremely fearful, so even though he was furious in his heart, he didn’t dare make a move here, and he took a deep breath right away before laughing coldly and ominously. “Good, good, good! I’ll remember both of you. So long as the both of you can leave Maple Leaf City, then I, Sikong Hua, will change my surname to yours!”

This fellow was rather intelligent and knew that it wasn’t suitable to make a move in the Treasure Heaven pavilion, so he turned around and left as soon as he finished speaking.

“You want to follow my surname? Ptooey! Is there even such a shameless person in this world? What the hell!?” Mu Kui spoke with an expression of disdain.

Sikong Hua had just walked out of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion when Mu Kui’s words entered clearly into his ears, causing him to be angered to the point his entire body shivered, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood as he shouted madly in his heart. Just you wait! I’ll fucking tear both of you apart and make you die a horrifying death!

“Master, you wouldn’t blame me for being impetuous, right?” Mu Kui turned around, and his expression had become naïve as he scratched his head and revealed a silly smile.

Chen Xi smiled. “You didn’t kill him, so it can’t be considered to be impetuous.”

“Senior, I’ve caused trouble for you. Because of me, you’ve offended the Sikong Clan, you… You should leave Maple Leaf City quickly, as you’ll still be in time if you leave now.” Qin Yuwei spoke with a worried expression as she knew how terrifying the Sikong Clan was. The clan’s senior generation were all Rebirth Realm experts, and it even possessed a Nether Transformation Realm expert holding down the fort, causing its power to be monstrous and merely inferior to the Earthly Heaven Sect.

As far as she was concerned, even though Chen Xi offending Sikong Hua wouldn’t draw out the senior generation of the Sikong Clan to make a move against him, yet an expert the Sikong Clan casually sent out would already be someone that Chen Xi couldn’t deal with, so she couldn’t help but be worried for him in her heart.

“Senior, my Young Miss isn’t wrong. You should leave quickly or it’ll be too late.” Luo Tong advised Chen Xi to leave as well.

Chen Xi smiled yet neither approved nor disapproved.

Meanwhile, the attendant sent over the Ambergis as well. The Ambergis was a liquid that seemed like a pearl of water and was crystalline like amber. It was refined from Inkjade Bloodlotus, a piece of soul nurturing spirit wood, and another few more herbs, and it possessed the shocking effect of awakening one’s memories and repairing the soul. A single drop of Ambergis could be sold for 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pill on the market, but it was something that possessed a value yet had no stock, and it couldn’t be bought most of the time. 

For example, the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Ambergis was utterly not for sale, and it could only be exchanged for with Inkjade Bloodlotus or a piece of soul nurturing spirit wood.

“Senior, please wait. I have something to give you.” After he passed the Ambergis to Qin Yuwei, Chen Xi brought Mu Kui along to leave. However, he was stopped by Qin Yuwei before he could walk out of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

This young woman in a jade dress that possessed a delicate and beautiful appearance seemed to have made an extremely great resolution as she held out something that seemed like white jade and looked like a piece of a flat snow white bone with a cautious expression.

“This is a treasure passed down from the Ancestors of my Qin Clan, yet no one was capable of seeing through its secrets until now. Presently, my Qin Clan has declined and only this thing possesses slight worth in the remaining possessions of my Qin Clan. Senior, please accept it.” Qin Yuwei spoke with a resolute expression.

“Since it’s something that’s passed down from generation to generation in your clan, you should keep it. I didn’t help you for the sake of your clan’s treasures.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Senior, if you don’t accept it, then I’ll probably be unable to repay your life saving grace in the future. Could it be that you want me to live with an uneasy feeling for my entire life?” Qin Yuwei spoke as she shoved the thing in Chen Xi’s hand before leaving swiftly.

“Senior, time is of the essence. I and the Young Miss have to return and help the Patriarch first. If I have the chance, Luo Tong will repay your favor in the future.” Luo Tong cupped his hands with a solemn expression before chasing up to Qin Yuwei and leaving.

Chen Xi was stunned as he looked at their leaving figures, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. 


In a superior room within the inn.

Eh, this thing is slightly peculiar indeed. Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the bed as he looked at the flat bone in his hand, and a trace of surprise flashed within his eyes.

This thing was like a piece of white jade that was pure white and translucent. It felt extremely smooth and cool to the bone when stroked lightly, and it felt extremely comfortable to hold in the hand.

