Chapter 248 – The Arrival Of Formidable Foes

Chapter 248 – The Arrival Of Formidable Foes

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Over ten streaks of dazzling and resplendent light tore through the clear azure sky and emitted sharp whistles, and layer after layer of clouds were sliced into shreds of cotton fiber.

In next to no time, a boundless large mountain reflected within their eyes.

“Look, Young Prince, this large mountain is the famous Southern Barbaric Mountain Range of the southern territory. According to rumor, the depths of this mountain range is separated from the outside world and numerous extremely terrifying demon kings live within it. I wonder if it’s true or not?” Liu Fengchi pointed at the continuous group of mountains beneath his feet as he spoke.

Huangfu Chongming was uninterested towards all this, and his gaze swept out to look at the city at the foot of the mountain and said, “That kid ought to have hidden himself within that city. I’m curious. He continuously fled for his life for three days and three nights, yet why does he not flee any longer?”

“We’ll know once we enter that city and ask,” said Liu Fengchi.

Huangfu Chongming shook his head and said after pondering for a moment. “It’s better to be careful. This kid doesn’t seem like a stupid person, and he ought to have something to rely on while hiding in this city. We must not fail in something we’re confident in…”

“Hmm?” As he was speaking, Huangfu Chongming suddenly raised his eyes, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that shot straight towards the sky above the city. He vaguely noticed countless peerless sword auras charging into the sky while crisscrossing like rainbows, and a wave of clear and excited sword howls could be heard from far away.

“Sword auras shooting into the sky?”

“That’s a high-grade earth-rank sword! Good lord! There’re a few thousands of them!”

“Eh, it’s actually Chen Xi! Right, it’s definitely him! The Eyes of Clarity I cultivate is sufficient to sweep a distance of 500km, and I’d be able to recognize that kid even if he’d transformed into ash!”

The others noticed the phenomenon in the distance as well, and they immediately spoke out in surprise and bewilderment. Moreover, Man Hong had actually cultivated a Dao technique called the Eyes of Clarity, and he was able to see through Chen Xi’s tracks with a single glance.

“Dammit! These high-grade earth-rank swords were surely plundered by that kid from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, and he’s actually flaunting them. He’s truly courting death!” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes flashed with a trace of burning greed, and then he shouted explosively with a heavy voice. “Let’s go! We’ll seize this fellow’s treasures and then tear him into a thousand pieces!”

A high-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure was a precious existence even if it was the various sects behind them, and it possessed a shocking value. If one were to be bought from dealing in the market, then so long as one appeared, it would surely encounter people madly fighting for it, as it was extremely rare.

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi actually possessed a few thousands of high-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, it wasn’t only Huangfu Chongming’s eyes that went red with greed, the greed of the others grew greatly to the point they couldn’t restrain themselves.

It’s a few thousand high-grade earth-rank swords! This is simply an astronomical figure!

Exactly how many treasures has this kid plundered from the treasure vault? Are there any more rare and precious treasures besides these swords?

When they thought up to here, everyone was unable to restrain the impulses in their hearts, causing the exhaustion they’d accumulated for days to be completely wiped away, and they were bursting with energy as they swarmed towards the distant city.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At this moment, as they flashed with all their might, Huangfu Chongming and the others released their auras without the slightest scruples. The pressure that belonged to a Golden Core Realm expert swept through Pine Mist City, and it instantly caused the entire Pine Mist City to be in panic and disorder.

Ignoring Chen Xi, Chen Hao, and Fei Lengcui, the highest level of cultivation in the entire Pine Mist City was only the Violet Palace Realm. Thus, when facing the aura of Golden Core Realm experts that were two realms above them, they were simply like mice encountering cats, causing them to feel panic, fear, and unease.

Who exactly are these young people?

Why do they possess such terrifying auras?

Everyone in Pine Mist City felt their entire bodies go cold as they looked at the 10 plus streaks of light that flashed past above them, and their breathing became heavy. This was pressure created by the enormous difference in cultivation, and it was impossible to withstand.

