Chapter 252 – Coming To Look For Trouble

Chapter 252 – Coming To Look For Trouble

Thoughts overflowed within Bei Heng’s heart, yet his reaction wasn’t slow as he smiled in surprise. “Chen Xi is indeed my sworn brother. If he has offended Fellow Daoists in any way, then I hope all of you can pardon him. After all, he’s only a young child that’s young, aggressive, and rash. With the magnanimity of Fellow Daoists, all of you ought to not make a fuss about it with a young child, right?”

These words could be said to have been spoken flawlessly. He’s first apologized, then obscurely reminded them. Isn’t it shameful for all you old things to fuss about things with a junior that’s far inferior in status?

Bei Heng’s protectiveness of Chen Xi could be discerned from these words, and it indeed held no falseness. After all, he was facing great figures whose might shook the world, and their status, identity, and cultivation weren’t inferior to him. Thus, it was already extremely rare that he was able to speak such balanced words.

“Hmph! Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, this King prefers to be frank and hates beating around the bush the most. I don’t understand anything that you said. All I know is that sworn brother of yours has seized the precious treasure in my son’s possession, the Nine-Python Skyruler Cauldron. I came here this time to make you hand over that rampant kid to us to deal with. Think about it and be sure to not rush to refuse us!” The Wise King, Huangfu Jingtian, grunted coldly with a voice that was sonorous like a bell, and it reverberated and rumbled within the Audience Hall. He wore a gold plated tall crown, his yellow robe with nine pythons on it fluttered with the wind, and he seemed to be extremely esteemed and overbearing, utterly not giving Bei Heng any room to maneuver.

Nine-Pythons Skyruler Cauldron?

Bei Heng was secretly shocked in his heart. Even though he didn’t know the background of this treasure, since it was used by the son of the Wise King, it was surely extremely precious. Most unexpected to him was why would his sworn brother seize the precious treasure of a Young Prince? The disparity between the two of them was extremely huge, so how could he possibly do such a stupid thing?

In his heart, Chen Xi was absolutely not a rash and boorish person, and conversely, Chen Xi was extremely quick-witted and intelligent. If it was in terms of the meticulousness and steadiness of thoughts, then Chen Xi wasn’t inferior to him who was an old freak that had lived a few thousands of years, so Chen Xi would absolutely not do such a disadvantageous thing.

Could it be an excuse? Numerous thoughts flashed within Bei Heng’s heart in an instant, and then he raised his eyes to look at the experts before him and said in his heart, Could it be that the excuses of these old things are similar to Huangfu Jingtian?

“There’s no need to guess. Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, not only has that sworn brother of yours seized the Magic Treasure of the Wise King’s son, even the precious treasures of our disciples have entered into this kid’s hands. It seems to be improper if we don’t give a rampant kid like this a slight lesson, right?” Daoist Long He who wore a Daoist robe that glowed silver and white hair, a rosy complexion, and a sage-like air sighed.

“Exactly. This kid is too rampant and lawless. His methods are simply even more despicable than that of the members of devil sects. We absolutely don’t have the intention of making things difficult for Fellow Daoist Bei Heng when coming here today, and so long as you hand that kid over, we’ll turn around and leave.”

“Fellow Daoist Bei Heng. With our identities, we absolutely wouldn’t go to the extent of deceiving you in this matter. You should think about it and make a decision as soon as possible. Since all of us are Fellow Daoists, I can guarantee that so long as that sworn brother of yours cooperates obediently, he’ll surely have no danger to his life. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being unforgiving.”

The Dragonshark Isle’s Master, Mo Lanhai, the Skycave Mountain’s Master, Lord Liu Xiao, the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Zhao Zimei, and the Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect’s Chong Xu didn’t stay silent any longer and spoke out in succession.

Bei Heng’s heart sank, as he’d finally understood why these fellows had come, yet his intuition told him that this matter was absolutely not so simple.

A group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts moving out in unison to my sect all for the sake of the precious treasures of their sect’s disciples?

