Chapter 251 – Converging From Everywhere

Chapter 251 – Converging From Everywhere

Chen Hao’s eyes remained unblinking, and he’d remained cross-legged on the ground without moving for three days.

Chen Xi had fallen into unconsciousness and hadn’t awoken until now. Moreover, they’d used all the medicine they could find, yet the injuries on Chen Xi’s body hadn’t turned for the better in the slightest. According to his wife, Fei Lengcui’s, inference, if Chen Xi was unable to awaken from his unconsciousness within three months, then Chen Xi would be crippled.

This news caused Chen Hao to feel worried, and a ball of flames of rage suffocated his heart. Even if he knew that the enemies outside the formation had retreated long ago, yet he absolutely wouldn’t leave the foundation of the formation.

Because his older brother had instructed him to do this, so he would continuously guard it stubbornly until his older brother awoke. He seemed as if he could only use this method to pray for his older brother’s swift recovery…

While Chen Xi was unconscious, the outside world was similarly raging like a storm.

Silken City, the Wise King’s Estate.

On the streets of the Imperial City was a lofty and magnificent pitch black palace. The entrance to the palace was guarded by two wyrm statues that were covered in pitch black scales and were roaring at the sky with a savage expression, and the people who passed by it didn’t dare look directly at the palace.

Within the solemn and spacious hall of the Wise King’s Estate, Huangfu Chongming, who wore a bright yellow embroidered robe stood respectfully at the left, and he stood there with a humble expression that didn’t contain the slightest arrogance.

“So in this way, not only has that young man called Chen Xi obtained most of the precious treasures in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, he also possesses three Immortal Artifacts?” A tall and stalwart middle aged man sat in the center seat in a yellow robe with nine pythons on it, and he wore a gold plated tall crown. As eyes opened and closed strands of golden bolts of lightning were actually emitted, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

“Father, this matter is absolutely correct. The Dragonshark Isle’s Liu Fengchi, the Skycave Mountain’s Man Hong, the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Lin Moxuan, and a few others can prove what I’ve said.” Huangfu Chongming took a deep breath as he replied slowly.

“Hmph! There’re actually so many people that know of this matter. Looks like if I want to have a hand in this, I’ll have numerous competitors.” The stalwart middle aged man grunted coldly, and then he pondered for a moment before saying, “You can leave now. I’ll make a decision after I’ve gathered all the information about Chen Xi.”

“Yes!” Huangfu Chongming turned around and left the Audience Hall, and only after he stepped out of the Audience Hall did he heave a long sigh of relief.

Eastern Sea, Dragonshark Isle.

In the boundlessly vast sky blue ocean were numerous islands that were scattered all over like the stars in the sky. A group of Dragonshark aquatic beasts that were 3km in length swam about with sparkling scales, and they occasionally emitted enormous roars that were like the sound of war drums, causing surging waves to shoot directly into the sky.

On an island, on the throne at the top in the interior of a magnificent palace that was jade in color, an indifferent and extremely dignified voice sounded out. “If I’m not wrong, that sword formation that was created with over 10,000 high-grade earth-rank swords and nine top-grade earth-rank swords is probably the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation. This formation was the Sect Guarding Sword Formation of an overlord from a few tens of thousands of years ago, the Sky Dao Palace. Never had I imagined that it would have actually fallen into this kid’s hands. In this way, it would seem that the various precious treasures in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault have indeed been obtained by this kid.”

This person sat up straight on the throne like a dragon occupying its seat, and he radiated an overbearing aura. His entire body seemed like a vast and powerful ocean that flickered with a jade light, and it enveloped him and caused his appearance to be unclear.

This was formed from the circulation of his vital energy and qi. It was an extremely terrifying aura that was emitted naturally, causing him to seem like a god that was born from the jade sea and was supreme and could only be looked up to.

At the lower area of the Audience Hall, Liu Fengchi knelt there without daring to raise his head.

“Three Immortal Artifacts, and he has obtained numerous treasures from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. Could it be that this kid is someone with great fortune? But since he dares seize the weapon of a disciple of my Dragonshark Isle, then I can only make a trip… But before this, it’s better to first clearly investigate this kid’s identity.” The dignified voice sounded out from the throne, then the jade green light shook, and his monstrous aura caused the entire Audience Hall to seem as if it was trembling from unease.

Northern Barbaric Lands, Skycave Mountain.

This was a mountain range that stood within a sea of lava, and atop the mountain range was a group of palaces that were in orderly rows, and the highest palace amongst them was completely crimson red like blazing flames, causing it to seem like the residence of a god.

