Chapter 255 – Infinite Obliteration

Chapter 255 – Infinite Obliteration

The Grand Obliteration Fist was a Dao Grade martial technique created by the owner of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, yet it was regretfully an incomplete work. If utilized, the combination of two Dao Insights that represented two extremes would create a terrifying might that obliterated everything.

It was common knowledge that most of the boundless Dao Insights in the heavens and the earth were of two extremes that rejected each other and couldn’t exist together, like water and fire, Yin and Yang, sky and ground, and so on and so forth. The Grand Obliteration Fist utilized the common rejection between these two extreme forces to explode out with an extremely terrifying might. This force was obliteration.

In other words, the so-called obliteration was to flawlessly master two types of completely different and opposite forces, being capable of easily causing these two forces to collide with each other and go into disorder, allowing it to explode out with an extremely unbelievable might.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to choose this Half-step Dao Grade martial technique during the first test of the treasure vault. Even though the Obliteration Dao Insight in this martial technique was fragmented and unable to be cultivated by him, yet the utilization technique of the energies of Dao Insight that was within it caused him to be extremely moved.

Within the room, Chen Xi took a deep breath before his Divine Sense immersed itself into the jade slip that was coiled by golden lights.


A scene appeared in Chen Xi’s mind. On boundless and desolate plains, a dauntless and stalwart figure that was tall to the point of being comparable to mountains stood there. The space in his surroundings was shattered like strands of cotton that flew about in disorder, and the space was filled with a terrifying force of obliteration, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly.

But Chen Xi knew that this figure was surely the owner of the treasure vault — The Heavenly Immortal Qian Yuan.

“Earthly Obliteration!” A dignified and supreme voice exploded out as the figure suddenly moved and struck out with an extremely simple punch, yet it was as if a mighty current had exploded out from the depths of the universe and charged into this world, causing the heavens and the earth to shatter into to pieces, the ground cracked open, mountains shattered, oceans dried up, and it seemed as if it had obliterated everything in the world and caused everything to return to silence.

With just a single punch, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to have encountered an unprecedented calamity, and the terrifying force of obliteration was simply and utterly beyond something a human could control.

Amazing! This extremely simple punch is indeed worthy of the name — Earthly Obliteration! In next to no time, the heavens and the earth recovered to its previous state, yet Chen Xi had already forgotten to breathe instead as he fell into extreme shock.

“Chaotic Obliteration!” Amidst the rumbling voice, the stalwart figure was like a dragon leaving the sea as he passed through space, and then pointed up to the sky while he stood firmly on the ground, whereas, a force that caused one’s heart to palpitate was converging on his fist.

When he looked at it from afar, Chen Xi felt as if two worlds were being developed on the fist of the figure. One world had its sky at the bottom and ground at the top, like an inverted world, whereas, the other world’s heaven and the earth were extremely normal, yet everything in the world seemed to have been overturned, and their heads faced the ground while their legs pointed towards the sky.

At the instant he saw this scene, Chen Xi had an uncomfortable feeling to the point of having the impulse to spit blood, and the blood and vital energy and qi in his body started to become chaotic and violent.

Bang! Crack! Crack!

The fist that held two types of completely inverted and completely repulsive forces finally exploded out. Instantly, the world was overturned and the universe was in chaos, and even the boundless space was crushed extremely to the point of falling into great chaos.

The entire heavens and earth and everything within Chen Xi’s field of vision had fallen into a state of chaos, broken order, and turmoil. Not to mention living creatures, even some inanimate objects were collapsing and disintegrating!

Amazing! The first fist, Earthly Obliteration, caused the heavens and the earth to be annihilated and returned to silence, whereas, the second fist, Chaotic Obliteration, has caused everything in the universe to be in chaos instead, and both living and inanimate things area in a state of collapse and disintegration! I wonder how terrifying the third fist is! After a long time, Chen Xi recovered from his shock. He knew that these two fists respectively represented two levels in the Half-step Dao Grade martial technique, the Grand Obliteration Fist, and above it was a third and final level.

“Infinite Obliteration!” Just as Chen Xi had expected, once the heavens and earth recovered to their previous state, the stalwart figure moved once more, but Chen Xi was already unable to open his eyes at this moment.