Simply laughable!

As an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator as well, Bei Heng would absolutely not make a move and leave his territory to personally knock at another’s door to take revenge for the sake of a disciple’s lost treasure.

Because matters like this were simply insignificant and trivial to Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators. Wasn’t it enough to send out a higher-up of the sect? Were all the Rebirth Realm and Nether Transformation Realm cultivators fostered by the sect only decoration? And they had to make a move personally?

An excuse!

These old things are obviously selling horsemeat as beef, and their goal is surely not normal!

However, understanding was one thing, but Bei Heng was unable to tear apart this excuse in their faces. Didn’t all the things in the cultivation world use honorable excuses to commit some despicable and dirty deeds?

Of course, having an excuse was a good thing sometimes, as one could indirectly win over slight room to maneuver and discuss. At least, these old freaks before him didn’t directly launch an attack without bothering to ask questions or listen to what he said.

This was the magical effect of an excuse, allowing one to both attack and defend, yet the essence of the competition was still a competition of strength, and this was an utmost principle that no one was capable of changing.

Regretfully, this matter already had no more room to discuss and maneuver while under the excuse of Huangfu Jingtian and the others, and it was only a matter of whether Bei Heng agreed or not.

Bei Heng was extremely enraged and aggrieved in his heart from being forced to such an extent by the joint forces of others, and he naturally wouldn’t agree easily, so he could only sigh. “Fellow Daoists are late. Unfortunately, that sworn brother of mine left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect one year ago, and I don’t know where he is now. So how can I hand him over?”

He was speaking the truth, so his expression was frank, and it absolutely didn’t seem like he was brushing them off.

“What? He didn’t come seek your protection?” Huangfu Jingtian was stunned and spoke with surprise. It wasn’t just him, the other old freaks were extremely shocked as well.

As far as they were concerned, when a little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm found out that disaster was imminent, he would probably head over to the Wanderingcloud Sword sect to seek the protection of his older brother, Bei Heng, as this was human nature. It was precisely because of this that they would come directly to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and ask for him from Bei Heng. Yet never had they imagined that the truth wasn’t as how they’d expected, so they naturally felt slightly surprised.

Most importantly, asking them to go together to capture and kill a little fellow was truly too shameful, whereas, if they were able to force Bei Heng to hand Chen Xi over, then it would naturally be another situation that wouldn’t draw reproach when others heard of it.

Bei Heng was similarly stunned, and then a flash of understanding appeared in his mind, causing him to instantly understand everything. That sworn brother of mine surely understands that he’s caused a great disaster, so he didn’t come looking for me because he didn’t want to implicate me and the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect!

At this moment, Bei Heng was moved to the extreme, and an indescribably emotional and prideful feeling gushed into appearance within his heart. My sworn brother’s cultivation is so low, yet he’s still being considerate of me when he’s caught in a hopeless situation and doesn’t want to implicate me. As the older brother, how can I watch on helplessly and leave him to die?

“Grand Ancestor, disciple had an urgent matter and needs to meet you.” Right at this moment, the voice of the Sect Master, Ling Kongzi, sounded out from outside the Audience Hall.

Bei Heng was stunned slightly before gesturing in command. He knew that if it wasn’t because Ling Kongzi had encountered an urgent matter, Ling Kongzi would absolutely not appear before himself and the old fellows by his side.

“Grand Ancestor, this is a jade slip that was just sent over by a cultivator from Pine Mist City.” After Ling Kongzi entered, he swiftly sent a voice transmission as he passed over a Mirage Jade Slip and left hastily.

The Mirage Jade Slip intermittently recorded a few scenes. There was the scene of Huangfu Chongming and the others attacking Ling Bai in unison, the scene of Chen Hao holding his sword to defend before Chen Xi… Almost the entire battle that had occurred in Pine Mist City was recorded, and it was a terrifying, stirring, and vehement battle.

After Bei Heng watched it, his feelings surged, and he was speechless for a long time.

