Chapter 267 – Goldflame Sword Technique

Chapter 267 – Goldflame Sword Technique

Sown the seeds of calamity that will bring destruction to my Chen Clan?

Chen Xi’s eyes went cold and killing into surged in his heart when he heard this. He’d shouldered the heavy responsibility of his family since a young age. These years of bitter and diligent cultivating and the great efforts he put into survival, all of this was for the sake of rebuilding the Chen Clan and allowing the clan to regain its former glory so that his grandfather that had passed away could smile in the netherworld. 

It could be said that Wei Yuezi’s threat had undoubtedly touched Chen Xi’s reverse scale and had completely ignited the killing intent in his heart.

“I can give you a chance. So long as you destroy your own Dao Foundation and hand over the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation respectfully to me, I can excuse your Chen Clan from death. How about it?”  Wei Yuezi spoke slowly. He’d noticed Chen Xi’s killing intent, yet completely didn’t take it seriously. What can a fellow at the Half-step Golden Core Realm do?

After all, he was a Golden Core Realm disciple of the Five Element Sect, and he himself possessed a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm. The seniors in his sect looked favorably upon him and felt that he would surely have a place in the Allstar Meeting two years from now.

“Destroy his own Dao Foundation? Eldest Senior Brother, aren’t you letting him off too lightly? Senior Brother Meng was careless and was taken by surprise by him. Currently, Senior Brother Meng is still unconscious, so, he must use his lowly life to atone for his crimes!” Lin Qiuling’s beautiful face sneered repeatedly, and the gaze she looked at Chen Xi with was filled with loathing and detest.

“So today’s matter can only end in death.” Chen Xi listened indifferently to the conditions put forward by Wei Yuezi and Lin Qiuling, his aura became increasingly calm, tranquil, peaceful, and sedate, and he seemed as if these conditions weren’t related to him. “If you have the courage, then follow me. The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation is yours for the taking once you kill me, it only depends on if you have the ability.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi turned around and walked out. The main hall’s space was too small, so once the battle started, it would be extremely easy for the main hall to suffer damage, and he didn’t want to destroy the buildings of the Chen Clan because of this matter.

“Since you’re so eager to die, how can I not fulfill your wish?” When he saw Chen Xi overconfidently wanting to battle him, Wei Yuezi couldn’t help but start laughing out of extreme anger, and then his figure flashed out of the main hall like a bolt of lightning.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two streaks of light shot into the sky. Chen Xi and Wei Yuezi didn’t waste any more time talking and arrived at the open practice grounds outside the Chen Clan main hall.

Everyone else who sat in the main hall hurried over as well before standing and watching.

One of these two people was a Golden Core Realm disciple at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm from the central plains’ Five Element Sect. He was an extraordinary figure that was cold, proud, and aloof, and his cultivation surpassed everyone present here.

Even though the other only had a cultivation at the Half-step Golden Core Realm, his fame shook the southern territory. He possessed a formidable strength, had obtained the top rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and he was even sword brothers with the Supreme Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, causing his reputation to be like the sun in the midday sky.

This was a true fierce struggle.

Of course, in the eyes of Lin Qiuling, there was nothing worthy of anticipation in this battle. Isn’t it a done deal since Eldest Senior Brother is making a move against a Half-step Golden Core Realm fellow?

Half-step Golden Core Realm, looks like Chen Xi only has to overcome the tribulation of wind and fire before being able to condense his golden core and attain the roots of the heavens and the earth. Chen Hao stood with a solemn expression outside the practice grounds, yet he didn’t feel the slightest worry in his heart as he looked at Chen Xi and Wei Yuezi. Since he was young, he’d worshipped his older brother blindly, and no matter what Chen Xi did, he’d firmly believe that Chen Xi would surely succeed.

Suddenly, Fei Lengcui walked over with little Chen Yu in her arms. The little fellow’s clear and jet black large eyes were wide open and sparkled as he looked at the distant Chen Xi, and he said in a melodious voice, “Father, is Uncle going to fight?” 

“Uncle isn’t fighting, he’s going to kill someone.” Chen Hao rubbed his son’s head and spoke indifferently.

“Kill?” Little Chen Yu was stunned, and then he said excitedly, “I’ve only seen people kill chickens and fish, I’ve never seen someone killing a person.”

Little Chen Yu’s excitement caused Chen Hao to be stunned. If it was another child, the child would probably be terrified to tears when the word kill was mentioned. Why is this little fellow feeling excited?

