Chapter 281 – Miss Ya Qing

“Yes, come in.” Mu Kui’s expression turned serious as spoke in a low voice.

The door was pushed open and as a young woman walked in. She possessed a picturesque beauty that was to an unsurpassed degree. She wore a baby blue dress and a trace of a glow of wisdom suffused her starry eyes as they spun about.

Unexpectedly, this young woman was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm and possessed undeterminable strength. Based on Chen Xi’s estimation, her strength was even not inferior to Huangfu Chongming and the others.

“I’m Mu Kui, may I know your name, Miss?” As a part of the cunning and fierce wolf demon race, Mu Kui was naturally intelligent, and he discerned with a single glance that this young woman was probably a higher-up of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

“Fellow Daoist Mu Kui, just call me Ya Qing. I heard that Fellow Daoist Mu Kui wants to sell some top-grade earth-rank magic Treasures? I just happen to be able to provide some assistance.” This young woman that wore a baby blue dress smiled, yet her gaze couldn’t help but linger on Chen Xi, and it seemed to possess deep meaning hidden within.

“Exactly. These treasures are slightly shady, so I wonder if your Treasure Heaven Pavilion will be able to accept it?” said Mu Kui.

“Fellow Daoist Mu Kui, you jest. Even some Earthly Immortal Realm experts deal with some secret articles in our Treasure Heaven Pavilion, so you don’t have to worry about anything being revealed.” Ya Qing grinned with an extremely confident expression, and when she spoke up to here, she glanced deeply at Chen Xi before speaking slowly. “But, I have something to ask. Fellow Daoist Mu Kui, can you make the decisions in this deal?”  

“Uh… Of course I can make the decisions.” Mu Kui swiftly shot out a glance before speaking in a low voice.

“Really?” Ya Qing revealed a slightly profound smile.

“Alright, Mu Kui, stand down. I presume Miss Ya Qing has already recognized my identity.” Chen Xi waved his hand to stop Mu Kui from speaking, and then he looked at Ya Qing and said indifferently, “I’m really curious, how did you recognize me, Miss Ya Qing?”

A trace of a smile suffused the corners of Ya Qing’s mouth as she said, “There’re very few people in the current cultivation world that are capable of selling a batch of top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures in one ago. Coupled with the fact that Madam had once left a portrait of you in the pavilion, I’m naturally able to recognize you.”


Chen Xi instantly thought of Madam Shui Hua, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. Every time I enter the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, I seem to be unable to escape the eyes of this Madam.

“Then how did you know that I would sell some top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures?” asked Chen Xi. An extremely small amount of people knew about the matter of him seizing those treasures from Huangfu Chongming and the others, so how did news of this enter the ears of Madam Shui Hua?

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, you don’t have to continue speculating. My Treasure Heaven Pavilion can be found everywhere in the entire territory of the Darchu Dynasty, so wanting to find out some information is extremely easy, don’t you think? I might as well be frank with you, the news of some old fellows at the Earthly Immortal Rank gathering at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect three months ago because you seized the treasures of Huangfu Chongming and the others, yet they returned in failure, has already been known by my Treasure Heaven Pavilion since long ago. But only people in the outside world rarely know about it. After all, it’s related to the face of those Earthly Immortal Realm experts, so this matter isn’t suitable to be made public.” Ya Qing grinned as she finished speaking, and then she sized up Chen Xi curiously and asked. “But there’s one thing that my Treasure Heaven Pavilion hasn’t figured out. What did you rely on to force those Earthly Immortal Realm experts to have no choice but to give up their movement to deal with you?”

“We should talk about business.” Chen Xi changed the topic.

Ya Qing was only probing and never intended to obtain an answer, so she couldn’t be said to feel a sense of loss, and she nodded and smiled right away. “Alright.”

“Then Miss Ya Qing, please see how much this treasure is worth.” With a flick of his sleeve, a large cauldron appeared out of thin air and floated in the air, and it emitted the majestic imposing aura of ruling the world. At the instant it appeared, it caused the air in the entire VIP room to freeze.

