Chapter 240 – Shocking Everyone

Chapter 240 – Shocking Everyone

In the world that seemed to be formed from Dao Insights, Chen Xi saw the various Dao Insights he’d comprehended, and he similarly saw a concealed Dao Insight of his — The Grand Dao of Talismans.


However, just when he thought everything was over, a divine light gushed out once more to lay across the heavens and the earth.

This divine light was upright and dignified, lofty and mighty, and it filled the heavens and the earth and thrived within the hearts of all beings, causing every being in the world to become civilized, capable of knowing black from white, true from false, righteous, unyielding, lofty, and honorable.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw this divine light.

Amongst all the Dao Insights, his understanding towards the Righteous Dao Insight was the shallowest, as he’d only briefly felt a trace of the righteous aura from the Righteous Sword Dao of Chen Hao’s. However, he didn’t know exactly how he was supposed to comprehend it. Because this Grand Dao existed within the sects of Confucianists and sages, causing its method of comprehension to be completely different than normal, and it was passed down via a completely different method than how the current cultivation world passed down their Dao Insights.

In other words, the Dao of Confucianists and sages were similar to the Dao of the Buddhist sect and devil sect. They sought for Heavens Dao for the same reasons, yet their understanding and method of cultivating the Heavens Dao was completely different and each had their own unique feature. So not everyone could comprehend it just because they wanted to.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, Chen Hao was exiled to Dragonhell Peak by his Master, Daoist Wen Xuan, for the sake of cultivating the Righteous Sword Insight. He was sent to strain and starve himself while cultivating his will, and he’d even carefully studied numerous Confucianist records and scriptures and the writing of sage, allowing him to develop the unbending righteous aura in his chest before comprehending a strand of the true essence of the Righteous Sword Dao. The process was so arduous and painful that it was beyond imagination.

Righteous Dao Insight, I never imagined that it would be my second concealed Dao Insight… Could it be that all of this is related to that iron sword? Chen Xi suddenly recalled that before he entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, he’d obtained an iron sword filled with righteousness from beneath a stone tablet in the Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds. The aura of that iron sword contained the principle behind the rise, fall, and replacement of dynasties, the feeling of the myriad of conditions of life in the mortal world, and the history of all eternity. The great spirit it carried was extremely miraculous, to the point of causing his soul to seem to instantly experience 100 reincarnations and observe all the changes in the world.


Before Chen Xi could wrap his head around it, another divine light tore through the sky, causing the heavens and the earth to be covered in a layer of dusk. It was born at the end of the day, the moment before the night, and it was bleak and sorrowful. Its appearance seemed to cause everything in the world to fall into silence, ending everything, and they accumulated strength for the dawn of tomorrow.

This divine light was actually the Grand Dao of Terminus!

Suddenly Chen Xi’s heart went cold. He still remembered that the mysterious great figure within the Netherworld Register had once said that the Grand Dao of Terminus was envied by all the great beings in this world. Once it appeared in the world, it would surely suffer complete annihilation. Even with the might of the mysterious great figure, he’d still died with hatred in his heart in the end, and it was obvious from this that the Grand Dao of Terminus was absolutely a taboo that couldn’t be allowed in the hearts of the great beings in this world.

Fortunately, it’s only a concealed Dao Insight. So long as I refrain from comprehending it, it ought to not be noticed by others… Chen Xi comforted himself in his head. He was only at the Golden Hall Realm now, and compared to the great beings in the world that reigned supreme, he was simply inferior to an ant, so how could he dare comprehend the Grand Dao of Terminus?

After the Grand Dao of Terminus appeared, the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into temporary silence, and it seemed as if no more divine lights would appear anymore. But, an outcome like this was already extremely satisfying to Chen Xi. Coupled with the Talisman Dao Insight, the Righteous Dao Insight, and the Terminus Dao Insight, he already possessed 16 Dao Insights now, and obtaining a Dao Insight Origin Pill was something set in stone.

However, the heavens seemed to want to play an exceedingly great joke on Chen Xi. Right when he thought the measuring this time would come to an end, boundless divine lights gushed into appearance from all over this world, and they formed a dense mass like clusters of fireflies that completely illuminated the world!

