Chapter 246 – Stellar Aquamirror Arts

Chapter 246 – Stellar Aquamirror Arts


In the night sky that was studded with an array of stars, a figure that was almost translucent flashed past with a speed so swift, it had already completely surpassed the speed of sound. Everywhere is passed, the air was torn to the point a vacuum passageway that couldn’t be closed appeared, and space rippled like the shattered surface of a lake as it undulated with circle after circle of ripples towards both sides and shattered space itself.

Behind this figure was over 10 extremely dazzling and gorgeous streaks following closely behind. Their multicolored flying Magic Treasures dragged out numerous flaming tails that were like those of shooting stars, and it was extremely resplendent in the pitch black sky.

Chen Xi noticed his strength was ceaselessly being consumed and the little True Essence that remained in his Dantian was drying up bit by bit. But he was still calm as he silently counted the time, whereas a spirit pill had suddenly appeared in his hand. This spirit pill was completely translucent and crystalline, with strands of dazzling divine lights faintly coiling within, and it emitted a clear roar like the roar of a dragon.

Sky Jadeliquid Pill!

The top-grade earth-rank medicinal pill that was renowned throughout the world. A single Sky Jadeliquid Pill was comparable to the worth of over 50,000kgs of spirit liquid, and it was something that couldn’t be found on the market!

An earth-rank medicinal pill was a formidable medicinal pill that only a Golden Core Realm cultivator was capable of consuming. Once one advanced to the Golden Core Realm, the roots of the heavens and the earth had been established in one’s body, allowing one to be capable of accommodating the charging of the earth-rank medicinal pills’ medicinal strength within one’s body. If it was a Violet Palace Realm or Golden Hall Realm cultivator that forcefully consumed an earth-rank medicinal pill, their Dantian would be blasted to collapse by the vast and powerful medicinal strength of the pill, and their Dao Foundation would be injured heavily.

Right at the instant the True Essence within his Dantian dried up, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to consume a Sky Jadeliquid Pill. For the sake of escaping this chase, he completely couldn’t care about anything else.


Instantly, he felt as if an enormous flame dragon had burrowed into his body. The boundless and mighty medicinal strength directly charged into his Dantian to cause trouble and barge about in all directions, causing the meridians in his entire body to seems as if they were unable to endure this sort of energy, and they warped and swelled up explosively to the point they were on the verge of snapping inch by inch. If it wasn’t for his Dao Heart being exceedingly firm, merely the intense pain that was brought by this instant was sufficient to cause him to completely go unconscious.


His entire body seemed as if it was fiercely hammered by thousands of sledgehammers, and the intense pain caused Chen Xi’s aura to become heavy and reveal a trace of disorder. But along with this intense pain, boundless True Essence skyrocketed out from within his Dantian, but this True Essence was extremely tyrannical and violent as it barged about in all directions, as if it wanted to break open his Dantian and charge out of Chen Xi’s body.

This feeling was like a volcano erupting within one’s body yet one was unable to find a way to drain it out, and the suffocating and swelling feeling almost caused Chen Xi’s entire body to explode!

Never had Chen Xi imagined that his body was almost unable to endure just a single Sky Jadeliquid Pill, and his body was even on the border of exploding.

This also allowed him to deeply understand the might of an earth-rank spirit pill. It was indeed as the rumors said, and one that wasn’t at least at the Golden Core Realm was utterly incapable of consuming it.

“Vent! If I don’t vent it, then my body will explode in the next moment…” Under the stimulating of being at death’s door, Chen Xi’s eyes instantly became bloodshot to the extreme, his cold and indifferent face warped as the veins on his entire body bulged, and a violent and terrifying aura abruptly gushed out from his body and swept through the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, he simply seemed like a devil from the ancient hells, a devil that yearned to feast on souls and fresh blood.

He turned around to sweep through everything behind him.


Inexplicable horror abruptly emerged from the hearts of Huangfu Chongming and the others who chased closely behind him, and their figures that flew at extreme speeds instantly revealed a trace of sluggishness.

With a turn of their heads to look over, they just happened to meet the gaze Chen Xi swept over.

What a gaze this was!

It didn’t hold the slightest color of emotion, colder than the ice in the nine hells, more dazzling than boiling hot scarlet blood, and the boundless ruthless killing intent seemed like an erupting volcano that flashed with icy cold lights of absolute destruction.


Everyone was terrified in their hearts as they glanced at each other.


