Chapter 261 – The Netherworld Emperor

Chapter 261 – The Netherworld Emperor

According to what Ling Bai said, the intrinsic nature of the Sickle of Slaughter was actually a rare main material to refine an Immortal Artifact, and it contained pure Slaughter Dao Insight within it, so ordinary cultivators were even capable of forming a Slaughter Dao Territory when relying on the vast energy contained within the Sickle of Slaughter, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

For example, when Ling Bai went against Huangfu Chongming and the others, he’d drawn support from the Sickle of Slaughter to condense a Slaughter Dao Territory, thus allowing him to pin down Huangfu Chongming and the others for a short moment and win time for Chen Xi.

According to Chen Xi’s thoughts, since the Talisman Armament he wanted to refine was said to possess boundless growth space. Then the choice of its sword base must use the most superb equipment refinement material, and the Sickle of Slaughter undoubtedly possessed this qualification.

But he still had the ask Ji Yu’s opinion.

A Sickle of Slaughter?

Ji Yu was slightly stunned as he asked for the Sickle of Slaughter from Chen Xi’s possession. After he looked at it for a short moment, a trace of astonishment suffused his eyes as he said in surprise, “It’s indeed a material for refining an Immortal Artifact. Moreover, it’s the most superb type. This thing actually contains and emits extremely pure Slaughter Dao Insight, and it seems as if it emerged from the quintessence of the heavens and the earth. Obviously, it’s a priceless treasure of the heavens and the earth and is extremely rare in the world. Where did you obtain it?”

Chen Xi explained the origins of the Sickle of Slaughter before raising his hands in a shrug and saying, “I want to know it’s origins as well. But unfortunately, its owner, Han Guyue, has already been killed by me, and I’m afraid I’m unable to find any clues about it anymore.”

Ji Yu ridiculed. “I never noticed that you’ve started to kill and seize treasures as well.”

Chen Xi felt ashamed in his heart, yet he said with a serious expression, “The treasures of the heavens and the earth are obtained by those who are fated. Not to mention Han Guyue wished to kill me, so I have to resist, right?”

Ji Yu smiled and didn’t continue discussing this, and then he sized up the Sickle of Slaughter once more before asking suddenly. “Did you comprehend the Slaughter Dao Insight?”

Chen Xi shook his head.

“With Slaughter as the sword base, and each of the five Divine Talismans assuming command in one area, the might of the Talisman Armament refined from them would indeed be not bad. But your current strength is incapable of refining an immortal material like this. The slightest carelessness might cause the Slaughter Dao Insight to leak out, and it would be troublesome. Nevermind, I’ll lend you a hand.” As he spoke, a wisp of golden divine light with cloud patterns had suddenly appeared on Ji Yu’s right hand, and talisman markings gushed about and flickered within as a wave of Daoist chanting resounded out. When looked at from afar, it was as if a god within the clouds had stuck out a large hand that contained countless Dao markings, and the surface of the Sickle of Slaughter was instantly covered in a layer of raging and burning golden divine light.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly, and he clearly saw the Sickle of Slaughter starting to melt and become numerous exceedingly pitch black and flawless pearls of water that were like black colored precious pearls.

“Condense!” Ji Yu’s right hand grabbed out at the space before him, and then those black colored pearls of water joined one by one into a string before moving line by line to draw out the appearance of a sword base.

This sword base was a little over a meter long, completely pitch black like ink, the sword’s fuller was like a mountain, the blade like a cicada’s wing, and the hilt was like a crescent moon. The style of the entire sword base revealed a simple and ancient trait.


Ji Yu’s finger lightly flicked the body of the sword, causing a clear and melodious sword howl to resound out, and then fierce and pure energy of slaughter gushed out from the body of the sword to transform into numerous ‘’ character runes that ceaselessly fluttered around the sword base, causing the surrounding space to be sliced to the point shattered cracks that surged endlessly like a shattered tide appeared.

A strand of aura emitted from merely a sword base had actually torn open space. If it’s refined into a real Talisman Armament, then how formidable would its might be? At the same time that Chen Xi was shocked by the sword base’s might, he couldn’t help but be extremely astounded by Ji Yu’s ability. With a mere stretch of his hand, Ji Yu had melted the Sickle of Slaughter that was an immortal artifact into a sword base, and it was simply an act of transforming something normal into something miraculous!

