Chapter 242 – The Alliance For Seizing The Treasure

Chapter 242 – The Alliance For Seizing The Treasure

A peerlessly precious treasure was hidden within the 300m tall platform, yet at this moment, there wasn’t a single person that dared move forward. Because the divine beast Suanni was too terrifying, its monstrous and ferocious might was comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and no one dared to stupidly play around with their lives.

But if they were to abandon such a fortune, they would truly be unwilling in their hearts. Thus for a time, everyone started to discuss ways to deal with the Suanni.

“Why don’t all of us swarm over and take the animal by surprise? After that, we’ll rely on our own abilities to seize the precious treasure. What do all of you think?” The Skysplit Sword Sect’s An Qianyu spoke out suddenly with a clear voice, and his voice spread into the surroundings.

Everyone present was greatly moved when they heard this, being united was beneficial for all, yet being divided was harmful to all. Everyone understood this principle. If they were able to join forces and deal with that Suanni, then the probability of successfully seizing the precious treasure would undoubtedly increase greatly.

“Young Prince, this fellow seems to have seized your limelight?” Liu Fengchi glanced at An Qianyu, and he lightly laughed as he sent a voice transmission.

“Hmph! Let him have the limelight. We just have to look after this kid. The three Immortal Artifacts in this fellow’s possession aren’t the slightest bit inferior to that peerlessly precious treasure.” Huangfu Chongming laughed coldly.

Liu Fengchi agreed deeply as he nodded and said no more.

“Senior Brother An is correct. We only have a mere 15 minutes to seize that precious treasure. After 15 minutes are up, this place will vanish forever, whereas, all of you will miss such a good fortune. Why don’t we join forces and resist the enemy as this is the best option?” The Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu seconded.

“This…” When they saw even Wang Daoxu had stood out, the hesitation in the gazes of everyone gradually reduced, and some even revealed eagerness.

“I agree with this method as well.” Zhen Liuqing thought for a moment before speaking.

“I, Tu Feng, agree as well. I’ve said since long ago that life and death are bound by fate, and fortune comes from danger. If we don’t take a risk, how can we possibly obtain the peerlessly precious treasure?”

“Exactly. I think so too. If we return empty handed, we would seem to be too useless!”

“Alright, let’s act according to what Fellow Daoist An said!”

“Dammit! I’ve got nothing to lose!”

When they saw Zhen Liuqing agreeing to join forces against the Suanni, the people present couldn’t sit still any longer, and they spoke out in praise before joining An Qianyu’s group.

In the time of just a few breaths, all the others cultivators besides Huangfu Chongming’s group and Chen Xi had been gathered up by An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Zhen Liuqing to form a new group that was a few hundred strong and were a sight to behold.

Moreover, Yue Qi who’d appeared before the eyes of everyone like a black horse had joined the group as well.

An Qianyu couldn’t help but feel complacent in his heart when he saw a few words of his had gained such an effect, yet his expression still remained indifferent and reserved as his gaze swept past Huangfu Chongming’s group, and then he spoke with a low voice. “Young Prince Huangfu, everyone has already agreed. What do all of you think?”

When he saw this scene, and especially when he saw An Qianyu had become the leader of all, no matter how composed Huangfu Chongming was, his face couldn’t help but sink. If it wasn’t for the sake of the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession, the leader at this moment ought to be him, Huangfu Chongming. How could An Qianyu have the chance to order him about?

“I…” Huangfu Chongming contemplated for a short moment before speaking with a low voice.

However, before he could speak out in refusal, An Qianyu had already laughed loudly as he spoke to the people behind him. “Does everyone think Young Prince Huangfu should join us?”

Obviously, An Qianyu wanted to use the intentions of everyone to force Huangfu Chongming to join his group. This was the exploitation of what was called the will of the people.

“Yeah, Young Prince, join in as well.”

“With the addition of all of you, the possibility that every single one of us is able to seize the precious treasure will increase greatly, so why not?”

“Join in. All of us greatly look up to the cultivations of Young Prince and the others.”

Everyone didn’t feel like they were used by An Qianyu in the slightest as they all spoke out at once to invite Huangfu Chongming and the others with extreme enthusiasm. These people weren’t stupid and knew that if Huangfu Chong and the others were to join the group, then the possibility of seizing the precious treasure would undoubtedly increase greatly. As for who served as the leader, it was only a mere name, they hadn’t formed an alliance by blood nor did they take an oath of brotherhood. So who would care about this?

Huangfu Chongming frowned and seemed as if he was pondering, yet he was instead exploding with rage in his heart and wished for nothing more than to tear this bastard, An Qianyu, into pieces. Want me to join An Qianyu’s group? Preposterous! If I really do this, then wouldn’t this indirectly prove that I, Huangfu Chongming, am inferior to this bastard?

Chen Xi instead started smiling when he saw this scene, as he knew his chance had come.

“I agree with everyone joining forces together to go against that animal, yet I wonder if Fellow Daoist An is willing to accept me?” Chen Xi spoke out abruptly.

An Qianyu was stunned, and then he smiled as well.  “I naturally welcome you. Fellow Daoist Chen’s comprehension ability is unparalleled. Even though your cultivation is only at the Golden Hall Realm, your true strength is surely extremely extraordinary. How could I have a reason to refuse a figure like this?”

He’s noticed the strange relationship between Huangfu Chongming and Chen Xi a long time ago. Moreover, he faintly felt that Huangfu Chongming and the others seemed to be determined to obtain some things that were in Chen Xi’s possession. He was naturally extremely curious as well. Exactly what thing would cause Huangfu Chongming to even disregard the peerlessly precious treasure for the sake of keeping his eyes on Chen Xi?

Of course, if he had the chance of having a share of some of the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession, he wouldn’t mind doing this, thus pulling Chen Xi into his group was just as he desired.

