Chapter 280 – Maple Leaf City

The central plains was the core area of the vast territory of the Darchu Dynasty. It was a prospering and flourishing place that fostered extraordinary talents, and it was called the always beautiful central plains.

According to rumor, there was no precious treasure in the world that couldn’t be bought here, no secret in the world that one couldn’t be inquired about here, and there was no delicacy in the world that couldn’t be savored here, and it could be said to contain everything in the world.

As he flew in the sky above Sunset River and looked through the map, Chen Xi suddenly noticed an extremely enormous black figure that was exceedingly tall rising up in the distant horizon. When he looked carefully, it was surprisingly a majestic and magnificent city that seemed joined to the sky, causing him to actually be unable to discern its exact height!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Streaks of light were like the rain as rays of light shot into the sky, and a variety of cultivators were either moving in streaks, riding on flying swords, or utilizing their own techniques to descend towards the city like raindrops.

Amazing! All of these cultivators are actually at the Violet Palace Realm or above, and a large portion are at the Golden Hall Realm and Golden Core Realm. There’re even a few Rebirth Realm experts amongst them… It seems that the level of cultivation here far surpasses the southern territory. Chen Xi spread out his Divine Sense and slightly sized up the surrounding cultivators, and he instantly started exclaiming endlessly with admiration in his heart. The southern territory and central plains were only separated by a single Sunset River, yet it seemed as if they were worlds apart.

When they approached Maple Leaf City, Chen Xi saw that Luo Tong and Qin Yuwei were anxious to return home, so he bid his farewells with them right away. Helping them until here was already sufficient, not to mention these two people obviously had something that was difficult to mention and were laden with anxiety, so it was better to not disturb them.

With thoughts like these in his mind, Chen Xi brought Mu Kui along to head towards the city gate.

Even though Maple Leaf City was at the border of the central plains, it was many times larger than Dragon Lake City. The limestone pavement was spotlessly clean and glossy like a mirror, tall and large buildings that were beautifully decorated with carvings and paintings of dragons and phoenixes stood in rows everywhere, and the streets were spacious and straight while filled with people that seemed like woven silk, yet it didn’t feel the slightest bit crowded.

Numerous tall and ancient maple trees stood towering at every corner of the city, the maple leaves were red like flames and covered the heavens and the earth, and when looked at from afar, it was as if the entire sky above the city was covered with an expanse of flaming clouds and mist, causing it to be magnificent sight.

As he walked aimlessly in Maple Leaf City, it actually caused Chen Xi to feel as if there were too many things for his eyes to take it as everything here was so prosperous and so different.

“Master, look over there, is that the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Skyearth Mountain?” Mu Kui suddenly pointed towards the distance as he spoke.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look and saw that in the extreme distance was an enormous and magnificent mountain that rose straight into the clouds like a pillar the supported the heavens, and it was completely bathed in an expanse of dark yellow colored mist. Even though it was extremely far away from him, yet it still caused Chen Xi to feel a strand of a boundless aura that was heavy, thick, and immovable.

This aura was emitted from the dark yellow colored mist that surrounded the mountain, and it seemed as if every strand of mist was extremely heavy and capable of pressing down and shattering a mountain.

Chen Xi nodded.

Supposedly, this Skyearth Mountain was transformed from a strand of Skyearth Qi. Ordinary people might think that Skyearth Qi was Chaotic Qi, yet in the eyes of cultivators, this Skyearth Qi was the maternal qi of everything in the world, and it represented the quintessence of the heavens and the earth.

In the heavens and the earth, all places that possessed Skyearth Qi were rare paradises on earth, and the Earthly Heaven Sect’s ability to be built on the Skyearth Mountain and exist without falling for 10,000 years showed that its resources and reserves were indeed extraordinary.

After strolling about Maple Leaf City for half a day, Chen Xi found an inn and booked two superior rooms before calling Mu Kui along and sitting at a table by the window on the second floor of the inn. After he ordered a table full of delicacies and two bottles of Maple Leaf City’s specialty fine wine, Maple Dew Wine, they ate their food heartily. Chen Xi still had a considerable amount of spirit stones and spirit liquid, so he wasn’t worried about being unable to afford it.

“Have you heard? The Treasure Heaven Pavilion is holding a large scale auction three days from now. Supposedly, a Profound Dispersion Pill will be auctioned off on that day.”

