Chapter 256 – Treating Ling Bai

Chapter 256 – Treating Ling Bai

In the boundlessly vast space within Chen Xi’s Dantian, the True Essence lake that was like an ocean was no more, and it was completely empty and dried up. The tattered marks all around were like the marks on the cracked earth, in complete devastation.

Shockingly, right between those injuries and cracks were numerous specks of greyish light fluttering about like gracefully flickering starlight, and when looked at carefully, these specks of light fused into the injuries on Chen Xi’s Dantian and instantly caused those injuries to actually be repaired at a speed that was visible to the naked eye!

With a single glance, it even caused one to doubt that there was even a heavy injury at that place before this.

When Chen Xi saw his own Dantian, half the injuries had already been repaired, and this scene instantly caused him to be dumbstruck.

In his expectations, his Dantian was probably like water pouch that was riddled with holes and was a sight that was too horrible to look at, and it would probably require an even longer time to be repaired. Yet how could he have imagined that he would see such a miraculous scene?

It’s surely the effect of those specks of light!

Chen Xi almost instantly noticed those specks of light that were working hard to repair the injuries on his Dantian, and then when he recognized these specks of light, he couldn’t help but be greatly astonished.

Shockingly, these specks of light were Chaotic Lifesoil!

It was absolutely correct. The strand of aura emitted from the specks of light was absolutely the aura of Chaotic Lifesoil without a doubt. Yet he was puzzled. Why would the Chaotic Lifesoil appear within my Dantian without reason or rhyme?

Chen Xi’s back contained nine Shaman Markings that appeared in the form of nine palaces. The Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking held the centermost position, whereas, the Chaotic Lifesoil laid dormant exactly within the center of the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking.

This piece of Chaotic Lifesoil, the Second-Wood Shaman Marking’s Nameless Divine Wood, the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking’s Nameless Metal Rock, the Third-Flame Shaman Marking’s Nameless Fire Crystal, and the Ninth-Water Shaman Marking’s Nameless Water Pearl were obtained in the Four-Symbols layer of the Buddha’s Pagoda by Chen Xi.  These five treasures were extremely miraculous and were capable of emitting the essence of the five elements to temper his body.

It was precisely because of the existence of these five treasures that Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation would reveal a tremendous advancing momentum and break through successively. Moreover, in the Five Element Ruins of the Oceanic Desert, he’d relied on these five treasures to be like a fish in water and sweep through the groups of demon beasts before absorbing the essence of the five elements within those five element demon beasts, causing his strength to surge up once more.

Amongst these five types of treasures, the Chaotic Lifesoil was undoubtedly the most miraculous.

Chaotic Lifesoil was capable of being transformed into the essence of any type of element before nourishing the other four treasures. Most importantly, those four treasures were originally developed from within Chaotic Lifesoil!

Presently, the energy of the Chaotic Lifesoil had entered his body instead to repair his Dantian, and even if Chen Xi knew long ago that the Chaotic Lifesoil was extremely extraordinary, yet he was still blown away by this sudden pleasant surprise.

Could it be that the rumors are true? At the absolute beginning of the world, before chaos was split open and the world was formed, the first batch of innate fiendgods and spirits were born from Chaotic Lifesoil? Even though Chaotic Qi is called the mother of everything in the world, yet Chaotic Qi is similarly born from Chaotic Lifesoil, so Chaotic Lifesoil can even be called the mother of quintessence. Could it be that it’s precisely because Chaotic Lifesoil contains the ability to nurture, develop, and transform everything that it’s capable of giving rise to a repairing effect on my Dantian?

Chen Xi was unable to affirm it. But no matter what, with the assistance of the Chaotic Lifesoil, he already didn’t have to waste time and effort to repair his Dantian, and this had undoubtedly saved a great amount of time for him. Moreover, according to his estimations, his Dantian wouldn’t need half a month to be completely repaired to its previous state.

Hmm? Goldsoul Lotus Fruit? When he saw a fruit that glowed golden floating in midair within his Dantian, a wave of excitement gushed out from within Chen Xi’s heart, and he thought of an excellent idea. Chen Hao consumed a Firesoul Lotus Fruit, causing his entire body transformed into a Firesoul Spirit Body, and it was no different from obtaining rebirth. Presently, Ling Bai’s body, the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, is in pieces, and he’s unconscious. If I use the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit to allow him to reconstruct his body, then will he be able to awaken?

