Chapter 272 – Divine Lightning of the Five Elements


Chen Xi’s figure flashed out to instantly arrive at the side of the city wall, and without saying a single word, he struck out with his sword at the greater demon than Ning Daofu was entangled with. This greater demon’s strength was at the Golden Hall Realm, yet it only let out a sorrowful cry before dying miserably on the spot.

Amongst the people that were on guard on the city wall, the Dean of Pine Mist Institution, Ning Daofu, possessed the highest cultivation, yet his opponent was a Gale Firefox that was similarly at the Golden Hall Realm and had a strength that surpassed him. So even though he’d struck out with all his ultimate moves, he was still unable to do anything to this beast, and instead had his arm injured by it.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi easily exterminating this Gale Firefox with a single strike of the sword, Ning Daofu’s eyes stared wide open, and besides being shocked, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Originally, he was already prepared to die long ago.

Chen Xi didn’t notice all this as he’d flashed up onto the city wall before sweeping the surroundings with his gaze. Instantly, he noticed that the situation was even more terrible than he’d estimated. Practically all these leaders of the various powers were covered in blood and injuries. Not to mention there were actually over 10 Violet Palace Realm greater demons that had charged through the city gates. If they weren’t killed in time, then it would be extremely likely for them to bring disaster to the people in the city.


Chen Xi’s figure completely blurred when the Starsky Wings was executed with full force by him, and he instantly vanished. After that, everyone saw that the 10 plus Violet Palace Realm greater demons that had charged into the city were originally charging out towards all directions, yet in the time of a few breaths, all of them had perished!


Swift to an unbelievable degree!

It was swift to the point the people present were utterly incapable of seeing Chen Xi’s figure and even didn’t see clearly how he’d attacked before all those Violet Palace Realm greater demons had perished.

Right at the instant that everyone was shocked, Chen Xi had already appeared on the city wall once more, and he instructed. “All of you retreat and heal your injuries. Leave this place to me.”

All of these people were covered in injuries, and their lives would be in danger if they continued fighting. Moreover, with their strength, they were unable to be of any more use, so why not return quickly and heal their injuries? That way they would have the hope of surviving.

“This…” Everyone was hesitant and seemed to feel that if they retreated now, it would be an extremely shameful thing.

Chen Xi frowned. “All of you being present here will only affect my ability to fight, do you understand?”

This was indeed a fact. The scale of the beast pack was too large, and if he were to fight with all his might, he wouldn’t be afraid, yet if he had to divert his attention to save the others, it would be too troublesome.

All of them felt slightly embarrassed from Chen Xi’s words, yet understood that what Chen Xi said was correct. So they didn’t continue persisting right away and cupped their fists at Chen Xi in succession as they took their leave.

When he saw everyone had retreated, Chen Xi didn’t have any worries any longer, and after he casually swung his sword to kill over 10 demon beasts that charged up onto the city gate, he seized this short interval to look towards the distance.

The two Golden Core Realm greater demons that were in control of the demon beast pack had either died or fled, and the strength of the remaining demon beasts was already incapable of posing any threat to Chen Xi. Yet their number was still shockingly huge, and there were at least over 1,000 demon beasts remaining.

This number seemed to be normal, yet when so many demon beasts had really appeared within one’s field of vision, one would understand how shocking this scene was, and it wasn’t going too far to describe it as an overwhelming force that covered the sky and blocked out the sun.

Moreover, every single one of these demon beasts possessed shockingly huge bodies. The large ones were over 100 meters high, and the smaller ones were around 20 meters tall. When they appeared in a dense mass in the heavens and the earth, it was like an ocean that one couldn’t see the end of.

It’s truly troublesome… Chen Xi muttered to himself as he put away the Talisman Armament, and then the Shaman Energy in his body circulated as he raised his hand to slap out towards the space before him.


A palm that was over 300 meters large appeared in the sky, and it was completely suffused with a gorgeous and colorful glow. On the striations at the center of the palm were countless dazzling stars that flickered between brightness and dimness as they circulated endlessly, and they seemed to contained boundlessly deep profundities of the Grand Dao that had existed for eternity.

Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm!

Unlike the Grand Astral Palm he’d cultivated for the first time, along with the improvement of Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation, this Divine Ability already contained the energy of Fifth-Earth, Seventh-Gold, Second-Wood, Third-Fire, and Ninth-Water now. At the instant it appeared, a terrifying fluctuation blasted out and spread towards the surroundings with the five types of quintessence energies at its center. Merely its aura caused space to be shaken to the point ripples appeared, and the hard ground was even pressured to the point it cracked inch by inch and broke open into numerous rifts that were like a spider web. 

Moreover, the myriad of stars that circulated endlessly on the striations of the palm seemed to have come to life, and they fluttered and danced about as they emitted chilly and dazzling starlight that reflected onto the five types of quintessence energies. It seemed to have already completely extracted the various lights and airflow in an area of 50km in the surrounding before condensing it within the large palm, causing the heavens and the earth to reveal a slight shaky feeling of collapse.

A single hand covered the heavens!

The skies changed color!

However, this scene was within Chen Xi’s expectations. After he inscribed the five Divine Talismans, his knowledge towards the Grand Astral Palm had advanced by leaps and bounds, and he deeply understood how terrifying its might was. It also allowed him to realize how naïve and laughable the method he utilized the Grand Astral Palm in the past was, and it was at most capable of exerting 20% of its might.

This Divine ability was absolutely not an offensive ability for fighting others head on, and it possessed other profundities. Only by comprehending various Dao Insights would one be able to release its true might. Moreover, the more Dao Insights one grasped, the stronger its might would be, and it encompassed everything and embraced everything within it, causing it to completely surpass the scope of a Dao Grade martial technique.

