Chapter 279 – Corrosion Dao Insight

The stem of this lotus was around the thickness of a thumb and had 12 leaves on it that encircled a black lotus flower that was in full bloom. No matter if it was the leaves, the stem, or the lotus flower, all of them were exceedingly pitch black, glossy, and suffused with a jade-like sheen. Strands of blood mist effused out and curled up from the lotus flower, and it emitted an attractive and delicate fragrance.

Inkjade Bloodlotus! 

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he’d recognized this extremely beautiful spirit medicine. According to rumor, this lotus flower grew within the top toxic poisons in the world, and it grew a single leaf every thousand years. When it attained 12 leaves, it would bloom into a pitch black lotus flower with an extremely miraculous effect. It was capable of mending the soul and re-growing the sea of consciousness. It was a divine item for the recuperation of the soul, and it could only be chanced upon by luck.

I never imagined that a mature Inkjade Bloodlotus would actually be growing here, these people are probably here for it, yet they encountered the attack of the Rainbow Jadeflame Spider… Chen Xi pondered in his heart.

“I’m Qin Yuwei, may I know Senior’s name?” When she saw Chen Xi had noticed the Inkjade Bloodlotus, the young woman’s face went pale, and she hurriedly walked forward as she spoke and faintly obstructed before the Inkjade Bloodlotus.

“I only happened to pass by, and I’m about to leave right away. There’s no need for names.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he pointed at the Inkjade Bloodlotus and said, “I presume all of you sacrificed so many people for the sake of picking this thing.”

Qin Yuwei’s face dimmed as she nodded. “Yes. Originally, since Senior has saved me and Uncle Luo, this thing naturally ought to be yours, but…”

“There’s no need to speak any further. I don’t have much of a use for this, so you should quickly put it away.” Chen Xi shook his head and interjected. The strength of his soul had attained the height of a Rebirth Realm cultivator since long ago, so he naturally wouldn’t want an Inkjade Bloodlotus.

“Thank you, Senior, for your help in achieving my aim.” Qin Yuwei was stunned and seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would be so easy to deal with, and then dense gratitude gushed into appearance on her beautiful face. This Inkjade Bloodlotus was indeed too important to her, otherwise, she wouldn’t go to the extent of risking her life and coming to the Myriad Venom Mountain Range.

Chen Xi smiled and turned around to arrive by the side of the Rainbow Jadeflame Spider, and then he briefly sized it up before picking up a jade green pearl from the pile of pieces of corpses. The pearl was around the size of a pigeon’s egg, jade green and shiny with brilliant light circulating around it, and it emitted a trace of a faint refreshing aura.

This pearl held the essence of the Rainbow Jadeflame Spider, and it was called a Jadeflame Pearl. It was capable of dispelling many poisons and could be considered to be a rare and precious treasure. If it was sold on the market, its value was rather shocking and would at least be capable of being exchanged for an earth-rank Magic Treasure.

Chen Xi played with the Jadeflame Pearl in his palm, whereas, Qin Yuwei was had carefully taken out a jade box instead and was moving to pluck the Inkjade Bloodlotus. The Inkjade Bloodlotus’s flower was where its essence lay, and at the instant it was plucked, its petals would become blood red in color from its previous color that was pitch black like ink, causing it to seem like burning blood that contained shocking medicinal strength.


However, right when her finger had just touched the Inkjade Bloodlotus, a black figure seemed as if it had appeared out of thin air, and it grabbed out to pull the entire Inkjade Bloodlotus by the roots before turning and leaving. The figure’s speed was so swift that it was like an arrow that had left the bow, and he’d instantly flashed out a distance of 3km.

“Ah! No~!” Qin Yuwei’s expression went ghastly pale as she cried out sharply, and her voice even faintly carried a trace of despair and being almost in tears, causing her to seem terribly miserable.

“You’re courting death! You actually dare steal before me? Leave your life behind!”


A sword howl resounded out and a sword light shot into the sky as numerous talismans symbols that were bright gold in color appeared in the surroundings of the Talisman Armament, and it possessed an icy cold nature as it coiled around the body of the sword and revealed an unparalleled sharp aura.


