Chapter 249 – Fearless Towards Death

Chapter 249 – Fearless Towards Death

Hiss! Hiss!

The Slaughter Dao Territory was instantly damaged heavily, causing Ling Bai’s little face to go unusually pale and be unable to refrain from spitting out a mouthful of blood. He’d obviously suffered an extremely great backlash from the full force strength of Huangfu Chongming and the others.

But Ling Bai’s expression still remained firm, and it even contained a trace of fervor and devotion that the people of ancient times had during offerings to the gods, and he seemed to be able to sacrifice everything for Chen Xi’s sake!


Extremely dazzling golden flames blazed up into existence on Ling Bai’s body and shot into the sky before surging towards the surroundings, and the surging and boundless Nirvana Sword Dao enveloped out within the Slaughter Dao Territory. Instantly, the Slaughter Dao Territory that was on the verge of shattering was repaired to its initial state, moreover, after it combined with the Nirvana Sword Dao, the Slaughter Dao Territory became even tougher and tensile, and it emitted an indescribably terrifying aura.

Nirvana was neither dead nor alive, and it caused everything to return to silence.

Slaughter annihilated all living beings, causing everything to be exterminated.

These two Dao Insights were supreme Grand Daos related to life and death. When they combined into one at this moment, the Slaughter Dao Territory simply seemed to have instantly transformed into a hall of asuras, a place of death, and it intended to annihilate everything that invaded it!

Nirvana! Slaughter! This 10cm tall little person is actually capable of executing such Dao Territories! Even if he isn’t the Artifact Spirit of an Immortal Artifact, he’s surely an extraordinary treasure. If he’s able to be of use to me, then my strength will at least rise explosively by 20%! Unrestrainable greed arose in Huangfu Chongming’s heart as he looked at Ling Bai.

Not only was it Huangfu Chongming, the others had noticed how extraordinary Ling Bai was, and all of them wished for nothing more than to suppress Ling Bai and refine him so that he would be of use to them.

“Kill!” Lin Moxuan couldn’t restrain himself any longer and was the first to make a move. He was a sword cultivator and possessed an understanding that far exceeded the others towards the Nirvana Sword Dao that Ling Bai possessed. He had a type of intuition that if he was able to successfully comprehend this type of Sword Dao, then his strength would rise to a completely new height. At that time, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he battled Qing Xiuyi.

Not to mention that Ling Bai didn’t only possess the Nirvana Sword Dao, he also possessed the Slaughter Dao Insight, and it similarly possessed an irresistible attraction towards Lin Moxuan, who sought the Dao by the sword.

So he made a move, and he utilized the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Sect Guarding Dao Grade martial technique right away — The Earthly Heaven Sword!

According to legend, the lofty heavens and earth during the absolute beginning of the world didn’t possess a true ruler and only possessed Brahma’s qi that enveloped the universe. Above the sky was the five natural lights. The greenish yellow light was named the Earthly Heaven. Above the Earthly Heaven was a jade blue light, and it was named the Blue Heaven. Above the Blue Heaven was a light that was black as the void yet seemed to form an azure color, and it was named the Azure Heaven.

The Earthly Heaven Sword was precisely a Sword Dao that contained the Earthly Heaven Grand Dao, and its might was like thick earthly yellow earth. It was the most abundant and ancient, profound and vast, and it covered the world.


As soon as the Earthly Heaven Sword shot out, it seemed like the Earthly Heaven had become a path that locked onto all directions as the abundant and ancient energy seemed like a god descending as it squeezed apart space itself and trampled apart the heavens and the earth. Everywhere it passed, the Slaughter Dao Territory was torn open and shattered like the surface of water, and the impetus of the Earthly Heaven Sword was extremely astonishing.

“Hmph! Die!”

“Little fellow, don’t struggle. Quickly and obediently submit to me!”

“You’re mine!”

When they saw Lin Moxuan was willing to consume a large amount of True Essence to utilize the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Guarding martial technique, the Earthly Heaven Sword, all the others grunted coldly before attacking with their entire strength, as all of them wanted to seize Ling Bai so as to avoid him being seized by another.


Over 10 people attacked at the same time, and they even utilized the Sect Guarding Dao Grade martial techniques of their various sects. Coupled with their cultivations at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, the might of their attacks was so great that it simply seemed like an erupting volcano or tsunami or earthquake, and the Slaughter Dao Territory that had been repaired to its initial state had once again suffered an extremely great heavy injury and shattered like cotton.


