Chapter 262 – Impending Beast Tide

Chapter 262 – Impending Beast Tide

When he found out the Azure Divine Wood, Sunforce Metal, Flaming Divine Crystal, and Unity Darkwater were developed from the innate quintessence of the five elements, Chen Xi was shocked extremely in his heart. But Ji Yu’s suggestion had caused him to be hesitant instead.

These four treasures that possessed a profound effect and were within the Shaman Markings on his back were capable of steadily emitting the essence of the five elements before transforming the essence into his own Shaman Energy. It possessed an immeasurable beneficial effect towards his body refinement cultivation, and it caused Chen Xi to be slightly unwilling to use them to refine the Talisman Armament.

“Once your body refinement cultivation attains the Golden Core Realm and the nine Shaman Markings converge into the form of a nebula, the vital energy and blood in your body will be vast like an ocean and capable of linking up with the energy of the heavens and the earth to make it be of use to you. The existence of these things will merely be capable of replenishing the essence of the five elements, and it already doesn’t possess much value towards the improvement of your cultivation.” Ji Yu seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he said, “In this way, why don’t you utilize them to refine the Talisman Armament. This would allow them to be worth their value and avoid wasting your god given gifts.”

It was indeed as Ji Yu had said. After a body refiner advanced to the Golden Core Realm, their vital energy and blood would be vast like a river that roiled like smoke, and it was capable of linking up with the energy of the heavens and the earth to make it become of use to the body refiner. No matter if it was the quality of Shaman Energy or the strength within the skin, tendons, and bones all around his body, all of them would attain a qualitative leap. Even though it was capable of converting the essence of the five elements into Shaman Energy, yet it was already not sufficient for Chen Xi to utilize while cultivating.

Just like the Dao Insight Origin Pill that contained the Grand Dao of Earth that Chen Xi had obtained, because that he’d already comprehended the Grand Dao of earth, it wasn’t of any use if he swallowed it, and the essence of the five elements followed a similar principle.

In the end, Chen Xi agreed.

After Ji Yu left, Chen Xi didn’t anxiously start inscribing the five Divine Talismans on the sword base, and he instead left the world of stars and the Manor to return to his room.

Once he started refining the Talisman Armament in the world of stars, it would at least require a time of 25 years, and it was equivalent to two and a half years in the outside world, so he had to make some things clear to Chen Hao so as to avoid Chen Hao being worried.


Presently, after experiencing a calamity, Chen Xi seemed like a phoenix that had been reborn from the flames. No matter if it was the disciples that were recruited from the outside and didn’t share the Chen surname, or the servants and attendants, all of them were mentally refreshed, and they had a heavy sense of belonging to the Chen Clan. So when they carried out tasks outside the Chen Clan, they felt proud of being a member of the Chen Clan.

Moreover, there wasn’t a single power in Pine Mist City that dared go against Chen Xi, causing a situation where the Chen Clan monopolized the city to faintly appear, yet no one dared question it.

Most of the cultivators of Pine Mist City saw the battle that day, and they knew that if it was the power they belonged to, it would have been flattened by Huangfu Chongming and the others long ago, yet the Chen Clan had instead kept their enemies out and stood firmly. This terrifying strength naturally won the respect of all the powers in Pine Mist City.

Coupled with Chen Xi and Chen Hao both possessing countless ties with the number one sect in the southern territory, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it could be said that the Chen Clan itself possessed experts while having formidable support from the outside. Even the most stupid person knew that the momentum of the Chen Clan’s rise couldn’t be stopped already, so who would dare pull a tiger’s whiskers?

It didn’t end there, during this past few days, the Chen Clan Mansion could be said to be full of distinguished guests. All the large and small powers in Pine Mist City had put down their arrogance and held valuable gifts, as all of them wanted to take this opportunity to form goodwill with the Chen Clan.

So when Chen Xi walked out of his courtyard, he saw the entire Chen Clan from inside to outside contained numerous guests, and most of them were prestigious figures of Pine Mist City.

