Chapter 275 – Ancient Fiendgod

The roar was like thunder that rumbled and resounded in the heavens and the earth as soundwaves that could be seen with the naked eye spread out in all directions with the depths of the mountain range as its center. Everywhere it passed, plants shattered, rocks spattered and sank as dust raged. The hard city walls of Pint Mist City that had weathered the ages emitted trembling sounds as if they were on the verge of collapse.

Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth became icy cold as a terrifying aura raged like a floor, causing all the living beings in an area of 500km to go silent and shiver with fear as boundless terror arose in their hearts.

Such a terrifying roar. Could it be that the ancient Fiendgod couldn’t refrain from attacking?


Chen Xi tore through the sky as he raised his eyes to look into the distance. He saw a towering figure standing proudly in the depths of the mountain range, and the continuous and lofty peaks were actually only barely at his waist. Dense mist coiled around the surroundings of his body, causing his body to be blurred, yet the surging ferocious auras he emitted threw the clouds into disorder and caused space to become chaotic, and it was like a matchless king of fiends that had descended into the world, causing the innumerable mountains and valleys to be deathly silent.

Even though he could only vaguely see this figure, the terrifying aura that gushed out from its body caused Chen Xi’s to be extremely horrified in his heart, and he faintly felt his breathing become sluggish.

This was a pressure caused by a great disparity in cultivation, and if one faced the Fiendgod head on, merely this pressure would probably be sufficient to collapse anyone’s will to fight.


Too terrifying!

Chen Xi had once felt this sort of feeling from the Suanni in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault and from his sword brother, Bei Heng, so he utterly didn’t think any further to know that the strength of this figure was surely at the Earthly Immortal Realm or above.

“It’s… It’s that ancient Fiendgod!” Mu Kui stood by Chen Xi side while shaking with terror, and his jade green eyes contained deep fear and horror. 

Right at this moment, the extremely tall figure in the depths of the mountain range suddenly turned around, and his pair of eyes flashed with lightning like two balls of thunderclouds that hung in the sky. Not only was this pair of eyes shockingly huge, it possessed killing intent that shocked the heavens!


At the instant this enormous figure raised his eyes and looked over, Chen Xi instantly felt even his soul shudder, and his entire body felt as if it was pressed down beneath an enormous mountain to the point he couldn’t catch his breath.


The Fuxi Divine Status surged into appearance within his sea of consciousness, causing a myriad of rays of light to sweep out, and Chen Xi instantly felt his entire body ease up as the terrifying pressure had already vanished as if it had never occurred. But the cold sweat that drenched his clothes told him instead that everything from before had really occurred!

“Hmm?” Amidst a surprised voice that was like muffled thunder, the enormous figure stepped over the mountains to arrive instantly outside Pine Mist City, and his tall body that could hold up the skies stood there virtually like a pillar that held up the heavens.

He seemed to be surprised by Chen Xi’s reaction, and then he looked down. His eyes that flashed with lightning seemed like lakes that hung high above in the sky, and they emitted a dazzling and resplendent glow.

At this moment, Chen Xi instantly understood the feelings of an ant. When facing this ancient Fiendgod, he was like an ant facing a towering tree, so tiny and so inconspicuous.

Moreover, under the concentrated gaze of this ancient Fiendgod, he felt as if his entire body was see through both inside and out, and he didn’t have any more secrets.

“Detestable! You actually dare cultivate my race’s body refinement arts! Lowly human, you’ve offended the dignity of my Fiendgod race, and it’s unforgivable!” The voice rumbled and exploded out like thunder, shaking the mountain range and caused the earth to quake. This ancient Fiendgod seemed to have discerned that Chen Xi had cultivated a body refinement cultivation technique, instantly causing the thunderclouds in his eyes to flicker and emit boundless killing intent.

Right when the ancient Fiendgod appeared before Pine Mist City, Chen Xi had already sensed that it wouldn’t go well, and he hurriedly brought Mu Kui along to fly into the Chen Clan Mansion. At this moment, when he saw this fellow arouse killing intent towards him, Chen Xi’s heart instantly sank.

Dammit! If this ancient Fiendgod makes a move, then it’ll probably affect everyone present! Chen Xi’s gaze swept out towards his surroundings, and he saw that no matter man or woman, old or young, under the might of this ancient Fiendgod, all of them were terrified to the point they had tumbled down onto the ground with a deathly pale countenance and an expression that was filled with extreme terror and shock.

