Chapter 257 – Sunchaser Realm

Chapter 257 – Sunchaser Realm

Lava surged as waves of flame soared into the sky.

On a land that stretched as far as the eye could see, boundless golden lava flowed like numerous flame dragons wriggling on the ground, and they roared and swam while emitting a violent aura that seemed capable of burning everything into nothingness.

This place simply seemed like the bottom of a volcano, and there was only extremely scorching lava with utterly no place to stand on the ground, whereas dazzling and resplendent stars hung all over the sky and flickered as if they were within arm’s reach, causing them to seem extremely deep and beautiful.

A myriad of stars above and lava covering everything below, Chen Xi stood in midair with a slightly surprised and bewildered expression. This is the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials?

Suddenly, an enormous stone tablet descended from the skies to appear before Chen Xi. This stone tablet covered an area of 300m like a mountain wall, and its surface was smooth like a mirror.

The peculiar thing was that there was actually an extremely profound and divine pair of wings flapping on the surface of the stone tablet. Every single feather on this pair of wings was formed from strands of starlight, and they were suffused with layers of ripples that seemed like chilly starlight.

When looked at from afar, this pair of wings seemed to contain a myriad of stars circulating along a profound trajectory. Every single flap of the wings seemed like a myriad of stars flickering, causing it to look agile and profound, and it was simply capable of sucking one’s soul away.


Countless cracks suddenly split open atop the surface of the stone tablet before it shattered with a bang and vanished. However, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that even though the stone tablet had vanished, the scene of a pair of wings flapping was instead clearly branded within his mind, and every single detail was visible.

“Sunchaser Realm! Fly out 50,000 kilometers under the attacks from the boundless phenomenon of the heavens and the earth!” Right at the instant the stone tablet vanished, an aged and indistinct voice suddenly resounded out by his ears.

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. When he entered the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, he’d once heard the briefing of this voice, and it was precisely because of this that he’d obtained the Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm.

Sunchaser Realm? Could it be that it wants me to chase towards the sun and fly a distance of 50,000 kilometers? Chen Xi instantly felt his scalp go numb as he laughed bitterly without end.

For the sake of escaping Huangfu Chongming and the others that were chasing him on that day, he’d flown all the way from the depths of the Oceanic Desert to Pine Mist City, and it was more a less a distance of 50,000km, yet he’d flown for an entire three days and three nights. On the way, he’d even risked his life and swallowed a Sky Jadeliquid Pill before being able to arrive at Pine Mist City.

It was precisely because of this and the second Sky Jadeliquid Pill he consumed to set up the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation that his body suffered a serious and heavy injury that caused him to lay unconscious on the bed for almost three months of time.

I’ve only just recuperated from my injuries. Could it be that I have to be injured once more? Chen Xi felt an extremely complicated feeling in his heart, and he slightly regretted charging into the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials so rashly.

However, before he could regret it, heavy snow suddenly poured down from the starry sky, and the snow was large like a goose’s feather. What caused Chen Xi to be astonished was these pieces of snow were actually formed by numerous blades of ice!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless blades of ice poured down, their sharp and swift blades slicing apart the sky and emitting a sharp ripping sound. The strength contained in every single blade of ice was actually comparable to the full forced strike of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator.

The scene simply seemed like a myriad of Violet Palace Realm cultivators had attacked in unison, and its impetus was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi was right beneath the blades of ice, whereas, the roaring and surging lava were flowing beneath him instead, so if he wanted to avoid them, he could only flee onwards!

Chen Xi executed the Divine Windwing Flight movement technique without the slightest hesitation, and he seemed like a bolt of swift lightning that flashed out explosively towards the distance.


When he was about to charge out of the area covered by the blades of ice, Chen Xi was fiercely hit by a blade of ice, causing a bloody mark to be instantly torn open on his back.

But his body refinement cultivation was already capable of regrowing limbs, thus at the instant this wisp of injury appeared, it had already recovered to its original state. But the energy that gushed out from the blade of ice caused his figure to stagger, and he almost collided with another 10 plus blades of ice.

This won’t do. Even though these blades of ice are incapable of thoroughly injuring me, yet they’re capable of causing my speed to be reduced. I’m afraid the slightest mistake will cause me to be unable to escape… Chen Xi instantly understood how dangerous his situation was, so he didn’t dare hold back and was like a wisp of a phantom as he charged forward as if his life depended on it.

During the course of his flying, there was an extremely scorching sun hanging exceedingly far away in the distance, and it looked to be awfully close in his eyes, yet it was impossible to reduce the distance between them in a short amount of time.Perhaps, this sun was the target he was chasing in the Sunchaser Realm.


Under the sky that was covered with a myriad of stars, a figure that was extremely swift like a wisp of smoke flashed forward.

Chen Xi’s expression had already become extremely serious as he’d only flown for an hour, yet he’d successively encountered countless blades of ice, countless enormous pieces of wood, countless pieces of rubble…

Their singular attack strength was comparable to the full force attack of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator, and when they descended densely from the sky, the denseness of the attacks was to the point of covering the entire sky without leaving a single hole unoccupied.

Even though his Divine Windwing Flight had already completely fused his Grand Dao of Wind within it, and it also possessed a strand of Sky Dao Insight at the same time, but under the attacks that were dense to this extent, he was still unable to avoid suffering over 10 strikes. If it wasn’t for his body refinement cultivation being sufficiently strong, merely these 10 plus strikes would be sufficient to blast open his chest and render him immobile from a heavy injury.

