Chapter 276 – Dragon Transformation Pool

Ancient Fiendgod!

A hand that could support the heavens!

A slovenly old Daoist!

A Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd!

All of these formed into a beautiful scene that was dangerous, bloody, and breathtaking.

The shockwaves from their battle caused the entire sky above Pine Mist City to seem to have fallen into chaos. Spirit energy was in disorder, the sky was shattered, and various rays of light shot about like fireworks, causing it to be a beautiful scene that carried extreme danger within it.

Besides the Chen Clan Mansion, everything within a surrounding area of 500km such as houses, the ground, walls, plants… All of them had transformed into powder and were obliterated without a trace. The terrifying destructive aura still whistled about in the heavens and the earth and emitted wailing sounds as if it was recounting that a battle that shook the heavens had once occurred here a moment ago. 

This was indeed a battle that shook the heavens. One was an ancient Fiendgod that existed in legends and could compete with the heavens, and the other was a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm human expert. Even though the battle between the two of them only occurred for only a few breaths of time, yet the power emitted by them caused the skies to change in color and the heavens and the earth to wail, and it seemed as if the end of the world had arrived.  

Similarly, this was the most shocking battle Chen Xi had witnessed since he started cultivating. The mountain pattern that gushed into appearance on the right hand of the ancient Fiendgod and seemed to be able to annihilate the world, the spraying of Immortal Energy from the slovenly old Daoist, and the shocking ability of the gourd that seemed capable of swallowing the heavens, all of them shocked his soul extremely.

The day will come when I’ll be able to attain this level as well! Chen Xi took a deep breath as he secretly clenched his fist tightly, and a boundless will to fight gushed out from his heart. If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of the slovenly old Daoist, the Chen Clan behind him would probably have been completely annihilated. This feeling of experiencing life and death and gaining new life after a calamity caused him to yearn even more for formidable strength.


Suddenly, a streak approached extremely swiftly from the distance, and in the blink of an eye, it had already arrived by the side of the slovenly old Daoist and cupped his hands. “Master, are you alright?”

This was a young man that wore clean and neat Daoist robes. His figure was tall and ramrod straight, his hair was tied into a Daoist bun with a myrtle hairpin inserted into it, the outline of his face was manly and serious with sharp angles, and especially his pair of eyes were deep and bright, as if they were capable of covering the world. At this moment, he seemed to possess an extraordinary bearing as he stood upright in the sky with his clothes fluttering in the wind, causing him to seem solemn and cold, and an extremely formidable aura was revealed from his calm expression.

This person is extremely strong! Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart. He’d noticed an aura that wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Qing Xiuyi from the young man in Daoist robes, it was continuous like the ocean and seemed to encompass the world, and it even contained a slight unfathomable feeling.

“Qinghe my disciple, you’ve come. Haha! It’s simply fortune bestowed by the heavens that I could capture this ancient Fiendgod this time. Once we return to the mountains, I’ll use this Fiendgod’s blood to temper your physique. It’ll surely allow your strength to rise explosively by at least 30%, and even if you encounter that Little Girl Qing in the Allstar Meeting, you’ll be completely capable of defeating her! Hahaha…” The slovenly old Daoist laughed loudly towards the sky, and his voice revealed indescribable delight and heroism.

Allstar Meeting? Defeat Little Girl Qing? Could it be Qing Xiuyi? Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Finding out this young man in Daoist robes would actually be participating in the Allstar Meeting one and a half years from now caused him to feel a trace of pressure. The slovenly old Daoist was a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, so since he dared speak like this, it proved that the strength of this young man in Daoist robes was absolutely at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm. Moreover, he was the type that was at the peak of the realm.

Just think about it, even Qing Xiuyi was capable of going against a Rebirth Realm expert, so if this young man was capable of defeating Qing Xiuyi, then his strength would surely be able to surmount a realm to do battle!