“Alright, the sword base is already completed. Make the best use of your time and start inscribing the Divine Talismans on it.” Ji Yu instructed lightly as he raised his hand to toss the sword base to Chen Xi, and then he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Senior Ji, wait a moment. I still have something to ask.” Chen Xi abruptly thought of something and hurriedly withdrew the Buddha’s Pagoda, Netherworld Register, and Condemn Evil Brush. After that, he circulated his Shaman Markings to make the nameless Divine Wood, Fire Crystal, Water Pearl, and Metal Rock float out.

These treasures could be said to be extremely miraculous existences that could only be chanced upon by luck. But when placed in Chen Xi’s possession, they were instead like brilliant pearls that were hidden away. Because he utterly didn’t know the true use and origins of these treasures.

For example, the Buddha’s Treasure was originally an Immortal Artifact, yet at this moment, it was severely damaged, and its Artifact Spirit was lost. Chen Xi wanted to repair it, yet he didn’t know how.

As a further example, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush were even more mysterious. Moreover, they rejected Chen Xi’s control and would want to flee as soon as they had the chance, causing Chen Xi to be extremely vexed.

On the other hand, those nameless Divine Wood, Fire Crystal, Water Pearl, and Metal Rock were like that as well. Chen Xi still hadn’t figured out their true use and origins until today.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi had called out to stop Ji Yu as he hoped to find out some information about these treasures from this spirit of the Manor that had lived for a million years.

“This is…” With Ji Yu’s disposition and countless years of experience, he still couldn’t help but gasp when he saw these treasures, and he almost dazed by them.

“The Netherworld Emperor’s Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush! The Buddhist World’s relic, the Buddha’s Pagoda! Azure Divine Wood! Sunforce Metal! Flaming Divine Crystal! Unity Darkwater!” Ji Yu spoke out with name after name, and the shock on his face grew denser and denser. At the end, he abruptly looked at Chen Xi with a peculiar gaze.

Chen Xi felt ill at ease in his heart from being looked at like this, and he said after coughing dryly, “I obtained all these treasures fortuitously during this past few years, yet I don’t know their origins and use, so I hope that Senior can guide me.”

Ji Yu took a deep breath and stabilized his state of mind before raising his hand to pick up the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush. As he briefly sized it up, his eyes were suffused with reminiscence, and he sighed emotionally. “These two treasures were possessed by the Third Netherworld Emperor in the six paths of reincarnation during the primordial era. This person was extraordinarily talented, and he was renowned throughout the world. He was an extremely formidable person that had once discussed the Dao for ten years with my Master without losing. But unfortunately, because of some things, he offended the countless supreme being in the various worlds, causing him to be jointly killed and die with hatred in his heart.”

The Netherworld Emperor who controlled the six paths of reincarnation!

Such a world shaking great figure had actually once discussed the Dao with the Master of the Manor, Senior Fuxi, for ten years. No wonder he addressed me as the disciple of an old friend. So it turns out that he’s closely connected to Senior Fuxi.

Chen Xi’s heart was quite unsettled. He’d finally understood who the old man that helped him and passed down the profundities of the Paramita and Oblivion Grand Daos to him was.

“Was the Netherworld Emperor killed because of the Terminus Dao Insight?” Chen Xi asked suddenly.

Ji Yu was stunned and said in surprise, “You know of this as well? Right, it was precisely because of the Terminus Dao Insight. This Dao Insight was too overbearing and domineered over numerous Dao Insights, and it could be called as a true Supreme Grand Dao. Since the creation of the world, there was rarely anyone capable of comprehending it, and how shocking the comprehension ability of that Netherworld Emperor was could be seen from his ability to comprehend and master the Terminus Dao Insight.” When he spoke up to here, Ji Yu sighed deeply before continuing. “But it was precisely this Terminus Dao Insight that was the bane that caused the Netherworld Emperor’s fall. This person had extremely great aspirations and desired to bury all gods, annihilate all devils, and rebuild the laws of order in the heavenly, earthly, and mortal dimension to return peace and prosperity to the myriad of worlds. Tell me, which of the gods and devils in the myriad of worlds could tolerate his existence?”