“Die, one who stole the profundity of my race, you’re bound to perish.” Along with a voice that was like a thunderclap, an enormous hand that could hold up the skies slapped down fiercely towards the Chen Clan Mansion, causing violent winds to whistle as the spirit energy in the sky roiled and the cloud and mist surged.

This slap was simply like a dark cloud that pressed down onto the city, and the energy in the heavens and the earth had converged beneath this palm with intention of annihilating the world.


However, when this enormous hand pressed down, a myriad of gorgeous sword lights gushed out abruptly in the sky above the Chen Clan Mansion, and the sword howls were like a tide that sounded like the roar of a dragon from the depths of a pool. It channeled the energy of Yin in the skies and emitted a myriad of silver colored rays of moonlight as the surging and ghastly sword insight charged into the sky and instantly blocked before the enormous hand.

Shockingly, it was the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation.


The glow of spirit energy trembled as the moonlight sprayed out as the palm of the ancient Fiendgod shook the entire sword formation to the point it shook endlessly, causing endless and violent fluctuations to be emitted, and it seemed as if it would shatter in the next moment.

But this attack that seemed capable of annihilating the world was blocked in the end.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart that was in his throat to slightly ease up. The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation was formed from over 10,000 high-grade earth-rank swords and nine top-grade earth-rank swords, and it was sufficient to annihilate Nether Transformation Realm cultivators. Even if an Earthly Immortal Realm expert trespassed into it, the cultivator wouldn’t be able to break through the formation for some time.

At this moment, since the grand formation wasn’t broken open, it instantly allowed Chen Xi to realize that the strength of this ancient Fiendgod was probably just as Mu Kui had said. It was at the Earthly Immortal Realm and would absolutely not be higher.

“Formation? Fuck! If I recover 10% of my strength, it wouldn’t come to the extent that I can’t even break open a tiny formation with a single strike! Dammit! I don’t believe I can’t break open this formation if I exert my full strength!” Amidst the muffled roars, fiendish qi swept through the heavens and the earth, and the ancient Fiendgod seemed to have been infuriated. A dense and complicated pattern that seemed like a mountain appeared on his right hand, and it was like a talisman marking and emitted a terrifying destructive force as it slapped down once more.


Instantly, countless cracks that seemed like spiderwebs appeared on the light barrier condensed by the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation, and the surging sword insight contained within it was instantly thrown into disorder and was only a little bit away from collapsing!

Chen Xi’s expression instantly became extremely heavy as he swiftly picked out a few thousand Sky Jadeliquid Pills and threw them into the formation’s foundation as if they were worthless, and he’d even formed seals with his hands as he mobilized the entire sword formation with his full strength.

Presently, the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation had already become the hope for everyone to survive. If it was destroyed, only death would be awaiting them. So Chen Xi couldn’t care about anything else and controlled the sword formation with his entire body and mind without daring to be distracted in the slightest.

However, to Chen Xi’s despair, the speed of recovery of the entire sword formation was too slow, and it was already far unable to keep up with the ancient Fiendgod’s speed of attack!

What should I do?

Ask Senior Ji Yu to lend a hand? Impossible. Since Senior took the Profound Disruption Mountain forcefully, he’s already unable to make an appearance in the world.

Should I flee now? I ought to have a trace of hope by relying on the Starsky Wings. But in this way, Chen Hao and the others will probably suffer disaster. This plan won’t work.


At the critical moment of life and death, Chen Xi had almost instantly thought of a few thousand methods to resist the enemy, but all of them were refuted by him. When facing an existence like an ancient Fiendgod, it seemed as if all schemes were useless and only the path of death remained as a choice.

Actually, Chen Xi had always been hoping in the depths of his heart, he hoped that his infinitely powerful and mysterious Senior Sister would appear once more, yet up until now, none of this had happened.

“Hmph! It’s actually capable of obstructing the force of two of my strikes, truly troublesome. But this formation is already insufficient to protect all of you. All of you can go to hell now!” The ancient Fiendgod grunted coldly with a voice that was like thunder that tore through the sky. At the same time, his right hand raised up once more as the talisman markings on his palm surged and emitted boundless divine light, and then it slapped down!

