Chapter 243 – The Ferocious Might Of The Suanni

Chapter 243 – The Ferocious Might Of The Suanni


The Suanni’s palm slapped down like a pillar of the heavens crumbling down, and a terrifying force of destruction gushed out from the center of its palm to transform into golden flames that spread down with overwhelming might.

Instantly, a wave of miserable and shrill cries sounded from over 10 cultivators that weren’t able to escape in time and were swept into the confines of the golden colored flames; all of them were instantly melted into nothingness and annihilated in an instant.

With a single palm strike, it actually easily annihilated over 10 Golden Core Realm cultivators!

The ferocious might of the Suanni instantly shocked everyone present.

But at this moment, there were already over 100 cultivators that had seized this opportunity to go around the Suanni’s enormous body and started to charge towards the high platform.

Amongst these people were An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, Zhen Liuqing, and Huangfu Chongming’s group. Every single one of them had cultivations that surpassed the people present, and the Magic Treasures they used were at the top grade of the earth rank, so being capable of avoiding the frontal attack of the divine beast Suanni was understandable.

Chen Xi was amongst them as well, as he who’d mastered a complete Wind Dao Insight possessed matchless speed when relying on the Divine Windwing Flight, causing him to not be the slightest bit inferior to the others, and he narrowly charged within the boundaries of the high platform that stood 300m high.

As they approached, the appearance of the high platform was reflected in detail before their eye. It was 300m in height, completely round, and seemed to be constructed from icy cold and hard obsidian, and its entirety was suffused with a mysterious aura that was desolate and gloomy.

At the top of the high platform, the misty and azure glow had condensed into a ball that seemed like a dazzling and resplendent azure sun that hung high in the sky, and it emitted a surging and obscure aura. That peerlessly precious treasure was within it!

Practically right after they avoided the front of the Suanni, the streaks everyone formed didn’t stop in the slightest and headed straight towards the top of the high platform in a charge, and all of them wanted to seize the precious treasure at the first possible moment, causing the scene to be in extreme chaos. However, the person that was at the front wasn’t Zhen Liuqing, nor was it Huangfu Chongming, and it wasn’t even any of those famous experts of the younger generation. That person was actually Yue Qi!

A pair of wings that were pitch black like ink had condensed behind this person. They were 30 plus meters wide with dark lights flowing between them and arcs of lightning flickering and surging atop them. With a shake of the wings, his entire body seemed as if it had torn through the boundaries of space and time to instantly appear at the top of the high platform, and his speed was so swift that it far surpassed everyone by a great amount, causing it to be shocking to the extreme!

“Black Swan Wings!’ Everyone practically instantly recognized the origins of the wings behind Yue Qi, causing their expression to go grim and indeterminate.

The Black Swan was a fierce divine beast in the primordial era that was known for its extreme speed, and it innately mastered the profundities of the Wind and Lightning Dao Insights. Its pitch black wings spanned three kilometers, covering the skies and hiding the sun, and a single shake of its wings allowed it to move 18,000 kilometers, charging up into the nine heavens or plunging down into the seas. Its speed was so swift, and its size was so enormous, that it was merely inferior to the Roc of the Northern Sea!

The entire ability of the Black Swan was contained within its pair of pitch black wings. The surface of the bones, tendons, and feathers of its wings were branded with mysterious Dao markings of wind and lightning. Those were Dao markings that belonged only to divine beasts and were formed innately. If a cultivator obtained it, it could be refined into rare flying Magic Treasures. Moreover, if one carefully comprehended the Dao markings, one could even comprehend the Dao Insights of wind and lightning, and it really possessed boundless extraordinary uses.

However, the strength of a primordial divine beast like the Black Swan possessed a strength that wasn’t inferior to a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert. Thus, how could the word difficult be able to describe how hard it was to obtain its wings?

It was precisely because of this that when everyone saw the Black Swan Wings behind Yue Qi’s back would they be so shocked. Because those pair of wings were obviously refined from the essence of a Black Swan’s wings!

Could it be that the peerlessly precious treasure is going to fall into this person’s hands? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he’s noticed the unusualness of the wing Magic Treasure that Yue Qi possessed.

“Want to seize the treasure from the hands of I, Huangfu Chongming? Fuck off!” Right at this moment, Huangfu Chongming shouted out explosively as a silver shuttle shaped Magic Treasure tore through the sky. This shuttle shaped Magic Treasure was flat like extremely thin wings, its borders sharp and glossy, and as it shot out in the air, its speed was actually slightly swifter than Yue Qi’s Black Swan Wings!

Moreover, the target of this Magic Treasure wasn’t Yue Qi but the high platform!

Instantly, Chen Xi understood Huangfu Chongming’s intentions. Due to the fact that a layer of shapeless restrictions had been set by the owner of this treasure vault, people were utterly unable to battle each other, whereas, if he wanted to stop Yue Qi from seizing the treasure, then destroying this high platform was undoubtedly the best choice.

Once the high platform was destroyed, the treasure atop it would surely fall, and it would be completely capable of catching Yue Qi off guard. Moreover, at the instant of time before Yue Qi reacted, Huangfu Chongming was entirely capable of catching up and seizing the treasure.

What a tactic!

Chen Xi had to admit in his heart that Huangfu Chongming’s actions could be said to deeply reflect the essences of the tactics of besieging the State of Wei to save the State of Zhao[1. Relates to historical events during the Warring States period of China’s history.] and attacking while one was unprepared. What was difficult to come by was his resoluteness in making this move, and the speed he made this reaction revealed his extremely high combat experience.


Under the slash of the silver shuttle shaped thin blade, the high platform was sliced in two like a piece of tofu, and it split apart from the center, causing Yue Qi’s hand that stretched out to instantly grab nothing but air, whereas, the precious treasure condensed from by azure lights had plunged down as well.