A wave of thunderclaps rumbled out and blasted upon the guards outside the palace to the point they trembled and almost knelt on the ground, and the lava outside even suddenly started to roll and roar with large waves.

It was the sound of a man speaking, yet it sounded like thunderclaps that resounded into the nine heavens, and it was filled with supreme dignity. “Very good! You’ve done well, Man Hong. I’ll consider it as a great merit of yours. If I’m able to seize the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession, then there’ll be a portion for you!”

“Thank you, Sect Master, for your grace!” Man Hong raised his head in pleasant surprise, and a blurry and dignified figure appeared within his eyes. This figure was completely coiled in numerous strands of black flames, and he emitted a scorching aura that could melt anything.

But in only an instant, Man Hong’s eyes felt a piercing pain, and he hurriedly lowered his head and didn’t dare peek at the Sect Master’s appearance.

Central Plains, Whitecrane Sect.

A myriad of cranes emitted clear cries as their snow white wings flapped above the clear sky and white clouds, and they fluttered about lightly without end. Within the white mist that coiled and suffused the lands was a quiet and beautiful mountain range that rose and fell continuously. Within this mountain range was clear mountain dew and scenery that was beautiful like a painting, and it was covered with bamboos that danced in the wind, gurgling streams, waterfalls, and groups of red-crowned cranes, causing it to seem like a land of immortals in the mortal world.

The mountain was called Whitecrane Sect, a paradise that was renowned in the central plains.

“A young man that possesses great fortune has actually appeared in such a remote little city like Pine Mist City? It’s truly unbelievable,” said an old man in Daoist robes that glowed silver and had white hair and a rosy complexion.

Pei Zhong and Xue Chen stood while bowing with a pleasing expression and an extremely respectful posture.

“According to what the two of you have said, the Wise King Huangfu Jingtian, the Dragonshark Isle’s Master Mo Lanhai, and the Skycave Mountain’s Lord Liu Xiao, all these old fellows will surely be unable to refrain from making a move. Right, there are so many treasures in that kid’s possession that even I can’t help but be moved.” The old man stroked his beard as he sighed with emotion. He stood there quietly, yet in the eyes of others, his figure seemed to be drifting between reality and space, causing him to be indistinct and imperceptible as if he was an illusion.

“But if I’m not wrong, then when facing a little fellow that possess great fortune like this, those old fellows will surely investigate that little fellow’s identity clearly before making a move. Nevermind, even I’m extremely tempted. Going out to loosen up my muscles isn’t bad, and I can even meet some old friends…”

A scene like this didn’t only occur in the Wise King’s Estate, the Dragonshark Isle, the Skycave Mountain, and the Whitecrane Sect, a similar thing had also occurred in places like the Earthly Heaven Sect Lin Moxuan was from and the Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect Xiao Linger was from.

On almost the exact same day, these great sects that had been passed down in the world for an unknown amount of time had sent out countless spies towards the southern territory. In next to no time, all kinds of information related to Chen Xi appeared in their hands like snowflakes drifting down from the sky.

“The sworn brother of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Elder, Bei Heng?” In the mass of information, Chen Xi and Bei Heng’s relationship had undoubtedly become the point of attention for the various old fellows. Yet they didn’t feel it was troublesome, and on the contrary, they seemed to have a tacit understanding amongst each other and they happened to think of the excellent plan.


Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, the forbidden area in the rear mountains.

Bei Heng sat cross-legged while circulating his cultivation technique and meditating atop the azure lake as usual. In another 300 years, his fourth wave of Heavenly Tribulation would descend, and he had to seize every second to prepare, and he didn’t dare dally in the slightest.

As an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, even though he already stood proudly at the peak of the cultivation world, the nine waves of Heavenly Tribulations were like sharp swords hanging above his head, and he was worried they would descend at any moment. The worrying and uneasy feeling was something that only Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators were capable of understanding.

Moreover, every wave of the Heavenly Tribulation was more formidable than the previous, causing no one to dare guarantee that they would be capable of safely passing through the next Heavenly Tribulation. So there were only two methods of cultivating for Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and it was either to go out and wander the world to search and gather sufficient treasures to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation or to cultivate in close doors while working hard to comprehend Dao Insights and temper one’s own cultivation.

“Alas, if I’m able to enter the Dark Reverie, I’d be able to more easily come into contact with the Heaven Dao and the Dao Insights I comprehend will become even more complete, compact, and deep…” Bei Heng opened his eyes and sighed, and then his heart felt cold. What’s wrong with me? My heart has never been so unsettled, restless, and unsteady when cultivating normally. Could it be that something is about to happen?