Most eye catching was the dense and innumerable bone markings that grew on its surface. They were dense like the starry sky and seemed as if they were talisman marking structures inscribed by Talisman Formation Masters, and they faintly seemed to emit a desolate and ancient voice that was chanting something that shook one’s soul.

What sort of species would actually grow such profound bone markings on their bones? Is it an ancient Fiendgod? Or some extinct species from ancient times? Chen Xi pondered and felt rather regretful in his heart. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the energy contained within the bone markings have vanished or have been sealed, but I’m unable to gain any clues from it.

Chen Xi thought for a moment before placing the pure white bone into the Buddha’s Pagoda and carefully hiding it away. He faintly had a feeling in his heart that perhaps he might be able to unravel the profundities contained within it in the future.

Without wasting any more time, Chen Xi took out the Grand Obliteration Fist’s jade slip and studied it concentratedly.

Presently, only two moves had appeared within the jade slip, Earthly Obliteration and Chaotic Obliteration. The third move, Infinite Obliteration, was in a blurred state, and he would be unable to pry into its profundities before his strength attained a certain level.

Chen Xi had already started comprehending the Grand Obliteration Fist while he was in Pine Mist City, and he’d already grasped some of its tricks in utilizing the energy of Dao Insights. He was already capable of utilizing the Dao Insights of Fire and Water in the move, Earthly Obliteration, but he still lacked some attainment, and he’d only grasped around 70% of its essence.

As for the second move, Chaotic Obliteration, he didn’t have the slightest clue about it now. Originally, he intended to utilize the Dao Insights of Yin and Yang in the second move of the Grand Obliteration Fist, yet no matter how he deduced it, he was unable to get the gist of it, causing him to be forced to temporarily lay it aside and place his entire mind on the first move, Earthly Obliteration.


Chen Xi slowly clenched his fists tightly as a wisp of crimson flames and blue water swiftly appeared on the surface of his fist, the Dao Insights of Fire and Water stood at two extremes, they didn’t intrude upon each other yet were also rejecting each other, and they seemed like sword foes.

Strands of milky white True Essence moved along the meridians in his arms to move according to the intentions in his heart as they carefully surged onto the surface of his fist and gushed into the Dao Insights of Fire and Water.

The True Essence was like swimming snakes that flowed and wriggled about within the flames and water.

Gradually, the two Dao Insights were filled with True Essence. Under Chen Xi’s control, they revolved to form a flame vortex and water vortex, and a strand suction force was emitted from the two vortexes of elements of two extremes.

Shockingly, these two completely different suction forces actually produced a trace of a connection between them, and a force field was formed on the surface of the fist, causing the nearby space to suddenly collapse along with the appearance of the force field…

The spirit energy of the heavens and the earth in the surroundings were instantly swallowed within the force field, causing the force field to seem to suddenly become material, and it gave out an extremely heavy feeling. 

This was a type of force field that was almost the same as a Dao Territory, but it was condensed from True Essence that was mixed with two completely different Dao Insights that were at two extremes.

Chen Xi’s eyes shone brightly as a trace of Divine Sense carefully stuck out as he wholeheartedly concentrated on sensing the intriguing changes that were occurring within the ‘force field.’

He was able to sense that because of the trace of suction force that gushed out from the vortexes, the two extreme energies of fire and water had formed a connection, and they were temporarily in a state of equilibrium.

According to his inference, the more True Essence he poured into it, the stronger the energy of the force field would be. When it arrived at a certain limit, the connection and equilibrium within this force field would be destroyed, causing water and fire to collide, and the collision of two extremes would produce an extremely terrifying explosive force!

This sort of destructive force formed from the convergence of a shapeless force field that later caused two energies of two extremes to collide with each other was where the true might of the Grand Obliteration Fist’s first move, Earthly Obliteration, lay.

If this move were to be executed, it would at least not be inferior to any Dao Grade martial techniques, and it would even be stronger. I’ve only grasped its essence by 70%, I wonder how formidable it would be if it attains perfection… In the pitch black room, a strand of a flame vortex and a strand of a water vortex were reflected in Chen Xi’s eyes, and the bright sheen of crimson red and dark blue gushed into appearance within his eyes, causing him to seem like a god that possessed insight in water and fire. 

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