“Uncle, good luck!” Little Chen Yu closed his hands together to form the shape of a trumped before shouting out loudly.

Chen Xi seemed to have heard little Chen Yu’s voice, and he looked over and nodded.

“Chen Xi, you still have the mood to look around at this moment?” An icy cold voice that contained killing intent entered into Chen Xi’s ears, and it was Wei Yuezi who’d spoken. He wore a lunar white Daoist robe with a treasured sword on his back, yet he didn’t unsheathe it, and he instead had his hands behind his back as strands of lightning flashes that seemed like cold lightning suffused his pitch black eyes.

He didn’t attack impatiently, yet everyone could sense an enormous force slowly circulating within this person’s body, and the vital energy around his body was like a great river that formed a vortex, causing the spirit energy in the heavens and the earth to slightly seems as if it was about to collapse with him at its center.

This was the manifestations of one’s vital energy conforming to the heavens and the earth. The body was like the roots of the heavens and the earth that conformed with the world and was capable of drawing the energy of the heavens and the earth. With every single move, one was capable of exerting absolute dominance, and this was the aura possessed by a Golden Core Realm expert. With a single thought in one’s heart, one could control the energy of the heavens and the earth to seal all the paths of retreat of one’s enemy.

Sure enough, Golden Core Realm cultivators are extraordinary… I wonder if Chen Xi is able to deal with him? Since he dares issue a challenge, he surely has something to rely on. As they felt the terrifying aura emitted by Wei Yuezi, everyone present was extremely worried for Chen Xi in their hearts. But when they saw Chen Xi’s body move casually as if he wasn’t the affected in the slightest bit by the collapse of the spirit energy in the heavens and the earth, they instantly felt relieved in their hearts, and they understood that Chen Xi’s strength seemed to not be something any ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator could compare to.

“You’re far from being a match for me with your cultivation. For the sake of allowing you to die fair and square, I advise you to utilize your most formidable Magic Treasure.” Wei Yuezi seemed to have become a completely different person when facing a battle, his bearing was sedate yet emitted an aura as if he held immeasurable power in his hands, and his gaze was condescending, yet his expression didn’t change in the slightest.

This was understandable as there were no ordinary people amongst cultivators that could attain the Golden Core Realm. At this moment, Wei Yuezi fully revealed the strong confidence and bearing of placing one’s self above all beings that Golden Core Realm cultivators possessed.

“I similarly don’t have to use any Magic Treasures when dealing with someone like you, because you’re unworthy.” Chen Xi spoke carefreely in a light voice, and he didn’t reveal the slightest fear. 

“I’m unworthy?” Wei Yuezi was stunned, and then he let out a ghastly and cold smile. “You have a sharp mouth. Then I’ll smash your mouth first and pull out your tongue!”


His voice hadn’t finished reverberating in the air when Wei Yuezi’s figure tore through the sky like a shuttle to assault Chen Xi.

A wisp of sharp golden light gushed out from within his palm, and it was suffused with a metallic icy cold sheen. He appeared instantly above Chen Xi before his palm sliced down, causing the heavens and the earth to be completely locked down by this golden palm, and it caused others to instinctively have the feeling that there was nowhere to hide.

Goldflame Six-Palms, a Dao Grade martial technique of the Five Element Sect, and it contained the aura of sharpness and fierceness of gold. This move, Shattercloud Slash, was famous for its extreme speed, sharpness, and slicing ability, and it was most suited in instantly annihilating enemies.


The sharp palm was like a golden sharp blade, and just a single palm sliced into Chen Xi’s head.


Chen Xi’s head was sliced off and turned into powder with a bang, and his entire body similarly transformed into nothingness, vanishing like shattered ripples.

This was actually a phantom!

Could it be that this fellow has cultivated an illusory type cultivation technique? Wei Yuezi was shocked in his heart, but his reaction wasn’t slow. At the instant Chen Xi’s afterimage vanished, he’d swiftly turned around, and to his shock, he saw that Chen Xi was suddenly standing 300m away.

Flashing out 300m in the blink of an eye? How can his speed be so swift?

Wei Yuezi’s heart churned, and he instantly understood. The afterimage from before wasn’t any cultivation technique, and it was merely because Chen Xi’s speed was too swift that it caused a type of phantom to appear. 

