Chapter 269 – Desperation

Hiss! Hiss!

The boundless sword rain enveloped down from the skies, and a single sword light was like a sharp sword that pierced the skies. At this moment, when a myriad of swords descended from the sky in unison, countless holes were instantly pierced through in space, and it emitted a wave of rapid and sharp ear piercing noises that shook the eardrums of the people present, to the point of almost exploding.

Within this rain of a myriad of golden swords, Chen Xi was like a specter that shuttled back and forth endlessly, and the Starsky Wings flapped endlessly, causing him to not be tainted by a single bit of sword light.


Chen Xi vanished on the spot, his speed was unimaginably fast and was utterly indescribable by words. A snap of the fingers was 60 instants, whereas, Chen Xi’s speed had flashed out a distance of 300m in a thousandth of an instant to appear before Wei Yuezi, and then his Talisman Armament stabbed out.

A sword wave roiled out like the milky way in the nine heavens had converged within this sword, and a ferocious beast that was like a water ape roared within this surging Water Dao Insight, and it added a ferocious and tyrannical aura to this sword move.

Shockingly, this sword move was the Kan Sword of Water in the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture! After the amplification of the Darkwater Divine Talisman in the Talisman Armament, his Dao Insight had taken form, and it formed the phenomenon of a ferocious water ape when his sword stabbed out!

But everyone was able to discern that compared to the speed of Chen Xi’s movement technique, this sword strike of his seemed to be slightly slow. But this was also intentional, as he purely intended to take Wei Yuezi as a punching bag to test his martial prowess.

But to Wei Yuezi, this sword seemed as if it had teleported out of space, and it terrified him to the point his soul almost left his body. He didn’t dare hesitate any longer and practically instinctively changed his sword move to utilize an earth element sword move that caused a golden blade wall to block before him.


However, under the sharp attack of the Talisman Armament, the golden blade wall that covered before him was like a piece of paper that instantly had a large hole opened on it, whereas, Wei Yuezi had seized this opportunity to retreat explosively by over 100 meters.

This outcome was within Chen Xi’s expectations, and he smiled lightly and didn’t hesitate in the slightest before striking out towards Wei Yuezi once more.

Compared to Huangfu Chongming and the others, Wei Yuezi’s strength was obviously slightly inferior, and his threat to Chen Xi was nonexistent. But it was already enough to use him as a means to test his cultivation in the Martial Dao.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The heavens and earth shook as rocks collapsed and waves of air surged into the sky. Chen Xi and Wei Yuezi were locked in battle midair. Both of them were experts in the sword, so the sword qi they emitted caused extremely great destruction to the entire practice grounds, causing the entire ground to be charred and cracked apart, and it had practically in ruins. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi intentionally controlling the battle, the entire Chen Clan Estate would have probably been flattened.

But even then, the terrifying waves of air caused by the battle were like a gale that forced the numerous people who were spectating to retreat repeatedly, as they were deeply afraid of being hit by this terrifying force.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after they retreated to a distance of 3km from the practice grounds, and then dense astonishment arose in their hearts. No one had imagined that Chen Xi was actually capable of fighting a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm expert, and it vaguely seemed as if he had an overwhelming advantage.

Amongst the people present, only Chen Hao perceived that his older brother hadn’t utilized his full strength from the beginning. There were many times that Chen Xi was able to kill Wei Yuezi, yet Chen Xi intentionally slowed down his movements to allow Wei Yuezi to escape calamity, and it seemed as if Chen Xi was a cat playing with a rat.

Could it be that brother is testing his sword technique?

After thinking it over and over again, Chen Hao could only understand it in this way. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a trace of a smile, and he felt that all of his worries had transformed into nothingness at this moment, causing his entire body to be indescribably at ease. It seemed as if so long as his older brother was present, any danger was already incapable of threatening him and the Chen Clan behind him.

Similarly, the female disciple of the Five Element Sword Sect, Lin Qiuling, noticed something was off as well. Her cultivation had attained the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and even though it couldn’t compare to her Eldest Senior Brother, Wei Yuezi, her cultivation was the highest amongst the spectators. With her discerning ability, she noticed with a single glance that her Eldest Senior Brother was already in an extremely dangerous situation.

Why is it like this? 

This detestable fellow is clearly only at the Half-step Golden Core Realm in cultivation, yet why is he suppressing Eldest Senior Brother instead?

Lin Qiuling slightly didn’t dare believe her eyes, and her beautiful face didn’t have the slightest arrogance and proudness any longer. She took a deep breath and exerted great efforts to calm herself before starting to carefully size up Chen Xi’s moves.

This action instantly allowed her to notice a shocking fact. Fire Dao Insight at the Initial Realm, Water Dao Insight at the Initial Realm, Metal Dao Insight at the Initial Realm, Wood Dao Insight at the Initial Realm, Earth Dao Insight at the Initial Realm… Moreover, all of them were capable of creating the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form. My god! This fellow has actually completely grasped the Grand Daos of the five elements!

Most terrifying to her was Chen Xi’s speed was too swift. It completely surpassed her Eldest Senior Brother by more than two times, and it was entirely capable of comparing with teleportation. Moreover, the faintly visible wings behind his back seemed like a vast starry sky and emitted an ancient and desolate aura, and it was the aura of Shaman Energy. Obviously, that pair of wings was a formidable Divine Ability movement technique!

In this way, a brutal truth floated out of the water. This fellow isn’t merely a qi refiner, he’s also a body refiner with a similarly shocking cultivation!

This fellow… Could it be that he’s a freak? Lin Qiuling’s countenance went pale as icy cold terror suffused her heart. She knew that if even her Eldest Senior Brother wasn’t a match for Chen Xi, then she would surely be inferior to him.

