Chapter 258 – World Of Stars

Chapter 258 – World Of Stars

Under the sky of the Sunchaser Realm were blades of ice, rains of fire, enormous pieces of wood, gales, arcs of lightning… Attacks covered the world like a dense and impenetrable storm that rumbled as it poured down.

The ground was covered with lava that surged like tidewater, and the scorching waves of fire were like fire dragons that roared with rage and were capable of melting everything in the world.

The entire Sunchaser Realm was completely covered in various phenomenon of the heavens and the earth, and its impetus was extremely shocking and terrifying.

However, it was precisely within this extremely dangerous and hopeless situation that a figure was moving forward while passing through the gaps between the dense attacks like a ghost, and their speed didn’t become sluggish in the slightest.

That figure was naturally Chen Xi.

Behind him, a pair of wings that emitted a profound and divine aura flapped continuously while overflowing with starlight, causing him to flash out with an unbelievable speed. When looked at from afar, he was like a wisp of a flowing light that sliced through the sky and flashed briefly before vanishing, causing others to be utterly incapable of capturing his tracks.

Under this unrivalled speed, Chen Xi naturally moved unhindered when facing the various attacks that covered the heavens and the earth. Those attacks hadn’t even come close to him when he’d already vanished to appear 3km away, and he moved freely and skillfully.

Amazing! This ought to be a formidable movement Divine Ability. Not only is the speed of this pair of starlight wings extremely swift, they seem to faintly have a trace of connection with the myriad of stars in the universe and are cooperating with each other from a distance. In this way, it has allowed the consumption of my Shaman Energy to reduce by almost 40%, and it’s simply a supreme weapon of escape! Chen Xi praised in his heart. Compared to the Divine Windwing Flight, the starlight wings weren’t only almost two times faster, the energy they consumed was much less. With the purity and thickness of his Shaman Energy at this moment, he was completely capable of flying 50,000km with ease. Moreover, he would still be left with around 20% of his Shaman Energy.

In this way, so long as he didn’t encounter a Nether Transformation Realm expert that had comprehended the method to carry out teleportation, he would be entirely capable of easily escaping safely when falling into a difficult situation in the future!

He pondered all along the way like this, and unknowingly, a day had already passed. Chen Xi had already flown over 45,000km in distance, and he was already capable of seeing from afar that a dazzling and resplendent blazing sun hung above the horizon and seemed to be extremely round and magnificent.

Compared to this blazing sun, he was like an ant and seemed to be tiny to the extreme.


When Chen Xi was another 500km away from this blazing sun, countless roaring golden flames shot out from the blazing sun. Those flames appeared to be dazzling golden flames, and every single strand of flames contained a fierce three legged large bird with icy cold eyes and flames that shot into the sky. With a slight flap of their wings, boundless flaming glows swirled down as if they were gods of fire.


Chen Xi recognized them with a single glance. Those numerous three legged large birds that bathed in the flames were shockingly the ancient divine beasts that illuminated the world during the absolute beginning of the world!

The blazing sun hung in the air as the myriad of Suncrows flapped their wings, causing the heavens and the earth to seem to have transformed into a blazing furnace that, and the scene was extremely horrifying.

When faced with this terrifying scene, Chen Xi stopped abruptly and didn’t dare take another step forward.

At this moment, the myriad of stars in the sky had vanished since long ago, and the various attacks that he’d experienced all along the way had ceased all activity and vanished without a trace.

This place just happened to be 50,000km away from the location Chen Xi entered the Sunchaser Realm from!


Right at this moment, an enormous figure that was almost 30km in height strode out from within the blazing sun. He was barefooted, wore linen clothes, and his hair hung loosely on his shoulders. He was like a god that domineered over the sea of flames as he walked out of the blazing sun, and his body emitted waves of ancient and vast desolate aura.

A ball of starry clouds had converged in the sky above him, and it emitted a myriad of tiny glows and was covered in stars. When looked at from afar, it seemed like an exceedingly enormous talisman was slowly circulating, and it emitted a boundlessly deep and profound aura.

Chen Xi didn’t feel a shred of unfamiliarity when he saw this immeasurably tall figure as he’d once seen this figure in the Fifth-Earth Realm of the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials. If his judgment wasn’t wrong, then this figure was the Master of the Manor and similarly the Master of Ji Yu, Fuxi!

