Chapter 244 – Sky Key

Chapter 244 – Sky Key

Chen Xi felt as if he’d been smacked on the face with a pie that fell from the heavens, and he felt both shocked and pleasantly surprised.

When the Suanni attacked with explosive rage, he was utterly without the time to think before dodging far away, and he entirely never imagined that the key shaped precious treasure would actually descend right towards him!

Perhaps a moment of fortune like this that happened once in a thousand years was a coincidence, yet it was encountered by him, and it was indeed no different to wealth descending from the heavens.

Most pleasantly surprising to Chen Xi was that at the instant he grabbed this key shaped treasure, the aged and sonorous voice of the treasure vault’s owner sounded within his mind.

“This treasure is called the Sky Key. It’s the only way to open the secret vault of my Sky Dao Palace, and within it is the inheritance treasures of my Sky Dao Palace for over 100,000 years, such as Daoist books, Magic Treasures, medicinal pills, and puppets, and it lacks nothing. I hope that after you obtain the treasures within this secret vault, you can recruit disciples, pass on the Dao and mantle of my Sky Dao Palace, and rebuild my supreme Sky Dao Palace. In this way, I can smile in the nine heavens, sigh.”

The Sky Key? It’s actually the key to opening the secret vault of the Sky Dao Palace!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he suddenly recalled all the treasures he’s plundered and obtained all along the way in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. There were almost 100,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills, a Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation formed from over 10,000 earth-rank, various materials that were extremely rare…

It was sufficient for one to determine exactly how terrifying the strength of the Sky Dao Palace was just from these treasures of shocking value. Not to mention, Ling Bai had once said that merely the terrifying grand formation at the entrance of the Sky Dao palace was formed by over 10,000 top-grade heaven-rank swords and nine Immortal Swords, and even a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert would be unable to come out alive.

Exactly how terrifying the resources, reserves, and strength the Sky Dao Palace possessed was obvious from this.

The 100,000 years worth of inheritance of the Sky Dao Palace is stored within this secret vault, and there are surely shocking treasures stored within it… The owner of the treasure vault isn’t wrong, this Sky Key is indeed a peerlessly precious treasure, and if it were to have fallen to the outside world, it would probably cause the entire cultivation world to go mad, right? Chen Xi gasped endlessly with admiration in his heart.

“Hahaha! The three tests have ended. No matter if it’s right or wrong, success or failure, it has all faded away with the passage of time! Stubborn child, go and seek rebirth. Continue your fate with the Sky Dao Palace in your next life and live up to the fortune of us being master and disciple.” Right at this moment, the aged and sonorous voice resounded out swiftly and was like a resonant bell as it resounded out in the heavens and the earth for a long time, and it revealed a feeling of being at ease after being freed of something.

The expressions of everyone present strained when they heard this, and they didn’t dare believe their ears. The third test has ended just like this? Whose hands did the precious treasure fall into?

Only Huangfu Chongming and the other mere 10 plus people knew that Chen Xi had become the biggest winner of this trip to search for treasures!

Since entering Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, he’d plundered the various treasures behind the numerous doors, then he obtained a Dao Grade martial technique, a Dao Insight Origin Pill, and the final key shaped peerlessly precious treasure from the final three tests. Who dared say he wasn’t the biggest winner with this level of deep fortune?

“Roar~” When it heard the aged and sonorous voice, the divine beast Suanni that was tall and large like a mountain suddenly roared towards the sky, and its miserable roar actually revealed dense sorrow and unwillingness that caused everyone present to be moved.

As the roared resounded out, everyone saw the blood moon like eyes of the Suanni that had a strength comparable to a Earthly Immortal Realm expert and annihilated over 60 Golden Core Realm cultivators with a single strike actually flowed with two streams of warm tears, and then its entire body was suffused with golden lights and a flaming glow that shot into the skies. It’s entire body that was 300m tall had instantly shrunk many times to transform into a dazzling golden ball of light.

One could faintly see that within the golden ball of light was actually a young youth in Daoist robes who had his hair coiled into a bun, and he sat cross-legged there with sorrow covering the area between his brows. The Suanni had shockingly transformed into this young Daoist youth!

“Stubborn child, go and seek rebirth. Continue your fate with the Sky Dao Palace in your next life and live up to the fortune of us being master and disciple…” The remains of the void still curled up in the sky and reverberated without end in the heavens and the earth.

Everyone instantly understood that the divine beast Suanni they went against earlier was actually a disciple the owner of the treasure vault had taken, and it was truly unexpected.

“In the long primordial age and the brilliant years that passed, I lived and grew, wildly and ferociously, and I finally obtained a good teacher that bestowed education upon me.

