Chapter 270 – Incoming Danger

In a mere three moves, Lin Qiuling, a Golden Core Realm disciple of the Five Element Sword Sect, had died on the spot. It wasn’t surprising, as she’d lost her will to fight after she witnessed the battle between Chen Xi and Wei Yuezi and had long since aroused the intention to retreat. Chen Xi instead held the intention of killing her to keep her silent, so he attacked with his full strength. Would Lin Qiuling have the chance to survive under this difference?

It wasn’t only Lin Qiuling, Meng Chixing that was still unconscious and the other 10 plus Golden Hall Realm servants that followed them had been completely exterminated without the slightest mercy by Chen Xi.

Up to this point, the group of people that had come from Five Element Sword Sect to provide aid had been exterminated, and this was an outcome that no one present had imagined.

Blood suffused the air and suffocated one’s eyes and nose.

Everyone present had a variety of feelings in their hearts as they looked at the puddles of blood and corpses on the ground, and even until this moment, they still didn’t dare believe that all of this was done by Chen Xi.

Especially when they saw the beautiful woman, Lin Qiuling, being killed by Chen Xi without batting an eye, and her beautiful soul perishing forever, it caused all of them to be extremely horrified. In their hearts, they’d already taken Chen Xi to be a cold and emotionless executioner that slaughtered without batting an eye and was both cruel and merciless. When he carried out a slaughter to keep people quiet, he acted without the slightest scruples and utterly didn’t differentiate between men or women, old or young, and he killed on a whim with extreme cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness.

But it was precisely because Chen Xi had fully displayed his bloody and resolute methods that it awed everyone present, causing them to not dare leak the news of this incident, as they were worried they would offend this maleficent existence and bring death to themselves.

“Fellow Daoists, these people were excessively greedy, and their deaths are nothing to be regretted. Now that my older brother has come out from closed door cultivation, I presume everyone has seen his strength. With him present, everyone doesn’t have to worry about the calamity brought about by the packs of beast spreading. But for safety’s sake, everyone should swiftly rush back to their clans and institutions to bring back your disciples and move into my Chen Clan Mansion. In this way, they’ll be even safer. What does everyone think?” Chen Hao’s gaze swept past everyone as he spoke suddenly.

“Of course.”

“Since Patriarch Chen is thinking for our sakes, how could we have a reason to refuse?”

“Exactly. We’ll go gather our clansmen right away and rush over to the Chen Clan to tide over these difficult times together.”

The leaders of the various powers of Pine Mist City spoke out in agreement. After they witnessed Chen Xi’s strength, they naturally know what they should do.

“Do you really want to take in the clansmen and members behind these people? Does Big Brother agree to this?” At the rear courtyard of the Chen Clan Mansion, Fei Lengcui frowned as she asked.

Chen Hao let out a breath of air before smiling. “Big Brother doesn’t care about these trivial matters. Not to mention taking in the clansmen of these various clans into our Chen Clan is for the sake of the Chen Clan.”

Even though Fei Lengcui was a mother now, she was the leading figure in the younger generation of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect all those years ago, so she was naturally exceedingly wise, and she instantly understood the workings behind it and smiled. “So that’s how it is. Since Big Brother killed the disciples of the Five Element Sword Sect under the gazes of everyone, now that we’ve taken in the clansmen of these powers into the Chen Clan, it can serve as a warning. If anyone wanted to leak this news, they’d have to consider the safety of their clansmen, right?”

Chen Hao laughed loudly as he nodded. “Exactly.”

“Father, what’re you laughing about? Quickly accompany Yu’er in my sword training. Once I’ve grown up, I want to seize the first in the Hidden Dragon Rankings just like Uncle.” Little Chen Yu held a little wooden sword as he ran into the house. 


Chen Xi sat cross-legged in his room.

The battle today had allowed him to obtain a clear understanding of his own strength, and especially the Starsky Wings and Talisman Armament had given him an enormously pleasant surprise.

One possessed a crushing advantage in speed.

The other instead possessed a formidable amplification effect towards the Dao Grade martial techniques he executed.

