Chapter 259 – What Are Divine Talismans?

Chapter 259 – What Are Divine Talismans?

The true inheritance of the Master of the Manor is concealed within this boundless world of stars?

As he gazes at the numerous stars, nebulas, and rivers of stars, Chen Xi felt his mind was insufficient to process all this. Fortunately, Ji Yu’s following words caused him to heave a sigh of relief, as so long as Ji Yu was willing to guide him, then all his questions would be readily solved.

“This world of stars left behind by my Master is actually a world of talismans, and it contains various unbelievable divine talismans, and five divine talismans are the foundation. They’re respectively the Azurewood Divine Talisman, the Whitemetal Divine Talisman, the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, the Blackwater Divine Talisman, and the Yellowearth Divine Talisman.” At this moment, Ji Yu seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be the inheritor of his Master, and he asked with a smile. “Do you know what Divine Talismans are?”

Chen Xi was stunned and shook his head to indicate he didn’t know.

In his impression, the Dao of Talismans was divided into nine grades. So long as one was capable of drawing a complete talisman structure on a piece of talisman paper, then it could be called a 1st grade talisman. When one was capable of drawing two complete talisman patterns and make them act in cooperation as smoothly as breathing, then it could be called a 2nd grade talisman, and it moved on successively like this until the 9th grade.

Simply speaking, a 1st grade talisman contained a single talisman marking, a 2nd grade talisman contained two types of talisman markings… A 9th grade talisman contained nine types of talisman markings.

Nine was the limit of numbers and conformed with the workings of the heavens. An existence that surpassed the number of nine would undergo a qualitative leap and improvements. In the end, when two 9th grade talismans were combined, they would possess the initial form of a talisman formation.

When a single talisman paper was capable of containing a talisman formation, then it was already capable of being called a spirit talisman. The more formations contained within a spirit talisman, the stronger its might, and spirit talismans could be divided into the high-grade, mid-grade, and low grade.

A low-grade spirit talisman contained no more than three types of formations.

A mid-grade spirit talisman contained no more than six types of formations.

A high-grade spirit talisman contained no more than nine types of formations.

These spirit talismans of three different grades naturally possessed completely different mights. Low-grade spirit talismans that possess an offensive nature are already comparable to a full forced strike of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator. A mid-grade spirit talisman was roughly comparable to the full forced strike of a perfection-stage Violet Palace Realm cultivator, whereas, a high-grade spirit talisman was already capable of heavily injuring a Golden Hall Realm cultivator.

Above spirit talismans were treasured talismans.

Treasured talismans were actually similar to spirit talismans, and it combined the striations of nine types of talisman formations with another nine types of talisman formations to create a type of talisman.

Its grades were similarly divided into low, mid, and high, and its might was respectively comparable to the full force of the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

Above treasured talismans were dark talismans. Something worthy of mentioning was the talisman markings required by a dark talisman were too many, and its might was too strong, so ordinary talisman paper was utterly incapable of bearing it. Normally speaking, dark talismans were inscribed onto spirit jade, and thus were commonly called jade talismans. Besides that, dark talismans were also called dark jade talismans.

Dark talismans were similarly divided into the low, mid, and high grade, and its might corresponded to the strength of a full force strike at the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, and advanced-stage of the Rebirth Realm.

Further above dark talismans were heavenly talismans, and similarly to the spirit, treasures, and dark talismans, its might respectively corresponded to the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, and advanced-stage of the Nether Transformation Realm.

Simply speaking, according to the differentiation of their levels and ignoring the nine grades of talismans, they could be divided into the four levels of spirit, treasured, dark, and heavenly, and every single level was divided into the top-grade, mid-grade, and low-grade.

The technique of crafting, might, and the talisman marking structures contained within these four levels of talismans were completely different.

The crafting of spirit talismans was only the addition of talisman markings, and an ordinary talisman formation master was capable of crafting it.

A treasure talisman already contained the energy of Dao Insight within it, and a flawless high-grade treasured talisman was extremely formidable and capable of containing nine types of Dao Insights. It was precisely because of this that a talisman formation master capable of flawlessly crafting a high-grade treasured talisman would absolutely not possess less than nine types of Dao Insights.

Besides containing Dao Insights, crafted dark talismans were capable of drawing the qi of the heavens and the earth to form a unique territory that was similar to the Dao Territories controlled by cultivators. So besides possessing sufficient Dao Insights, a talisman formation master that refined a dark talisman had to have comprehended Dao Territory.

