Chapter 268 – The Four Realms and Twelve Levels Of Dao Insight

The golden net formed from countless tiny and sharp sword lights descended from the sky while enveloping and locking down everything in all directions, causing Chen Xi, who was beneath it, to be unable to escape.

But he didn’t plan to escape in any case.


Chilly and faint sword howls resounded as a sword of simple and ancient construct appeared in Chen Xi’s hand. This sword was over one meter in length, and its hilt was long, thin, and strong. The body of the sword was pitch black without the slightest impurities, like an expanse of autumn water, and the sword’s fuller was heavy and protruding like a mountain that had always sat ramrod straight on the blade. The blade itself was extremely sharp and suffused with dazzling and sharp lights that were bright as snow.  

This sword was the weapon Chen Xi had refined in the world of stars for 25 years — The Talisman Armament!

The Azurewood Divine Talisman occupied the body of the sword, and it nurtured the intelligence of the Talisman Armament.

The Crimsonfire Divine Talisman occupied the surface of the sword, and it smelted off the impurities of the Talisman Armament.

The Yellowearth Divine Talisman occupied the fuller of the sword, and it condensed the hardness of the Talisman Armament.

The Whitemetal Divine Talisman occupied the blade of the sword, and it tempered the sharpness of the Talisman Armament.

The Blackwater Divine Talisman occupied the markings on the sword, and it cleansed the flexibility of the Talisman Armament.

Besides that, the sword base was refined from the Sickle of Slaughter, which was an immortal material utilized in refining Immortal Artifacts.

Five Divine Talismans and the Sickle of Slaughter. Each of them had utilized different methods to allow the Talisman Armament to become a weapon that possessed boundless space to grow. But the five Divine Talismans merely possessed form, yet hadn’t had Dao Insight, Dao Territory, and the ‘force’ of the heavens and the earth fused into them, let alone condensed the phantoms of the gods of the heavens and the earth. So at this moment, this Talisman Armament could only be considered to be a Talisman Armament that was merely taking form.

Even then, the might of this sword was quite shocking. Chen Xi had once utilized a top-grade profound-rank sword to test its sharpness, and the outcome was the Talisman Armament was extremely formidable, as it easily sliced the top-grade profound-rank sword in half, like cutting through tofu. Most importantly, this Talisman Armament possessed five Divine Talismans that circulated and promoted each other, allowing it to derive various miraculous effects, and it also possessed an unbelievable amplification effect towards the circulation of Dao Insight!

Hiss~ Hiss~

A wave of sounds of airflow shattering that was piercingly cold like a blade sounded out. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and saw that the golden net that covered the sky would soon press down on him, and the sharp airflow blew onto him to the point a wave of piercing pain came from his eyelids.

“The Li Sword of Fire!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to lightly raise his wrist, causing the Talisman Armament to rise abruptly and sweep out towards the sharp golden net above him, and then the raging Grand Dao of Fire transformed into roiling waves of flames that roared out.


A roar of a wild beast that everyone present had never heard sounded out and the heavy howl shook the heavens and the earth.

After that, everyone saw a terrifying flaming light charge into the sky. It was a crimson red colored bull that was over 40m in height and around 27m in length. Its hooves stepped on roaring flames, and its entire body was bathed in violent flames. A single horn on its head was like a curved blade that pierced into the sky, and it flickered with a crimson red flaming light that seemed as if it wanted to melt the skies.

“Primordial Divine Beast, Inferno Bull!”   

“Supposedly, this beast is a congenital spirit beast that was developed from the quintessence of the Grand Dao of Fire, and it’s one of the embodiments of the Fire Dao Insight. Only a cultivator that possesses the Fire Dao Insight and is utilizing a Dao Grade martial technique would be able to develop a phenomenon like this!”

“Amazing! Could it be that Chen Xi’s grasp of the Grand Dao of Fire has already attained the 1st level of the Initial Realm?”

The flaming bull soared into the sky and was reflected in the world, causing the entire heavens and the earth to seems as if it was tainted by an expanse of flaming light. When they saw this scene, everyone present recalled an infallible law the cultivation world had always adhered to.

Supposedly, no matter if it was a Grand Dao or Minor Dao, all the Dao Insights in the heavens and the earth were divided into the Elementary Realm, Initial Realm, Advanced Realm, and Perfection Realm according to their level of comprehension. Every single one of these realms was divided into three levels, whereas, these four great realms and 12 levels were also called the four realms of Dao Insight’s 12 floored pavilion to ascend into the heavens!