When both of them were combined they at least allowed his strength to rise explosively by around 30%. According to Chen Xi’s inference, even top Golden Core Realm experts like Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger would probably be far from being his match. But, if he was compared to Qin Xiuyi, then he would obviously be slightly inferior…

It wasn’t that Chen Xi wasn’t confident, but along with the advancement of his cultivation, it allowed him to more deeply perceive Qin Xiuyi’s strength. After all, this woman was capable of being equally matched with Fan Yunlan who was at the Rebirth Realm. Even though her cultivation was at the Golden Core Realm, but the combat strength she possessed had already exceeded the scope of the Golden Core Realm and couldn’t be judged by common sense.

Perhaps I can compete with Qin Xiuyi after I advance into the Golden Core Realm? Wait, this woman is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and she’s similarly improving as I improve. I’m afraid it won’t be so easy for me to chase after her… Chen Xi thought over and over again yet was unable to come to a conclusion, and he couldn’t help but shake his head and concentrate his attention on himself.

The Starsky Wings is a Divine Ability, and it’ll cause it to be extremely easy for others to recognize my cultivation in body refinement. It’s not advisable to expose it in my future battles. Fortunately, within the inheritance of the Starsky Wings is a technique to conceal its aura, so I don’t have to bitterly think of a way. In Chen Xi’s heart, his body refinement cultivation could entirely be taken to be a trump card of his, and the less people that knew about it, the more capable it would be of taking his opponents by surprise.

As for the Talisman Armament, I don’t have to conceal it as no one is capable of discerning its quality, and it’s sufficient so long as no one finds out about its profundity. When he thought about the Talisman Armament, Chen Xi commanded in his heart before opening his mouth to spit out a ray of light, and then it transformed into the one meter long Talisman Armament. Its ancient and simple construction and its pitch black like obsidian body caused it to seem rather inconspicuous.

But only Chen Xi knew how formidable the might of the Talisman Armament was. It possessed a practically limitless space for evolution, and it even possessed an amplification effect towards the strength of Dao Insights. If it were to fall into the outside world, it would surely cause the entire cultivation world to be shaken.

Presently, the Azure Divine Wood, Sunforce Metal, Flaming Divine Crystal, and Unity Darkwater are garrisoned within the Talisman Armament, allowing them to constantly nurture the intelligence of the sword, temper the sharpness of the blade, refine the impurities sword, and cleanse the markings on the surface of the sword. The Yellowearth Divine Talisman in the fuller of the sword also has the Chaotic Lifesoil garrisoned within it, and it possesses an extremely great beneficial effect towards the hardness of the sword. Logically speaking, the quality of the Talisman Armament is already not inferior to a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure… Chen Xi thought for a moment and decided to personally test the true might of the Talisman Armament.


A dazzling golden sword appeared in his hand. Its body was narrow, long, and thin like a cicada’s wings, with many dense and profound talisman marking patterns inscribed on it, and it emitted strong seventh-gold qi. This sword was left behind by Wei Yuezi after his death, and it was a top-grade earth-rank sword called Shatterscar.


Chen Xi gritted his teeth before circulating his full strength into the Talisman Armament and fiercely slashing down onto Shatterscar, causing golden sparks to fly out as a deafening sound resounded out. Shockingly, a crack had appeared on Shatterscar, and it was only a finger’s length away from causing it to split from the center, whereas, the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand was completely unharmed.

Amazing! The strength of the Talisman Armament has already almost surpassed the top-grade earth-rank! Chen Xi gasped with admiration in his head, and he was roughly able to confirm that the current quality of the Talisman Armament ought to be above the top-grade earth-rank, yet inferior to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure. If it was a low-grade heaven-rank sword, it would be sufficient to slash apart a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure with a single strike.

Of course, this also depended on the cultivation of the user. In the hands of a Heavenly Immortal, even a piece of scrap metal was sufficient to shatter a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, and this was decided by the Heavenly Immortal’s own strength and not the quality of the Magic Treasure.

Even though Chen Xi’s method of testing was blunt, when competing in terms of the quality of a Magic Treasure, the outcome of his test wouldn’t be much different from the truth.

After he summed up the experience and insufficiencies in the battle today, Chen Xi didn’t dally to push on and take out the dark golden jade slip that recorded the Grand Obliteration Fist to carefully comprehend it.