Because when the figure struck out with his fist, a boundless brilliance of obliteration that was dazzling and resplendent bloomed out, causing Chen Xi’s eyes to hurt and feel as if his eyes were about to be sliced into pieces as tears streamed down from his eyes. When he opened his eyes once more, all he saw was a void. Heaven and earth, Yin and Yang? The mountains, rivers, and ground? All of them had vanished, and even a speck of dust couldn’t be found. It was a type of extreme void that caused one’s heart and soul to feel boundless oppression!

Infinite Obliteration, this is the might brought about by the third level of the Grand Obliteration Fist… Chen Xi’s entire body went cold, and he unexpectedly felt fear that caused him to be unable to breathe.


Right at this moment, the entire world shattered and was obliterated, whereas, Chen Xi has returned to reality as well. Only now did he notice that his entire body was drenched in cold sweat, and he was dripping wet to an uncomfortable extent.

He was unable to care about all this, because he saw the golden light on the surface of the jade slip in his hand had vanished, and it had transformed into a dark gold glow that had converged within the jade slip, whereas, when he examined the contents of the jade slip once more, he was already unable to see those almost real scenes from before, and merely the various profundities related to the Grand Obliteration Fist remained within the jade slip.

I’m actually unable to comprehend the third level, Infinite Obliteration? Perhaps I can only comprehend the third level after I comprehend the first two levels of Earthly Obliteration and Chaotic Obliteration? Chen Xi noticed to his shock that he could only try to comprehend the first two levels of the Grand Obliteration Fist, whereas, the third level was instead enveloped within a ball of golden light that had formed a restriction.

Actually, it was said to be comprehending, yet it should be called learning the methods of utilizing Dao Insight within it.

After all, this Grand Obliteration Fist was incomplete, and the things related to Obliteration Dao Insight within it was fragmented. Even if Chen Xi studied and comprehended it, he would be utterly incapable of causing the earth to be obliterated, chaos to fill the world, and make everything turn into the void with a single punch like the Heavenly Immortal Qian Yuan.

It lacked the Obliteration Dao Insight. So merely some methods of utilizing Dao Insight remained within this Grand Obliteration Fist.

This was a defect of a Half-step Dao Grade martial technique as a true Dao Grade martial technique contained a complete Dao Insight. At the same time that one cultivated it, one could comprehend the Dao Insight, killing two birds with one stone.

But Chen Xi didn’t mind all this. He only wanted to comprehend the method of utilizing Dao Insight contained within the Grand Obliteration Fist, otherwise, he wouldn’t have just selected this single incomplete Dao Grade martial technique amongst the nine Dao Grade martial techniques.

Amongst the Dao Insights I’ve mastered, water and fire, Yin and Yang, and sky and ground all reject each other and are Dao Insights at two extremes. Coupled with the method of utilization in the Grand Obliteration Fist, I wonder if it can compare to the true Obliteration Dao Insight and which is superior?  Chen Xi thought as he started to concentratedly comprehend the Grand Obliteration Fist. Only by first mastering the technique in his heart would he be able to assess and adopt it to be combined into his own Dao Insights. A cultivation method like this was actually already no different than creating a Dao Grade martial technique by himself, and the only difference was that the existence of the Grand Obliteration Fist had already constructed a frame for Chen Xi. All he needed to do was fill the things he’d comprehended into it.

Early in the morning, seven days later.

Chen Xi sat up from his bed. During these past seven days, he’d cleared his mind and healed his injuries while comprehending the Grand Obliteration Fist. Presently, not only had his body almost recovered, some of the methods of utilizing Dao Insight with the Grand Obliteration Fist had been more or less figured out by him.

At the side of the room was a wooden barrel filled with hot water that was prepared by a servant girl long ago, and it was surrounded by hot steam. The water was soaked with various materials and herbs, and it was filled with medicinal strength. Chen Xi had to soak himself in it every single day and absorb the medicinal strength within it to repair his body.

After circulating the Shaman Energy in my body, I’ve already repaired my flesh and skin to its prime, whereas, my meridians, apertures, and Dantian have already been basically healed. But the quintessence Blood Essence that I’ve lost is still at a serious deficit. Presently, there isn’t the slightest bit of True Essence in my body, causing my Dao Foundation to be unstable, and completely recovering is obviously not something that can be achieved overnight. After he stretched his body, Chen Xi inspected the situation of his body. He didn’t feel the slightest bit remorseful or dejected, and his gaze became firm and deep again, and it carried along a trace of a unique grandiose and exuberant energy.