Om! Om! Om!

Chen Xi suddenly realized that the mysterious River Diagram fragments that floated within his sea of consciousness were buzzing and fluctuating, and it was precisely because this strand of strange fluctuation had surged out to cause the entire world to be filled with a myriad of divine lights that swarmed out into appearance.

How could this be possible? The River Diagram fragments had always been silent and motionless within my sea of consciousness. Why are they suddenly acting like this now and causing such a shocking scene? Could it be that the River Diagram fragments are related to the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone? A wave of tempestuous waves raged within Chen Xi’s heart as this wasn’t the first time he’d seen the River Diagram fragments reveal such an unusual change.

“Ha!” Right at this moment, a calm and indifferent sound that seemed to have come from above the nine heavens tore through the sky like a thunderclap, and it rumbled and exploded out within his sea of consciousness. At practically the exact same instant, the Fuxi Divine Statue that sat cross-legged within the depths of his sea of consciousness opened its eyes abruptly, causing golden lights to shoot out explosively and seem like a long chain of the gods that penetrated through infinite space. Instantly, it kept the buzzing and fluctuation River Diagram fragments in place.

Then everything returned to calm, whereas, the myriad of divine lights that had suddenly gushed out into appearance didn’t have the chance to condense into form in the world before vanishing without a trace.

From the beginning until the end, all of this occurred in an instant. Chen Xi utterly didn’t have the slightest opportunity to react, and this feeling was slightly difficult for him to accept.

Because all these changes had exceeded his control, and he didn’t like this feeling.

I’ll surely completely control the secrets of the River Diagram’s fragments one day, and I’ll completely comprehend the Fuxi Divine Statue and make it mine. Otherwise, once some change occurs, I wouldn’t even have the room to struggle… Chen Xi resolved in his heart. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the Fuxi Divine Statue, but the feeling of things being out of his control was something he opposed from the bottom of his heart.


“14 Dao Insights, he has already left Lin Moxuan and the others behind and has chased up to Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, An Qianyu, and Wang Daoxu…” An exclamation of astonishment suddenly exploded out within the hall as the gazes of every stared fixedly at the Dao Measuring Stone, because the Dao Insight divine lights that gushed out into appearance there had already attained the number of 14!

A kid at the Golden Hall Realm that no one paid attention to had comprehended 14 Dao Insights. Moreover, the known number of Grand Daos amongst those 14 was at 7. Who amongst the people present was capable of attaining such a terrifying level of Dao comprehension?

Everyone felt that blood that flowed within their veins seemed to be burning, and this feeling was full of anticipation and shock as if they were witnessing the birth of a legend.

The expressions of Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Pei Zhong, and the others turned unsightly when they saw this scene. I’ve actually been surpassed by a kid at the Golden Hall Realm?

“Hmph! Who cares if it’s a Grand Dao or Minor Dao? He’s still inferior to me in the end, and his ranking is bound to be below me. He’s nothing worth mentioning!” Yue Qi grunted coldly once more. When he saw Chen Xi entering the limelight and becoming the center of attention, and no one showed interest towards him, he felt more and more uncomfortable in his heart. So he could only use the fact that he’d been measured as possessing 15 Dao Insights to display his dominance.

“Another divine light has appeared, it’s the 15th already!” Right when Yue Qi had finished speaking, the surroundings once again exploded out with astonished cries, and another divine light had shockingly appeared on the Dao Measuring Stone.

“Dammit! Bastard! I’ll kill this kid!” When he saw a divine light once again gush into appearance from the Dao Measuring Stone right after he said Chen Xi was incapable of surpassing himself, Yue Qi’s expression instantly went extremely livid. It was as if he was fiercely slapped on the face and wished for nothing more than to find a hole to hide in.

But no one was paying attention to his embarrassed appearance at this moment, as their hearts and minds were concentrated onto the Dao measuring Stone. At this moment, the situation was already extremely obvious, Chen Xi who possessed 15 Dao Insights had already left Liu Fengchi and the others far behind him to become equal with Huangfu Chongming and Yue Qi, and he was only inferior to Zhen Liuqing that was ranked first!