On the other hand, the crafting of heavenly talismans stressed on even more things. Besides containing Dao Insights and Dao Territories, it also possessed a strand of the Force of the heavens and the earth, and this force usually transformed into lightning when it appeared. For example, the Force contained in the Azuresky Second-Wood Heavenly Talisman was capable of developing Second-Wood Divine Lightning.

It was precisely because of this that a talisman formation master capable of crafting a heavenly talisman was already capable of being called a talisman formation grandmaster.

As for the Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman that Qing Xiuyi had once used in the past, it wasn’t a pure talisman, and it was a single use Magic Treasure that contained the Blood Essence of an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator and was bitterly refined by consuming the cultivator’s lifespan.

All of this was Chen Xi’s understanding towards the Dao of Talismans. With his current understanding and grasp of the Dao of Talismans, if he were to craft a talisman, he would barely be able to craft a high-grade treasured talisman.

As for a dark talisman and heavenly talisman, unless he comprehended his own Dao Territory and comprehended the Force of the heavens and the earth, otherwise, he was incapable of crafting it.

“A so-called Divine Talisman is an existence that surpasses above heavenly talismans. Besides containing Dao Insight, Dao Territory, and the Force of the heavens and the earth, it’s also capable of connecting to the might of the gods in the heavens and the earth, causing it to derive a god!” When he saw Chen Xi not answering, it was within Ji Yu’s expectations, so he answered himself. “For example, when the Azurewood Divine Talisman in crafted successfully, it would contain and produce the image of the Azure Emperor and Wood Empress of divine times. Similarly, the Whitemetal Divine Talisman would contain and produce the image of the White Emperor and Metal Empress of the ancient times. The word ‘divine’ within Divine Talismans points towards the might of these gods, and only with the addition of the might of these gods would it be capable of being called a true Divine Talisman.”

Chen Xi instantly came to a sudden realization, and he was extremely shocked in his heart at the same time. Containing and producing the images of gods from within talismans. Exactly how terrifying of a cultivation in the Dao of Talismans is required to craft it?

“But this isn’t the end of the Dao of Talismans, and it’s only a new beginning. However, the things in the future will be something you’ll naturally understand once you master these five types of Divine Talismans,” said Ji Yu with a smile.

It’s only a new beginning?

Chen Xi was completely stunned. Presently, he was unable to refine dark talismans and heavenly talismans, let alone Divine Talismans. At this moment, when he heard Ji Yu say that Divine Talismans were merely a new beginning in the Dao of Talismans, how could he not be shocked?

“Senior Ji Yu, the might of a Divine Talisman is roughly comparable to the attack of what cultivation realm?” Chen Xi felt that it was necessary to figure out the might of Divine Talismans.

“Heavily injuring Earthly Immortals is nothing difficult, and slightly formidable Divine Talismans are even capable of injuring Heavenly Immortals.” Ji Yu replied extremely casually as if he was speaking about an extremely ordinary thing.

But when these words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap, and it shook him to the point he was dazed. A single Divine Talisman is capable of heavily injuring an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, then wouldn’t that mean that it’s on par with that Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman?

He was vaguely able to discern that an Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman was refined by consuming the quintessence of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, whereas a Divine Talisman was different, as it purely tested the crafting ability of a talisman formation master, yet it wouldn’t consume one’s lifespan nor injure one’s quintessence.

After a long time, he suddenly thought of a problem and said with surprise, “Senior Ji Yu, you wouldn’t be asking me to comprehend those five types of Divine Talismans now, right?”

Ji Yu replied with a question. “Why not? These are merely the five types of foundational Divine Talisman in this world of stars. If you’re unable to master them, then how are you going to receive the inheritance of the other Divine Talismans?”

Chen Xi said with an astonished expression, “It wouldn’t be that the true inheritance of Senior Fuxi are all Divine Talismans, right?”

“It’s indeed so.” Ji Yu nodded.

Chen Xi was instantly speechless. Isn’t this starting point a little bit too high for me?

Ji Yu seemed to have see through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he shook his head and smiled. “I didn’t say I wanted you to master these five types of foundational Divine Talismans in a single moment. Not to mention you haven’t comprehended Dao Territory and the Force of the heavens and the earth now, so how could you possibly master the profundity of Divine Talismans?”

Chen Xi scratched his head and asked. “Then what should I do?”

He was extremely bewildered indeed. He’d activated the true inheritance of the Master of the Manor out of nowhere and arrived in this world of stars before coming to understand some knowledge about Divine Talismans. Originally, he was thinking that he would obtain some unexpected benefits or at least be able to inherit some books and techniques related to Divine Talismans, yet Ji Yu’s words had instead caused him to be at a loss for what to do.

