Chapter 265 – Five Element Sword Sect

Chapter 265 – Five Element Sword Sect

When they found out that there would be a few Golden Core Realm experts coming to their air within three days, the heavy and silent atmosphere in the main hall instantly vanished, and the expressions of every single person present seemed to be relaxed.

Someone couldn’t contain the curiosity in his heart and asked. “Dean Ning, may I know who exactly are these Golden Core Realm Seniors?”

Everyone else revealed a curious expression when they heard this.

Ning Daofu felt a wave of delight when he became the center of attention, and he felt as if he’d gone back into the past. At that time, the Chen Clan hadn’t risen and he was the Dean of the number one power in Pine Mist City. He’d once been frequently gazed at with gazes like this. But unfortunately, all of this didn’t exist any longer.

After he stabilized his emotions, Ning Daofu smiled and said, “I presume everyone knows that I’m from the central plains’ Five Element Sword Sect. The Golden Core Realm experts I’ve invited this time have come from there.”

“A sect of the central plains?”

“Amazing! The cultivation world in the central plains has a standard that’s higher than our southern territory’s cultivation world. It’s a rich land that fosters great talents, and its experts are numerous like the clouds.  With the assistance of the experts from the Five Element Sword Sect, we’ll surely be saved from the disaster this time.”

“Exactly, exactly.”

Everyone else felt a boost of morale when they heard this. They were only the leaders of the powers in a remote little city in the southern territory, and even if a great figure of Dragon Lake City arrived here, it would be an existence that they would admire extremely. Now, when they heard the people that were coming to their air were actually experts from the central plains’ Five Element Sword Sect, the happiness in their hearts was obvious.

Ning Daofu held a smile on his face as he heard the praise of everyone, and he enjoyed it extremely in his heart. When he saw Chen Hao staying silent, he instantly felt apprehensive in his heart and smiled. “This is nothing. If Patriarch Chen comes forward, I presume he’ll be able to invite experts of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to come to our aid. In that way, what would we have to worry about?”

He originally had good intentions and wanted to take this opportunity to flatter Chen Hao. After all, he still had to rely on the Chen Clan’s Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation’s protection. Yet he never imagined that when these words entered into the ears of the others, the atmosphere in the main hall once again fell into silence. Everyone didn’t speak any longer and seemed to be pondering about other things.

Chen Hao naturally knew that these fellows were blaming him, yet he didn’t intend to explain.

It wasn’t that he’d never thought about seeking for help from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, but this thought had been quickly rejected by him. Presently, the Chen Clan had many things waiting to be done, and he was the Chen Clan’s Patriarch. If he were to seek the assistance of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect when he encountered some trouble, then when would his Chen Clan truly become strong?

Moreover, Chen Hao had even more in-depth considerations. Presently, he wasn’t a member of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect any longer, whereas, Chen Xi was about to head to Silken City in the central plains to participate in the Allstar Meeting within the next two years. Once Chen Xi obtained the top ten rankings, Chen Xi would possibly leave the Darchu Dynasty completely.  At that time, the development of the Chen Clan would rely entirely on him to work for it. The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect could help him once or twice, yet it wouldn’t help him forever.

It was precisely because of these considerations that he decided to rely on himself for everything. Unless a time of crisis arrives, he would absolutely not seek help from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

The beast packs attacks occurring now were unable to threaten the survival of the Chen Clan, so he naturally wouldn’t use the chance of seeking help from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect on this.

As for the safety of the other clans, Chen Xi didn’t care about it. He wasn’t a saint, so it was impossible for him to take care of everyone, right? As the saying goes, everyone is free to help or not to help, and you can’t blame anyone because of it.

Step~ step~ step~

A wave of swift footsteps suddenly resounded out from outside the main hall, and Imp ran in and said while bowing, “Patriarch, there are three cultivators outside seeking an audience, do you want to see them?”

Someone has come? Chen Hao was stunned and asked. “What did they say?”

“According to what they said, they’re cultivators from the central plains’ Five Element Sword Sect. They’ve come to our Pine Mist City because they were invited by the dean of Pine Mist Institution, Senior Ning Daofu.”

“They’ve come so quickly?” Nine Daofu had joy written all over his face, he couldn’t sit still any longer and said while cupping his hands, “Patriarch Chen, should we open the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation and allow them to enter?”