The hall was in deathly silence as the expressions of everyone had frozen to the point they even forgot to breathe.  No one would believe that an unknown young man’s comprehension in Dao Insight could actually attain such a height!

Those people that were ranked at the top were famous experts of the younger generation of the various areas in the Darchu Dynasty, and they were geniuses with extraordinary natural talent. Yet now, they were surpassed step by step by a young man at the Golden Hall Realm…

They could imagine the stir this incident would cause in the entire cultivation world once the incident here was spread to the outside world.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone was burning hot as they stared unblinkingly at the Dao Measuring Stone. They knew that so long as another divine light appeared, Chen Xi would rise a rank higher and achieve the height of first, to be ranked equal to Zhen Liuqing!

What he capable of attaining it?

At this moment, even people as arrogant and conceited as Huangfu Chongming and the others puckered their lips and couldn’t refrain from clenching their fists tightly. They knew that if they were able to fight here, they would absolutely make a move to kill Chen Xi at the first possible moment. Because they were certain that with such a terrifying natural talent in Dao comprehension to rely on, if they allowed Chen Xi to mature, then he would absolutely be a great calamity for all of them!


Under the gazes of everyone present, another divine light coiled up to appear on the Dao Measuring Stone, and the hearts of everyone that were at their throats had instantly fallen into the deepest pits. They felt both shock and bitterness as their scalps went numb.

They knew that the appearance of this divine light meant that Chen Xi possessed 16 types of Dao Insights and had completely caught up to Zhen Liuqing who was ranked at the top!

“Impossible! How could a kid at the Golden Hall Realm like him possibly surpass me and be ranked ahead of me?” Yue Qi shouted out explosively as he charged towards Chen Xi with a warped expression and eyes that emitted a ferocious light. Obviously, he wanted to seize this opportunity to get rid of Chen Xi.

Never had anyone imagined that this young man that had always been stiff and ordinary earlier would be so hot-tempered and disturbed, and his temperament would be so unreasonable and warped.

But there was indeed no one who stopped him. Truthfully speaking, they were extremely envious of Chen Xi’s natural talent in Dao comprehension, and they would be happy to see Chen Xi being eliminated.

“Hmph! This idiot.” Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly in disdain. If he could kill Chen Xi, he would have done it a long time ago. Would Yue Qi even have a chance?

Sure enough, it didn’t exceed Huangfu Chongming’s expectations, and Yue Qi hadn’t even charged to arrive before Chen Xi when he seemed to have been smashed by a shapeless sledgehammer, causing him to be blasted flying to where he came from, and he almost fell flat on the ground. He was in an unspeakably sorry state, and his expression flushed red to the point it seemed as if blood was about to drip out from it.


Right at this moment, the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone suddenly emitted a myriad of divine lights that instantly shocked the people present to the point their jaws almost fell off.

A myriad of divine lights?

Would that represent a myriad of Dao Insights?

But, these divine lights vanished in an instant as if they’d utterly never appeared. On the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone, the Dao Insights that Chen Xi revealed still remained at 16 types.

This caused everyone to heave a sigh of relief. If Chen Xi really possessed a myriad of Dao Insights, then it would truly be shocking…

Chen Xi opened his eyes before standing up silently, and he seemed as if he’d completely didn’t notice that unusual gazes in the eyes of everyone as he walked back to the remote corner he was at before.

But when he walked past Yue Qi, Chen Xi’s gaze spun to seemingly unintentionally glance at this person. He’d already awoken earlier and noticed Yue Qi’s movements with the intention of annihilating him, and he’d already given this person the death sentence in his heart.

“The second test, Dao Comprehension Fortune, has ended. The names of the people that are ranked in the top nine will appear on the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone. Every single one of these nine people will be able to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill as a reward.” Suddenly, the aged and sonorous voice resounded within the hall and reverberated endlessly.


The voice hadn’t died down when the gazes of everyone had already descended onto the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone in unison.


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