Most grievous of it all was along with him going further, the attacks that poured down from the sky was gradually growing stronger. If his deduction wasn’t wrong, then he would soon welcome attacks that were comparable to the attacks of a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, yet it wasn’t a single attack, but a group that was dense like raindrops!


It’s truly trouble!

Numerous tactics flashed within Chen Xi’s heart like a bolt of lightning, yet none of them could be used in his current circumstances. The thing that caused him to feel danger the most was that if these attacks were to continue, it would be utterly impossible for him to fly a distance of 50,000km.

Even if he swallowed a Sky Jadeliquid Pill, it wouldn’t be possible. The strength of the attacks in the sky was gradually strengthening, and even though the medicinal strength of the Sky Jadeliquid pill was formidable, it was utterly unable to support him to arrive 50,000km away.

The reason was extremely simple. With the current strength of his body, he was barely capable of swallowing two Sky Jadeliquid Pills, and he was utterly unable to endure any more than two.

Rumble! Rumble!

Numerous twisting and turning bolts of lightning that were dazzling like silver serpents seemed like a heavy downpour as they crashed and struck down from the sky, causing the entire sky to instantly be covered by arcs and bolts of lightning.

Chen Xi was taken by surprise and was instantly struck by a bolt of lightning, and it penetrated a charred bloody hole on his shoulder. Its strength was at least capable of comparing with the attack of a Golden Hall Realm expert.

Dammit! Chen Xi grimaced in pain and didn’t dare let his mind wander off. He concentrated his attention before flying through the patches of lightning bolts of arcs.

Fortunately, the might of these bolts of lightning was much weaker, and if it was the energy of lightning from the Heavenly Tribulation, a single strike was sufficient to strike him apart and obliterate him.

Just like this, Chen Xi flew another 10,000km, and the True Essence Chen Xi had just cultivated and replenished was almost dried up once more. Most of it was consumed from flying, whereas a small portion was utilized to resist the attacks that descended frequently from the sky.

The gale attacks here are already capable of rivaling perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators… Chen Xi moved amongst numerous gale vortexes that were thick like columns of water and his heart sank bit by bit. If this continued on, not to mention 50,000km, he would even be unable to complete a distance of 15,000km.

Why is it like this?

The test of the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials was only set up for Golden Hall Realm cultivator, yet why is its might so terrifying?

Something’s off! There’s surely some secret concealed within it!

Chen Xi desperately pondered about everything he saw since entered the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, the Sunchaser Realm, within his mind.

Lava covered the ground with a myriad of stars above, the Sunchaser Realm, a distance of 50,000km, the attacks of the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth… Wait! I seem to have overlooked something? It’s the stone tablet! It’s surely that stone tablet! Chen Xi’s eyes lit up as he abruptly recalled the stone tablet that covered an area of 300m that he’d seen when he’d entered the Sunchaser Realm. That stone tablet was the key!

Why would a pair of wings that were covered with a myriad of stars appear on the surface of the stone tablet for no rhyme or reason?

When he thought like this, the image of the profound and divine wings that overflowed with starlight was once again clearly reflected within his mind. At this moment, he suddenly realized that every single time these wings flapped, they seemed to bring along an infinite amount of the energy of the stars, and as the surging starlight poured down, it seemed as if it would pass through space and vanish within the depths of the boundless starry sky in the next moment.

The more he looked at it, the more Chen Xi felt this pair of wings was extraordinary, and it seemed as if this pair of wings was passing on something, causing his mind to be unable to help but sink tightly into it.

Unconsciously, the Shaman Energy in his body gushed out from the surface of his body with a bang and then formed into the shape of a pair of wings. Each one of these wings was 30m broad with chilly starlight rippling on its surface, and infinite tiny stars converged on them and circulated endlessly, causing it to simply be exactly the same as the wings in his mind.


A strand of vast energy gushed over from behind him as Chen Xi’s entire body seemed as if it was pushed forward, and his speed was swift like a bolt of lightning and already almost approaching the boundary of teleportation. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had charged out of the area covered by the bolts of lightning.

How formidable! So this level’s test is actually to comprehend this pair of wings and undergo a test of chasing the sun for 50,000km… Chen Xi was instantly enlightened, and he was extremely regretful that he’d only understood this now. But when he saw the pair of wings that were fluttering about by his sides, the feelings in his mind was instantly replaced by a wisp of astonishment.

Starlight overflowed from the surface of these wings, its shape was agile and intangible, and it revealed a divine and profound aura. It was simply like the most perfect masterpiece of the heavens, and it seemed as if it shouldn’t exist in the realm of mortals.


Chen Xi didn’t ponder any longer and impatiently started testing the speed of these wings. With a command in his heart, he gave up utilizing his True Essence and poured the Shaman Energy in his body into the wings, and then with a swish, his entire body was like an arrow that left the bow and was already 5km away in the next moment.

Its speed was so swift that it was actually greatly swifter than Chen Xi’s Divine Windwing Flight, and it was already extremely close to the speed of teleportation!

If I’d had this pair of wings that day, I’d have probably left Huangfu Chongming and the others far behind long ago. How could I have fallen to such a sorry state…? Chen Xi exclaimed repeatedly with admiration in his heart. He’d only seen this sort of speed on Daoist Wen Xuan. Yet Daoist Wen Xuan possessed a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm and even possessed the movement technique of teleportation!

The speed of this pair of wings was actually capable of comparing to teleportation, so how could it not cause shock in others?


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