“Nine-Pythons Skyruler Cauldron, one of the top-grade earth-rank magic Treasures of the Wise King’s Estate. This treasure is extremely formidable, and one would possess an absolute advantage against another of the same cultivation when utilizing it. Looks like you really seized it from Huangfu Chongming.” Ya Qing’s starry eyes lit up as she exclaimed repeatedly with admiration.

“Assess how much it is worth.” Chen Xi smiled lightly.

“This…” Ya Qing pondered for a moment and said, “How about 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills?”

“Nascent Condensation Pills?” Chen Xi was stunned.

Ya Qing explained patiently. “Perhaps Fellow Daoist Chen Xi understands as well that after one advances to the Golden Core Realm, ordinary spirit liquid is already unable to satisfy one’s cultivation needs, whereas, Nascent Condensation Pills are provided for the sake of Golden Core Realm cultivators and are a comparatively ordinary earth-rank medicinal pill in the central plains’ cultivation world. In this way, it naturally became a type of currency, and it’s extremely convenient when used to carry out transactions.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi came to an understanding, and he pondered in his heard. I wonder how the effect of this medicinal pill was once I advance into the Golden Core Realm in the future, I’m afraid my cultivation wouldn’t be able to do without it.

“Alright, we’ll go with 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills.” Chen Xi couldn’t be sure if this price was fair, but as far as he was concerned, since Ya Qing knew Madam Shui Hua, she would probably not deceive him.

Ya Qing smiled when she saw Chen Xi agree on this price. “Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to worry about if the price is reasonable. Actually, you’ve already gained a great benefit. After all, these are some stolen goods that are extremely difficult to sell. I’d only pay 50,000 Nascent Condensation Pills if it was someone else that came to sell them.” 

Chen Xi smiled yet didn’t speak any further before waving his hand to withdraw another 10 plus top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, and he obtained another 1.6 million Nascent Condensation Pills after Ya Qing appraised them.

Amongst them, Liu Fengchi’s Wavebreaker Saber had the highest worth of an entire 180,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, and it was even more formidable than Huangfu Chongming’s Nine-Python Skyruler Cauldron.   

In the end, Chen Xi obtained a crystal card issued by the Treasure Heaven Pavilion that represented a reserve of medicinal pills and the word ‘million’ flickered atop it, representing a million Nascent Condensation Pills. The remaining 700,000 were instead stored within the Buddha’s Pagoda.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, this is a VIP invitation. My Treasure Heaven Pavilion will be holding a large scale auction three days from now and a Profound Dispersion Pill will be auctioned off at that time. If you require it, then I can help you reserve a VIP room during the auction. At that time, you only have to come participate in the auction with the invitation.” Ya Qing suddenly took out a fine gold invitation letter when Chen Xi intended to leave, and she grinned as she passed it over to Chen Xi.

“Then I’ll be troubling Miss Ya Qing.” Chen Xi was stared blankly for a moment before receiving the invitation, as he’d never imagined that there actually were restrictions to entering the auction.

“Right, you have to be careful from being noticed by Lin Moxuan in Maple Leaf City. He’s the Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Earthly Heaven Sect and possesses a rather great influence in Maple Leaf City.” Ya Qing reminded.

Chen Xi nodded, and he’d thought of this long ago.

After he left the VIP room, Chen Xi refused Ya Qing’s intentions of sending them out and moved along the first floor with Mu Kui as he walked out. However, when he was almost out of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Mu Kui said suddenly, “Master, look over quickly, isn’t that Luo Tong and Miss Qin Yuwei?” 

Chen Xi glanced over and sure enough, he saw both of them in the crowd. Qin Yuwei stood before a counter with an anxious expression covering her pale oval shaped face, and she seemed to be discussing something with the attendant behind the counter, yet she encountered the cold and indifferent refusal of the attendant.

“Let’s go take a look.” Chen Xi thought for a while and still walked over in the end. He was extremely curious, even though the toxic poison in Qin Yuwei’s body had been removed by him, yet it had injured her vitality, causing her body to be extremely weak. Why did she come to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion instead of staying at home and recuperating?

“Please, my Father urgently requires the Ambergis to save his life. I’ll repay an Inkjade Bloodlotus on another day, alright?” Qin Yuwei had a miserable expression as she begged bitterly.