Moreover, Chen Hao was instead moving through the numerous guests while raising his wine cup in toasts, engaging in social activities, and chatting. His actions were appropriate, neither arrogant nor impetuous, and he clearly revealed the diplomacy and grace of a clan’s Patriarch.

Chen Xi nodded in his heart. The rise of a clan was surely not an isolated rise. No matter how large a power was, it would surely have some dealings with other powers, and being capable of skillfully dealing with these relationships indirectly showed the ability and resources of the clan.  

“Brother, why have you come? Are your injuries healed?” Chen Hao unintentionally turned his head and saw Chen Xi standing in the distance, and he abandoned the guests by his side and walked over with a smile.

The guest that was abandoned originally felt slightly discontent, yet when he saw the faraway Chen Xi, the trace of discontent in his heart vanished instantly without a trace, and he even squeezed out a wisp of an extremely brilliant smile that revealed flattery.

Meanwhile, most of the people present noticed Chen Xi, and the originally extremely bustling atmosphere instantly became perfectly silent.

Compared to Chen Hao, his older brother, Chen Xi, undoubtedly possessed even more strength in the hearts of everyone.

It was common knowledge that Chen Xi had grown up in Pine Mist City since a young age. His family was impoverished, his cultivation shallow, and he was ridiculed as a Jinx, causing him to simply be a joke. If it was in the past, no one would that a nobody like this seriously, and they would never look him in the eye.

But it was different now.

This Jinx and nobody in the hearts of most people in Pine Mist City had annihilated the entire Li Clan by himself and was chased by the Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Su Clan with the intent of killing him. Yet not only did he not die, his cultivation improved greatly instead, allowing him to seize the top rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings and became the dazzling star that was the first person in the history of Pine Mist City to seize the top rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

Moreover, the Su Clan that had offended him was uprooted overnight and completely exterminated. Even though the person that did it wasn’t Chen Xi, yet the person possessed an extremely intimate relationship with Chen Xi. The person was Chen Xi’s sworn brother, the Supreme Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Bei Heng, one of the few remaining Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the southern territory!

Of course, all these were only rumors, as even though the local cultivators were shocked, they didn’t see it with their own two eyes because it happened outside Pine Mist City, so they had slight doubt in their hearts.

But when they saw Chen Xi set up a grand formation that drew unusual phenomenon in the heavens and the earth to force over 10 Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation back, the entire cultivation world of Pine Mist City was stirred, and they finally believed that the rumors were true!

So when they saw Chen Xi at this moment, the eyes of everyone present unconsciously revealed a trace of dense reverence, and it was respect towards Chen Xi’s strength.

Every single one of them knew extremely clearly in their hearts that so long as Chen Xi was present, the entire Chen Clan would absolutely not fall.

“Let’s find a quiet place to talk for a while.” Chen Xi suggested.  He naturally felt uncomfortable when being stared at by so many people, yet if he stayed for too long, it would probably affect the others, and that wasn’t good.

Chen Hao naturally agreed with pleasure. He was practically engaging in social activities with the guests all the time during this past few days, and even though he revealed a smiling and relaxed expression, yet he was sick and tired in his heart and was only too anxious to find a time and chat with his older brother.

The two brothers arrived at the side of a lake cut out within the mansion and casually sat on the ground and spoke freely. But it was always Chen Hao that was talking, and Chen Xi was always listening.

“I’m going into closed door cultivation for a few years. So I’m afraid you have to deal with anything that happens during this period of time.” After a long time, Chen Xi made clear the reason he’d come to see Chen Hao.

“It’s not a problem. I know that you’re participating in the Allstar Meeting and cultivating is what you need the most. As for the trivial matters in the clan, leave them all to me.” Chen Hao smiled.

Chen Xi nodded and chatted for a while longer before leaving. But he kept thinking of something in his mind all along the way.