A resounding quake that was like a thunderclap sounded out. In the eyes of everyone present, Chen Xi, whose aura was raging like an erupting volcano, flashed, and he vanished from their field of vision in the blink of an eye.

His speed was so swift that it had at least risen explosively by more than three times!

“This fellow has surely consumed an extremely formidable spirit pill. Even though his aura has skyrocketed greatly, it’s in extreme disorder. Once he’s unable to control this energy, his Dantian would surely be charged to the point of collapse, and his Dao Foundation destroyed. At that time, even the gods will be unable to save him!” Liu Fengchi suddenly spoke out as he seemed to have noticed an inkling, and his gaze flickered indeterminately.

“So that’s how it is. Looks like this Bastard doesn’t even want his life for the sake of fleeing…” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes slightly narrowed as he laughed coldly. “But, if he thinks that he’ll be able to escape our chase by relying on this, then he's greatly mistaken! Everyone, quickly follow us to him. Perhaps we don’t have to lift a hand and we’ll be able to obtain an astronomical benefit!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When they understood what had occurred on Chen Xi, everyone’s spirits were refreshed, and they didn’t say anything further before immediately urging on the flying Magic Treasures beneath their feet to chase after with all their strength.


“Stop, there’s no need to chase.” Not long after Huangfu Chongming and the others left, another three streaks appeared in the sky, and Zhen Liuqing who wore a plain long dress raised her eyes to gaze into the distance before muttering.

“We’re not chasing anymore? Why?” An Qianyu spoke with astonishment. His voice was slightly dry and exhaustion covered the space between his brows. Similar to Huangfu Chongming’s group, he, Zhen Liuqing, and Wang Daoxu had chased for two days and persisted until now, and they could be said to be both exhausted in mind and body. But it was precisely because of putting in so much hard work that he was naturally extremely unwilling when he heard Zhen Liuqing actually intended to give up at this moment.

“Yeah, that kid obviously consumed an extremely powerful spirit pill earlier. Even though his strength skyrocketed greatly, he’ll surely be unable to hold on for long. It’s our chance. If we give up now, it would be too much of a pity.” Wang Daoxu interjected from the side as well.

“So what if we chase? The three of us are unable to defeat Huangfu Chongming’s group. Instead of that, why not withdraw early on?” Zhen Liuqing spoke unhurriedly.

“But… We’ve been chasing for such a long period of time, yet we’re giving up just like this? That kid has numerous treasures in his possession!” When they saw Zhen Liuqing’s resolute expression, An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu couldn’t help but long each other and ask in a daze.

“I’m not interested in those treasures, and I’m only curious if he’s able to escape the chase of Huangfu Chongming.” Zhen Liuqing laughed lightly. “Don’t the two of you think this kid at the Golden Hall Realm is extremely interesting? Amongst the cultivators that entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, only he was a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, yet he just happened to be the person who obtained the most treasures. A freak like this is exceedingly difficult to come by.”


An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu snickered in their hearts. In their hearts, being able to seize the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession was the true interesting thing.

Zhen Liuqing seemed as if she didn’t notice their expressions and continued. “Not to mention I’ve deduced via the Stellar Aquamirror Arts earlier. This fellow’s fate is extremely bizarre, it seems to be concealed by the workings of the heavens, causing it to be vague like the reflection of the moon in water, and its truth can’t be seen clearly. But I can be sure that this kid isn’t someone that will meet an early end, so you might not be able to obtain the treasures even if you chase after him.”

Stellar Aquamirror Arts!

The hearts of both An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu shook when they heard this name. This Dao technique belonged to the extremely profound arts of divination, and it was one of the secret techniques passed down in the eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion that touched upon the profundities of nature. It was capable of calculating the secrets of the workings of the heavens that ordinary people were unable to peek into, allowing one to seek good fortune while avoiding disaster, and turn disaster into fortune, causing it to be extremely mysterious and formidable.

The eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion relied precisely on this technique to dominate an area of the Darchu Dynasty, to remain free outside of society, and stand towering in the cultivation world for a few tens of thousands of years without perishing.

Even when the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family worshipped their ancestors, they would invite some experts of the Mistwater Pavilion that were proficient in the Stellar Aquamirror Arts to deduce the secrets of the heavens and select an auspicious day to complete the grand ceremony of worshipping their ancestors.

At this moment, when they found out that Zhen Liuqing actually grasped the Stellar Aquamirror Arts and had utilized it to deduce Chen Xi’s fate, the shock in An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu’s heart was obvious.