The Allstar Meeting would start in less than two years of time, and at that time, the geniuses in the entire territory of the Darchu Dynasty would gather at Silken City from all over and carry out an unprecedentedly grand feast of martial competitions. To every single Golden Core Realm expert below the age of 30, it was undoubtedly a good chance to make a name for one’s self and become renowned.

Moreover, the people who’re ranked in the top ten during the Allstar meeting were even able to represent the Darchu Dynasty to enter the Primeval Battlefield and compete for the qualifications to enter the Dark Reverie!   

Chen Xi’s ultimate objective in participating in the Allstar Meeting was the win the qualifications to enter the Dark Reverie, and as for making a name for himself and standing out, he didn’t care.

But even if the qualifications for entering the Dark Reverie weren’t mentioned for now, wanting to obtain the top 10 ranks in the Allstar Meeting was absolutely not as easy as one would imagine.

Just think about, the figures that were capable of participating in the Allstar Meeting were all Golden Core Realm experts below the age of 30. They were from all around the Darchu Dynasty, and their number was shockingly enormous. There would surely be no lack of extraordinary geniuses like Huangfu Chongming, and even monstrous existences like Qing Xiuyi wouldn’t just total to one or two people.

The difficulty of seizing the top 10 positions with so many genius experts was obvious.

It was precisely because of these considerations that Chen Xi would cultivate so desperately and didn’t dare slack off in the slightest, as compared to the other people, he didn’t even have the qualifications to participate in the Allstar Meeting right now!

The reason was extremely simple, he hadn’t advanced into the Golden Core Realm yet. According to the rules of the Allstar Meeting, only Golden Core Realm cultivators below the age of 30 could participate in it.

Thus, exactly how great the pressure Chen Xi faced now was obvious.

If he wanted to advance into the Golden Core Realm, then he had to experience the tribulation of wind and fire that caused any cultivator to go pale just from mentioning it, and this was similarly not as easy as one would imagine.

During the 30 years he’d been in closed door cultivation in the world of stars, he’d long since attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in qi refinement, and he’d even faintly possessed indications of breaking through into the Golden Core Realm, but he didn’t dare take that step for a long time. The reason was the existence of the tribulation of wind and fire.

But Chen Xi wasn’t anxious, as there was more than a year of time until the Allstar Meeting, so he had sufficient time. He intended to find the most optimum time to break through before jumping to the Golden Core Realm, as this was the very best choice.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Right when Chen Xi was concentratedly comprehending the Grand Obliteration First, a wave of rapid footsteps sounded out from outside his door, and Chen Xi’s attention was drawn just by hearing the sound of the footsteps. Chen Hao’s mood seemed to be slightly flurried. Could it be that something has happened again?

Chen Xi stood up and opened the door, whereas Chen Hao just happened to have already arrived before the door, and said with slight embarrassment when he saw Chen Xi, “Brother, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you again this time.”

“What happened?” Chen Xi waved his hand and interrupted Chen Hao. He knew that since his younger brother had spoken like this, then it indicated that the trouble this time would surely not be small, otherwise Chen Hao would absolutely not come disturb his secluded cultivation.

“Another pack of beasts charged out of the depths of the mountain range just a moment ago, and it’s a pack of over a thousand. Amongst them are a few hundred Violet Palace Realm greater demons and 40 Golden Hall Realm greater demons. They’re coming fiercely in a scale that far exceeds the past.” Chen Hao said swiftly, “Most severe of it all is that there are two Golden Core Realm greater demons in charge of this pack of beasts. If they’re to charge into Pine Mist City, then the entire city will probably be lost.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. When packs of beasts had attained a scale like this, it was already almost a beast tide. Just think about it, over a thousand demon beasts covering the heavens and the earth as they surged over, the scene was extremely terrifying indeed.

Chen Hao licked his lips and continued. “Originally, if something like this happened, I wouldn’t trouble you, but the clansmen of the various other powers are rushing towards our Chen Clan right now. I’m afraid they’ll be unable to finish moving in a short period of time, so if the pack of beasts invades, I’m afraid…”

“Let’s go!” Before Chen Hao could finish speaking, Chen Xi had already stepped out to flash towards the outside of Pine Mist City. He knew that the more time he delayed, the more dangerous it would be for the others, and he had to respond swiftly. 

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