Speaking with Chen Hao earlier allowed him to hear about something. During this past few years, numerous demon beasts would frequently run out from the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. They didn’t number in the many, so it allowed some Pine Mist City cultivators to hunt these demon beasts and make a small fortune. Some cultivators even made groups that headed to the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range to hunt demon beasts, and they’d obtained numerous rare materials and herbs.

This caused the other powers in Pine Mist City to be instantly unable sit quietly, and they sent out elite disciples to enter the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range to explore and search for treasures. Moreover, it even drew numerous cultivators from outside Pine Mist City to join in, causing the remote Pine Mist City to instantly become bustling.

But this situation had changed lately.

Those cultivators that entered into the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range didn’t return again. Every single group that went in would vanish, and their fate was unknown. This sort of situation immediately drew the attention of the various powers of Pine Mist City, and they issued a formal order that everyone was prohibited from taking a step into the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range.

However, this wasn’t the end of it. Just two months ago, a group of beasts formed by a few tens of Violet Palace Realm greater demons had suddenly assaulted Pine Mist City and killed almost 2,000 plus people before the various powers got experts together to annihilate these greater demons.

But after this, there would be a few tens of Violet Palace Realm greater demons that would charge out of the depths of the mountain range every few days, and they would fly to Pine Mist City to bring disaster to the city, causing the various powers of Pine Mist City to be constantly on, dashing about even as they lost many experts. Most serious of it all was because of the frequent appearance of the wave after wave of beast packs, it had already caused the entire city to be in panic, and it was even to the extent that many people didn’t dare stay in the city any longer and had fled to other cities.

The facts were indeed like this. The frequency of appearances of beast packs grew denser and denser and their number grew more and more. Just the day before yesterday, there had even been an appearance of almost 100 Violet Palace Realm greater demons of great variety that flashed towards Pine Mist City and wantonly burned, killed, and pillaged, causing great misery and suffering to the people of Pine Mist City, and it was only because of Chen Hao and Fei Lengcui fighting side by side that these greater demons were exterminated.

According to Chen Hao’s estimations, the demon beasts that charged out from the depths of the mountain range next would only be more in number. Moreover, it was even possible that formidable greater demons that were at the Golden Hall Realm or Golden Core Realm would appear, and it would form into the scale of a beast tide!

If a beast tide appeared, then it would absolutely cover the heavens and earth, and the unending amount of demon beasts would surely be able to easily flatten Pine Mist City. Of course, this was only an estimation, and exactly what would happen in reality was something that no one knew.

But Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about all of this, as the surroundings of the Chen Clan was protected by the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation. Unless an Earthly Immortal Realm demon beast appeared, otherwise, no matter how many demon beasts appeared, they would be unable to shake the defense of the grand formation.

Moreover, according to Chen Xi’s deduction. It was impossible for an Earthly Immortal Realm demon beast to appear in the depths of the mountain range, as he’d once gone into the depths of the mountain range and seen the seven great Demon Kings, and the highest cultivation amongst them was only at the Violet Palace Realm.

Of course, he knew as well that along with him taking away the River Diagram Fragment that suppressed the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, all the demon beasts in the entire depths of the mountain range weren’t affected by the restriction that caused them to be unable to break through any longer, so their strength as a whole would have surely obtained a noteworthy increase. For example, the Nine-Tailed Fox King and the Profound-vision Old Turtle King possessed the bloodline of ancient divine beasts and weren’t affected by the restriction any longer, causing them to have already advanced to the Rebirth Realm in a short few years of time. This sort of speed of advancement had simply arrived at a shocking degree.

“Nevermind, it’s useless to think any more about this matter. With the protection of the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation, I don’t have to worry about the safety of the clan. My plan for now is still to first refine the Talisman Armament before advancing my strength to the Golden Core Realm.” Only when he walked into his room did Chen Xi abandon the distracting thoughts in his mind, and he entered the Manor once again.


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