A miraculous and intelligent 10cm tall little person that possessed the Nirvana Sword Dao, a sickle Magic Treasure that was filled with the intent to slaughter, the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation that was capable of drawing out an unusual phenomenon of the heavens and the earth… At this moment, Bei Heng understood everything. These old freaks actually want to seize the treasures in my sworn brother’s possession!

“Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, since that rampant kid isn’t here, then we’ll leave now and head to Pine Mist City to capture this kid. I believe you won’t stop us, right?”

“Let’s go. I presume Fellow Daoist Bei Heng is able to clearly discern the weight of the matter. We shouldn’t make it difficult on him. Let’s go to Pine Mist City now and take it as if we’d never come here.”

“Alas. Actually, it would be the best if Fellow Daoist can personally make a trip and make that kid obediently allow himself to be captured. But, under these circumstances, it would seem like we can only bully the weak this once.”

Huangfu Jingtian and the others spoke as they walked out of the Audience Hall. They couldn’t be bothered to continue talking with Bei Heng. Since Chen Xi wasn’t here, what was the point of bullying an Earthly Immortal Realm expert?

These people arrived with a murderous air yet left without the slightest reluctance, and they simply took the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to be nothing, amply showing their extreme arrogance.

If it was before, Bei Heng could only hold hatred in his heart while feeling indignant yet not daring to speak out, and he could only accept his misfortune. But he decided now that he would not endure any longer as these hypocritical bastards had completely infuriated him.

“Fellow Daoists, I advise all of you to stay behind. Listen to my advice, don’t offend that sworn brother of mine, otherwise, the consequences are something that none of you are capable of bearing.” Bei Heng’s calm and indifferent voice entered into the ears of every single one of them. Huangfu Jingtian and the others suddenly stopped in their tracks to turn around and look coldly at Bei Heng. Even though they didn’t speak out, the terrifying aura of Earthly Immortal Realm experts covered the entire Audience Hall, causing even the air to freeze up.

“What? Fellow Daoist Bei Heng wants to go against all of us?” Huangfu Jingtian spoke with a low voice, and his voice was like rumbling and muffled thunder as he spoke overbearingly. “Do you know what sort of end the entire Wanderingcloud Sword Sect will fall into from offending us?”

“Hmph! Since all of us are Fellow Daoists, we’ve already given you enough face. Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, you ought to feel lucky, and you must be sure not to throw in your own life as well!” The Dragonshark Isle’s Master, Mo Lanhai, spoke with an expressionless face.

“I want to know exactly what consequence can’t we bear? Fellow Daoist Bei Heng, some jokes can’t be made no matter what!” The Whitecrane Sect’s Daoist Long He’s eyes squinted as cold light shot out from them.

Even though the others didn’t speak out, their cold and grim expression revealed hostility, and the atmosphere seemed as if a battle would break out at any moment.

“Alas, all of you are really like frogs in a well that are looking up at the sky. All of you think that since you’ve cultivated to the Earthly Immortal Realm, you can look down on everyone and do as you please? First look at this command token before you make a decision!” Bei Heng seemed to be extremely calm when facing the threats from everyone, and he shook his head as he sighed endlessly. As he spoke, a wisp of white light abruptly flew out from his palm and flashed towards Huangfu Jingtian.

“You actually dare insult this King as a frog that’s looking up at the heavens from a well? You’re truly courting death!” Huangfu Jingtian exploded with rage and grunted coldly before sticking out his hand to grab the wisp of white light.

A command token that was completely jade white like snow was reflected in his eyes. It seemed like jade yet wasn’t jade, with glowing mist flowing on its surface, and a ‘白’ character written in an ancient style was faintly visible on it. It was only a mere character, yet revealed a supreme and boundless heavy spirit of being able to freely sweep through everything like a sword and it struck straight at one’s heart.

At the instant he saw this command token, Huangfu Jingtian’s expression instantly turned to an expression of extreme shock, and his pupils constricted to the point of becoming two needles.


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