The meaning of these words was extremely simple. Dao Insights could be taken as the ladder to ascend the heavens, and it was divided into a total of 12 levels contained in four realms. Cultivators who cultivated step by steps on it could be supported up into the skies by clouds and ascend into Immortality.

When the Dao Insight gasped by a cultivator attained the Initial Realm, the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form like the Inferno Bull before their eyes now would appear. It was the phenomenon that would be produced when the Grand Dao of Fire attained the Initial Realm. Moreover, when a cultivator comprehended Dao Insight to this extent, the cultivator was already capable of starting to condense Dao Territory! 

Something that needed special mention was the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form could only be produced by Grand Dao Insights, and Minor Daos were incapable of it.



Amidst the roaring, the Inferno Bull soared into the sky and ran amuck. Its hooves were like seals that collapsed the sky, and every stride it took caused space to shatter. It easily tore apart the golden net that covered the sky, and with a flick of the horn on its head, the entire net formed from Goldflame sword light was sent flying before being trampled on, shattered, and melted into nothingness by its hooves that carried raging flames.

In merely an instant, Wei Yuezi’s Goldflame Skysnare was easily disintegrated, and it didn’t pose the slightest threat any longer, whereas the Inferno Bull vanished along with it.

This was naturally done intentionally by Chen Xi, as he didn’t want to kill Wei Yuezi yet. After being in closed door cultivation for 30 years in the world of stars, besides the first 25 years of refining the Talisman Armament, the remaining five years had been used by him to comprehend Dao Insight and practice the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture and Grand Obliteration Fist while meditating and cultivating.

Seemingly because of the strengthening of his soul from the refinement of the five Divine Talismans, Chen Xi obtained an entirely different comprehension while cultivating these two martial techniques. Moreover, his ability to circulate and deduce Dao Insight had become even more formidable as well.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a sparring partner in the world of stars, so even he didn’t know to what extent had his cultivation in the Martial Dao attained. At this moment, he’d seized this strong opponent, Wei Yuezi, so he naturally had to properly feel the changes of his strength from this past few years.

Dao Insight taking form? According to the differentiation of levels and realm in Dao Insight, my Grand Dao of Fire ought to still be at the Elementary Realm and is at most at the 3rd level. It ought to have drawn assistance from the might of the Talisman Armament to develop a phenomenon like the Inferno Bull… Chen Xi knew the level of his grasp on the Grand Dao of Fire extremely well. It wasn’t only the Grand Dao of Fire, the other Grand Daos were more or less at the Elementary Realm, and the highest was only at the 3rd level. There was still an extremely long way for him to traverse before attaining the Initial Realm in Dao Insight.

The reason his sword move from before would cause the appearance of the Inferno Bull was because of the Talisman Armament in his hand.

When he executed the Li Sword of Fire, he acutely noticed that the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman that occupied the surface of the Talisman Armament abruptly started to circulate because of the influx of True Essence. The countless talisman marking structures that were vast like an ocean resonated at the same time, and it carried along his strength to amplify his sword move, the Li Sword of Fire, causing the appearance of the scene from before.

In a nutshell, it was the amplification effect of the Talisman Armament to Dao Insights that caused Chen Xi’s grasp of Fire Dao Insight to attain the Initial Realm and develop the Inferno Bull.

Of course, the contribution of the Dao Grade martial technique, the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, couldn’t be forgotten. One of the eight great sword moves contained within it, the Li Sword of Fire, was a sword technique that was related to the utilization of the Grand Dao of Fire, and coupled with the amplification effect of the Talisman Armament, it created an unbelievably miraculous effect.

How can this be possible?!

At this moment, even with Wei Yuezi’s arrogance and conceit, a wisp of shock still flashed past his heart, and then a trace of uneasiness was like a vine that crawled out from the depths of his heart to silently coil around his heart.

The Grand Dao of Fire at the 3rd level of the Initial Realm. Wei Yuezi wouldn’t be shocked if a Dao comprehension realm like this appeared on a Golden Core Realm cultivator with extraordinary natural talent, but when it appeared on Chen Xi, it caused him to be unable to accept it.

When did even a fellow at the Half-step Golden Core Realm become able to grasp Dao Insight to such a state?

Besides that, that sword technique is clearly a precious Dao Grade martial technique.

Where did a cultivator from a remote little city obtain a Dao Grade martial technique? Could it be that Dao Grade martial techniques are already all over the streets now?