Up until this moment, Chen Xi finally saw clearly that the precious treasure that emitted a dazzling azure and misty glow was actually a 30cm long azure key!

Its color was like the clear azure sky, its surface inscribed with numerous mysterious runes, and the runes flowed about, causing numerous dots of azure lights that seemed like rays to drift out, and it was extremely gorgeous.

Right at the instant this key shaped treasure fell, everyone nearby made a move at almost the exact same time, and their reactions were so swift it simply seemed as if they’d formed a tacit understanding since long ago.


Numerous formidable and terrifying Magic Treasures and techniques charged into the skies with an impetus so terrifying that it shook the heavens and the other and shattered space itself, and it caused the entire battlefield to be extremely chaotic.

The target of every single Magic Treasure and technique was the key shaped precious treasure!

“Dammit! Bastard!” Yue Qi was infuriated to the point flames shot out from his eyes when he saw the treasure within reach had vanished, and he shouted endlessly with a grim and sharp voice.

But at this moment, everyone wanted to seize the treasure for themselves, so who would care about his feelings?

The instant the high platform split into two, Chen Xi felt eager to make a move as well, but right at the instant he intended to make a move, an inexplicable aura of danger instantly enveloped his heart and caused him to feel a chill run down his spine. He utterly didn’t dare to think before instinctively dodging to the side with extreme speed.

Right at this moment, a roar that contained boundless rage resounded explosively. Suddenly, the Suanni had already turned around, and the splitting of the high platform seemed to have completely enraged it. It raised its extremely thick arms before golden flames mixed with runes of various colors surged and coiled on his palms that had opened up, and then it smashed its palm towards the people before the high platform.

Golden flames that shook the heavens and the earth crisscrossed each other both horizontally and vertically as they covered the world like a sea of lava descending from the skies, and coupled with the horrifying roars of the Suanni that was like a thunderclap, even the heavens and the earth shook because of it.

At this instant, no matter if it was Huangfu Chongming’s group, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, or Zhen Liuqing, all of them suddenly went pale as they sensed the intensity of danger, and then they resolutely abandoned seizing the treasure and fled far away!

“Ah!!” However, there were still numerous people that reacted a beat slower, and they were instantly swallowed by the golden flames that seemed like lava before being burned into nothingness, and they only emitted a single miserable and shrill cry before death.

Merely in an instant, sixty plus cultivators had died miserably in the sea of golden flames, and the scene was so tragic that it caused everyone in the surroundings to be horrified and feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

It was too terrifying!

All of these 60 plus cultivators possessed cultivations at the Golden Core Realm, were extremely young, possessed supreme natural talent, had high hopes placed on them by the sects behind him, and possessed superb martial techniques and Magic Treasures. However, it was exactly a group of young experts like this that weren’t a match for a single strike of the Suanni, and they were easily burned into nothingness without the slightest ability to resist. How could anyone maintain their composure before such an absolutely tragic scene?

Amongst the 100 plus cultivators that had charged towards the high platform, over 60 had died in a short moment, causing merely 30 plus to remain, and more than half of these people were terrified to the point that their souls almost left their bodies, causing them to flee extremely far away. Obviously, they didn’t intend to continue using their lives to seize the treasure.

In this way, there was actually only Huangfu Chongming’s group, An Qianyu’s group, Yue Qi, and Chen Xi that remained nearby, and they were less than 20 people in total.

Fortunately, the Suanni didn’t attack again over here and instead turned around once more to slaughter the other cultivators, leaving behind an extremely magnificent back to Chen Xi and the others.

There were still another few hundred cultivators in front of the Suanni that were hesitating to move forward. Obviously, compared to Chen Xi and the others that formed a tiny number of people, these few hundreds of people were targets that had to be paid attention to and annihilated in the eyes of the Suanni.

These few hundreds of people were originally attempting to go around the Suanni and charge to where Chen Xi and the others were. However, when they saw the Suanni annihilate over 60 Golden Core Realm cultivators with a single move, they felt completely terrified and fled into the distance before hesitating on whether to flee or risk their lives.

But Chen Xi and the others were already unable to pay attention to all this at the moment. The Suanni not paying attention towards them had undoubtedly created an opportunity for them to seize the treasure.

Most encouraging to them was that the key shaped precious treasure had fallen far away on the ground that was 300m away from the Suanni. So long as their speed was swift enough, then even if the Suanni reacted, they would be completely capable of seizing the treasure and fleeing far away.

An opportunity!

A superb opportunity bestowed by the heavens!

The gazes of everyone lit up and they were about to make a move.

However, right at this moment, a thin and tall figure had appeared within their field of vision, and he’d suddenly appeared before the key shaped magic treasure simply as if he’d appeared out of thin air, allowing him to just stretch out his hand and collect this peerlessly precious treasure that countless people fought with their lives to obtain.

“How can it be him?”

“Motherfucker! Why is it this kid again!? Why does he have to poke his nose into every good thing?”

“Dammit! When did this kid hide himself there?”

The thin figure was precisely Chen Xi. When they saw him take away the final peerlessly precious treasure of the treasure vault, Huangfu Chongming and the others were angered to the point they almost spat blood, and they wished for nothing more than to slice Chen Xi into a thousand pieces and swallow him alive.

Most depressing to them was the owner of the treasure vault had set up a layer of shapeless restriction, causing it to be impossible for them to lift a hand against Chen Xi and seize the treasure in his possession.

When they thought of this, Huangfu Chongming and the others couldn’t help but wail in their hearts. This bastard’s luck is too heaven defying, right? Not only has he obtained the treasure, even the heavens seem to be always helping him, and it utterly doesn’t give us the chance to kill him and seize his treasures! Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaah!


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