“Do you remember your answer when I asked you what type of cultivation technique you wanted to cultivate?” Ji Yu didn’t answer Chen Xi and asked another question instead.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he thought and recollected for a long time before answering with a frown. “I said I want to learn the cultivation technique with the strongest offense and swiftest speed of escape.”

Ji Yu nodded and said, “What was my answer?”

“Sword technique, Divine Ability, movement technique!” Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitation. How could he have forgotten this? It was precisely because of Ji Yu’s words that he’d persisted on his path of the Martial Dao.

In the hands of qi refiners, sword techniques possessed the strongest offense. In the hands of body refiners, Divine Abilities possessed the strongest offense. On the other hand, movement techniques were naturally utilized for both combat and escape.

But during these past few years of cultivation, he’d frequently utilized the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture and Divine Windwing Flight. As for the Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, he rarely had the chance to utilize it.

“To cultivate in sword techniques, you must possess a good sword. A sword that you can use freely as if you were controlling your arm. Do you agree?” Ji Yu asked.

“Of course.” Chen Xi spoke with a slight emotional sigh as he’s experienced this deeply. In spite of Madam Shui Hua gifting him ten top-grade profound-rank swords that respectively corresponded to the Dao Insights of the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and star in Oceanic City, they seemed to be too large of a variety to him.

He’d frequently utilize only the Sky Lightning sword, and he rarely utilized the other nine swords. After all, every single second in battle could determine life and death, so how could he have the time to change his sword?

“Alright. Then I’ll teach you a method to refine a sword. It’s absolutely capable of crafting a sword that you can control like your arm and possess a might that beats the might of a treasure created by nature,” said Ji Yu.

Chen Xi was indeed moved extremely, but he still couldn’t help but ask. “Senior Ji Yu, is this related to those five types of Divine Talismans?”

“Of course.” Ji Yu smiled. “This method of refining a sword of mine must utilize the five types of Divine Talismans as its foundation, and it doesn’t have many requirements towards equipment refinement material so long as it’s not a divine material that’s not within the five elements, like the Chaotic Lifesoil. What you need to do is inscribe those five Divine Talismans onto the sword.”

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief. Inscribing talisman markings were easy to accomplish as it didn’t require Dao Insight, Dao Territory, the Force of the heavens and the earth, nor did it require connecting to the gods in the heavens and the earth to condense a god’s image, so any talisman formation master was capable of accomplishing it.

“Doing this is also for the sake of allowing you to master the five types of foundational Divine Talismans as soon as possible. Once this sword is complete, it will be closely linked to your grasp of the Dao of Talismans, and its quality will rise along with your grasp in the Dao of Talismans.”

Ji Yu had obviously given it careful consideration, and he spoke neither swiftly nor slowly. “Besides that, you will notice that the might of this sword absolutely surpasses all existences at the same rank. Moreover, it possesses almost boundless space to grow, and it’s not impossible for it to advance to become an Immortal Artifact or even become an existence above an Immortal Artifact.”

A sword that grows boundlessly?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. In the cultivation world, after a cultivator’s cultivation rose explosively, the Magic Treasures that were used previously by the cultivator would be already incapable of completely expressing the cultivator’s strength, and then the cultivator would spare no pains to search for a new Magic Treasure, causing it to be extremely troublesome and consuming of both wealth and effort.

Sometimes, for the sake of obtaining a suitable treasure, it was even possible that one would offend many people and draw the resentment of many. Moreover, not all of these treasures that one obtained would be to one’s satisfaction. Especially after a cultivator attains the Golden Core Realm, because of the different Dao Insights comprehended by cultivators, their requirements towards the attribute and effects of Magic Treasures would become extremely strict. This also caused them to be doomed to find it absolutely difficult to find a treasure they were satisfied with.

Of course, this only applied to ordinary cultivators. In some ancient and large sects in the cultivation world, most of the treasures passed down within the sect possessed space to grow. It only required the cultivator to find some equipment refinement materials to refine it once more after the cultivator’s strength rose explosively, and then its quality would obtain an improvement. In this way, the embarrassing situation of disciples having no weapons to use could be avoided.

But what Ji Yu said was different to all these treasures, and he instead wanted Chen Xi to refine a sword that could grow boundlessly!

What sort of notion was boundless growth?

It meant it was possible to become an Immortal Artifact or even surpass an Immortal Artifact!

Moreover, according to what Ji Yu said, once this sword was refined successfully, its might would completely surpass all Magic Treasures of the same rank!

Who wouldn’t be moved when facing a miraculous treasure like this?


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