“Haha, after wandering the world for a few tens of years and searching for rare and unusual things, I never imagined that I’d encounter an ancient Fiendgod at this remote place. Now it's going to become mine as well!” When the Chen Clan Mansion and everyone within it was about to be annihilated beneath this hand, right at this moment, a hearty and loud laughter resounded out, and the voice was loud and sonorous like a bell. Accompanying this voice was a slovenly old Daoist that wore worn out clothes, and he appeared in the sky above the ancient Fiendgod. With a flick of his sleeve, a gourd that was completely coiled in a multicolored glow hung upside down in the sky before spraying out a multicolored light at the ancient Fiendgod.

“You’re courting death!” The ancient Fiendgod seemed to have sensed that the situation was far from good, and he couldn’t care to annihilate the Chen Clan Mansion any longer before turning around and slapping out at the gourd with his palm.

“Bang!” The palm collided with the gourd in midair, causing the sky to seem as if it was ripped open. The clouds and mist were destroyed, the sky was thrown into a chaotic mess, and various terrifying energies surged and exploded out, illuminating the heavens and the earth, causing an extremely shocking scene to appear.

“Hai! How could this Daoist Lord’s Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd be something a mere strand of Blood Essence from an ancient Fiendgod can go against? Swiftly allow yourself to be captured without putting up a fight!” The slovenly old Daoist stood in the sky as his withered finger pointed towards the gourd that was coiled by multicolored lights. Instantly, the entire gourd transformed into a gourd of almost 3km in size. Daoist markings formed on the surface of the gourd and various profound talisman markings circulated on it, causing the roars of dragons and tigers to resound out as a tune of immortals drifted out. The various phenomenon appeared briefly and flashed as they emerged in the heavens and the earth.

Within the mouth of the gourd, countless talisman markings interweaved together to form numerous divine rays of light. These divine rays converged together to form an extremely enormous vortex that flickered with a black and a white airflow that seemed like day and night, and they were filled with an extremely profound Grand Dao Insight.


A terrifying swallowing force gushed out from the mouth of the gourd, causing everything in the heavens and the earth to uncontrollably gush towards the gourd, and the scene was simply like a Roc swallowing the sun.

“Dammit! It’s actually a Quasi Immortal Artifact! I’ll let you off this time and get even with you next time!” The ancient Fiendgod’s body shook and seemed to have been affected by the swallowing force of the gourd, causing a trace of fear to flash within his head, and then he grunted coldly before turning around to dash towards the depths of the mountain range right away.

“Since you’ve come, then stay!” The slovenly old Daoist let out a long laugh before his arms shook and instantly formed a few thousand extremely profound seals, and then a raging energy gushed out from his body. This energy wasn’t True Essence, and it was instead the energy that stood above True Essence and caused countless cultivators dream of obtaining it — Immortal Energy!


After it obtained the support of the old Daoist’s Immortal Energy, the Quasi Immortal Artifact called the Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd abruptly gushed out with a 30km long stream of light that swept towards the exceedingly enormous body of the ancient Fiendgod before dragging him towards the gourd.

“No! How can a tiny 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm ant like you subdue me? I’m an ancient Fiendgod that stands above all races…” Roars that surged like thunder shook the heavens and the earth. The ancient Fiendgod struggled intensely, and every single time he struggled, it would shatter the sky and shake the world, causing it to be an extremely terrifying sight. However, no matter how he struggled, he was instead unable to struggle free from the ray of light that surrounded him, causing him to be gradually brought towards the gourd.

“If you were in your prime, how would I dare set my sights on you? Unfortunately, you’re only supported by a strand of remnant Blood Essence now. How could you be a match for me? Get in here!” The slovenly old Daoist abruptly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence and sprayed it onto the gourd. Doing this caused his emaciated face to become pale, and it had obviously consumed an enormous amount of his strength.

But the effect was extremely shocking. An enormous beast phantom that swallowed the heavens abruptly charged out from the gourd shaped Magic Treasure, and its body surged with violent energy of Dao Insights as it swallowed the ancient Fiendgod into its stomach with a single gulp before transforming into a wisp of flowing light that bore into the gourd and vanished from sight.

At practically the exact same time, the slovenly old Daoist casually gestured with his hand and had already grabbed the gourd in his hand, and then he laughed loudly as he sealed the mouth of the gourd completely.

Just like this, a towering ancient Fiendgod with might that shook the nine heavens was sealed within the gourd!

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