“He passed down extraordinary techniques to me and taught me Daoist scriptures, allowing the roots of my intelligence and Dao Foundation to finally become established and live up to the expectations in the heart of my Master, and I shed tears of gratitude because of this.”

“My home, my roots, both are the Sky Dao Palace. Since this life is ending, I’ll repay Master in my next.”

“Oh! Respected Master, don’t forget this useless disciple.”

A young and clear voice sounded out from within the golden ball of light, and it was spoken word by word with a powerful and sonorous voice that resounded in the world. The sorrowful expression of the Daoist youth revealed firmness that was impossible to erase as he stood up, causing infinite golden flames to surge out abruptly from all around him, and then his entire body melted within the raging flames before completely vanishing in the heavens and the earth.

Perhaps he’d already entered into the cycle of rebirth.

An indescribable feeling arose in the hearts of everyone when they saw this scene. Exactly what sort of sect and what sort of Master is actually capable of making a divine beast Suanni be so loyal and devoted?

Senior, the favor you granted me today allowed me to obtain a rather great amount of treasures. If I’m able to obtain the contents of the Sky Dao Palace’s secret vault in the future, I’ll surely establish a sect and rebuild the Sky Dao Palace, allowing its flame to be passed down and exist forever in the heavens and the earth. Somehow, an intense impulse to do something for the Sky Dao palace emerged in Chen Xi’s heart. He didn’t go against the intentions of his heart, and he’d already decided that he’d surely make the Sky Dao Palace appear in the world once more, bathe in the Grand Dao of the heavens and earth, and prosper for eternity!

“Eh! How have we come back to life?”

“Didn’t I die earlier?”

“What exactly is going on?”

Suddenly, numerous wisps of golden flames gushed into appearance in the heavens and the earth, and the numerous cultivators that had died at the hands of the divine beast Suanni earlier had actually come back to life within the golden flames and once again appeared before the eyes of everyone!

No, perhaps they utterly hadn’t died earlier, and they were only concealed by the great divine ability of the Suanni.

“So it turns out that the third test would utterly not cause any casualties. I never imagined that the owner of this treasure vault is actually so benevolent, and he’s truly someone that deserves admiration.”

“Yes, even though there are tests in this treasure vault left behind by this senior, yet the treasures are bestowed to those that are fated, and there isn’t the slightest intention to do harm. In the current cultivation world, a bearing like this is truly difficult to come by.”

“Perhaps, this is the true bearing and demeanor of someone from a great sect, and only broadmindedness like this is capable of educating the divine beast Suanni to the point of sincerely submitting to the sect. Even though the Suanni has died, yet it holds gratitude in its heart.”

The cultivators present couldn’t help but let out waves of emotional sighs when they saw these ‘dead’ Fellow Daoists appearing once again before their eyes, and boundless respect and admiration towards the owner of the treasure vault emerged from within their hearts.

Chen Xi was even more curious towards everything about the Sky Dao Palace when he saw this scene.

Rumble! Rumble!

Right at this moment, the entire heavens and earth shook intensely as if the sky was collapsing and the earth was splitting, as if the end of the world had descended, and the boundless space and wilderness shattered to reveal numerous spatial cracks that were 3km long and extremely terrifying.

“What’s going on? Could it be that the treasure vault is about to collapse and vanish?”

Right when terror emerged in the hearts of everyone, a wisp of an exceedingly dazzling clear light shot out to bind everyone within it before swiftly vanishing within this world.


Outside the treasure vault was a few thousands of cultivators standing and observing from the sidelines.

Most amongst them were Golden Core Realm cultivators, but they’d regretfully arrived a step later when Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault opened and were unable to enter, whereas, the remaining small portion of cultivators were instead either at the Golden Hall Realm or at the Rebirth Realm, and they were similarly incapable of entering the treasure vault.

Shockingly, Tantai Hong stood within the crowd.

When the treasure vault had opened its doors, he’d followed Huangfu Chongming and the others to enter into the treasure vault. Moreover, he’d passed through the Eight Path Formation. However, right when he entered the last door, everyone had passed through smoothly, yet he was transported out of the treasure vault by a shapeless force.

After observing for a long time, he’d finally understood at this instant. The cultivators that were capable of entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault had to be at the Golden Core Realm, neither higher nor lower. Moreover, after one entered the Eight Path Formation, if one’s age was high, it was impossible to enter the final door. Because he’s noticed numerous middle aged Golden Core Realm cultivators like him who’d similarly been ejected from the final door within the treasure vault’s Eight Path Formation.

At this moment, Tantai Hong gave up completely.