Chen Hao similarly stood up and smiled. “Those that come from afar are guests. Not to mention they’ve come to help us tide over this difficult situation. Let’s go greet these three guests that have come all the way from the central plains.”


At this moment, a group of people was standing outside the vermillion red entrance of the Chen Clan Mansion.

The most conspicuous amongst them were three young people, two men and a woman. All of them wore lunar white Daoist robes and possessed graceful and extraordinary bearings, and they were sizing up the surroundings as they whispered in low voices.

Behind these three people were instead 12 figures that seemed like servants. They seemed to be servants, yet all had robust physiques, eyes that were suffused with bright lights, and their surroundings surged with auras that were heavy like mountains.

“Hmph! Master truly cherishes old relationships too much. For the sake of a disciple that was expelled from the sect all those years ago, he instead wants us to come to this lousy place and give aid. Now, they’ve even slammed the door in our faces. I’m truly pissed off!” 

The one that spoke was the woman. She had almond eyes and cherry lips, a white complexion, a graceful figure, and a pretty and charming appearance. Her name was Lin Qiuling, and she was a Golden Core Realm disciple of the Five Element Sword Sect.

“Senior Brother Wei Yuezi, could it be that you aren’t infuriated?” When she saw the young man in the lead paying no attention to her, Lin Qiuling pursed her cherry lips and grumbled angrily.

“Junior Sister Lin, Eldest Senior Brother is studying the formation before us, and he isn’t intentionally disregarding you.” On the other side, the young man with a robust stalwart yet possessed a carefree appearance grinned. He was called Meng Chixing, and was a Golden Core Realm disciple of the Five Element Sword Sect like Lin Qiuling.

“Studying the formation? A remote village like this has a formation that’s worthy of Eldest Senior Brother’s attention?” Lin Qiuling was still extremely unhappy, and she spoke angrily.

“Who knows?” Meng Chixing pursed his lips as a trace of atrociousness suffused his eyes. “If it’s up to me, let’s just break the door and enter. Why should we trouble ourselves like this?”

“My thoughts exactly. Senior Brother Meng, quickly smash this lousy door. We didn’t travel a great distance to help them for the sake of being denied at the entrance. No matter how extraordinary this Chen Clan is, it will probably not dare offend us.” Lin Qiuling glanced at the plaque that hung on the entrance, and her eyeballs spun as she grinned.

“Right. I’ll go smash this lousy door right now and open up a direct path for Junior Sister.” As Meng Chixing spoke, he rubbed his fists together and walked up with the intention of attacking.

“Don’t screw around! Retreat if you don’t want to die!” The young man in the lead spoke directly and frowned as he berated. He was called Wei Yuezi. He possessed a handsome appearance, yet his expression was extremely cold, and he had his hands behind his back, causing him to seem extremely proud and aloof.

Meng Chixing was stunned, and his expression flushed red, yet he didn’t dare say anything and retreated angrily. Obviously, he was extremely terrified of this Eldest Senior Brother of his.

Lin Qiuling was stunned as well, and she asked. “Eldest Senior Brother, why are you getting angry? Could it be that there’s an extremely formidable formation in the surroundings of this Chen Clan Mansion?”

“An extremely formidable sword formation. If we trespass into it, I’m afraid we’ll be killed instantly. If my evaluation isn’t wrong, then it’s even a road of no return for a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator.” Wei Yuezi gasped in admiration. “Amazing! The might of this formation is probably not inferior to the Sect Guarding Grand Formation of our Five Element Sword Sect, the Baleful Five Element Sword Formation.”

Annihilate a Nether Transformation Realm expert? Meng Chixing was shocked greatly, and he felt extreme fear in his heart when he thoughts about his actions from before.

“Since Senior Brother Wei likes it, how about we ask them to hand over this sword formation once we help them repulse the packs of beasts, and to take it as our reward?” Lin Qiuling seemed to have thought of something as she spoke.

“Right. We can’t help them for nothing. Since Senior Brother said this formation is so formidable, then we’ll ask them to contribute it. I expect they won’t dare to refuse.” Meng Chixing suggested.

Wei Yuezi was greatly moved as well. Never had he imagined that he would actually encounter such a formidable sword formation in a city that was like a remote village, and it would absolutely be a lie if he said his desire wasn’t aroused.