Moreover, according to their knowledge, the Stellar Aquamirror Arts couldn’t be utilized at random. Every single time it was executed, it would consume 100 years of lifespan of the person that executed it. After all, this technique peeked into the secrets of the heaven, and it had to incur the wrath of the heavens. This loss of 100 years of their lifespan was the punishment the heavens imposed on the person that executed this technique.

It was precisely because of this that when they found out Zhen Liuqing had loss 100 years of her own lifespan and utilized the Stellar Aquamirror Arts to deduce Chen Xi’s fate just for the sake of satisfying her curiosity, at the same time that the two of them were shocked, they felt it was exceedingly absurd. Was it worth it to do this?

Seeming to have seen through their thoughts, the corners of Zhen Liuqing’s mouth curled slightly to reveal a wisp of a mysterious light smile, yet she didn’t explain any further and would absolutely not explain it.

This was the rules of the Mistwater Pavilion, the secrets of the heavens weren’t something that anyone could carelessly speak of!

But, she’d already decided in her heart that she would surely report Chen Xi’s fate to the Sect Master once she returned to the Mistwater Pavilion. I presume the Sect Master will surely be extremely interested.



A streak tore through the sky, causing the layer of clouds that were twined with water vapor to have a straight passageway burnt through them everywhere it passed, and it was an extremely magnificent sight.

Chen Xi felt as if he was a ball of flames that carried a volcano as it whistled through the sky, and only by executing the Divine Windwing Flight with all his might would he be able to slightly vent the boundless medicinal strength that barged about within his Dantian and was on the verge of explosion.

Mountains, rivers, continuous expanses of ground, majestic cities, villages… Various types of scenery whistled past beneath him like a passing shadow, and they seemed to be so unreal.

His speed at this moment had already exceeded his usual speed by more than three times, and he’d even completely left Huangfu Chongming and the others far behind him, causing them to be utterly unable to chase after him without spending an hour.

But Chen Xi didn’t dare let his guard down and still flew at his full strength. On one hand, it was because the violent medicinal strength within his Dantian had to be vented, and on the other hand, he was worried that he wouldn’t have extra time to set everything up before Huangfu Chongming and the others chased up once he returned to Pine Mist City.

Three hours! I only need to pull apart the time between us by three hours, and it would be sufficient to get everything done. At that time, even if a Nether Transformation Realm expert comes to attack, he would be unable to leave with his life! Chen Xi forcefully endured the burning and intense pain in his entire body and relied on great willpower to deduce all this in his mind.

One day later.

Chen Xi’s aura had become extremely weak. His countenance was pale and translucent, the corners of his mouth even let out traces of dark red blood, and his eyelids were heavy like lead. If it wasn’t for the support of the single strand of persistence that remained, he probably would have fainted long ago.

During this one day of time, he’d almost completely exhausted the medicinal strength within his Dantian, however, even though the medicinal strength wasn’t violent any longer, his Dantian and the meridians all around his body had already encountered an extremely heavy injury and were covered in wounds, and it was even to the extent more than half his meridians were already shattered to a terrible state.

This was the overbearingness of the top-grade earth-rank spirit pill, the Sky Jadeliquid Pill. To a Golden Core Realm cultivator, it was a type of precious cultivation medicinal pill, yet to cultivators below the Golden Core Realm, it was undoubtedly poison.

Hmm? Right when Chen Xi’s consciousness was on the verge of numbness, he suddenly raised his head as a vast mountain that rose and fell without end reflected into his eyes, whereas, at the side of the mountain was a city with a shape like a tortoise shell that was built with its back to the mountain and occupied an extremely large area.

Pine Mist City!

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he gazed at the familiar outline of the city, and he forcefully raised his spirits before exerting the scarce remnants of energy in his body to flash down from midair directly towards the most familiar place in his memories.

At this moment, he already couldn’t care about concealing his figure as nor could he care about not drawing the attention of the cultivators in Pine Mist City. There was only a single thought in his mind — Find Chen Hao, find the abode of the Chen Clan.

After the time of a few breaths, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and staggered down to the ground, and he stared blankly at the grand mansion that occupied an extremely large area and stared at the plaque that hung on the large vermillion entrance.

The plaque of simple and rich workmanship only had a mere two words that were written in vigorous and fine strokes that flowed and twisted like dragons. These two words were — Chen Clan!


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