However, even though the figure wasn’t unfamiliar to him, indescribable shock still emerged from Chen Xi’s heart when he once again saw this figure that emitted a boundlessly vast and ancient aura, and he was unable to control his shock for a long time.

All those years ago, he was only at the Violet Palace Realm, and his understanding towards the Grand Dao wasn’t deep, so he only felt reverence and admiration in his heart. Yet now, he’d already mastered more than 10 Dao Insights, and his knowledge and experience were no longer what they used to be. He acutely noticed that this figure contained infinite Dao Insights, as if it embraced all the Grand and Minor Daos in the heavens and the earth, causing it to simply be like the embodiment of Dao Insights. If he didn’t see it with his own two eyes, Chen Xi would absolutely not dare believe that there was actually someone who could master so many Dao Insights in the world!


As Chen Xi expected, right when that figure appeared from within the blazing sun, the Fuxi Divine Status gushed out into appearance in the depths of his sea of consciousness with a bang, and then both figures raised their heads at the same time before looking at each other from afar.

After that, Chen Xi’s entire soul started to tremble as numerous ancient and distant thoughts were like a great river as they gushed fiercely into his soul and fused into his memories.

During this process, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm and sat cross-legged on the ground without moving, and he only opened his soul wide to accept the inheritance from these ancient thoughts.

As expected, the reward for the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials is a movement technique Divine Ability, and it’s called the Starsky Wings. Not only can it be utilized for flying, it also possesses unbelievable wondrous effects when in battle. Chen Xi opened his eyes after 15 minutes passed, and he exclaimed endlessly with admiration as he recalled the inherited technique within his mind.

The Starsky Wings were unquestionably formidable. No matter if it was flying or in battle, one’s movement technique would contain the profundity of the circulation of the stars in the universe. When cultivated until the limit, it was even capable of fusing into the starlight and carrying out teleportation within an area of 5,000km!

But according to Chen Xi’s inference, his body refinement cultivation had to attain the Golden Core Realm to allow the Starsky Wings to achieve the level of teleporting. Only in this way would he be able to resist the terrifying pressure space itself exerted onto his body when undergoing teleportation.

Even then, Chen Xi was already extremely satisfied. So long as he completely comprehended the profundities of the Starsky Wings, then in terms of speed, perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators like Huangfu Chongming would be absolutely left in the distance by him, whereas, even Rebirth Realm cultivators had an extremely tiny hope of chasing up to him.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t dare underestimate other cultivators because of this. According to his knowledge, Yue Qi, who possessed the Magic Treasure Black Swan Wings, possessed a cultivation that wasn’t inferior to his Starsky Wings.

But Chen Xi didn’t take Yue Qi seriously. So long as he advanced to the Golden Core Realm and comprehended the Starsky Wing’s method of teleportation, then he would absolutely surpass Yue Qi in terms of speed.

Hmm? Chen Xi raised his eyes and swept his surroundings. Unknowingly, the scene in his surroundings had changed. The sea of flames, blazing sun, Suncrows… All of them had vanished, and only a door had appeared before him.

This door had a brilliance flowing about it, and what was within it couldn’t be seen clearly, causing it to seem as if it led to another world.

Could it be that within this door is the path towards the 3rd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials? Chen Xi pondered for a short moment before flying into it without the slightest hesitation.

The Heavenpeak of Trials was utilized by the Master of the Manor, Fuxi, to test his disciples, and it was divided into a total of 18 levels. Only by passing through all the tests would Chen Xi be able to obtain all of Fuxi’s inheritance.

Chen Xi naturally wanted to take a look and find out exactly what place did the door lead to. Because Ji Yu had once said when he entered the Manor that with his current strength, it was sufficient for him to pass through the 9th level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, and Chen Xi deeply believed this. So he didn’t have much fear in his heart when he entered the door, and he was merely curious.


At the bottom of the surging great river, Ji Yu seemed to have noticed something and suddenly raised his head to look towards the Heavenpeak of Trials, and his gaze that was like a bolt of lightning seemed as if it had already seen through everything.

