Chapter 250 – Sword Formation Shooting Into The Sky

Chapter 250 – Sword Formation Shooting Into The Sky

Swords shot up into the sky as howls resounded out like the tide!

As soon as the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation was successfully set up, it overflowed with extraordinary scenes, and it was like a peerless sword cultivator had appeared out of thin air. Merely the matchlessly sharp aura emitted from the sword formation caused a chill to run down one’s spine and feel as if one had fallen into a pit of ice.

When looked at from afar, the sky above the Chen Clan Mansion was covered in the aura of swords and sword lights lay across the sky, and they seemed like numerous snow white dragons condensed from sword lights that swam about in the sky while emitting clear howls of the sword that seemed like the roar of dragons.


The scene in the heavens and the earth changed instantly as surging black clouds covered the sky, causing the originally clear sky to seem as if it had fallen into pitch black darkness. Moreover, a bright and clear full moon had actually appeared in the sky above the Chen Clan Mansion, and clear and brilliant silvery moonlight poured down to envelop the entire Chen Clan Mansion in the misty light of the moon.

The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation had actually drawn the energy of the moon to create an extraordinary scene in the heavens and the earth!


Everyone that saw this scene in Pine Misty City gasped as they felt their scalps go numb. Even though they were separated by over 500 km in distance, they were still able to feel the feeling as if a blade was on their backs, and the fierce aura of the swords sliced upon them to the point they were almost unable to keep their eyes open.

“Shit! What sword formation is this? What a terrifying might! I’m afraid that even a Nether Transformation Stage expert is unable to go against it!” Huangfu Chongming felt the aura of extreme danger from the depths of his heart, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to stop his actions of capturing Ling Bai before consecutively retreating explosively.

“Over 10,000 high-grade earth-rank swords and nine top-grade earth-rank swords in one formation, and it has even drawn about an extraordinary phenomenon in the heavens and the earth and bathes in the light of the moon. This… this… Even the might of the Jadesea Myriad Shark Formation that guards my eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle seems to be inferior to this formation!”

“Retreat! This level of might is sufficient to annihilate any Nether Transformation Realm expert. We must not fall into it, otherwise we’re bound to be doomed eternally!”

Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and the others had grim expressions as boundless terror arose in their hearts, and they retreated even faster than Huangfu Chongming.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had retreated explosively without end, and they seemed as if they were avoiding a dreadful monster.

Chen Xi seized this opportunity to raise his hand and grab both Ling Bai and Chen Hao to his side, and then he glanced coldly at all the people that had retreated to a distance of 300m away before turning around and vanishing within the sword formation.

When one looked towards the surroundings from the Chen Clan Mansion, one could only see countless unparalleled sword lights moving about, and they formed a ghastly and murderous sword barrier that was like an upside down bowl that firmly protected the surroundings of the mansion. Misty rays of moonlight poured down to taint the sword barrier to the point it was like a painting of a realm of immortals.

When he descended to the ground, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to fill a storage pouch with over 10,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills before passing it to Chen Hao. “The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation is sufficient to exterminate Nether Transformation Realm experts, and Earthly Immortal Realm experts are unable to break through this formation for some time upon entering. With its protection, our Chen Clan is safe. But the sword formation requires an enormous amount of spirit energy to circulate. These are 10,000 top-grade earth-rank medicinal pills. Sit by the grand formation and attend to it during the next few days, and replenish the spirit energy of the formation’s foundation.”


Chen Xi’s voice hadn’t died down in the air when he was unable to support himself any longer, and he fainted on the ground.

He was truly too tired. He’d fled without sleeping nor resting for three days and three nights to flee from the Oceanic Desert to Pine Mist City, and his body had even suffered from extremely serious injuries due to consuming the Sky Jadeliquid Pills and forcefully mobilizing his True Essence. Coupled with the countless amounts of blood consumed when setting up the sword formation, he was simply overdrawing upon his life force. His entire body from inside to outside was covered in serious injuries that caused him to be on the verge of death, and if it wasn’t for his will supporting him, he would have absolutely not been able to persist until now.

