Chapter 260 – Talisman Armament

Chapter 260 – Talisman Armament

“Right, Senior Ji Yu, where are those five Divine Talismans concealed within this world of stars?” Chen Xi suddenly recovered from his shock. After saying so much, not to mention he didn’t know how to refine the sword, he hadn’t even seen those five miraculous Divine Talismans.

The Azurewood Divine Talisman, the Whitemetal Divine Talisman, the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, the Blackwater Divine Talisman, and the Yellowearth Divine Talisman. Just hearing the names of these five Divine Talismans caused him to feel boundless yearning.

At this moment, Chen Xi impatiently wanted to see them.

Ji Yu smiled and then point towards the distant depths of the world of stars before saying, “Haven’t you mastered the Dao Insights of the five elements? Use your heart to feel them and you will notice their existence.”

Chen Xi nodded and took a deep breath, and then he held his breath in deep concentration as his mind spread out to faintly conform with the stars in the universe and looked towards the boundless stars from afar.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed in his trancelike state that the stars, nebula, and rivers of stars in the universe had suddenly shrunk to form a desolate and boundless world. The world was ash grey without the slightest vitality, and it seemed like a deathly silent wasteland.


A thunderclap roiled in the heavens and the earth, then an azure colored column suddenly surged out and pierced through the clouds from the eastern area of the desolate lands, and it rose up and seemed to cover the sky. After that, plants and flowers madly sprouted out from within the ground of the entire desolate land, and they were overflowing with life and all flowers were blooming. Boundless green colors gushed into appearance on the ground, and the green and luxuriant plants emitted extremely dense vitality.

On the other hand, two images had suddenly appeared in the heavens and the earth. It was a man and a woman of unknown height, they stood towering there while wearing luxurious robes and an emperor’s crown, and their bodies were coiled with dazzling azure and misty divine lights. A variety of talisman markings transformed into countless tiny deities that circled and fluttered around the two of them as if they were worshipping, dancing, and singing praises for their supreme emperor.   

Azure Emperor! Wood Empress!

A man and a woman, coinciding with Yin and Yang. The two emperors stood proudly in the heavens and the earth, and everything in the world sprouted and flowed with vitality, causing a desolate world to be completely remodeled.

In Chen Xi’s eyes, the entire world seemed to have transformed into a talisman. The plants and flowers that grew swiftly in the heavens and the earth were like numerous profound talisman marking pathways, and they contained various essences of the Grand Dao. On the other hand, the images of the Azure Emperor and Wood Empress had instead become the core of the entire talisman, assuming command of the world and looking down at all directions, and it was because of their existence that the entire talisman had become extraordinary.

The Azurewood Divine Talisman!

A strand of enlightenment arose in Chen Xi’s heart as a thought that was vast like the ocean gushed into his mind. Instantly, he felt as if he was immersed deep in the sea, and he was almost drowned by the various talisman structures that were contained within the thought.

This was the crafting technique of the Azurewood Divine Talisman, yet the number of talisman markings contained with it seemed as if a vast ocean was stuffed into his mind, causing Chen Xi to be utterly incapable of discerning exactly how many talisman markings were contained within it.

Crack! Crack!

Before Chen Xi could catch his breath, the scene before his eyes changed to form a golden word. The mountains, rivers, earth, plants… Everything in this world contained an extremely sharp aura like a thriving sharp sword or the icy cold tip of an arrow, and it was angular and defined, causing Chen Xi to feel a bone piercing sharp feeling.

Similarly, there were two images standing within the sharp golden world. Their entire bodies emitted golden lights that shot into the sky and emitted a matchlessly cold and sharp terrifying aura, and it seemed as if a light swing of their hands was capable of slashing through the world and slicing up the universe.

Numerous sharp swords, blades, axes, spears, and many other weapons surged about by their sides as if they’d come to life, and they fluttered and flowed about as they emitted cries of joy.

Everything in this world carried an aura of sharpness and was filled with a cold and hard essence of the Grand Dao, whereas, those two images were precisely the source of all this.

The Whitemetal Divine Talisman!

When Chen Xi clearly recognized this heaven and earth was the talisman paper and everything in the world was the talisman markings of the Divine Talisman, an extremely vast thought gushed into his mind once more.

Obviously, this was the crafting technique of the Whitemetal Divine Talisman.

In the following period of time, Chen Xi saw three worlds that were respectively covered in flames, earth, and water, and he obtained the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, the Yellowearth Divine Talisman, and the Blackwater Divine Talisman’s crafting technique.

Similar to the Azurewood Divine Talisman, the talisman markings to craft the other four Divine Talismans were like boundless oceans, and they were dense, complicated, and innumerable.

According to Chen Xi’s estimations, if he wanted to complete the crafting of any one of the Divine Talismans with his current ability of deduction, it would be an enormous project that was absolutely impossible to complete without three to five years of time.

This was merely to draw a Divine Talisman’s markings, and if he wanted to completely craft the Divine Talisman successfully and even condense the images of the gods, it would absolutely be an impossible task for him at this moment.


Chen Xi opened his eyes and couldn’t help but let out a long breath of air to stabilize his state of mind, and only then did his thoughts recover from the strain placed upon him by those five Divine Talismans.

“How do you feel?” Ji Yu asked with a smile.

Chen Xi pondered for a short moment and answered. “It has exceeded my imagination.” After that, he frowned and said, “Senior Ji Yu, there’s an innumerable amount of talisman markings contained within these five Divine Talismans. If I’m to refine the sword you spoke of, merely the inscribing of these talisman markings would probably take quite a long time, right?”

“It’s indeed so. According to my estimations, you’ll be barely able to complete the inscribing of a single Divine Talisman’s markings within five years with your current ability.” Ji Yu answered with a nod.