Ling Bai had gone against Huangfu Chongming and the others who numbered a little over 10 all by himself, and the injuries he suffered were so serious that they were even more serious than Chen Xi’s. Moreover, because of Ling Bai’s special physique, a combination of a sword soul and a Magic Treasure, the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, caused all healing medicines to seem to be useless on him. So, ever since he fell unconscious that day, he still hadn’t awoken until now.

This had always been a concern in Chen Xi’s heart, and it was a source of guilt.

While they were in the Oceanic Desert, Ling Bai had once sacrificed his lifespan to obstruct the attacks of Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan towards Chen Xi, and if an unforeseen event didn’t appear suddenly, Ling Bai had almost lost his life. Later on, it was because that they’d encountered Chen Xi’s mysterious ‘Senior Sister’ that Ling Bai was able to recover.

Yet three months ago, for the sake of winning a trace of a chance to survive for Chen Xi and the Chen Clan behind him, Ling Bai had charged forward without hesitation once more and sacrificed his life to try his best and save the critical situation. It was because of this that he fell into unconsciousness.

If he was unable to treat Ling Bai, then Chen Xi would be forever unable to feel at ease, because he truly owed Ling Bai too much.

But I’m not clear about what exactly should be done. I still have to ask Chen Hao. Chen Xi thought for a while and couldn’t sit there any longer, and he stood up and left.


In the main hall of the Chen Clan, Chen Hao frowned. “Brother, according to what you said, Ling Bai’s physique is special and is completely different to us humans. Even if my Master helps, I’m afraid it would be of no use.”

Chen Xi stared blankly for a moment, and then he asked. “Could it be that there’re some things to study before utilizing the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit to reconstruct a person’s body?”

“Yes, when my Master helped me reconstruct my body with the Firesoul Lotus Fruit, he’d specially cultivated a type of secret art. Moreover, he’d taken an extremely great risk and sacrificed his lifespan before being successful.” Chen Hao nodded and answered. “Master once said that this art defies the heavens and changes one’s fate. Unless one has a firm Dao Heart and formidable will, it’s absolutely impossible to succeed. Moreover, the possibility of success is only 50%.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be disappointed when he heard this.

“Brother, how about I return to the sect and ask my Master? With my Master’s ability, he ought to be able to think of a way.” Chen Hao was instantly anxious in his heart when he saw Chen Xi stay quiet, and he spoke out hurriedly.

Chen Xi seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up as he waves his hand. “There’s no need, I suddenly remembered that there’s another way to achieve it.” As he spoke, he left the main hall in a hurry.

“Big Brother has always been steady, yet he’s slightly ill at ease now. This is extremely rare.” Chen Hao sighed emotionally without end in his heart as he gazed at Chen Xi’s disappearing figure.

Actually, he knew that the reason Chen Xi would be like this was because Chen Xi cared too much about Ling Bai. If it wasn’t for this little fellow, then not to mention him, even the entire Chen Clan would have probably been annihilated.

Chen Hao asked himself, if it was him, he would absolutely be just like his older brother and think of every single method to treat Ling Bai. Otherwise, he would probably be unable to forgive himself for his entire lifetime.

What shocked Chen Hao was that since this day, his older brother had never walked out from the room again, and Chen Xi seemed to have gone into closed door cultivation, causing him to be puzzled.

Just like this, another month passed in a flash.

On this day, Chen Xi suddenly awoke from his meditation, and a trace of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he looked at Ling Bai who slumbered deeply within the Buddha’s Pagoda and said in his heart, Whether it succeeds or not will depend on this.

During this month of time, his Dantian had already recovered completely. Moreover, he’d utilized half a month of time to allow his True Essence to recover to its peak state. Presently, the True Essence lake that was like an ocean had appeared once more within his Dantian, and it surged ceaselessly. Moreover, the vortex formed from the Door of Life above the lake had become larger and larger. When the Door of Life opened, a golden core would be born from within.

At that time, he would be at the Golden Core Realm.

Of course, advancing to the Golden Core Realm wasn’t as simple as one would imagine. Conversely, at the instant one advanced to the Golden Core Realm, the aura in one’s surroundings would boil as one’s True Essence concentrated together before giving rise to a great tribulation of wind and fire in the Door of Life. One could only be called a true Golden Core Realm cultivator if one was able to overcome this tribulation.