Ling Bai’s body shook and was unable to endure this energy that was like a mountain pressing down onto him, and he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood, causing his body to be on the verge of collapse.

Even if he’d exerted all the strength in his body and sacrificed his lifespan, he was still not a match for the full forced strike of over 10 perfection-stage Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation. Moreover, he’d suffered an extremely serious injury from this strike, causing his life to be in imminent danger.

But even under these circumstances, Ling Bai still gritted his teeth and fought with his life on the line. The Sickle of Slaughter in his hand transformed into thousands of blade images that were formed from the ‘杀’ characters condensed from piercingly cold killing intent. They fluttered and swept through the entire sky before firmly blocking before Chen Xi, and he wasn’t willing to retreat a single step.

Survival lay within utter and mad devotion!

Besides exclaiming with admiration in their hearts, Huangfu Chongming and the others determination to obtain Ling Bai became even firmer, causing their attacks to become even more violent as various formidable Dao Grade martial techniques blasted out as if they didn’t cost a cent. If it was another Golden Core Realm cultivator under this terrifying might, the cultivator would probably have been wiped out since long ago.


Persist! Ling Bai, you must persist!

Chen Xi looked at the 10cm tall figure midair, as he felt Ling Bai’s fervor to do battle and the battle intent and resolution of no regret that Ling bai emitted, a stream of boiling hot tears of blood slid down Chen Xi’s face. Chen Xi knew that Ling Bai was winning over a final ray of hope for his sake, and Ling Bai was laying his life down in battle for the sake of the Chen Clan behind Chen Xi…

Infinite rage was like surging lava as it roared in every single inch of his skin, and under the stimulation of this anger, Chen Xi’s actions didn’t become disordered. Conversely, he became even swifter and stable, like a butterfly that shuttled through the flowers, and layer upon layer of afterimages appeared as numerous profound talisman markings were inscribed on the top-grade earth rank swords. Up until now, only a mere three swords had to be inscribed before the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation could be activated!

“Lengcui, take care of yourself. Even if I die in this battle, I absolutely can’t allow Big Brother to be sacrificed. During these past few years, he’d already shouldered too many things for my Chen Clan…” Within the Chen Clan Mansion, Chen Hao looked at the skies with an icy cold expression, yet his eyes burned instead with raging flames.


The howl of his sword was like a dragon as righteous sword aura shot into the skies. Chen Hao didn’t glance at his wife before soaring up into the sky, and then he stood solemnly before Chen Xi.

He was filled with gratefulness and admiration towards Ling Bai, yet he didn’t interfere.

Because he similarly understood that when a person chose to lay down their life, what he had to do was carry on that person’s will and guard the back and win a final ray of hope for the people behind him, or perhaps, wait for his turn to lay down his life in the next moment.

Even though it was almost certain death, yet he felt no regrets!

Fei Lengcui stood on the ground as she looked at her husband’s figure that was impressive, lofty, tall, and firm like a mountain, and then she bit tightly on her lips as clear tears flowed, yet a trace of a genuine smile suffused her face as she muttered in her heart. This is the hero in my heart, my good husband…

Behind Fei Lengcui, the extremely terrified feelings of the over 1,000 clansmen, servants, and attendants that had just been recruited into the Chen Clan had started to calm down when they saw this scene. They stopped shivering and stopped being terrified, and they instead puffed up their chests bit by bit and straightened their backs. They felt pride and honor for being a member of the Chen Clan.

The hearts of everyone being united when facing a danger was the fortune of a clan.

The will of everyone being united when a nation was almost conquered was the fortune of a nation.

Perhaps, so long as it experienced this tribulation, the Chen Clan that had been rebuilt not long ago would be able to establish an eternal foundation, and it was like a Phoenix reborn from the flames and danced about in the nine heavens.

In the distance, all the various powers and cultivators of Pine Mist City witnessed this battle with a great disparity in strength. They didn’t recognize who Ling Bai was, yet they felt the battle intent of no regret even in death that Ling Bai admitted, and Ling Bai’s persistence to protect everything, even if it cost his life, caused them to feel an extremely complicated feeling in their hearts.

A futile effort?

Or perhaps a moth flying into the flames?

Even though he knows his fate was death, yet he pounced into battle with fervor. If all the cultivators in the world possessed such great courage, willpower, and resolution, then why would they worry about being unable to seek the Grand Dao?

Unfortunately, there were truly too few people amongst the cultivators of this world that could be fearless before death and face misery head on. It was precisely because of this that the fearlessness and persistence Ling Bai revealed at this moment would shock their hearts.