“It can’t be, right? Supposedly, this medicinal pill is capable of increasing a cultivator’s chances of successfully advancing to the Golden Core Realm by 20%. How could someone be willing to auction off a treasure like this?”

“You’re making a fuss over nothing. Presently, only a little over a year remains before the Allstar Meeting, so which cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm wouldn’t hope advance to the Golden Core Realm during this period of time? By bringing out the Profound Dispersion Pill now, the Treasure Heaven Pavilion is obviously preparing to seize this opportunity and rake it in!”

“No wonder so many Golden Hall Realm cultivators have swarmed into our Maple Leaf City over the past few days, so they’re here for the Profound Dispersion Pill.”

“Of course. So long as one has advanced to the Golden Core Realm and is below 30 years of age, who wouldn’t want to go experience a grand occasion like the Allstar Meeting? Not to mention, according to my knowledge, some formidable top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures will appear in the auction this time, and it’s worth would be on par with the Profound Dispersion Pill.”

“Tsk, in this way, the auction held by the Treasure Heaven Pavilion this time is entirely for the sake of those cultivators that are participating in the Allstar Meeting.”



This inn had good business, the second floor was filled with a variety of people that were talking all at one at this moment, and they were discussing the auction that would be held in three days, causing it to seem extremely bustling.

Profound Dispersion Pill? Chen Xi was exceedingly surprised and was rather moved. Supposedly, this pill contained a trace of a mysterious dispersion energy, and it was capable of bringing forth a suppressive and dispersive effect when a cultivator overcame the tribulation of wind and fire, and it was a rare treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Even though this medicinal pill only increased the chances of a cultivator to advance to the Golden Core Realm by 20%, yet to a cultivator, every bit of assurance meant a little bit higher chance of success, so no one would complain that it was too low. Not to mention that amongst the examples of people who’d failed in overcoming the tribulation to advance to the Golden Core Realm were mostly people who’d lacked an extra 10% or 20% assurance!

I have no lack for earth-rank Magic Treasures, but if I’m able to obtain this Profound Dispersion Pill, then it’ll at least be able to allow me to have a 90% certainty when overcoming my tribulation. Chen Xi pondered in his heart. He’d once calculated with great concentration, and with his current cultivation, he only had a certainty of around 70% that he would successfully overcome the tribulation of wind and fire. If he was able to possess a Profound Dispersion Pill, then so long as nothing unexpected happened, he didn’t have to worry about failing the tribulation.

“Let’s go take a look at the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.” Chen Xi stood up right away and brought Mu Kui along as he left the inn. 


The Treasure Heaven Pavilion in Maple Leaf City was situated northeast area of the city, and it was formed from nine tall and grand palaces. These nine palaces were all constructed from rare cream colored jade, and they were inscribed with various restrictive talisman markings that emitted an energy fluctuation that shot into the nine heavens.

At this moment, there were a large number of cultivators moving in and out of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion like a continuous stream, causing it to seem extremely bustling.  

When Chen Xi arrived here and looked at the nine vast buildings that stood in the heavens and the earth like palaces for immortals, he couldn’t help but be astounded in his heart. Compared with the Treasure Heaven Pavilion before him, the Treasure Heaven Pavilion in Dragon Lake City and Misty Sea City were inferior and cast into the shade.

Treasure Heaven Pavilion, I wonder if the owner behind it is actually Madam Shui Hua, or is there another…? Chen Xi restrained his mind before walking in.

Unexpectedly, there was actually no attendant that came to receive him.

But just think about it, the aura he emitted at the moment was only at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, and it seemed to be extremely ordinary here, as there were numerous people with the same cultivation. Coupled with the business of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion being extremely explosive during this past few days, even attendants were insufficient.

Of course, there were also exceptions, and only some Golden Core Realm experts would have attendants of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion receiving them warmly, whereas, cultivators below the Golden Core Realm could only be considered to be ordinary customers.

Fortunately, Mu Kui was at the Golden Core Realm. Even though he was a demon cultivator, he was similarly received warmly by the attendants of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, whereas, Chen Xi gained benefit from associating with Mu Kui instead, and he followed Mu Kui to walk in.

“Master, I…” As he walked ahead, Mu Kui spoke via voice transmission with slight uneasiness.

“Don’t overthink things and just carry on. We’ll exchange identities this time, I’m the attendant that’s serving by your side.” Chen Xi smiled and didn’t mind at all.