“The Blood Essence of the ancient Fiendgod will provide infinite benefits to you. But absorbing it is extremely troublesome and requires at least a year of time, whereas the Allstar Meeting is beginning in one and a half years, so we’re slightly pressed for time. Never mind, we’ve traveled outside for a few years and ought to return to the mountain.” The slovenly old Daoist pondered for a while before speaking.

“Master, you’re really going to use the Blood Essence of this ancient Fiendgod on me?” The young man in Daoist robes spoke with a shocked tone, and he seemed to feel slight disbelief.

“Of course. The Allstar Meeting this time is different from the past. The current Emperor Chu has made an unprecedented decision that after the Allstar Meeting ends, he’ll open the Dragon Transformation Pool that hasn’t appeared in the world for 5,000 years for the sake of allowing the young geniuses that have seized the top 10 positions to cleanse their karmic luck and condensed the karmic luck of dragons. Such a reward caused the disciples of numerous old freaks to be extremely moved, and all of them have come out into the world. The Allstar Meeting this time can be said to gather geniuses as numerous as the clouds in the sky. A storm is converging.” The slovenly old Daoist sighed with emotion. “Amidst so many extraordinary geniuses, your strength is naturally capable of ranking amongst the top 10, but your chances to enter the top three is extremely risky. But with the strand of Blood Essence of the ancient Fiendgod, it ought to be sufficient for you to enter the top three, and even seizing the first might not be impossible.”

Dragon Transformation Pool? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he recalled a secret bit of information. Supposedly, beneath the Capital of the Darchu Dynasty, Silken City, was a Dragon Vein that suppressed karmic luck, and it converged the karmic luck of the entire Darchu Dynasty. Moreover, the Dragon Transformation Pool was created within the Dragon Vein. So when cultivators entered the pool, they were able to condense the karmic luck of dragons and obtain unimaginable benefits.

As for what benefits they were, Chen Xi didn’t know clearly. Some said it was an improvement of the physique, some said it was the improvement of cultivation, and there were even some that said after one obtained the karmic luck of dragons, one’s possibility of successfully overcoming the Heavenly Tribulations and becoming an Immortal would increase by 50%.

Of course, all of these were rumors. Because the Dragon Transformation Pool had already been sealed for 5,000 years, perhaps only some old records and old fellows would know what the benefits from the Dragon Transformation Pool actually were.

“Qinghe understands.” A trace of lightning flashed past the eyes of the young man in Daoist robes, and then he said calmly, “Master, Qinghe owes you a great debt of gratitude. Qinghe will surely take the first in the Allstar Meeting this time, as only in this way would I not disappoint your fostering and teaching.”

“Hahaha… Master doesn’t require your repayments. I only hope that you can safely enter the Dark Reverie, and it would be enough for Master to feel proud.” The slovenly old Daoist laughed endless towards the sky, and his voice revealed a trace of gratification.

“I surely will!” The young man in Daoist robes spoke with a light voice.

“Let’s go.” The slovenly old Daoist nodded as his gaze swept the Chen Clan Mansion and especially glanced deeply at Chen Xi, and then he didn’t say anything before bringing along the young man to soar into the sky. Whereas the young man in Daoist robes hadn’t spared a single glance at the Chen Clan Mansion from the beginning until the end, let alone noticed Chen Xi. It seemed as if in his eyes, only his Master was worthy of his attention, and everything else was of no importance.

Strange, why did that slovenly old Daoist look at me like that? Chen Xi gazed at the place the two of them vanished, and he couldn’t wrap his head around it no matter how he racked his brains.

He didn’t know that the slovenly old Daoist was a reclusive old fellow from the central plains, and he was old friends of many years with the Earthly Immortal Realm expert of the Whitecrane Sect, Daoist Long He. The news about Daoist Long He, Huangfu Jingtian, and another few Earthly Immortal Realm figures gathering at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, yet returning with failure in the end had entered into his ears and drawn his curiosity.

It was precisely because of this that he would appear in the southern territory and Pine Mist City. He’d come for the sake of seeing this little fellow that wasn’t well known, Chen Xi, to satisfy his curiosity. So the appearance of the slovenly old Daoist wasn’t just a coincidence.

