Chapter 266 – In Confrontation

Chapter 266 – In Confrontation

In the Chen Clan main hall, Meng Chixing’s voice reverberated endlessly, and it carried strong confidence.

In his eyes, everyone present was simply a group of useless people that were even inferior to the servants that followed by his side. So if they wanted to survive, they would surely agree to his conditions.

“Fellow Daoists of the Five Element Sword Sect. This sword formation is the foundation of the Chen Clan, and they’re absolutely unable to hand it over. How about all of us present some valuable treasures to show our thanks?” said the Redleaf Institution’s Dean Ye Qiu.

“Hmph! If you want to live, then keep your mouth shut obediently. There’s no place for you to interject here!” Meng Chixing grunted coldly with disdain.

Ye Qiu’s expression instantly flickered between a livid and ashen expression, and he felt boundless humiliation in his heart, yet didn’t dare say anything again.

All the leaders of the other powers took note of this scene, and some of them that originally wanted to speak out in persuasion instantly cast away this thought and went silent. But they sighed in their hearts. We can really be said to have let wolves in!

“You’re going too far!” The Pine Mist Institution’s Dean Ning Daofu couldn’t refrain the rage in his heart any longer, and he said with a low voice. “Did Master Xuan Yan send all of you over to ask for the treasures of others?”

Meng Chixing was stunned, and then his face instantly darkened as he sneered. “You piece of trash that was expelled from the sect by the Sect Leader. You’re already so old, yet haven’t even stepped into the Golden Core Realm, what qualifications do you have to question us?”

Expelled from the sect?

Everyone present was shocked in their hearts, and the gaze they shot at Ning Daofu had become weird.

Ning Daofu’s face instantly flushed extremely red when the scar hidden in the depths of his heart was dug out by another, his breathing became heavy as his chest rose and fell rapidly, and he seemed like an enraged caged beast, yet he sat back powerlessly and dejectedly on his chair on the end.

Right, I’m a piece of trash. What qualifications do I have to question them?

At this moment, deep regret surged out from Ning Daofu’s heart. He regretted that he’d sought help from his former sect, and in the end, he’d drawn over three arrogant and unbridled juniors…

“Patriarch Chen, my Senior Brother Meng isn’t wrong. If we don’t lend a hand, I presume all of you will be unable to resist the invasion of the packs of beasts, and in the end, all of you will meet annihilation. Could it be that you have the heart to see all the Fellow Daoists present fell into a hopeless situation?” When Lin Qiuling saw no one dared resist any longer, a trace of complacently arose in her eyes, and she spoke unhurriedly. 

“Even if we don’t have your assistance, the lives of all the Fellow Daoists present can surely be guaranteed if they stay within my Chen Clan. Don’t mention this matter again.” Chen Hao spoke with an expressionless face.

“What if we make a move to seize it? Can you stop us?” Wei Yuezi who’d always been silent since entering the main hall had suddenly raised his head and spoke, and his voice was icy cold and carried a trace of dense threat.

Everyone present was dumbstruck as they’d never expected this cold, proud, and aloof young man would actually speak such undisguised words.

“What you mean is. If I don’t agree, all of you will make a move to seize my Chen Clan’s Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation?” Chen Hao’s eyes went cold and the rage that he’d endured in the depths of his heart was on the verge of exploding.

“Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation… What a good name!” Wei Yuezi muttered to himself, yet his expression became even more cold, proud, and aloof, and he said calmly, “If you don’t have the strength to protect a treasure, then you ought to be ready for it to be taken by another. Your understanding isn’t wrong.”

The atmosphere instantly became confrontational.

Everyone present was filled with fear, and their gazes shot at Chen Hao in unison as they wanted to see how Chen Hao would decide. These people were Golden Core Realm cultivators from the central plains, and they were utterly unafraid of any threats. Even if Chen Hao sought help from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, distant water was powerless against a nearby fire. At this moment, there seemed to be only one path to choose, and it was to agree to their request.

However, with Chen Hao’s character, would he agree?

“Father, come play with me.” Right at this moment, an immature, clear, and melodious voice of a child sounded out from outside the main hall, and a little fellow at the age of three had his big clear eyes wide open as he looked into the main hall. It was precisely little Chen Yu.

In three years of time, the little fellow had grown much taller, his little face was handsome and fair, and when he stood there, his body was straight like a spear and was extremely alike to his father, Chen Hao.

Chen Hao’s heart jerked. Why has the little fellow ran over here?

“Yu’er, quickly leave with mother. Your father is discussing important matters and doesn’t have the time to play with you.” Fei Lengcui who wore an azure dress appeared outside the main hall, and she embraces little Chen Yu up while giving Chen Hao a signal to relax before turning around and leaving.

“Oh, that little fellow from before is your son? He’s really handsome. But it would be a great pity if an accident were to happen to him.” Meng Chixing withdrew his gaze and spoke slowly.


Chen Hao couldn’t restrain the burning flames of rage in his heart any longer when he heard this fellow had used the life of his son to threaten him, and he struck the table while standing up, then said coldly, “Fuck off! Fuck off right now!”

“What did you say?” Meng Chixing’s expression instantly went grim, and his eyes emitted boundless killing intent without concealing it in the slightest. It wasn’t just him, the nearby Lin Qiuling and Wei Yuezi’s eyes went cold as well, and they stared coldly at Chen Hao as if they were staring at a person that was about to die.

When the people present heard Chen Hao’s words, their hearts went up to their throats as they were too shocked. No one had imagined that Chen Hao would actually be so resolute. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of bringing calamity to the Chen Clan?

As far as they were concerned, he should temporarily compromise to achieve their goal of exterminating the beast packs. Once these bastards were sent off, it wouldn’t be too late to contact the experts of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to assist in killing these bastards on the way. However, Chen Hao’s behavior had completely exceeded all their expectations. 