The higher a cultivator’s cultivation, the deeper the understanding of the Heaven Dao would be. During normal cultivation, a cultivator was ordinarily capable of sensing something that was about to happen as if they’d heard whispers from the heavens. It was similar to a sense of seeking fortune while avoiding disaster, yet not the same, because it was merely a type of intuition and one couldn’t distinguish between fortune and disaster.

“Grand Ancestor Bei Heng! Bad news! Numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts have come over from the central plains and all over, and they want to see you!” The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master, Ling Kongzi’s, voice sounded out from outside the forbidden area.


Bei Heng slapped his thigh and sighed. “As expected, a major event has occurred. I wonder what all these old fellows moved out together for…?” As he spoke, he’d stood up before stomping on the ground, and he’d vanished within the forbidden area in the next moment.

At this moment, the atmosphere on the main peak of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was extremely heavy.

Numerous dignified figures with shocking auras stood proudly within the Audience Hall, and every single one of them was enveloped in terrifying and unusual sights that caused their appearances to become unclear, yet they revealed terrifying auras that belonged solely to Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

When faced with these old fellows with monstrous auras, Ling Kongzi, Daoist Wen Xuan, and all the other higher-ups of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect were nervous, jumpy, and didn’t dare be disrespectful due to being deeply afraid that they would cause a great calamity.

It could be said that since they’d started cultivating until today, it was the first time they’d seen so many Earthly Immortal Realm experts together. If it was a normal visit, they would naturally be extremely delighted and stream out to welcome them before entertaining them cordially.

But unfortunately, they’d obviously come with ill intent, thus the heaviness of their hearts was obvious.

The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was capable of monopolizing the southern territory, yet when placed in the entire Darchu Dynasty, it was only a first-rate sect that was far inferior to the ancient sects of the central plains that possessed experts that were numerous as trees in a forest.

For example, in the situation at hand, the people that had arrived were the master of the Wise King’s Estate, Huangfu Jingtian, the Supreme Elder of the Whitecrane Sect, Daoist Long He, the Earthly Immortal Realm expert of the Earthly Heaven Sect, Zhao Zimei, and the Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect’s Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Chong Xu the Unfettered.

These were merely the Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the cultivation world of the central plains of the Darchu Dynasty, and there was also the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle’s Master, Mo Lan Hai, and the Skycave Mountain’s Sect Master, Lord Liu Xiao.

Six Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and every single one of them were top experts in the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty that possessed reputations that were like the sun that hung in the midday sky and were old freaks that lived in seclusion.

At this moment, when they moved out altogether and converged at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect from all corners of the cultivation world, anyone was able to perceive that a huge event was about to occur!

“There’re actually so many old friends that have arrived, I’ve been impolite, I’ve really been impolite!” Accompanied by hearty and loud laughter, Bei Heng’s sleeve fluttered as he appeared in the Audience Hall.

Ling Kongzi and the other elders heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw Bei Heng appear, and their hearts that were in their throats had slightly eased up.

“There’s nothing for all of you to do here, leave for now.” Bei Heng instructed, and he only grinned and cupped his hands after Ling Kongzi and the others left. “Fellow Daoists, we haven’t seen each other for many years. I never expected that all of us would actually have the fortune to gather in my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. As far as I’m concerned, it’s naturally a happy occasion, so please have a seat and drink some tea as we chat.”

“There’s no need for that.” Huangfu Jingtian grunted coldly, and then he said indifferently, “All of us have come here this time because we have something to ask, and our tea would feel tasteless until this matter is dealt with.”

Bei Heng swept his gaze at the others, and when he saw everyone had a calm expression, he knew that these old fellows had probably formed a tacit understanding since long ago, causing him to be unable to help but sigh in his heart, yet he said with a smile, “Oh, may I know what Wise King wants to ask? I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Alright! Then let this King ask you, are you sworn brothers with Chen Xi?” Huangfu Jingtian swiftly raised his head and cold lights shot out from his eyes as he stared fixedly at Bei Heng’s eyes.

Bei Heng’s heart jerked, and he said in his heart, Could it be that Chen Xi has offended these old freaks? Impossible! He just left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect a year ago, and his cultivation is so low, how could he possible offend all these old freaks? But if he didn’t offend them, then why have these old freaks come over jointly and mentioned his name frankly?

At this moment, thoughts overflowed within Bei Heng’s heart yet he was unable to wrap his head around it no matter how he wracked his brains. But he’d already faintly sensed that this sworn brother of his was probably in a precarious situation!


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