At this moment, Lin Qiuling suddenly realized that they seemed to have misplaced their intentions since they came to Pine Mist City, and it was precisely because of this that they’d offended a formidable enemy that they shouldn’t have offended.

“Mother! Has Uncle won?”

In the rear courtyard of the Chen Clan, Fei Lengcui had brought little Chen Yu along to hide here since long ago. After all, the battle at the practice grounds was too terrifying, and to avoid it from affecting little Chen Yu, hiding here was undoubtedly much more convenient. But in this way, little Chen Yu was only able to see balls of dazzling lights from the battle, and as for who won or who lost, he was utterly unable to see it clearly.

“He’ll surely win. All those years ago, your Uncle obtained the top rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings and even your Father can’t compare to your Uncle.” Fei Lengcui smiled as she rubbed her son’s head, and her voice revealed a sense of pride as she’d recalled the shocking display Chen Xi had made during the Hidden Dragon Rankings all those years ago.

“So it turns out that Uncle is so formidable. Once I grow up, I want to take the first in the Hidden Dragon Rankings as well, and be on equal grounds as Uncle.” Little Chen Yu’s clear and jet black eyes opened wide as he spoke with a melodious voice.

“Don’t you want to surpass your Uncle?” Fei Lengcui smiled as she gazed at the firm expression on the little fellow’s face.

“That won’t do. If Yu’er surpasses Uncle, then Uncle will be sad.” Little Chen Yu shook his head.

Fei Lengcui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and she thought in her heart. Your Uncle’s future is limitless. Mother will already feel extremely proud if you can compare to 10% of your Uncle…


The more Wei Yuezi fought, the more shocked he was in his heart. He felt that the person he was facing didn’t seem like an ant at the Half-step Golden Core Realm, and it was instead like he was facing a freak that firmly suppressed him in every aspect. This feeling caused him to feel more and more furious, yet even as he tried bitterly, he was unable to escape Chen Xi’s attacks, causing him to be aggrieved to the point he almost spat blood.

Surmounting a realm to do battle?

How could there be a Half-step Golden Core Realm cultivator in this world that’s capable of firmly suppressing a cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm? There’s an entire realm and three stages between these two cultivations!

But the facts lay right before him, and it caused him to have no choice but to accept it. Moreover, along with the battle going on, he gradually noticed that his opponent’s strength didn’t show the slightest sign of weakening, and it instead was becoming stronger and stronger, whereas the terrifying sword moves became more and more skilled and perfect, causing their might to skyrocket bit by bit. Every single time Chen Xi attacked, he would have no choice but to raise 120% of his energy to face it, yet his opponent seemed to be attacking extremely casually…

Could it be that he’d always been taking me as a whetstone to temper his cultivation in the Martial Dao? At the instant this thought emerged, boundless coldness instantly emerged from Wei Yuezi’s heart.  

At this moment, he finally came to an understanding. Since the beginning of the battle until now, the Half-step Golden Core Realm kid before him had only taken his to be a sparring partner, and Chen Xi had utterly not taken him to be a true opponent!


Truly Damnable!

Wei Yuezi’s chest surged with boundless rage that stimulated him to the point his eyes went red and his face warped, causing him to seem like a trapped beast, and he didn’t have the slightest shred of graceful bearing any longer.

“I’ll kill you! Kill you!” Wei Yuezi fell into madness. A dazzling and resplendent golden core suddenly arose from his forehead, and spirit and essence were generated from it by the blending of Yin and Yang within it. At the instant it appeared, it emitted an extremely vast and terrifying might that caused the aura he emitted to suddenly skyrocket by a few times.

Shit! This fellow is going to risk his life, he actually intends to detonate his golden core!

Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart. He’d witnessed the might of a detonating Golden Core with his own two eyes, and he understood that if he was affected by the energy from the detonation of a Golden Core with his current cultivation, he would be heavily injured even if he escaped death.

“Die! Since I can’t survive today, you’ll have to be buried along with me! Golden Core, deto…” Wei Yuezi laughed loudly and madly, and it was a laughter of resigning to despair after being driven to a dead end. However, before he could finish his words, his eyeballs suddenly bulged out, and his laughing expression froze along with this.


A wisp of a cold light abruptly appeared, and it penetrated through Wei Yuezi’s throat. The terrifying force carried by the blade instantly crushed the vital energy all over his body, causing him to be unable to control his own golden core any longer.

This strike could be said to be the only strike of Chen Xi’s that he’d struck without reservation since the battle began. Its speed was matchlessly swift, to the point the blade penetrated Wei Yuezi’s throat before the sound of the blade entering Wei Yuezi’s throat sounded. After that, a strand of scarlet and hot blood sprayed out to taint the sky red.

“I’ve already more or less understood my own strength, whereas, you have no value anymore. How could I possibly stand idly by as you detonate your golden core and injure me?” Chen Xi shook his head and pulled out his Talisman Armament.

“You… You… My Five Element Sword Sect… Won’t… Won’t let you off!” His words hadn’t finished sounding out in the sky when Wei Yuezi, a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm expert, fell down from midair under the gazes of everyone present, and he plunged down before transforming into a pool of mush and dying tragically.

“Eldest Senior Brother…” Right at this moment, Lin Qiuling seemed as if she’d awakened from a dream and emitted a miserable sharp cry. She was stunned earlier by the scene of Chen Xi instantly killing Wei Yuezi, and she didn’t even have the time to try and rescue Wei Yuezi.

“Even though you’re a woman, for the sake of avoiding news of this from leaking, I can only kill you. You can only blame yourselves for offending someone you shouldn’t have offended this time.” Amidst a voice that was light as the wind, Chen Xi turned around, and his gaze was like bolts of lightning that swiftly locked onto Lin Qiuling.

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