Chen Xi flashed out explosively as the Talisman Armament in his hand shook, causing the entire sky to seem like silk that was torn into pieces by the fierce and murderous sword qi, and the sword that was like a golden rainbow slashed towards the escaping figure from afar.

“Hmph! Toxic Plague!” The black figure grunted coldly and didn’t look back as his right hand instantly became exceedingly pitch black, and then it fiercely slapped towards the sword qi that assaulted him from behind. 


A wisp of a peculiar jet black light sprayed out from the palm and followed along the sword qi to flash explosively towards Chen Xi.

Most shocking of it all was that everywhere the peculiar jet black passed, the matchlessly sharp sword qi seemed as if it was corroded and emitted hissing sounds as it shattered inch by inch.

Corrosion Dao Insight? The force from his palm actually contains toxic poison as well. It ought to be an exceedingly malicious Dao Grade martial technique. Moreover, this fellow’s strength is probably around the Golden Core Realm, but he’s unable to do anything to me. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as the Talisman Armament spun, and he circulated the Starsky Wings with his full strength with the intention of charging up and killing this person.

“Senior, don’t give chase. Quickly save my Young Miss, she… She’s hanging by a thread!” The anxious and terrified voice of the tall middle aged man sounded out from behind.

Chen Xi was stunned and turned around to look. He saw Qin Yuwei had fallen onto the ground some time ago, and her tender and smooth skin was gradually being corroded by a layer of pitch black mist at this moment, causing it to become withered and shriveled.

“Don’t move, I’ll try removing the poison for you.” When he glanced into the distance and saw the black figure had already vanished, Chen Xi put out any thoughts to give chase before turning around and arriving by Qin Yuwei’s side, and then he circulated his Shaman Energy to transform it into pure Second-Wood essence and poured it into Qin Yuwei’s body along the meridians on his arm. 

The energy of wood represented vitality, it was capable of nourishing one’s quintessence and causing everything in the world to grow, and it also possessed an extremely strong healing effect. For example, when a bolt of Second-Wood Divine Lightning struck down from the Grand Astral Palm Chen Xi executed that day, it caused a patch of verdant plants to instantly grow at a mad rate on the ground, and how strong its effect was could be seen from this.

After 15 minutes of time, the black mist and toxic poison visible on Qin Yuwei’s face was removed, causing her shriveled skin to once again become plump and glistening, but her countenance was extremely pale and her aura was exceedingly weak.

The tall middle aged man heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene, and then he knelt on the ground with a thump before kowtowing with an expression filled with gratitude. “Thank you, Senior, for your life saving grace, thank you, Senior, for your life saving grace!” He was excited to the point of rambling.

Chen Xi was extremely moved in his heart as well. As far as he was concerned, this tall middle aged man was only the guard of the young woman, yet he was loyal and devoted, protecting the young woman with all his heart, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse admiration in his heart.

“This poison is too overbearing and has harmed her vitality, so she’d be unable to recover for short period of time. Look for some medicinal pills that nourish vitality for her in the future, and she ought to be able to recover.” Chen Xi supported up the tall middle aged man that knelt on the ground as he instructed.

The tall middle aged man nodded repeatedly and words couldn’t describe the gratefulness to Chen Xi he felt in his heart.


Suddenly, a ray of light flashed over, and the person hadn’t arrived when a voice was already transmitted over. “Master, that fellow’s speed was too swift, he got away.”This person was precisely Mu Kui. He descended to the ground before standing by Chen Xi’s side with an embarrassed expression, and he seemed to be feeling that he was too useless.

“It’s no big deal, it isn’t too late to get even with him when we see him the next time.” Chen Xi waves his hand. Having something stolen right before his eyes caused him to feel slightly infuriated. 