He’d even thought that if he was able to take thing formation back to the sect, the Sect Master and all the elders would surely reward him heavily, and it even wouldn’t be impossible for them to foster him into a Golden Core Realm Core Disciple…

But out of cautiousness, he still shook his head and said, “We’ll see about it later.”

Lin Qiuling and Meng Chixing glanced at each other and grinned. Since Senior Brother didn’t refuse it, then he surely wants to take possession of it. So we only have to act according to circumstances later.

As for if they would offend the owner of the Chen Clan, they indeed didn’t care. So what if they offended a clan in a small city that couldn’t even defend themselves against a pack of beasts?

Not to mention their Master had already told them before they came here that the strongest cultivator in Pine Mist City was only at the Golden Hall Realm. A strength like this was nothing worth mentioning to any one of them, and it was like an ant that could be easily pinched to death.

It was precisely because of this perception that they dared to brazenly place their sights of the Chen Clan.


The arrival of Wei Yuezi, Meng Chixing, Lin Qiuling and the others received the greetings of the leaders of the various powers including that were present here including Chen Hao.

Even though the three of them were of a young age, yet all of them possessed a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm. In this cultivation world where strength was respected, the leaders of the various powers could only lower their position and greet the three of them respectfully and reverently into the Chen Clan main hall.

But Chen Hao disdained to act in this way, and conversely, he faintly felt that when these three people found out about his identity, their gazes carried a trace of an unusual expression. It was as if he possessed something that had aroused their interest, and this feeling caused him to feel rather uncomfortable.

 But since these three people spared no efforts to travel a long distance to help Pine Mist City, Chen Hao didn’t express his dislike, and only his attitude seemed to be slightly cold.

Everyone sat down at the Chen Clan main hall, and they hadn’t spoken for long when Meng Chixing said abruptly, “Fellow Daoists present here today. By right, since we’ve come here to help, we ought to not ask for a reward. But my Eldest Senior Brother is infatuated in the Dao of Talismans. He saw earlier that a profound sword formation is protecting the surroundings of the Chen Clan, and he couldn’t help but burn with eagerness to take it back to the sect and study it with concentration. I wonder if everyone can bear the pain to part with this treasure and give this sword formation to my Eldest Senior Brother?”


As soon as he finished speaking, the noise in the main hall instantly vanished without a trace, and the strange gazes of everyone shot towards Chen Hao.

“This…seems to be slightly improper, right?” When he saw Chen Hao’s expression was indifferent, the heart of the Pine Mist Institutions Dean, Ning Daofu, jerked instantly. But he didn’t dare offend these three people he’d invited as well, so at this moment, he could only summon up the courage to offer advice.

“What’s improper about it?” Meng Chixing frowned and said with displeasure, “All of us have taken great pains to come assist all of you. Could it be that all of you can’t even agree to this tiny request?”

“If all of you agree, then we guarantee to completely exterminate all of the beast packs and return peace and quiet to Pine Mist City. How about it?” Lin Qiuling spoke from the side, yet her eyes carried a trace of confidence and arrogance, and it was as if she completely didn’t take those demon beasts seriously.

Ning Daofu howled in bitterness in his heart. I was originally thinking about inviting some formidable help, yet never had I imagined that I’ve drawn hungry wolves in instead? If they’re allowed to do this, then wouldn’t I indirectly offend the Chen Clan? It’s fine if I offend the Chen Clan, the problem is the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect behind the Chen Clan will probably not let me off…

“This formation is the Chen Clan’s Sect Guarding Grand Formation, and it’s extremely precious. How about…” Ning Daofu spoke out once more.

Before he finished speaking, Chen Hao who’d kept quiet since the beginning interrupted him abruptly, and he raised his eyes to look at Wei Yuezi’s group of three before speaking with an emotionless expression. “If I don’t hand over the sword formation, are all of you planning to watch without lending a hand?”

Meng Chixing was stunned, and he seemed to have never imagined that a tiny Golden Hall Realm Patriarch like Chen Hao would dare speak like this. He glanced at his Eldest Senior Brother, Wei Yuezi, who hadn’t spoken since the beginning, and when he saw Wei Yuezi didn’t have any intention of stopping him, he grunted coldly right away. “I think Patriarch Chen should think twice before you act. Be sure not to cause everyone present to fall into a hopeless situation because of a moment of impulse.”


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