“We…are saved?”

“Haha, we didn’t die, the heavens were watching!”

“What exactly happened earlier? Exactly what monster was that enormous figure that was as tall as the sky?” 

“Who knows. I feel ashamed that I was terrified to the point of fainting on the ground earlier. I didn’t realize anything.”

“Ah, you were terrified to the point of fainting as well?”

The battle had ended, and within the Chen Clan Mansion that obtained new life after the calamity, the deathly silent atmosphere was destroyed by the buzzing sounds of discussion. There were those that felt lucky, those that felt a lingering fear, those that felt disbelief, those that felt overjoyed, but no matter how they felt, at least everything before their eyes proved that they were alive, and so long as they were alive, their life was filled with hope, right?

Chen Xi felt happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw this scene. Once the ancient Fiendgod was eliminated, the calamity that posed the greatest threat to the various powers of Pine Mist City had vanished. Moreover, the demon beasts within the depths of the mountain range lost the control of the ancient Fiendgod, so they would at least not dare make anymore rash movements for the time being.

But, those demon beasts are a latent danger in the end. If I don’t think of a way to deal with them, I’m afraid it will delay the path of my cultivation. After he returned to his room, Chen Xi originally intended to cultivate, yet his heart was still worrying about this matter, causing him to be unable to enter the best state for cultivation for a long time, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Master, are you worried about the safety of Pine Mist City?” Mu Kui said carefully, “Actually, I have an idea, but its difficulty is slightly high.”

“Tell me about it.” Chen Xi was stunned. Mu Kui had come from the depths of the mountain range and knew everything within it through and through. Perhaps his idea isn’t bad.

When Mu Kui saw taking it seriously, his spirits rose as he spoke swiftly. “Presently, the ancient Fiendgod has been captured and the entire depths of the mountain range are a group of demon beasts without a leader, and the most formidable amongst them is only at the Golden Core Realm. If you’re able to invite the Nine-tailed Fox King or the Profound-vision Old Turtle King over, then with either one of them in charge there, it would be sufficient to awe all the demon beasts and make them not dare invade Pine Mist City again.”

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. Right, the two Demon Kings have attained the Rebirth Realm now. Asking them to make a trip to the depths of the mountain range would undoubtedly allow them to unite, command, and rigorously control all the demon beasts. Wouldn’t the crisis of Pine Mist City be solved easily with this?  

“Good idea. Mu Kui, you’ve helped me greatly.” Chen Xi praised.

Mu Kui rubbed his head and grinned. “Mu Kui is extremely happy for being able to help Master as well. But the whereabouts of the Nine-tailed Fox King and Profound-vision Old Turtle King are unknown now, it’s extremely difficult to find them.”

“Leave it to me, I know where both of them are. Once I’ve resolved this matter, I don’t have to worry about the safety of the Chen Clan. In this way, we can leave.” Chen Xi grinned as he spoke.

“Master, where do you want to go?” Mu Kui was stunned and spoke extremely nervously.

“I naturally want to go have a look at the central plains. Presently, only one and a half years remain before the Allstar Meeting, so I ought to depart to experience exactly how prosperous and flourishing the central plains are.” Chen Xi spoke with a gaze that burned with anticipation.

Actually, there was also another reason he didn’t speak of, and it was that his current cultivation was at a bottleneck now. He only lacked overcoming the tribulation of wind and fire before being able to advance into the Golden Core Realm, but this step was extremely dangerous and exceedingly difficult to surmount, and it required a suitable critical factor to advance, causing him to be unable to improve if he continued cultivating in closed doors. So, he’d decided to find the opportune moment to breakthrough while obtaining experience and tempering on his journey.

“There’s no need to be nervous, I’ll bring you along this time.” When he saw Mu Kui was still extremely nervous, Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle and speak out in consolation.

Mu Kui heaved a long sigh of relief, and he smirked. “That’s good, that’s good.” 

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