Chen Xi smiled. He was naturally able to perceive that An Qianyu’s attitude towards him was slightly unusual, but so long as he was able to temporarily get rid of Huangfu Chongming and the others, he couldn’t care about anything else.

Not to mention so long as he mixed himself into the crowd, more people meant more interference, it was beneficial for him to avoid some unnecessary troubles, and it was even possible for him to take advantage of the confused environment to steal the treasure.

The expressions of Huangfu Chongming and the others darkened when they saw this scene, but they couldn’t surround Chen Xi and not let him go under the gazes of everyone present, so they could only watch idly by as Chen Xi walked into the crowd.

“Alright, we agree as well. Since we’re all members of the Darchu Dynasty’s cultivation world, we naturally have to look after each other and get through difficulties together.” Unexpectedly, Huangfu Chongming’s expression went serious, and he actually agreed to join An Qianyu’s group.

“This is naturally extremely good. With the addition of Fellow Daoists, all of us are like tigers that have grown wings, so why should we worry about being unable to seize the treasure?” An Qianyu grinned, and he was extremely pleased in his heart since he was able to be superior to Huangfu Chongming.

But Chen Xi felt it was odd when he saw this scene. Why would An Qianyu choose a time like this to offend Huangfu Chongming and the others? Could it be that he isn’t afraid of suffering their revenge?

“It’s I who asked him to do this…” Right at this moment, a voice that was pleasing like the cry of an Oriole in a quiet gorge entered into his ears, and when Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, he noticed that the Mistwater Pavilion’s female disciple, Zhen Liuqing, had suddenly arrived by his side.

“Why?” Chen Xi asked with a frown as he swiftly pondered within his heart. Could it be that this woman is similar to Huangfu Chongming and the others, and she’d covetous of the treasures in my possession?

“I’m just slightly curious. I really want to know exactly what sort of person the fellow that’s superior to me in Dao comprehension is.” Zhen Liuqing’s deep and clear eyes caused him to be unable to guess what she was thinking in her heart, and then she said with a chirping voice, “Moreover, if I’m not wrong, Huangfu Chongming’s group seems to have suffered a loss at your hands. In this way, I’m even more curious. Your cultivation is only at the Golden Hall Realm, yet how were you able to survive until now under the eyes of Huangfu Chongming and the others?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment before he said, “I’m unable to answer this question.”

Zhen Liuqing smiled lightly as her beautiful face was like a lotus bud that bloomed after the rain, and it revealed an irresistible comfortable feeling. “I knew you would say this. But so long as you survive this time, I have many more chances to find out about you.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart and said no more. Through this short encounter, he’d already faintly felt that the level of difficulty to deal with this woman was probably on par with Qing Xiuyi. If she noticed some of the secrets in his possession, troubles would probably be right behind.

“Alright. Since everyone has agreed to resist the enemy together, then let’s begin. We don’t have much time left!” An Qianyu shouted out with a clear voice.

Everyone agreed loudly.

Immediately, everyone withdrew a variety of Magic Treasures before tearing through the sky like a ball of multicolored clouds and mist that covered an area of 300m as they charged towards the high platform guarded by the Suanni.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Streaks of light tore through the sky and split open space itself. These few hundreds of Golden Core Realm cultivators of the younger generation possessed extraordinary strengths, and all of their Magic Treasures were at the Earth Rank or above. When they moved out altogether at this moment, the impetus was so powerful that it caused Chen Xi to be extremely astounded as well.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The body of the Suanni was suffused with golden lights and was comparable to a mountain, it seemed to be infuriated as it looked at the cultivators who seemed like flies, yet actually dared swarm towards it, and then it roared towards the sky with a sound that was like a thunderclap exploding out. Its terrifying ferocious aura surged out with a bang to fill the world, causing the heavens and the earth to go dim.

“Everyone, disperse and fly towards different directions. We’ll each rely on our own ability to seize the treasure!” When they were another 300m away from the enormous Suanni, An Qianyu suddenly shouted out loudly.

The closer they approached, the more intensely they were able to feel the monstrous and ferocious aura emitted by this Suanni. Everyone had always lacked in the spirit of cooperation, and they’d hastily formed an alliance just for the sake of this moment. They dashed in all directions and went around in alternate circles in an effort to disrupt the attack rhythm of the divine beast Suanni before seizing the opportunity to seize the precious treasure on the high platform.

In any case, they wouldn’t go head on with the divine beast Suanni, and they would try their best to avoid it. As for who would become the target of the Suanni’s attacks, no one cared about it, and it served that person right for being unfortunate.

Yes, everyone had hastily formed an alliance merely for the sake of this moment, to allow the heavens to choose an unlucky bastard to draw the attacks of the Suanni for the sake of creating time for the others to seize the precious treasure.

Because if it was according to the situation earlier, no one would forcefully stand out and become the first person to give their life away. All of them wanted to hide at the back and wait for the others to give away their lives before seizing the opportunity to make a move.

However, there were only 15 minutes of time. If everyone was to refuse to act and wasted time like that, all of them would similarly be disgruntled and unwilling to let this opportunity slip by. So it was precisely because of this that An Qianyu’s suggestion had instantly obtained the acceptance of everyone.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The group that was originally clustered together had dispersed with a bang and seemed like multicolored lights that shot out in all directions. Every single one of them wanted to go around the Suanni’s enormous body and circle around to the high platform.

“Roar!” Right at the instant An Qianyu shouted, the divine beast Suanni roared as its eyes that were like blood moons instantly became extremely icy cold and emitted killing intent. Golden lights surged on its entire body as lightning blasted down like a tidal wave, and it raised its arm that was an entire 40 plus meters long and thick like an enormous pillar to penetrate through space itself before fiercely slapping down.


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