Fortunately, these people only flashed by and didn’t make things difficult for them. This caused the cultivators of Pine Mist City to heave a sigh of relief in their hearts, and then a wisp of curiosity appeared in the hearts of everyone. What did these young experts come to Pine Mist City for?

Some people with discerning gazes instantly noticed that the destination of those young experts was actually the Chen Clan!

In next to no time, all the cultivators of Pine Mist City found out about this news, and then they hid in the shadows as they looked towards the Chen Clan.

Even though the Chen Clan had been rebuilt for a mere year, no one in Pine Mist City dared look down upon it. Because the Chen Clan’s Patriarch, Chen Hao, and his wife Fei Lengcui were both Elite Disciples of the number one power in the southern territory, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and their cultivations were matchless and domineered the entire Pine Mist City. This was coupled with Chen Hao’s older brother, Chen Xi, being the sword brother of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Elder, and possessed terrifying power. Such ability was sufficient to crush all the powers of Pine Mist City countless times.

It was even to the extent that some people regarded the future Pine Mist City to absolutely be controlled by the Chen Clan!

However, at this moment, there were over 10 young experts with murderous looks on their faces as they tore through the sky and shot straight towards the Chen Clan, and this scene instantly drew boundless curiosity from the hearts of all the cultivators of Pine Mist City who saw this scene.

Since they dare assault the Chen Clan, then what terrifying powers stand behind these young experts?


The Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation was worthy of being the Sky Dao Palace’s Sect Guarding Grand Formation all those years ago, as the denseness of the killing intent in the formation and the densely complicated method of setting up the formation was absolutely something that Chen Xi had never seen in his life.

It was precisely because of this that every single step he took completely caused him to feel a portion of the blood in his heart being consumed. If it wasn’t for his soul’s strength being exceedingly formidable, he would absolutely be unable to persist until now.

Most critical of it all was that after he consumed the second Sky Jadeliquid Pill, his extremely damaged body had suffered another heavy injury. As he put down the formation, there were many times that he was almost unable to suppress the raging medicinal strength within his Dantian, and even then, his vital energy and blood were already on the verge of suffering from qi deviation and exploding from the pent up energy.

Fortunately, the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation only lacked the establishment of the formation’s foundation before it would be completed.

A so-called formation’s foundation was the core of the foundation. Losing it would cause the entire formation to only exist in appearance, and it wouldn’t have the slightest might. What Chen Xi had to do was use the nine top-grade earth-rank swords to set up the talisman marking diagram of the formation’s foundation, and then use this to link up every layer of the entire formation.

However, right when he intended to set up the foundation of the formation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the sharp sounds of the sky being torn apart abruptly sounded out in the sky and swiftly spread over, and accompanying these sounds was shockingly Huangfu Chongming’s group.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted yet his movements didn’t dally in the slightest as he picked up a top-grade earth-rank sword and started to use his own Blood Essence to inscribe a dense and profound talisman marking on the sword’s surface.

“Why aren’t you fleeing anymore? This Young Prince has said it since long ago. No matter how you struggle, it would be of no avail in the end. Obediently kneel down and hand over the treasures. I can kill you readily after torturing you for 10 years. How about it?” Huangfu Chongming held his hands behind his back as he soared over, and a wisp of dense disdain couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he looked at Chen Xi, whose entire aura was in disorder and had an expression that was exhausted like a withered tree.

Chen Xi paid no attention to him and acted as if he didn’t hear Huangfu Chongming as he casually placed the top-grade earth-rank sword that had been inscribed with the talisman marking into the formation before withdrawing another sword and starting to inscribe talisman markings.

Liu Fengchi swept his gaze at the surroundings, and his face couldn’t help but go grim especially when he saw Chen Xi inscribing the swords with Blood Essence, and then he shouted out loudly. “Young Prince, this kid is setting up a formation! Quickly kill him or we’ll be too late!”