But in the hearts of everyone, his heroic and stirring actions would only last for a moment, as Ling Bai was bound to be exterminated and the Chen Clan would surely be annihilated along with this. Because the enemies were truly too formidable. Over 10 Golden Core Realm experts were sufficient to sweep through the entire Pine Mist City, so it was impossible for the Chen Clan to survive when facing such a force unless experts of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect arrived to lend a hand.

Obviously, this was impossible. Pine Mist City was over 500,000 km away from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and water from far away can’t put out a nearby fire, so how could the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect stop everything that was occurring before their eyes?

Actually, it was extremely normal if looked at from another perspective. In the cultivation world where the laws of the jungle applied, incidents of clans and sects being annihilated happened almost every single day. If one’s strength was inferior, then one could only be at the mercy of another, and only by possessing extraordinary strength could one stand towering and firmly. After all was said and done, everything else was useless, and only strength was the standard to judge everything.


Ling Bai tumbled flying in midair, and he spat blood ceaselessly while flying in midair. At this moment, his appearance was extremely haggard, his eyes dim and listless, and his entire aura seemed week and in disorder. He was like a wisp of candlelight flickering in the wind and would go out at any moment.

The facts were indeed so. He’d already lost all combat strength from battling until this moment, and the strength in his entire body had been completely squeezed out. Due to him sacrificing his lifespan, his body had even suffered an irreparable heavy injury. At this moment, not to mention Huangfu Chongming and the others, even an ordinary person was capable of killing him.

“Everyone, this little thing is mine!” Huangfu Chongming took a step forward as he laughed loudly, and then he stuck out his hand to fiercely grab towards Ling Bai.


A Sword Insight that was vast like layer upon layer of mountain ranges stabbed out with a clang, and it minced space itself and caused the elements in the sky to go chaotic. It was Chen Hao who’d made a move, and he executed the lofty and piercingly cold Righteous Sword Insight right off the bat.

During this one year of time, his cultivation had improved swiftly as well. Presently, he already possessed a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, and similar to his older brother Chen Xi, he was only a step away from the Golden Core Realm.

Moreover, he devoted his cultivation to the Dao of the Sword, and he’d developed the Righteous Sword Dao for a long time. His sword struck out like an ancient sage had descended to the world, and it intended to rebuild the order of the world, judge good and evil, and determine one’s sin to give the entire world a time of peace and order.

“Righteous Sword Dao? An extraordinary Sword Dao. Unfortunately, your strength isn’t sufficient. If you were an expert at the Golden Core Realm, then I’d be slightly afraid of you. But now, just die!” Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly before grabbing out. It was like nine pythons had torn through the sky and struck out, causing the Righteous Sword Dao to collapse and be obliterated inch by inch before it could even approach Huangfu Chongming. Moreover, Chen Hao was blasted flying by the force of this claw strike, and he instantly suffered a heavy injury.

Comparatively speaking, Chen Hao’s current strength was slightly weak indeed. The difference in a realm of cultivation was a fatal weakness that he was unable to make up for.

After blasting Chen Hao back with a single strike, Huangfu Chongming’s figure didn’t stop in the slightest to grab out towards Ling Bai once more. In his eyes, no one could stop his footsteps today, whereas, this little thing was bound to become a thing in the palm of his hand.

When they saw this, Liu Fengchi and the others knew that Huangfu Chongming was a step ahead of them, and Ling Bai was absolutely not something they could seize, causing them to almost instantly place their attention onto Chen Xi.

Besides that little thing, this fellow possesses even more treasures with shocking value!

Without the slightest hesitation, they attacked brazenly.

At this instant, Chen Xi and Ling Bai fell into a situation of absolute danger at the same time. Within the Chen Clan Mansion, there were many people that felt despair in their hearts, and they closed their eyes in unison.

“All of you… Deserve death!” It was at this moment that Chen Xi suddenly raised his head. His blood colored eyes surged with boundless killing intent that was icy cold like an emotionless wild beast, whereas, the final top-grade earth-rank sword in his hand was placed into the foundation of the formation.

Om! Om! Om!

10,000 swords cried out in unison as a myriad of ghastly sword lights surged out from the ground and charged into the world. The fierce and unparalleled killing intent was like a large river that roiled and surged as it connected towards every single direction, and it terrified the world to the point the stars shook, the moon fell, Yin and Yang went into chaos, and the heavens and the earth wailed endlessly.

The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation had experienced countless years, yet had finally appeared once more in the world at this moment, and it once again bloomed with its supreme brilliance that had never been wiped out since eternity.


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