Surviving being chased almost 50,000 kilometers that day had caused his state of mind to become even stronger. After he woke up from his unconscious state, he carried the feeling of one who experienced destruction before standing back up renewed. Even though his entire body was heavily injured, the cultivation of his Dao Heart had instead improved by more than a single level. Perhaps this force wasn’t the slightest bit beneficial to one’s cultivation, yet it possessed an effect of utmost importance when one sought the Grand Dao in the future.

Cultivating was to seek the Heaven Dao, so after all was said and done, it was the cultivation of one’s heart.

Just like what the voice the Heavenly Immortal Qian Yuan left behind had said in the treasure vault. If one cultivates and cultivates, yet is unable to control one’s heart, then how can one transcend all living beings? If one seeks and seeks the Dao yet is unable to restrain one’s mind, it’s insufficient to become immortal.

Only by subduing one’s heart and mind and staying true to one’s heart, could one step onto the peak of the path towards the Grand Dao.

No matter if it was evil devils or sages, so long as one stayed true and firm to one’s heart, then one could ascend the Grand Dao and wander the ends of the universe while remaining immortal.


Chen Xi strode out and sat within the wooden barrel that was filled with medicines before slowly closing his eyes. He’d already decided that from today onwards, he would bid farewell to the peaceful and idle days from before and once again return to his life of cultivation.

What’s my life?

My life is to make the best of every minute and second to cultivate, it was to persist and persevere as I improve my strength!

Let’s begin! Chen Xi took a deep breath and abandoned all distracting thoughts in his mind to maintain an empty heart as he slowly circulated the Blackhole Void Technique. This cultivation technique recorded the technique to cultivate from the Violet Palace Realm to the Earthly Immortal Realm, and it was obtained by Bei Heng from a Daoist secret realm. Every single word within it was like a gem that was clear and gentle, causing it to be extremely profound.


The medicine and herbs that soaked within the wooden barrel were mostly superb materials Chen Xi had plundered from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, and all of them contained extremely pure spirit energy. At this moment, as soon as Chen Xi circulated his cultivation technique, this medicinal strength transformed into strands of trickling streams that gushed gently into Chen Xi’s body.

However, even if Chen Xi was prepared since long ago and had circulated his cultivation technique at the slowest speed... The instant this medicinal strength entered into his body, it still felt like steel needles, and it pierced the meridians all over his body to the point it felt as if saws had sliced them over a thousand times, causing him to feel extremely intense pain and his entire body couldn’t refrain from trembling.

But Chen Xi didn’t make a single sound and still circulated his cultivation technique slowly. His severed meridians had just healed up and were indeed unable to endure a medicinal strength that was too heavy, but so long as he endured it, then after his meridians experienced the nurturing and repair of this medicinal strength, they would quickly recover to their original state. So this little bit of intense pain was nothing to him.

Just like this, an entire month passed by.

Chen Xi stood up from within the wooden barrel and a trace of satisfaction was revealed on his face. After continuous cultivation for an entire month, the meridians in his entire body seemed like the tendons and hide of a cow that had been stewed a thousand times, and they were flexible, wide, and translucent like jade. Compared to before, they’d advanced a step further.

Only the repairing of my Dantian remains. The damn medicinal strength of the Sky Jadeliquid Pill was too overbearing, and compared with the meridians in my entire body, the injury my Dantian suffered was even greater. Presently, it has already become completely devastated. I wonder how long it would take to repair… The Dantian was the place of convergence for True Essence, the source of his strength. It was the foundation of a qi refinement cultivator and the location of the Dao Foundation.

Months ago, the True Essence lake within Chen Xi’s Dantian was like a vast ocean with both Yin and Yang split apart, and the Door of Life had already been developed at the center of the lake, causing him to only be a step away from condensing a golden core. However, after experiencing the heavy injury from that day, all of this was gone, and it was empty and devastated. If it wasn’t for his Dao Foundation being extremely sturdy, it would have almost been destroyed, causing it to be unable to gather True Essence anymore.

Nevermind, I’ll first figure out its condition. Chen Xi shook his head and looked into his body, and his entire Dantian appeared with extreme detail in his mind. However, at the instant he saw his Dantian clearly, Chen Xi was instantly dumbstruck.


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