The Heavenpeak of Trials has actually undergone a change. Looks like this kid’s current cultivation has already obtained Master’s acknowledgement… As he muttered, Ji Yu’s figure had already vanished in the next moment.


Chen Xi noticed to his shock that he was actually standing with a starry sky in the universe, and all around him were countless stars. There was a myriad of shooting stars whistling past, numerous nebulas of odd shapes that revolved endlessly, and numerous rivers of stars that were magnificent and continued on without end…

Just looking up at the stars while standing on the ground caused one to feel their hearts shake under its boundless expanse. At this moment, when he was amongst this scene and surrounded by a myriad of stars, everything within his field of vision was dazzling stars, and this scene was so profound, magnificent, and boundlessly vast to the point that Chen Xi was shocked speechless for a long time.

The 3,000 large worlds and the myriad of minor worlds were divided by the three dimensions of heavenly, earthly, and mortal, whereas, are there countless worlds, living beings, and civilizations being created above these stars? Does the starry sky have an end? If there is an end, then what sort of scene would its end be like? Chen Xi muttered to himself. His field of vision had never been wider than this moment, and an impulse had even arisen within his heart. He wished for nothing more than to charge into the end of the starry universe to see what existed there and if it was a void or a strange and unusual world? Perhaps, this starry universe utterly had no end?

“When you stand beneath the starry sky, you’re like a frog in a well that’s looking up at the sky, and you can only look up and feel reverent, whereas, only when you stand above the starry sky will you truly understand that this world will forever be much large than your imagination.” Suddenly, Ji Yu had already arrived by Chen Xi’s side, and he held his hands behind his back as he stared concentratedly into the depths of the starry sky and spoke with a slightly emotional voice.

Chen Xi seemed as if he was awakened from a dream, and his eyes recovered their clarity as he looked at Ji Yu and cupped his fist. “Senior, you’ve come. Is this the 3rd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials?”

“Yes, and no.” Ji Yu’s gaze swept Chen Xi and seemed to have thought of something as he said, “The 18 levels of the Heavenpeak of Trials were personally set up by my Master, and anyone can obtain my Master’s inheritance so long as they’re capable of passing all the trials. But that’s merely limited to the inheritance of my Master before he ascended the end of the Grand Dao.”

Chen Xi frowned, yet didn’t interrupt Ji Yu.

“My Master’s true inheritance is actually the Dao of Talismans, and it was precisely by relying on the Dao of Talismans that my Master was capable of ascending the limits of the Grand Dao, allowing him to travel through every corner of the universe. This type of inheritance is independent of the 18 trials. Only one that had obtained the acknowledgement of the Manor and possesses the qualifications to become my Master’s disciple is capable of activating it and entering it.” Ji Yu said slowly, “You activated the force of this inheritance in the Sunchaser Realm earlier, causing the entire 18 levels of the Heavenpeak of Trials to transform into my Master’s true place of inheritance.”

Chen Xi was greatly shocked and thought to himself. If I didn’t activate the force of this inheritance, then even if it passed through the 18 levels of the Heavenpeak of Trials, wouldn’t I have no fate with the true inheritance of Senior Fuxi?

“Being capable of activating the true force of my Master’s inheritance proves that your current attainments in the Dao of Talismans has already obtained the acknowledgement of my Master, as only then would this world of stars appear.” Ji Yu patted Chen Xi’s shoulder and spoke with a gratified expression. “You’ve done extremely well. I frequently advised you to comprehend the Dao of Talismans more in the past, and it looks like you remembered my words.”

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. So it turned out that all this is because of my comprehension in the Dao of Talismans had conformed with the requirements of the Master of the Manor!

“Since I’ve already obtained Senior Fuxi’s acknowledgement, then do I still have to traverse through the trials in the future?” Chen Xi thought for a moment and asked.

“Of course not. It’s impossible to traverse through the trials even if you wanted to. Presently, the 18 levels of the Heavenpeak of Trials have already completely changed in appearance to form this world of stars, whereas, the true inheritance of my Master is concealed within this boundless starry sky.” Ji Yu turned around and his deep gaze looked at Chen Xi. “And I will guide you to inherit my Master’s true mantle.”


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