“That won’t do. My Treasure Heaven Pavilion has provided that if one wants to obtain Ambergis, then one must use an Inkjade Bloodlotus or a thousand year old soul nurturing spirit wood to exchange for it. This is a rule, and it’s impossible for me to sell it to you on credit.” The attendant shook his head indifferently.

“But I need it urgently. Can’t I buy it with Nascent Condensation Pills? Please, I guarantee to return an Inkjade Bloodlotus within a month, alright?” Qin Yuwei begged bitterly, and her appearance was humble to the extreme.

“Stop causing trouble.” The attendant had an impatient expression. “To think that you’re the Eldest Young Miss of the Qin Clan, could it be that you don’t know the rules of our Treasure Heaven Pavilion? Leave, leave, leave, don’t disturb the other customers.”

“How can you speak like this?” Luo Tong’s face was completely livid since long ago, and he couldn’t endure the flames of rage in his heart any longer when he heard this, causing him to berate in a low voice. 

“Oh, what’s this, want to cause trouble in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion?” The attendant’s expression changed instantly as he said sarcastically, “The Qin Clan is no longer what it used to be, the clan has declined, and its family and friends have betrayed it. Presently, only you two remain in the Qin Clan, right? As the saying goes, a phoenix without its feathers is inferior to a chicken. Presently, who in Maple Leaf City still takes your clan seriously?”

“You…” Luo Tong was angered to the point his eyes almost split open and his veins bulged out on his forehead, yet he forcefully endured it as a trace of sorrow flashed within his fierce gaze.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he saw this scene, and he faintly understood that the Qin Clan had probably already fallen, otherwise, a tiny attendant would absolutely not dare speak such words.

He was just intending to walk forward when he saw a young man in a luxurious robe that possessed a dandified appearance had already walked over before grinning as he spoke to Qin Yuwei. “How about it, Miss Qin, I’ve told you that the Treasure Heaven Pavilion wouldn’t agree, yet you wouldn’t listen. I think that you should listen to my opinion and agree to be my concubine, then I’ll help you get some Ambergis?”

“Sikong Hua, scram! I’d rather die than marry you.” Qin Yuwei gnashed her teeth as she spoke.

A cold light flashed in the depths of Sikong Hua’s gaze, yet he still smiled and spoke unhurriedly. “I might as well be frank, my Older Brother came back from the Myriad Venom Mountain Range this afternoon and brought back an Inkjade Bloodlotus. You know as well that he cultivated the Five-Toxin Bloodtransformation Technique, and he only needs the stem and leaves of the Inkjade Bloodlotus, yet the lotus flower isn’t of any use to him. If you agree to my conditions, I can ask him to give the Bloodlotus flower to me and help you exchange for an Ambergis. How about it?”

“Sikong Hen? It really was him!” Qin Yuwei was stunned, and then she cried out with a sharp and enraged voice. “That Inkjade Bloodlotus was mine, and it was he who seized it from me!”

“Seize? What a joke! How could my Older Brother seize something from you?” Sikong Hua shook his head. “Miss Qin, I’m afraid your rage has affected your heart, and even your mind has become muddled to actually say such nonsensical words.”

Qin Yuwei looked at the shameless person before her and was angered to the point she bit her teeth tightly as her entire body trembled, and her delicate and beautiful face turned even paler, causing her to seem sad and pitiable. 

“Have you finished considering? Do you want to agree to be my concubine?” Sikong Hua grinned as he said, “The soul of your father, Qin Zhongming, is severely injured now, and his memories are lost. If he isn’t saved with the help of some Ambergis, then he’ll become completely mentally disabled. As his daughter, could it be that you have the heart to see this happen?”

“I…” Qin Yuwei gaped, and her expression revealed sorrow and despair.

“I have a 10,000 year old soul nurturing spirit wood in my possession. Attendant, go exchange it for some Ambergis and give it to Miss Qin.” Chen Xi couldn’t stand by and watch any longer, and he walked out of the crowd before casually tossing a jet black piece of wood that was thick like a thumb, round, and glossy to the attendant.    

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