A Dao Grade martial technique was only a utilization method towards a single type of Dao Insight, whereas the Grand Astral Palm was instead capable of containing various Dao Insights without conflicting in the slightest. The reason it was like this was the energy of these Dao Insights would condense within the myriad of stars on the striations of the palm. It was precisely the trajectory these stars circulated with that guaranteed they wouldn’t conflict with each other, and it would instead allow them to derive various profound effects that caused the strength of the Grand Astral Palm to rise explosively.

After all was said and done, this Divine Ability was formidable from the word ‘Astral.’ Stars were boundless, Dao Insights were boundless, so its might was boundless as well!

Rumble! Rumble!

The Grand Astral Palm appeared across the sky, and there were actually waves of thunder spreading out from the center of the palm. The sound of thunder shook the heavens and the earth, and it caused the pack of beasts to be restless, uneasy, anxious, and bewildered.

Moreover, within the area that was covered by the Grand Astral Palm, numerous large patches of azure colored clouds had appeared instantly to cover the sky. Azure colored lightning bolts surged endlessly within these clouds, and strands of Second-Wood Divine Lightning seemed like warped azure colored hail as they crashed down.

The Second-Wood Divine Lightning was clear and translucent, with warped arcs of lightning that revealed irregular shapes like the striations on large trees, yet they contained extremely terrifying energy within. At the instant they descended, there were a few hundred demon beasts that were instantly blasted apart and annihilated, and there were even numerous rifts broken open on the ground.

On the ground that had been struck by the Second-Wood Divine Lightning, the plants that possessed traces of green had instantly sprouted from the ground before growing 30m in height!

When faced with such divine might, the nearby demon beasts dashed and roared, and all of them were horrified, yet it didn’t stop the pace of their attack. All of them went around the area covered by the Grand Astral Palm before flashing towards the city from the side.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Grand Astral Palm fluctuated for a moment, and besides the azure colored clouds, there were also crimson, golden, black, and yellow steam that converged into a formidable array of clouds. After that, they spread out to instantly lie across before the city and condense into an expanse of five colored lightning clouds that covered an extremely large area.

Subsequently, countless bolts of lightning of various colors poured down like a torrential rainstorm, and the Second-Wood Divine Lightning, Seventh-Gold Divine Lightning, Fifth-Earth Divine Lightning, Third-Fire Divine Lightning, and Ninth-Water Divine Lightning blasted down all over the heavens and the earth. 

In just an instant, the space in an extremely large area before the city wall and even outside the mountain range was filled with the violent and piercingly cold energy of the lightning storm.

This was already not a mere area attack, and it even surpassed some group attack techniques. It was a full scale attack that caused every single inch of space and every single inch of the heavens and the earth to be enveloped beneath the blasts of lightning, and there wasn’t the slightest gap to evade it with. 

Just this attack had completely sucked out all the Shaman Energy in Chen Xi’s body, causing his countenance to instantly become slightly pale, yet a wisp of dense astonishment gushed out from his eyes.

Even though he’d known since long ago that the Grand Astral Palm could no longer be compared to how it was in the past, yet he still had never imagined that only a single attack had completely exhausted all his Shaman Energy, and it had simply exceeded all his predictions. 

But such might is truly too terrifying as well. Dao Insight condensed within the Shaman Marking on the palm, coupled with Shaman Energy forming into divine lightning to draw out an attack that covered all directions. There’s perhaps no one that’s capable of escaping such might, right? Unless the person’s strength surpasses me by a significant amount… The feeling of his Shaman Energy being completely extracted and dried up caused Chen Xi to feel greatly unaccustomed, but when he saw the destruction caused by the Grand Astral Palm, he was instantly flabbergasted.

When he looked outside the city wall, the entire ground was charred and cracked while covered with corpses, the shattered bones and flesh had transformed into strands of drifting burnt smoke, and there was actually not a single demon beast alive.

In other words, all 1,000 plus demon beasts had been completely wiped out by this strike!

Wispy lightning qi that was formed from strands of second-wood, seventh-gold, third-fire, ninth-water, and fifth-earth energy filled this area of the heavens and the earth and didn’t disperse for a long time. The terrifying energy of destruction contained within this qi caused even Chen Xi to feel a wave of fear.

He knew that it wasn’t real lightning, but was instead an attack derived from the combination of Shaman Energy and Dao Insight and was released in the form of lightning. But even then, this level of might was still terrifying to a shocking degree, and it at least possessed half the might of real lightning!

Supposedly, heavenly talismans are capable of transforming the ‘force’ of the heavens and the earth to appear in the form of lightning, whereas, my Grand Astral Palm is already capable of doing this now. If I utilize it against my enemies, probably a single strike would be capable of annihilating Wei Yuezi… As he sighed emotionally in his heart, Chen Xi felt the shriveled feeling after the Shaman Energy in his body dried up, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. Unfortunately, with my current body refinement cultivation, I can only utilize it once. After a single strike, my Shaman Energy would completely dry up, so I can only use it as a trump card in my battles in the future.


Right at this moment, a silver streak abruptly charged out from the distant depths of the mountain range, and an over 40m long silver wolf with a pair of wings tore through the sky, and its speed was extremely swift like a bolt of lightning.

The fur all over this wolf overflowed with a silver shine, its wings were white like snow with edges that were sharp like blades, and its entire body revealed a proud, noble, and lofty aura.

Merely from the aura that gushed out from its body, it was shockingly a Golden Core Realm greater demon.

But Chen Xi’s eyes slightly narrowed when he saw this silver wolf with wings, yet a wisp of a faint familiar feeling gushed out from his heart, and it was as if he’d seen this demon beast somewhere. 

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