“Senior, I’m vaguely able to guess that person’s identity.” The tall middle aged man said abruptly, “A person that’s skilled in using toxic techniques is surely from the Maple Leaf City’s Sikong Clan. Moreover, when we headed to the Myriad Venom Mountain Range, we’d heard that the Sikong Clan’s Eldest Young Master, Sikong Hen, has entered the mountain range as well. Supposedly, he’d come for the sake of searching for some poisonous beings to cultivate his own toxic technique.”

“Maple Leaf City, Sikong Hen?” Chen Xi was stunned. According to his knowledge, there wasn’t a city called Maple Leaf City in the southern territory. Could it be that it’s a city in the central plains?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi opened up the jade slip map that he carried with him. Sure enough, he saw Maple Leaf City in the central plains, and to his shock, the Earthly Heaven Sect that Lin Moxuan was from resided in Maple Leaf City.  

Moreover, Maple Leaf City was on the opposite bank of the boundary river that separated the southern territory and the central plains and was behind the Myriad Venom Mountain Range.

“Senior, my Young Miss is extremely weak, so I’ll be leaving with her first. If it’s fated, then we’ll meet each other in Red Leaf City. I’ll be waiting for your arrival, and I’ll give everything I have for the sake of repaying your life saving grace.” At this moment, the tall middle aged man had already carried Qin Yuwei on his back and intended to leave.

When Chen Xi saw the middle aged man was heavily injured and had almost lost all his combat strength as well yet was carrying an extremely weak young girl, he knew that they would probably be unable to leave the mountain range, so he had no other choice but to say, “I’ll send the two of you out of the mountain range. At any rate, I’m heading to the central plains as well, so going to have a look at Maple Leaf City wouldn’t hold up my journey.”

The middle aged man nodded silently, and he felt even more grateful to Chen Xi in his heart. Possessing righteousness and virtue at such a young age, yet didn’t possess the slightest bit of arrogance or domineering air that young experts possessed. How could such a figure not make him feel heartfelt admiration and gratefulness?

All along the way, Chen Xi found out about a little bit about the situation of the middle aged man and the young woman in a jade green dress, Qin Yuwei. The tall middle aged man was called Luo Tong and was the guard leader of the Red Leaf City’s Qin Clan, whereas, the young woman, Qin Yuwei, was the Eldest Young Miss of the Qin Clan.

They’d entered the mountain range this time exactly for the sake of gathering a divine medicine capable of nourishing the soul, the Inkjade Bloodlotus, but they unfortunately encountered a Rainbow Jadeflame Spider and were almost wiped out.

Presently, only Luo Tong and Qin Yuwei were the remaining survivors.

But when Chen Xi asked why that risked their lives to come gather the Inkjade Bloodlotus, Luo Tong shook his head bitterly instead and seemed to have something that was difficult to mention, and thus he didn’t reveal the reason behind it.


When Chen Xi’s group walked out of the mountain range, a large river that surged and roared mightily was the first to be reflected in their eyes. The river was vast without an end in sight, and under the illumination of the gorgeous sunset glow, the surging mist emitted from the river seemed to be suffused with layers of reddish orange colored ripples as it accompanied the rolling sounds of the river that sounded like a dragon’s roar, causing this scene to seem extremely magnificent.

This was the boundary river between the southern territory and the central plains — Sunset River!  

Supposedly, there was once a fish demon in Sunset River that attained the Dao and ascended in rays of a sunset glow a few tens of thousands of years ago. At that time, a shocking phenomenon of the heavens and the earth emerged in the surrounding skies, and the gorgeous rays of sunset glow that seemed to be beautiful like paradise caused all the living beings in an area of 5,000km to be dumbstruck as their minds shook. From that day onward, this river was called Sunset River, and it accompanied the legend of the fish demon who ascended into immortality to be passed down until this very day.

After I pass the Sunset River, everything is completely unknown to me. Perhaps the road ahead is filled with boundless danger, yet I’ll surely survive strongly, and even mountains of corpses and seas of blood will be unable to obstruct my path to strength! Chen Xi had his back to the Sunset River as he once again glanced at the southern territory, and then turned around resolutely and didn’t possess the slightest hesitation any longer as he flew towards the central plains that lay at the opposite bank of Sunset River. 

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