Even though this tribulation wasn’t as terrifying as the Heavenly Tribulation, it was a chasm that was difficult to surmount for ordinary cultivators. Amongst every 10 perfection-stage Golden Hall Realm cultivators, there would at least be seven that would perish in the great tribulation of wind and fire while advancing to the Golden Core Realm. How terrifying the great tribulation of wind and fire was, was obvious from this.

But Chen Xi was still a step away from the Golden Core Realm, so he wasn’t worried. Not to mention his entire mind was on Ling Bai right now, and he was utterly unable to care about all this.

After he sat up from his bed, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer and made the energy in his body gush towards the jade pendant at the center of his right hand.

Exactly. He wanted to enter the Manor and pay a visit to Ji Yu.

Only this spirit of the manor that had existed for a million years would be able to help Ling Bai. After all, Ling Bai was able to cultivate with the body of a Seventhgold Swordbamboo precisely because of Ji Yu’s help.


A strange and clear cry sounded out and the calm space in the room was abruptly suffused with numerous fluctuating ripples, and then they formed into a pitch black entrance that a single person could enter through in the end.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to walk in.

There were restrictions in place towards entering into the Manor. For example, the first time he entered it was when he first obtained the Manor, and it was merely considered as the activation of the Manor, allowing him to obtain the qualifications to become the disciple of the Master of the Manor.

If he wanted to enter the Manor again, he had to satisfy some conditions before he would be capable of opening the restrictions placed on the jade pendant to enter the Manor. For example, the condition to enter the Manor for the second time was to attain the Violet Palace Realm in both body refinement and qi refinement.

On the other hand, the condition to enter the Manor for the third time was instead to attain the Golden Hall Realm in both body refinement and qi refinement. Long ago when he was in the Oceanic Desert, Chen Xi had already attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in both body refinement and qi refinement, so he naturally possessed sufficient ability to enter the Manor.


Within the Manor, a carpet of green grass covered the ground as the large river surged and flowed, and the Heavenpeak of Trials stood towering at the center of the river. It was still the same as always. When Chen Xi entered into the Manor once more, he more or less felt slightly emotional, as even though the Manor hadn’t changed, he himself wasn’t the green youth from all those years ago.

Waves roared on the river as Ji Yu who wore azure clothes tore through the water and stepped on rippling waves to walk slowly onto the bank of the river. When he saw Chen Xi had entered the Manor once more, Ji Yu’s thin and indifferent face couldn’t help but be suffused with a slight smile. They’d not seen each other for an entire six years, and the little fellow from all those years ago had grown into an upright young man.

“Chen Xi, have you come to traverse the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials? But with your current strength, I’m afraid it’s already sufficient for you to pass through the first nine trials.” Ji Yu asked with a smile on his face.

This first nine trials?

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he didn’t dwell on the subject before shaking his head and saying, “Senior, I’ve come this time for something else.” As he spoke, he slowly briefed Ji Yu about Ling Bai’s current situation.

“I never imagined that this little sword soul would actually be so sincere.” Ji Yu praised and then asked. “I am indeed capable of saving him. But that Goldsoul Lotus Fruit is exceedingly rare, do you really want to use it on him? Will you not reconsider?”

“There’s no need to reconsider. Everything else is unimportant when compared with Ling Bai’s life.” Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitation, and he withdrew the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit and passed it to Ji Yu as he said, “I hope that Senior can lend a hand.”

Ji Yu nodded and smiled. “This little fellow can be considered to have obtained a blessing in disguise from following by your side. Once he obtains a Goldsoul Body, his future is limitless. Leave him to me.”

Chen Xi hurriedly and carefully carried Ling Bai out when he heard this, and he completely felt at ease after passing Ling Bai to Ji Yu, causing his entire body to feel light. He didn’t care if Ling Bai’s future was limitless or limited, as so long as Ling Bai awakened, that was already enough.

“I have to use a secret art to help him reconstruct his body. You should seize this time to quickly go and traverse the trials in the Heavenpeak of Trials.” Ji Yu instructed before walking into the river and vanishing.

Traverse trials?

I obtained the Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, when I traversed the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials. What benefit would I obtain from traversing the 2nd level?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be greatly moved in his heart when he thought about this, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to fly towards the Heavenpeak of Trials.


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