“I asked all of you to fuck off, fuck off out of my Chen Clan!” Chen Hao spoke word by word.

“Say that one more time!” Meng Chixing shouted out explosively with a voice that was like a thunderclap, and he seemed to not dare believe his ears. A tiny Golden Hall Realm cultivator actually dares to curse at us repeatedly?

We’re doomed!

Now the beast packs haven’t arrived, yet the entire Chen Clan is going to be annihilated…

Everyone else was dumbstruck as well, and only this thought remained in their hearts.

It was at this moment that a calm and indifferent voice sounded out from outside the main hall. “He asked all of you to fuck off. Could it be that you didn’t hear it?”

“Who! Which bastard is hiding outside? You dare speak, but don’t dare show your face?” Meng Chixing was utterly furious to the point his hair seemed to stand up. His entire body blasted out with an extremely ruthless aura that pressed down onto everyone present to the point their breathing was obstructed, and they felt as if they were facing a dreadful monster.


His words hadn’t finished sounding out in the air when Meng Chixing had already charged out of the main hall. He was already enraged to the limit, as he originally thought a sword formation was within easy reach, yet never had he imagined that he would actually continuously and repeatedly be provoked by a group of ants, causing his pride to be insulted, and if he didn’t make someone bleed, it would be utterly unable to vent the rage in his heart.

“Alas, that hiding fellow is dead for sure. Even I’m afraid of Senior Brother Meng who’s furious.” Lin Qiuling shook her head and sighed.

“Perhaps allowing him to make someone bleed will be able to calm his rage slightly.” Wei Yuezi spoke indifferently, and as he spoke, he raised his head to look at Chen Hao. “Killing isn’t something we want to see. If Patriarch Chen is able to agree to my request, then perhaps…”


Before Wei Yuezi could finish speaking, a black figure was abruptly tossed in from outside the main hall, and it was like a rolling bottle gourd that rolled all the way straight to stop beneath Wei Yuezi’s feet. During the process the black figure rolled over, it emitted a wave of sad and shrill howls, and it seemed to have suffered extremely great pain, causing a chill to go down one’s spine.

“Junior Brother Meng!”

“Senior Brother Meng!”

When they saw the appearance of the black figure on the ground, the proud expression on both Wei Yuezi and Lin Qiuling’s faces froze, and they exclaimed out in shock. Both of them thought that the black figure would be a Chen Clan attendant that didn’t know his place, yet how could they have imagined that it would be Meng Chixing who’s just charged out?

Everyone present was stunned as well. When they looked up towards the black figure that was completely bathed in blood, had a swollen face, and was emitted a wave of shrill and sad cries, wasn’t it Meng Chixing?

Why is it like this?

This person is a Golden Core Realm expert of the central plains’ Five Element Sword Sect. How could he have only gone out for a few breaths of time yet was beaten to such a state that’s too horrible to look at?

Everyone gasped when they saw the injuries on Meng Chixing’s body, and they were shocked to speechlessness.

This scene seemed to have been in Chen Hao’s expectations since long ago, so, he became the most composed person present in the main hall. Early on when that voice resounded out, he’d already guessed the outcome. Yet he never expected that Meng Chixing would actually lose so quickly.

“Eldest Senior Brother, take revenge for me, I was taken off guard…” Meng Chixing cried out miserably, yet his voice was extremely indistinct. It turned out that the teeth in his mouth had more or less been completely broken off, and as soon as he finished speaking, his neck straightened out backward and he fell into unconsciousness.

Everyone was shocked in their hearts. Exactly how terrifying of a cultivation would be required to trample on a Golden Core Realm expert to the point the expert fell unconscious?

Step~ Step~ Step~

A wave of footsteps resounded out from outside the main hall. The sound was extremely light, yet in the deadly silent main hall, it seemed like a drum that heavily struck on the hearts of every single person.

Along with this sound of footsteps, a tall and thin figure walked into the main hall and appeared before the eyes of everyone present.

This was a handsome person that wore azure clothes, his eyes were deep like the boundlessly vast starry sky, his bearing was light and extraordinary, and he emitted an aura that caused one’s mind to become peaceful.

“So it’s him.”“Chen Xi! It’s actually Chen Xi!”

“How formidable! I’m actually unable to see through his cultivation. Could it be that he has already advanced into the Golden Core Realm?”

A wisp of astonishment gushed out from the hearts of all the leaders of the various powers in Pine Mist City when they saw the appearance of this figure clearly, and they seemed to have never expected that the person that knocked Meng Chixing unconscious in the time of a few breaths would actually be him.

This person was naturally Chen Xi.

“Brother, you’ve come.” Chen Hao smiled, and he felt extremely at ease in his heart without rhyme or reason. It was as if so long that his older brother was here, then even if the heavens collapsed, he wouldn’t have to be worried any longer.

“Leave this to me.” Chen Xi nodded, and then he turned around to look at Wei Yuezi and Lin Qiuling before saying indifferently, “The Chen Clan’s sword formation was set up by me. All of you want to take it for yourself, yet have all of you obtained my agreement?”

“Hmph! A mere Half-step Golden Core Realm cultivator dares to be presumptuous before me? If it wasn’t for you taking him by surprise, you’re probably unable to do anything to my Junior Brother Meng. Do you know that doing this has already enraged me and you’ve sown the seeds of calamity that will bring destruction to your Chen Clan?” Wei Yuezi was originally worried that there was a formidable expert concealed outside the main hall. But, when he saw Chen Xi’s appearance, and especially when he sensed Chen Xi’s cultivation, he instantly felt relaxed in his heart, whereas, his expression became even colder. 


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