Setting up a formation!?

Instantly, Huangfu Chongming and the others understood what Chen Xi was doing, and their expressions sank.

A few thousand high-grade earth-rank swords and top-grade earth-rank swords as the foundation of the formation? If this formation were to be successfully set up, then its might would probably be sufficient to annihilate any one of us…

“Attack! We must not allow this kid to successfully set the formation up!” The reaction of Huangfu Chongming was extremely swift.  In practically an instant, he shouted out loudly before flashing out with the energy of the stars beneath his feet, and his hands were like enormous dragon claws that transformed into a myriad of frightful golden claw shadows that covered the sky as they fluttered out, causing group after group of them to strike towards Chen Xi. Space started shaking everywhere they passed, and then they stacked layer upon layer to cause the scenery in the surroundings to become blurred.

Dao Grade martial technique, Nine-Python Heart Rend!

Every single claw image contained Sharpgold Dao Insight and Illusionary Dao Insight, causing real and fake to be mixed together, and every single attack possessed both a real and fake counterpart, causing one to be unable to guard against it.

At practically the exact same time, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and the others executed their strongest Dao Grade martial techniques as they strived to annihilate Chen Xi with a single strike and completely stop his rhythm of setting up the formation.


However, right at the same time that Huangfu Chongming and the others attacked, a wisp of dazzling and resplendent gold light swiftly gushed out into appearance from Chen Xi’s body, and in the next moment, Ling Bai, who wore white clothes, stood in the sky.

Moreover, he held a pitch black, narrow, and long sickle in his hand. The sickle was 3m long with a blade that was pitch black and cold like the crescent moon, and it was matchlessly sharp. The entire sickle was covered in boundless profound runes and coiled with dark lights that emitted numerous ‘杀’ characters, and it shook the surrounding space to the point it collapsed and shattered, causing it to be an extremely shocking sight.

The Sickle of Slaughter!

The matchless weapon of slaughter that contained monstrous intent of slaughter!

“Chen Xi, be at ease as you set up the formation, and leave this to me. I’ll win over a chance for your survival even if I die!” Ling Bai’s voice revealed decisive resolution.

While he spoke, he’d flown into the sky before the Sickle of Slaughter in his hand slashed out lightly, and then a shocking scene appeared. The heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into darkness.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!...” Shouts that seemed as if they were emitted by the devils within the abyss of hell resounded ceaselessly within this darkness, and the aura of slaughter covered every single inch of space.

Slaughter Dao Territory!

There was no light here, only slaughter, slaughter to kill both gods and fiends, and killing intent that shot into the sky.

Instantly, Huangfu Chongming and the others were trapped within this Dao Territory.

“Hmph! How can a tiny Dao Territory trap all of us?” Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly in an unhurried manner, and then he struck out with his fist.


A roar that was like the roar of a lightning dragon resounded out, and then a golden colored wyrm with a pair of fluttering whiskers brandished its claws and bared its fangs as it whistled out from Huangfu Chongming’s fist. In just an instant, it actually tore open a hole in the Slaughter Dao Territory, and its might was terrifying to the extreme.

“Everyone, quickly break open this Dao Territory and annihilate Chen Xi. If we wait until he sets up the formation successfully, then we’ll have no hope any longer!” As he shouted out explosively, Liu Fengchi charged into the sky as well, and then he struck towards the distant Ling Bai.




The others understood that they were pressed for time as well. All of them exerted their entire cultivation as Magic Treasures of various colors shot up into the sky, and then various formidable Dao Grade martial techniques swept out. The might of their attacks simply caused the heavens and the earth to change in color.

All of these ten plus people possessed cultivations at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and they possessed plentiful Dao Insights and formidable Magic Treasures. When they attacked Ling Bai, who was alone, with their entire strengths, it completely revealed a situation of easily crushing Ling Bai. In only an instant, the Slaughter Dao Territory was torn apart to the point it was heavily damaged and was on the verge of shattering!


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