“He was challenging the rules of the three dimensions with his own strength!” Chen Xi sighed with emotion, and he extremely admired this Netherworld Emperor in his heart. But when he thought about how a great figure that looked down upon the myriad of worlds had died with resentment in his heart in the end, and it caused his ideals and aspirations to end in failure, a wisp of deep pity couldn’t help but gush out in Chen Xi’s heart.

“This Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush are the treasures used by the Netherworld Emperor when he swept through the world. He possessed a matchless edge as he slaughtered evil. The Netherworld Register contains a world of its own. It uses the Paramita Flowers to pave and create the path illuminated by fire, the muddy sea of bitterness to connect to paramita, and the paramita is the six paths of reincarnation in the Netherworld.” Ji Yu quickly restrained his feelings and said indifferently, “Moreover, this Netherworld Register and the Condemn Evil Brush complement each other. The Condemn Evil Brush was in charge of life and death, whereas, the Netherworld Register guided the souls to paramita. Any souls of the dead that were killed by the Condemn Evil Brush would have its sin cleansed by the Netherworld Register before being convicted by the order in the Netherworld Register. After that, the souls would be guided to the six paths of reincarnation to be reborn.”

Chen Xi instantly came to a sudden understanding. The Condemn Evil Brush was in charge of slaughter, whereas, the Netherworld Register guided the souls to paramita. If said in a cruder manner, then the combination of this pair of treasures had the feeling of managing both killing and burying.

“You have no use for these two treasures, and try your best to not show it to others in the future. These things are the things left behind by the Netherworld Emperor after all, and if it’s noticed by some formidable beings, then your life would be over.” Ji Yu’s expression was serious as he warned.

Chen Xi nodded. In the eyes of the gods and devils in the myriad of worlds, anything that slightly related to the Netherworld Emperor would probably be eradicated by them, right?

But when he thought about how he was unable to use these two formidable treasures in the future, Chen Xi felt a wave of regret in his heart. Yet he had no other way because compared to his life, everything else was secondary.

“Of course, if your cultivation can one day attain a level that surpasses the gods and devils of the myriad of worlds, you can utilize these two treasures at any time.” Ji Yu smiled.

“I will.” Chen Xi smiled as well, and his voice was calm yet contained a firm and resolute feeling. How very long was the path to the Grand Dao? The gods and devils of the myriad of worlds would not necessarily have arrived at the limit of the Grand Dao. Moreover, his target was the end of the Grand Dao, so if he didn’t have a firm conviction to surpass the gods and devils of the myriad of worlds, how could he be able to walk far on the path to the Grand Dao?

Ji Yu was stunned. He originally intended to use this to put out Chen Xi’s desire to utilize the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil brush, yet never had he imagined that this kid’s aspirations were so great, and he instantly sighed emotionally in his heart. This kid had indeed grown up!

Subsequently, Ji Yu explained the origins of the Buddha’s Pagoda. This treasure was indeed an Immortal Artifact, and it was a rather formidable Immortal Artifact of the Buddhist World. But if he wanted to repair it, he had to enter the territory of the Buddhist Kingdom and use a Buddhist technique to nurture it before it would be able to develop an Artifact Spirit once more and recover its might.

Chen Xi utterly did not know where the Buddhist Kingdom was, and under his helplessness, he could only take the Buddha’s Pagoda to be a storage Magic Treasure with a shocking amount of space.

But there was still a trace of uncertainty in his heart. On what basis did the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s Fan Yunlan say she could repair the Buddha’s Pagoda? Could it be that she possesses some sort of secret technique?

“This Azure Divine Wood, Sunforce Metal, Flaming Divine Crystal, and Unity Darkwater are called wondrous treasures in the Buddhist World, and it means that they’re immeasurably wondrous treasures. They possess unbelievable magical effects when utilized to refine Buddhist treasures. But in the eyes of us cultivators, these four treasures are miraculous objects born from the quintessence of the five elements of nature, and they’re capable of emitting and containing immeasurable amounts of the essence of the five elements.” When he spoke up to here, Ji Yu seemed to have realized something, and his eyes lit up abruptly. “Excellent! If these four treasures are compacted into the Talisman Armament, then why should we worry about it being unable to advance into an Immortal Artifact in the future? Moreover, so long as this Talisman Armament is refined successfully, its quality would at least attain an optimum level!”


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