But he still thought about how Huangfu Chongming and the others could share some treasures with him once they came out from the treasure vault. Because as far as he was concerned, it was precisely by relying on the treasure vault’s map in his possession that Huangfu Chongming and the others were able to enter the treasure vault and smoothly see through the profundities of the Eight Path Formation to enter into the depths of the treasure vault.

So he’d always been waiting and was unwilling to leave.

Unlike what Tantai Hong was thinking, the reason the other cultivators that stood outside the treasure vault hadn’t left after so long was firstly that they were unwilling to return empty handed from a mountain filled with treasures, and besides that, they held the thoughts of killing others to seize their treasures.

So what if they’re capable of entering Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault? If I kill them after they come out and seize their treasures, I can similarly obtain the treasures within the treasure vault, right?

So they’d always been waiting for the cultivators that had entered the treasure vault to come out, and then they would carry out their shady deeds.

Since Chen Xi and the others entered the treasure vault, a few hours had already passed, yet there was still no one that had come out from it.


Right when everyone was becoming impatient from waiting, a wave of rumbling that was like thunderclaps resounded from the treasure vault that floated in midair, and it pierced through the nine heavens to the point their eardrums almost split open.

After that, everyone saw the surface of the entire treasure vault suddenly split open with countless extremely twisted cracks like dry and cracking earth before finally collapsing with a bang! Dust and dirt suffused the air as the entire Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault completely transformed into roiling dust that surged in the heavens and the earth, and the waves of air caused by the collapsed forced the surrounding people to swiftly retreat repeatedly, as they were deeply afraid of being buried within this collapse.

In a mere few breaths of time, Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault that revolved with the aura of treasures and possessed numerous strands of auspicious qi had actually transformed into boundless dust and completely vanished from the heavens and the earth!

Everyone that was suffocated in the dust, to the point dirt covered their faces, looked at the surging dust that shot into the sky. All of them stared with their eyes wide open and simply didn’t dare believe their eyes.

It vanished?

Could it be that some unforeseen event occurred within the treasure vault?

Where’re those people that entered the treasure vault? Could it be that they were annihilated along with the treasure vault and have perished within it?

Infinite questions gushed into their hearts as the expressions of everyone became doubtful and surprised, and even until this moment, they still did not dare believe that Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault would collapse and be destroyed into nothingness.

“Chen Xi, you bastard! Fucking hand over the final peerlessly precious treasure!!” Right when everyone was surprised and doubtful, a shrill and enraged cry suddenly tore through the sky and resounded in the heavens and the earth before a figure shot into the sky, and it was actually Yue Qi.

When they saw Yue Qi whose face had warped extremely out of rage, the people present were exceedingly bewildered. No one recognized who exactly this person was because this fellow’s appearance was too ordinary, causing no one to be able to guess his identity.

But Yue Qi’s words had drawn the attention of everyone.

The final peerlessly precious treasure?

Could it be that the final treasure within the treasure vault was obtained by a fellow called Chen Xi?

But who was Chen Xi?

Amongst the people present, only Tantai Hong knew who exactly Chen Xi was. So when he found out that Chen Xi had actually obtained the final treasure within the treasure vault, his expression instantly became complicated to the extreme.

How could he have imagined that this young man who’d saved his daughter’s life and had been brought into the Oceanic Desert by him would actually possess such great fortune?

When he recalled how he’d once cooperated with Huangfu Chongming and the others to suppress and kill Chen Xi with the intention of seizing the three Immortal Artifacts in Chen Xi’s possession, Tantai Hong felt a wave of regret in his heart.

Offending a young man that even couldn’t be killed when numerous experts made a move against him in unison and at the same time possessed deep fortune and boundless potential was absolutely a calamity!

“Eh, it’s actually this fellow. I clearly saw him obtain a Dao Grade martial technique and a Dao Insight Origin Pill! Kill! Kill him and then seize the treasures!”

“Right, I remember this fellow as well, he’s called Yue Qi! There’s a pair Black Swan Wings that’s a rare treasure in his possession, we’ll seize his treasures as well!”

Practically at the moment Yue Qi’s shot into the sky and roared with rage, there were another few streaks that charged into the sky. Shockingly, they were exactly the younger generation Golden Core Realm cultivators that had entered the treasure vault.

At the instant they saw Yue Qi, they launched an operation to rob and kill Yue Qi, and they were really exceedingly ruthless.

When they saw this scene, everyone that was originally waiting outside the treasure vault for the sake of killing others and seizing their treasures became excited as well, and they cried out as they charged towards Yue Qi for the kill.

The scene instantly became extremely chaotic.

Tantai Hong didn’t make a move, and he scanned his surroundings as he muttered in his heart. Have the Young Prince Huangfu and the others came out as well? What about Chen Xi? Where’s he at this moment?


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