Chapter 271 – Mountaineater Rat

Chen Xi stood alone on the city wall as he looked up towards the boundless mountain range, and a wave of piercingly cold wind blew over, causing his long hair and clothes to flutter with the wind.

Suddenly, the clear weather gradually dimmed down as dark clouds that were pitch black like ink converged in the sky above the depths of the mountain range, and it covered the heavens and blocked out the sun as it moved swiftly towards Pine Mist City. The terrifying demonic qi that effused out from the dark clouds caused even Chen Xi to feel apprehensive in his heart.

“Aren’t all of you going to return to help?” Chen Xi withdrew his gaze at looked at the leaders of the various powers that were all around the surroundings of the city wall. The Pine Mist Institution’s Ning Daofu, the Redleaf Institution’s Ye Qiu… At this moment, all of them were gathered in the surroundings of the city wall. 

“There’s naturally someone attending to the institution. As the leaders of a power, we naturally ought to battle at the front line and fight to enemy bravely for the sake of winning some time for them to move.”

“Exactly. The scale of the pack of beasts this time is unprecedentedly formidable. According to the reports of the scouts, there are two Golden Core Realm greater demons in charge amongst the 1,000 plus demon beasts. If they successfully invade into the city, then the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Everyone spoke out successively with firm expressions that revealed a sense of being ready to risk everything. Obviously, for the sake of winning time for their clansmen to move into the Chen Clan, these leaders had cast aside life and death and intended to risk their lives.

Chen Xi nodded, and he extremely admired the resolution and courage of these people.

“Look, quickly! They’re coming!” Someone exclaimed in shock.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. The sky in the distant depths of the mountain range was covered in a dense mass that roiled with demonic qi that filled the heavens and the earth. Some low level demon beasts like Crimson Flame Tigers, Violethorn Lizards, Bloodshadow Twinheaded Hawks, and Ghastly Goshawks charged at the front in a formidable array that covered the heavens and the earth, and when looked at from afar, it was like a floor that was gushing over.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Behind the dense mass of low level demon beasts were numerous figures with demonic qi that shot into the sky as they flew in midair. All of these demon beasts were existences that had cultivated to the Violet Palace Realm and had already taken human form. No matter if they were men or women, old or young, or how their appearances looked like, their expressions revealed a savage and ferocious aura that was completely different from human cultivators.

Moreover, in the middle of these figures that flew in the sky were instead another 10 plus demon cultivators that were even more formidable, and all of them surrounded two tall figures like a myriad of stars surrounding two bright moons. These two figures were enveloped in a ball of dark black demonic qi, the aura they emitted raged in their surroundings and shot into the nine heavens, causing the layer of clouds to be in disorder, and it was an extremely astonishing sight.

There was no need to guess, these two tall figures were formed from Golden Core Realm demon beasts, and the ten plus demon cultivators around them were surely existences at the Golden Hall Realm.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Beasts roars that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out with a rumble, shaking the mountain range to the point its walls trembled as the plants and rocks atop it shattered into powder, and their show of force was simply as if the end of the world was approaching. 

“Zhen Sword of Lightning!” As the Talisman Armament appeared in his hand, Chen Xi soared up into the sky to intercept the densest area of the pack of beasts, and his sword flashed out before it slashed down.


It was like a bolt of lightning that descended from the heavens as a brilliant and dazzling arc of lightning converged into an almost 300m long sword qi that instantly slashed open an empty rift between the pack of demon beasts. Under this terrifying and fierce sword qi, no matter if the various demon beasts ran on the ground or flew in the sky, an entire 100 plus demon beasts had instantly been split apart and died on the spot, and even the ground had a narrow and long rift opened up on it.

The might of a single sword strike was this terrifying!

The leaders of the various powers on the city wall stared their eyes wide open. Even if they’d witnessed Chen Xi’s strength long ago, when they saw a scene like this moment, they were still shocked to the point their minds shook endlessly, and then a wisp of excitement and agitation surged into their hearts. No matter how formidable this beast pack was, what was there to be afraid of with Chen Xi here?

“Tsk tsk! Human, you’re courting death!” A sharp and peculiar voice tore through the sky as a Violet Palace Realm demon cultivator transformed into an enormous Bloodhawk that charged past the pack of beasts and flashed over explosively before its pair of golden hawk claws that were the size of an entire fan struck fiercely at Chen Xi.

It’s actually an Ironwing Bloodhawk. Even though it’s only at the Violet Palace Realm, it possesses a trace of the bloodline of an ancient divine beast within its body. Coupled with its extremely swift speed and proficiency in Wind Dao Insight, even a Golden Hall Realm cultivator would be helpless upon encountering it.” The Redleaf Institution’s Dean Ye Qiu spoke with a serious voice. Presently, he was still only at the Violet Palace Realm, so he naturally felt it was extremely difficult when facing a flying demon beast like this.