But no matter how he speculated, Wei Yuezi had finally started to feel that this Half-step Golden Core Realm fellow that he thought he could casually annihilate had already possessed the qualifications to fight him, and he didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi any longer.

“What other formidable techniques do you have? Execute all of them!” Chen Xi spoke indifferently, yet he was instead slightly impatient to test some sword moves in his heart.

Actually, from the beginning of the battle until now, he’d always not utilized his full strength, even if he was against a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator.

Early on when in the depths of the Oceanic Desert, his cultivation was already sufficient to annihilate intermediate-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators, and he was capable of going against top Golden Core Realm experts like Huangfu Chongming. Presently, he’d been in closed door cultivation in the world of stars for 30 years, and he only lacked overcoming the tribulation of wind and fire to be ranked amongst the Golden Core Realm, so his strength had increased by more than a level when compared from before. Coupled with his Dao Comprehension realm, Dao Grade martial technique, and Magic Treasures being existences at the extreme top, it allowed him to possess the ability to surmount a realm and annihilate his enemies.

It was common knowledge that when cultivators battled, there were too many factors that affected the battle. One’s own cultivation, Dao Insight comprehension, Dao Grade martial techniques, combat experience, natural talent in combat, and strength of Magic Treasures, every single one of these factors was closely linked to one’s combat strength. It wasn’t a big deal if one was strong in a single factor, and it was only truly formidable when one was strong at every aspect.

Cultivation — Chen Xi’s cultivation was at the Half-step Golden Core Realm. Both the Ice Crane Technique and Blackhole Void Technique he cultivated were top qi refinement cultivation techniques, causing his True Essences to be around 10 times thicker than ordinary cultivators.

Dao Insight comprehension — He’s grasped over 10 Dao Insights. Moreover, all of them were Grand Daos and not a single one was a Minor Dao, so he surpassed ordinary cultivators by a great deal.

Dao Grade martial technique — The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was publicly acknowledged in the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty to be the sword technique that was the most difficult to cultivate. If it was to be carefully differentiated, then this sword technique was in the ranks of top Dao Grade martial techniques as well.

Combat experience — After Chen Xi left Pine Mist City, he’d always been battling ceaselessly, and if it was in terms of the danger and abundance of his combat experiences, it was absolutely not something a figure like Wei Yuezi could compare to.

Natural talent in combat — It was related to one’s grasp and control of the battle. In this aspect, Chen Xi could be said to be shocking and unequaled. Early on when he was at the Congenital Realm, he was able to use an Icicle Talisman to successfully save Chen Hao and Bai Wanqing from the hands of the Li Clan’s Chief manager. All along his path until now, his sharp insight in battle and strategic level of control had caused countless people to sigh with admiration. 

Magic Treasures —  If it was before, this would perhaps be Chen Xi’s weak point. Due to the effect of the restrictions of his cultivation, he could only utilize a top-grade profound-rank Magic Treasure with his full strength and had no way of going against the earth-rank Magic Treasures in the hands of Golden Core Realm cultivators. But it was different now because of the appearance of the Talisman Armament, and it had already surpassed the quality of top-grade profound-rank. Moreover, it possessed boundless space for growth, so it was absolutely a divine weapon.

All these aspects were merely a part of Chen Xi’s strength. If his body refinement cultivation, the Divine Abilities and cultivation techniques he grasped, the strength of his soul, and the soul attack techniques he possessed were counted as well, it would surely shock a ton of people to death. 

Dammit! Truly damnable! Wei Yuezi’s expression was extremely ominous, and his cold and arrogant bearing had completely vanished to fully transform into cold and furious killing intent. Even though Chen Xi’s voice was light, yet it was like numerous sharp arrows that stabbed at his heart, causing him to feel boundless humiliation and rage.

“A single strike shocks the sky and slashes out in all directions while Goldflame covers the entire sky with destruction, causing the world to be split apart as evil is annihilated. The world changes, yet the sword remains the same… Chen Xi, I’ll let you experience my Goldflame Sword Technique’s three great killer moves, Swordrain Annihilation!”


Wei Yuezi suddenly exploded out with his might. The sword in his hand flew out in the sky like a large river that lay across the skies. Golden waves roiled as mighty waves hit the bank of the river, and the fierce aura of slaughter shook the heavens and the earth to the point it trembled. The boundless river of sword qi converged into a vortex that crashed down with a bang, like a dazzling meteor shower that tore open the sky.

At this moment, the entire heavens and the earth were covered by the golden rain of swords.

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