It was precisely because of this that he’d instantly fallen into deep unconsciousness as soon as his mind eased up, and he couldn’t sense anything in the outside world any longer.

Ling Bai had similarly fallen into unconsciousness as well. The little fellow had resisted the attacks of Huangfu Chongming and the others by himself without sparing to sacrifice his own lifespan in the process. In terms of the severity of injuries, his injuries weren’t inferior to Chen Xi.

Just like this, both the big and the small had fainted in extremely sorry states, yet no one laughed at them.

Conversely, deep respect arose in the hearts of the servants of the Chen Clan, and even though they remained silent, this reverence surged in the hearts of every single one of them.

It was precisely these two people that had made vigorous efforts to turn the tides and save the Chen Clan in a time of danger. If it wasn’t for these two people, their fates were one that was bound to be annihilated along with the Chen Clan and suffer slaughter and extermination.

At this moment, pride from the actions of Chen Xi and Ling Bai had arisen in the hearts of everyone that belonged to the Chen Clan. Why would a clan that possesses such figures be worried about not prospering? Why would we worry that our lives wouldn’t be peaceful and prosperous?

“Lengcui, take my brother and Ling Bai to rest and use the best medicine to treat their injuries. Leave the duty of attending to the sword formation to me. Everyone else, do what you’re supposed to do, and you’re not allowed to leave the clan without permission!” Chen Hao spoke out with a heavy voice and broke the silent atmosphere. No one noticed that when his gaze moved from Chen Xi’s body, a tear slid down from the corner of both his eyes, yet it instantly evaporated.

He’d become even more firm and fearless, and his bearing became even more steady. He seemed like a large mountain that became even loftier and imposing after experiencing the barrage of wind and rain.

“Yes!” Everyone replied with force, and then they left in an orderly manner.

“You be careful as well,” said Fei Lengcui with a light voice, and then she carried Chen Xi on her back and held Ling Bai up with both hands before leaving carefully.

Once everyone had left, Chen Hao sat cross-legged at the center of the sword formation as his gaze that was like two bolts of lightning coldly swept the surroundings. Flames that burned to the extreme has been lit ablaze within his heart, and he didn’t dare ease up. His older brother had already helped him with too much, and it caused him to feel guilty, uneasy, and useless…

At this moment, he would absolutely not allow this peace that was exchanged for with the lives of others to be destroyed by their enemies!


Five kilometers away from the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation.

Huangfu Chongming and the others stared fixedly at the Chen Clan Mansion that was enveloped within silvery rays of moonlight and was covered in billowing sword aura with a gloomy expression, and their eyes contained expressions of unwillingness, bewilderment, shock, and rage.

This time, Chen Xi has escaped from calamity once again!

They were already unable to clearly remember how many times Chen Xi had escaped from calamity. This fellow is like a fated devil in our lives, as he always exists before our eyes, yet seems to be utterly impossible to be killed.

“Young Prince, what should we do next?” Liu Fengchi asked with a low voice, and his voice revealed dense hatred and unwillingness. They were only a step away from being able to annihilate Chen Xi and seize all the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. However, this slight moment of difference had instead caused everything to change, so how could he be resigned to such a fate?

“What can we do? Can all of you go past this damnable sword formation? Huh?” Huangfu Chongming couldn’t endure the flames of rage in his heart any longer, and he lost control, causing him to roar out.

Everyone went silent. The grievance and rage in their hearts weren’t inferior to Huangfu Chongming, yet what could they do even if they were disgruntled? The might of that sword formation was sufficient to wipe out any Nether Transformation Realm expert, let alone them.

“Dammit! Not only have we gotten nothing, my Earthly Heaven Dao Sword is still in his possession, he truly deserves death!” Lin Moxuan’s brows knit as he spoke out with rage.