“Use your most formidable ability. My speed isn’t something you can imagine. If you only have this little bit of cultivation, then you’re bound to lose your life at my hands today.” Chen Xi shook his head and spoke indifferently.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you. But from now onwards, I’ll utilize my true strength, so you must be sure not to die too quickly!”


The treasured sword on his back left its sheath and appeared in Wei Yuezi’s hand. The sword was 70cm long, thin as a cicada’s wings, and sharp and dazzling golden lights that were like numerous golden snakes that were twisting and fluttering about flowed endlessly on the blade. It caused the surrounding space to be sliced to the point numerous cracks formed, and the space seemed like shattered cotton.

Shockingly, this sword was a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure.

“Goldflame Dragonshock Slash!” Wei Yuezi’s gaze was icy cold as his figure flashed out explosively, and then his sword slashed down. Instantly, a matchlessly fierce sword light swept out like a waterfall, and it was like a 300m long enormous golden dragon tearing through the sky as it slashed down at Chen Xi like a bolt of lightning.

This strike was like a golden bolt of lightning had suddenly appeared in the clear sky. Merely the airflow on the blade of the sword tore apart space and numerous horrifying cracks were slashed open on the superior quality Dragonsteel Rock that covered the practice ground’s floor.

“It’s still too slow!” As a light sigh sounded out, a pair of illusory wings appeared suddenly on Chen Xi’s back, and they were overflowing with starlight, completely contained the starry sky, and seemed divine and profound. With a slight flap, Chen Xi’s entire body fused into the wind and vanished.


The sword strike missed, causing a bottomless rift that was 3km in length to be torn open on the ground.

“Goldflame Skysnare!” Wei Yuezi seemed to have expected Chen Xi would dodge it long ago, and before his strike could finish, he’d changed his sword move. Golden light shot into the sky like a Suncrow soaring into the skies, and then it transformed into countless golden sword shadows that covered the heavens and the earth. These sword shadows shuttled back and forth endlessly as they interweaved both horizontally and vertically to form an enormous golden net that covered all directions as it enveloped down.

This golden net was woven together with sword lights as the rope. The numerous tiny openings in the net emitted an extremely fierce fluctuation that caused the spirit energy in the entire heavens and the earth to be sliced apart into powder, and its impetus was extremely shocking.

Obviously, Wei Yuezi had utilized his true trump card at this moment!

He’s actually capable of forcing Eldest Senior Brother to utilize this move, Goldflame Skysnare. This fellow does have some ability, but, it ends now. Because Eldest Senior Brother obviously wants to finish the battle promptly, and he won’t go on wasting time with this fellow any longer… Lin Qiuling’s eyes revealed a trace of astonishment when she saw this scene, and then it returned to normal. When she looked at Chen Xi again, it was as if she was looking at someone that was about to die.

Just like the Goldflame Six-Palms, the Goldflame Sword Technique was a Dao Grade martial technique, yet it was more than 10 times more formidable than the Goldflame Six-Palms, and it was one of the five great Dao Grade sword techniques of the Five Element Sect was renowned for. Unless one was a Core Disciple at the Golden Core Realm, one would utterly be unable learn it.

Besides that, this move, Goldflame Skysnare, was one of the ultimate moves in the Goldflame Sword Technique. It contained surging Goldflame Dao Insight that locked the surrounding space and sliced out in all directions. Once this move was utilized, there was rarely anyone capable of escaping being enveloped by the sword net, and their fate would be to have their bodies slices into countless pieces of flesh, causing their death to seem exceedingly tragic.

This scene similarly caused the expression of many people present to go pale. If it was any one of them on the battlefield instead, then they would surely be instantly sliced into mush by Wei Yuezi’s offensive might, and it was extremely terrifying.

Big Brother’s speed is exceedingly swift, and he occupies a certain level of advantage. But under the envelopment of this sword net, swift speed seems to already be unable to deal with the predicament before him… Chen Hao similarly clenched his fists tightly as he stared fixedly into the distance. Under the golden sword net that covered the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi’s figure seemed to be exceptionally tiny and feeble.

Under the concentrated gazes of countless nervous gazes, Chen Xi’s expression was still calm and carefree. He’d already tested the speed of the Starsky Wings while fighting earlier, and it was absolutely capable of crushing Golden Core Realm cultivators. This was something that caused him to be rather satisfied.

At this moment, as he looked at the golden net that descended from the sky, a sword appeared suddenly within his hand, and it was a sword of simple and ancient construct. 

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