“That won’t do. There’s only a little over four years of time before the Allstar Meeting. I still have to advance my cultivation to the Golden Core Realm, and I’m utterly unable to find time to refine this sword.” Chen Xi’s brows knit even more tightly, and he felt even more strongly that the time available to him wasn’t enough.

“This isn’t a problem. I forgot to tell you, this is the world of stars and it’s similar to the 18 levels of the Heavenpeak of Trials that you saw in the past. The passage of time in this place is sluggish, and only a year would pass in the outside world after you’ve stayed here for 10 years.” Ji Yu smiled lightly.

Chen Xi was stunned. Only a year would have passed in the outside world after staying here for 10 years? Doesn’t that mean that I’m completely able to cultivate for 40 years here, and I wouldn’t be late to participate in the Allstar Meeting?

Chen Xi felt a wave of delight in his heart when he thought like this. That was 40 years! Besides the 25 years required to be consumed by the inscribing of the five types of Divine Talismans, there was still another 15 years of time left for him, and it was sufficient for him to advance to the Golden Core Realm!

“Moreover, you can enter the Manor at any time in the future. Because you’ve started to receive the true inheritance of my Master now, the numerous restrictions from the past don’t exist any longer.” Ji Yi tossed out a bomb that blasted Chen Xi to the point of being dazed. When he wanted to enter the Manor in the past, he had to attain a certain level of cultivation in both body refinement and qi refinement, and it was impossible for him to pay a visit to Ji Yu and seek help in solving some questions of him. Yet now, all of this was solved easily and didn’t exist anymore. So how could Chen Xi not be delighted?

Ji Yu grinned as he looked at the delighted expression on Chen Xi’s face, and he was extremely happy in his heart as well. The true inheritance of his Master had a successor, and he felt extremely gratified as well.

Moreover, he’d practically watched Chen Xi grow up, so it would be a lie if he said he didn’t have any attachment to Chen Xi. Thus, he was similarly happy that he would be able to regularly see Chen Xi in the future.

“Alright. Since you’ve already obtained the inheritance of the five Divine Talismans, I’ll start passing down the method of refining the sword to you now. How about it?” Ji Yu asked.

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he nodded in agreement.

Presently, the Chen Clan possessed the protection of the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation, and it could be said to be impregnable. Even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert would be incapable of leaving the formation for a while.

Coupled with Bei Heng having personally come to the Chen Clan a few days ago and besides engaging in chit chat, he also revealed some of the matters that occurred in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s audience hall that day. He said frankly that the powers behind Huangfu Chongming and the others wouldn’t dare come to attack Chen Xi again, and all of this was because of a command token that Bai Wanqing left behind.

Besides allowing Chen Xi to become aware of the extraordinary influence of Aunt Bai, he was even more resolute in his heart to participate in the Allstar Meeting. Only by obtaining the top ten ranks in the Allstar Meeting and entered the Primeval Battlefield would he have the hope of entering the Dark Reverie, and only in this way would he be able to see Bai Wanqing and find out about some history and enmities related to his parents from her.

To sum it up, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about anything now, and he only had to immerse himself in bitter and diligent cultivation so that he could advance to the Golden Core Realm as soon as possible and await the arrival of the Allstar Meeting.

“The Magic Treasure refined by this technique is called a Talisman Armament. Perhaps its ranks are different to the Magic Treasures in the cultivation world now, yet if you carefully comprehend its might, you’re able to make a comparison between them.” Ji Yu wasn’t a person to make a long drawn speech, and he raised his hand to transmit a thought related to the technique of refining the sword into Chen Xi’s mind.

This technique was extremely succinct, yet every single word was like a pearl that was rare in the world. Its method of refining was different from normal as well, and it showed extreme ingenuity.

How great was Chen Xi’s comprehension ability, yet he still expended an entire few hours of time before being capable of thoroughly committing this technique to heart and almost completely comprehending it.

A sword refined by this method should actually be called a sword talisman. Because this technique used the five Divine Talismans as its foundation and didn’t require the assistance of a furnace. Moreover, it relied on one to imprint the equipment refinement technique onto it in order to fuse in the various equipment refinement materials.

But if one wanted to refine a Talisman Armament, the choice of sword base was extremely important and couldn’t be neglected. The sword base was related to the inscribing of the five types of Divine Talismans and the future growth of the Talisman Armament. Even though one could add materials in and refine the sword’s base once more in the future, yet if one could choose a good sword base at the initial stage, it would undoubtedly save a great deal of effort and time.

Many of the rare and precious equipment refinement materials I obtained from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault like the Fine Whitegold Iron and Firefly Luminance Rock are absolutely superb equipment refinement materials. But, if it’s to refine the Talisman Armament’s base, it seems to be slightly insufficient… Chen Xi’s gaze swept past the various equipment refinement materials stored within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and he hoped to find a material that was most suitable to refine the sword base from them.

However, to his disappointment, amongst the numerous rare materials, he seemed to have not found any material that caused him to be unusually moved.

Of course, he knew as well that his expectations were too high and too picky. He kept hoping to find a material capable of being refined into an Immortal Artifact like the Sickle of Slaughter, so he naturally wouldn’t take a fancy to these materials. Actually, most of these materials were materials that were used to refine top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, and there were even some materials that were existences that were indispensable when refining a heaven-rank Magic Treasure. If they were sold on the market, they would be rare and precious materials with extremely shocking value.

Hmm? Sickle of Slaughter? If I refine it into the sword base, wouldn’t it work as well? Chen Xi abruptly slapped his forehead. He was really riding a donkey while looking for a donkey and had actually overlooked the Sickle of Slaughter!


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