“Oh.” Mu Kui scratched his head and felt reassured in his heart, then his expression turned solemn as he raised his head proudly, and he quickly entered into the role of a ‘Master.’

The space within the Treasure Heaven Pavilion was very vast, and when one was within it, it was as if one was walking in another world. Obviously, the space within had been expanded by a formidable figure. A superb collection of treasures were placed here, and everything from medicinal pills, Magic Treasures, books, spirit materials, and so on and so forth could be found here, and the numerous cultivators flowed up and down like a continuous stream as they viewed these treasures.

Suddenly, Chen Xi noticed numerous formidable auras in the depths of the pavilion, and they seemed to stand out when compared with the other people in the surroundings. 

Moreover, one of the auras caused Chen Xi to have a faintly familiar feeling, and he raised his eyes to glance over and couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. Unexpectedly, it was the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Golden Core Realm Core Disciple, Lin Moxuan, whereas, around him were a few more Golden Core Realm cultivators gathered there like a host of stars that surrounded a bright moon, causing him to seem extremely prestigious.

The Earthly Heaven Sect is the number one power in Maple Leaf City, so Lin Moxuan appearing here is within reason. Those Golden Core Realm cultivators around him are probably disciples of the Earthly Heaven Sect. Surprise flashed within Chen Xi’s heart, and then he walked into the crowd and intentionally avoided Lin Moxuan and the others.

Even though he was greatly confident in killing Lin Moxuan, this place was absolutely not the best place to make a move. After all, this place was within Lin Moxuan’s territory, whereas he himself had no backup. Once he made a move, he would probably instantly fall into eternal damnation.

“Master, that attendant asked me what do we need to buy, what should I say?” Mu Kui suddenly sent a voice transmission.

“Tell her that you’re selling some Magic Treasures, and they’re all top-grade earth-rank in quality.” Chen Xi pondered for a long time before speaking slowly. When he was at the depths of the Oceanic Desert, he’d once seized over 10 top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures from Huangfu Chongming and the others, like Huangfu Chongming’s Nine-Python Skyruler Cauldron, Lin Moxuan’s Earthly Heaven Sword, Xiao Linger’s Spirit Flame Sword, and so on as so forth.

All of these treasures were ranked at the top in terms of quality, but if he utilized them himself, it would draw a great deal of trouble, so it was better to sell all of them, as it was clean and would save him the trouble, all while earning a large sum of wealth that could be used in the auction three days from now.

“Selling top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures?” The female attendant’s eyes lit up and her smile became even more charming as she cupped her hands. “Senior, please follow me. We have a special VIP room to serve customers like you.” The female attendant led Chen Xi and Mu Kui into the VIP room before leaving silently, and only the two of them remained in the entire empty room.

This VIP room was extremely vast indeed, and its decoration was beautiful and grand. A scarlet red carpet covered the ground, a bronze incense burner emitted smoke that curled up into the air, and bright moonlight lanterns hung all over the room while emitting gentle lights that were chilly like water. On the walls of the room hung a scroll that depicted pine trees and cranes that were formed from a myriad of different forms of the character ‘寿’, they were written with vigorous strokes and contained an unrestrained style, and every single stroke of writing actually faintly revealed a trace of a vast aura.

This was probably drawn by an expert that entered the path towards the Dao by way of painting and calligraphy, and the aura that’s surging atop it ought to be the spiritual brand left behind by that divine artist in the Dao of Drawing. Chen Xi observed silently, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. The Treasure Heaven Pavilion was really extravagant, as even a treasure like this had become a decoration that hung here.

“Master, you really want to sell top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures?” Mu Kui asked.

“Those treasures were seized away by me and have already caused their owners to be greatly enraged. If I utilize them myself, then I’m afraid it will cause great trouble, so it’s better to sell them.” Chen Xi answered casually, and then he realized something and smiled. “Mu Kui, you still lack a suitable weapon, right? There’s no rush, I’ll buy you a better one after we sell these treasures.”

“Then I’ll thank Master for your bestowal beforehand.” Mu Kui scratched his head as he laughed foolishly, and he clearly had the thoughts in his mind pointed out by Chen Xi, causing him to be extremely happy.

“Is Fellow Daoist Mu Kui here?” Right when Chen Xi and Mu Kui were talking, a voice that was like the sound of nature suddenly entered slowly into the beautiful VIP room from outside. 

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