“Hmph! As if my Spirit Flame Sword hasn’t been taken away by him!” Xiao Linger grunted coldly.

“There’s no need to argue! The weapons of every one amongst us has been taken away by him! What’s the point in arguing like this?” Liu Fengchi frowned and stopped them.

When they were in the Oceanic Desert, these people had jointly attacked Chen Xi for the sake of seizing the three Immortal Artifacts in Chen Xi’s possession. Originally, victory was within their grasps, yet Chen Xi had relied on a strand of will from a great figure to execute the Dao Territories of Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus to disperse all their attacks and even take away the treasures they’d utilized in the attack. It was precisely because of this that everyone would be so angry and resentful to the point of wanting to get even with Chen Xi.

After all, those weapons were all existences at the top-grade earth-rank and were precious Magic Treasures bestowed by their sects. Now that they’d lost these Magic Treasures, they didn’t know how they would explain it to the sect.

“Then what do you think we should do? Don’t tell me that you only know how to talk!” Lin Moxuan spoke with a hostile expression. Their group had always been a temporary alliance and all of them were top figures from the places they came from, causing them to be arrogant and conceited. Thus, none of them was convinced of the strength of the other. So the reprimanding intention in Liu Fengchi’s words instantly drew out a wave of displeasure in his heart.

Unexpectedly, Liu Fengchi didn’t get angry, but instead pondered for a moment before saying, “I do indeed have a way, and compared to our losses, this is the only way to solve this problem.”

“Let’s hear it.” Everyone was stunned and raised their eyes to look over.

“Report this matter to our sects!” Liu Fengchi didn’t beat around the bush and slowly spat out a few words.

“Report it to our sects?”

“I understand now. Presently, we’re incapable of seizing the treasures in that kid’s possession, so why don’t we report it to the sect and let the higher-ups of our sects make a move. Moreover, this is an important matter, and since we’ve reported this matter, we’ll naturally be able to obtain substantial rewards from our sects, so why not?”

“Exactly. This plan is extremely ingenious. For the sake of the various treasures in this kid’s possession, the higher-ups of the sect will surely make a move. Not only will we be able to kill this kid indirectly and vent our hatred, we’ll also be able to reclaim the treasures that were seized from us while obtaining substantial rewards from our sects. It’s indeed the most reliable method.”

No one present was an idiot, and conversely, all of them were ingenious and wise. Otherwise, they couldn’t bear the name of genius. At this moment, when they heard Liu Fengchi’s words, they instantly understood the wonders of this plan.

“But, if we go to such extents, wouldn’t it be a slight waste of using great figures against a petty target?” Huangfu Chongming frowned. He agreed extremely with Liu Fengchi’s method in his heart, yet when he thought about so many great and renowned sects that were deploying experts at the same time to deal with a kid that was only at the Golden Hall Realm, it would probably cause them to be the laughingstock of everyone.

“Not to mention the treasures this kid obtained from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, merely the three Immortal Artifacts in his possession is capable of causing countless old freaks to go mad. Acting in this way isn’t wrong, nor do we have to worry about any reproach. I can even be sure that if this news were to be leaked out, there would absolutely be countless people that disregarded their identities and rushed over to kill him.” Liu Fengchi spoke while being full of confidence.

“Alright, we’ll do it!” Huangfu Chongming decided right away, and then his gaze swept past everyone before saying in a low voice. “But, this Young Prince has to remind all of you that this matter can only be reported to the higher-ups of your own sects and must not enter into the ears of others. I presume that everyone isn’t willing for this information to be shared with others, right?”

“Of course.” Everyone nodded in consent as all of them would absolutely not leak information of this matter to another. Immediately, they didn’t stay at Pine Mist City any longer and flew towards their respective sects.

At this moment, a frightening scheme that targeted Chen Xi had drawn its curtains.


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