But Chen Xi utterly didn’t care about trash like this, as compared to the Thunderhawk King he’d encountered in the depths of the mountain range in the past, this Ironwing Bloodhawk was too weak.

Swoosh! Hiss!

His sword swept out horizontally like a gust of wind. This Ironwing Bloodhawk arrived swiftly and died even more swiftly. It hadn’t even approached him when it was slashed apart by his sword, and its feathers that were mixed with fresh blood scattered all over the sky.

Dean Ye Qiu instantly felt an enormous difference in his heart, the fierce flying beast that was extremely difficult to handle in his eyes was casually wiped out by Chen Xi, and it caused him to have all sorts of feelings in his heart. But when he recalled that Chen Xi was even able to kill Wei Yuezi who was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm and was already an existence that wasn’t on the same level as himself, his feelings slowly returned to normal.

Chen Xi didn’t notice any of this, as his thoughts were placed completely on the pack of beasts.

“I’ll go kill those two Golden Core Realm demon cultivators. All of you guard here. Once I deal with them, the assault of this pack of beasts will collapse by itself.” As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure shook, and in the next moment, he’d already vanished from the top of the city wall.

He charged over?

Besides feeling shocked, everyone couldn’t help but arouse lofty sentiments in their hearts when they saw this scene. Right, why can’t we take the initiative to attack instead of just waiting for them to come attack us? 

“Let’s protect the city wall well; we must absolutely not let Chen Xi down!”

“If we don’t kill our enemies courageously at this moment of life and death, then when are we waiting for?”



Chen Xi was completely unaware that a tiny action of his would stimulate the leaders of the various powers of Pine Mist City to the point they were filled with the spirit to fight and surging with hot blood, and they had the lofty sentiments of sweeping through everything in the world.

At this moment, Chen Xi was charging towards the back of the pack and any demon beast that obstructed his way died miserably on the spot, and he was simply like an awl that caused flesh and blood to fly about and shrill cries to echo out everywhere he passed.


A Golden Hall Realm greater demon held a hammer in each of his hands and moved to obstruct Chen Xi’s path, yet his throat was penetrated with a single strike of Chen Xi’s, causing him to plunge down and crash onto the ground.


Another Golden Hall Realm greater demon that had transformed into an enormous flaming centipede launched a sneak attack at Chen Xi from the shadows, yet Chen Xi had long since noticed it, and he slapped out with his palm, causing the hard body of the over 50m long centipede to transform into powder.

Everywhere he passed all along the way, there was actually not a single being that could withstand a single move of his!

“All you stand down, leave this human cultivator to me!” A voice that was deep like a thunderclap resounded out, and it shook one’s eardrums to the point that even one’s soul felt intense pain.

Bang!Accompanying this voice that was like a thunderclap, a violet colored palm print that was over 30m in size condensed into form in midair before descending down from midair to slap fiercely at Chen Xi.

The violet colored palm print was coiled with demonic qi and seemed material, and it emitted a billowing fierce aura. It hadn’t even approached Chen Xi’s body when the terrifying energy tore apart space and pressed down the point the spirit energy in the surroundings exploded open inch by inch. This aura even caused some of the nearby demon beasts to meet with misfortune, and they fell to the ground with heavy injuries and were unable to stand up once more.

This greater demon isn’t bad, his palm strike actually contains a strand of Hill Dao Insight, and if an ordinary person encountered it, it would be no different than being knocked by a heavy mountain, causing one to meet the fate of being squashed to death. But it’s useless towards me. Chen Xi shook his head when facing this palm, and his body stopped abruptly before the Talisman Armament flashed out in the sky and smashed over towards it. This strike similarly contained a heavy and deep aura that was like a group of mountains condensed together and a myriad of hills standing high above in the sky. Because it was too heavy, numerous waves of shattered ripples were even squeezed out from space itself.


The violet colored palm print was like paper as this sword strike pressed down upon it to the point it exploded and transformed into pieces of light that vanished into thin air. However, Chen Xi’s sword move hadn’t dispersed yet, and it was still like a group of mountains sweeping through the sky as it smashed towards the distance.

A tall figure stood there, and it was precisely the Golden Core Realm greater demon that had executed the violet palm print. His features were like bolts of lightning, his countenance snow white, yet his lips were an extremely ruby red, and he gave others a visual impact that was gloomy and evil.

“Hmm? You’re actually capable of withstanding a strike of I, Wei Hong, without dying? Little kid, it’s an achievement sufficient for you to take pride in….” A gloomy voice sounded out from his ruby red lips as this Golden Core Realm greater demon called Wei Hong stretched out his hand to slap towards the sword qi that assaulted his face.

Chen Xi shook his head once more when he saw this scene. This strike of mine is the Kun Sword of Ground that contains the Grand Dao of Earth and has been amplified by the Talisman Armament, causing it to be deep and heavy like an enormous mountain that was approaching. How could it be so easily resisted?

Crack! Crack!

“Ah! My hand!” As expected, the greater demon, Wei Hong, who was conceited, had his entire right hand squished to the point both bones and tendons were broken by the heavy sword move. If it wasn’t for him reacting in time, his entire arm would have probably been crushed into powder.  

But even then, it hurt to the point that he howled endlessly with rage. His entire right hand was badly mutilated and its bones were shattered, causing him to at least be unable to utilize it at this moment.

“Die!” Chen Xi charged over directly without the slightest hesitation. Every minute he delayed would cause everyone on the city wall to be in slightly more danger, so he had to swiftly deal with these two Golden Core Realm greater demons that posed the biggest threat.

“Xun Sword of Wind!” When they were separated by over 30m, Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength while stabbing out with the Xun Sword of Wind that was famous for its extreme speed. In practically less than a thousandth of an instant, he’d already arrived by Wei Hong’s side, and his speed was so swift that it was simply already no different to teleportation.

In the eyes of Wei Hong, Chen Xi speed was indeed like teleportation at this moment. Especially the sword in Chen Xi’s hand, it simply seemed as if it appeared out of thin air before his throat, and that level of terrifying speed caused his soul to almost leave his body as he practically instinctively flashed out explosively towards the side.

“Lie Jun, are you still not going to help, what’re you waiting for…” Wei Hong, who’d thought he’d escaped calamity, cried out sharply with rage, yet in the next moment, his sharp cry stopped abruptly. The sword that followed him like a shadow had penetrated through his throat, and he even saw a wisp of extremely beautiful red blood spray out, and it was ruby red in color like his lips…


This Golden Core Realm greater demon, Wei Hong, hadn’t even had the time to transform to his original form, nor did he have the time to detonate his golden core before he lost his life completely in his shock and fell to the ground.

So it was a Redlipped Red-Crowned Crane. Unfortunately, it has cultivated for too short a period of time, causing it to only be at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and its strength is unable to compare with some demon beasts that possess the bloodline of ancient divine beasts. How could it be a match for me? Chen Xi glanced towards the ground and saw Wei Hong’s corpse had transformed into a red-crowned crane, and he instantly understood Wei Hong’s identity in his heart.

“Die!” A loud shout resounded out explosively by his ears, and then an extremely enormous azure colored rat appeared abruptly in the sky above Chen Xi, and it was the size of a small mountain. When it opened its bloody mouth that had teeth that were sharp like blades, it seemed as if it could swallow the heavens and the moon, and it was extremely terrifying, as even the surrounding space seemed to have had a large piece swallowed by it.

Mountaineater Rat? Chen Xi seemed to have expected this scene since long ago, but when he saw the appearance of this azure colored rat, he still felt a trace of surprise, as he’d recognized the origins of this demon beast.

Supposedly, when this beast reached adulthood, it was extremely formidable, as it could swallow a 30km tall mountain just by opening its mouth, and with a casual suck, it could cause an entire surging river to be dried up. 

The azure colored enormous rat before his eyes was a Mountaineater Rat without a doubt. Moreover, its cultivation was around the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm. It hadn’t made an appearance earlier because it was waiting for this moment to launch a sneak attack and swallow Chen Xi with a single gulp.

“I’ve been waiting for you since long ago. Your companion is already dead, so now you can go accompany him!” At practically the instant the Mountaineater Rat appeared, the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand had already torn through the sky like a flaming dragon, and sword lights shot out and charged directly into the nine heavens. The Li Sword of Fire that contained the raging and violent Grand Dao of Fire exploded out suddenly, and it was like a dazzling sun that swiftly ascended into the sky and instantly covered the Mountaineater Rat within a sword light that was a boundless sea of flames.

Hiss~ Hiss~

The Mountaineater Rat entirely never imagined that Chen Xi’s reaction would be so swift, and his attack would be so ferocious. Instantly, the azure colored fur that covered his body was instantly burned to the point his skin and flesh split open, and he ceaselessly emitted shrill cries of intense pain.

“What a cunning kid! Once my Master makes a move, you’re dead for sure!” Amidst a furious roar, the Mountaineater Rat’s body shook suddenly, and then it transformed into a wisp of flowing light that fled towards the depths of the mountain range.

It was actually capable of fleeing from my Li Sword of Fire? Chen Xi was stunned, yet he didn’t chase after the Mountaineater Rat, as the most appropriate move now was to annihilate this pack of beasts before him. 

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