Chapter 239 – Shocking Dao Insight

Chapter 239 – Shocking Dao Insight

Chen Xi sat cross-legged beneath the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone, yet he didn’t draw too much attention from the other cultivators. After all, no one believed that a kid at the Golden Hall Realm whose cultivation was inferior to them by an entire realm could bring put forth a shocking display.

They were chatting.

They were discussing in groups of two and three about how they should deal with the divine beast Suanni in the third test in order to seize the final treasure.

That or they were congratulating Yue Qi, hoping to form a relationship with this dark horse that had amazed everyone with a single brilliant feat. A figure that possessed extraordinary natural talent like this might possess the chance of transforming into a dragon and soaring into the sky one day, so they were seizing the opportunity before he rose up in the world to form some goodwill with him, and it would perhaps be of use in the future.

Or they were deducing exactly which Dao Insight was contained within each of the nine Dao Insight Origin Pills. Was it a Grand Dao? Or a Minor Dao?

These were all topics of extreme interest to everyone.

All in all, Chen Xi who was the last to undergo the Dao Insight measuring test, had become an existence that no one paid attention to within the hall.

But Chen Xi couldn’t care about all this at this moment, as at the instant he closed his eyes, the black color that gushed out from the Dao Measuring Stone had surged into his sea of consciousness.

In the next moment, he felt the heavens and the earth spin before him, and in a dazed moment, he arrived at a chaotic world. This world didn’t have any living beings yet, nor did it have a heaven and earth, and everything seemed to be blurred like the primordial state before the heavens and the earth were created.

After that, he sensed infinite auras developing and breathing within this world, they were of a great variety and complicated like the milky way, and not a single one of them were similar.

To Chen Xi’s shock, these auras actually developed into the appearance that belonged to Dao Insights!

Exactly. Dao Insights.

The infinite auras of a great variety represented the most primitive and primeval Dao Insights of the heaven and earth, and they were a superb collection of Dao Insights that were too numerous to count!

Supposedly, before the absolute beginning of the world, everything was enveloped in chaos. The Yin and Yang were still united, the heaven and earth didn’t exist. It was called the origin of the world, the end of the universe. There was nothing at that place, and only the Dao Insights that represented the limits of the Grand Dao were developed there… Could it be that I’m within the chaotic area that’s developing the origin of the world? Boundless shock emerged in Chen Xi’s heart as he looked around towards his surroundings.

Om! Om!

Accompanied by these sounds that were special like the sounds of nature, five rays of light appeared out of nowhere in this chaotic world. Gold, green, blue, crimson, and yellow, they respectively represented the auras of the five types of Grand Daos of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The five Dao Insights were connected to each other in a circle and revolved ceaselessly, and they formed a completely round hazy circle of light that was like a convergence of Yin and Yang. The divine light shot out violently while accompanied by tremendous auspicious qi as it illuminated the chaotic world.

The entire world wasn’t greyish and chaotic any longer, it was instead tainted with a layer of five colors that were lustrous and dazzling. Mountains, rivers, plants, animals, lava, earth, ores, and various others things gushed into appearance, and they just happened to correspond with the circle of five elements that were the principle behind the development of everything within the world!


Another divine light gushed into appearance, and it was the Lightning Dao Insight. At the instant it appeared, it was like the first sound when the world was created as it blasted and shook within the heavens and the earth.

When the thunder of spring sounds, the beings in the world awaken!

At this moment, the deathly silent heavens and earth had an extra trace of vitality, an extra bit of aura of living beings, causing it to seem as if infinite lives had emerged from their shells to bathe beneath the brilliance of the heavens and the earth, and the world became full of magnificence and beauty because of this.

After that, the two divine lights that represented Yin and Yang shot out into the sky. From then onwards, the heavens and the earth had the sun and moon hanging high above in the sky, allowing differentiation between day and night, causing all living beings to arise and move about in the day and rest when night descended.

Subsequently —

A myriad of stars appeared to add a trace of profoundness and vastness to the world.

A vast and azure sky appeared to bring color to the sky where the sun and moon resided.

The fluttering and shapeless wind appeared to add a trace of variation and freedom to the world.

The path illuminated by fire that was covered in Paramita flowers appeared to guide living beings towards their final resting place.

The muddy and boundless sea of bitterness and oblivion appeared to judge all sins and evil in the world.

13 Dao Insights constructed a world. Perhaps there were places that were incomplete and blurry, yet it represented Chen Xi’s comprehension and knowledge towards the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, all of this hadn’t ended, as after the Oblivion Dao Insight, another divine light had gushed into appearance.

The appearance of this divine light caused the entire heavens and earth to have an indescribable aura, and it was represented in the veins of leaves, the striations on rocks, the physiology of living beings, and the principles of the world. Everything in the world possessed a layer of boundlessly profound ‘truth,’ and because this ‘truth’ was present, it provided living beings a path to follow when seeking the Heaven’s Dao.

This divine light represented the Grand Dao of Talismans!

Chen Xi still hadn’t completely mastered this Grand Dao up until now. Obviously, this was probably a type of concealed Dao Insight measured by the Dao Measuring Stone.

With the addition of the Dao of Talismans, I already possess 14 types of Dao Insights now, and I ought to be able to surpass Lin Moxuan and the others to be on par with Liu Fengchi and the others. In this way, one of the nine Dao Insight Origin Pills will surely be mine. Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this scene, however, before he could return to his senses, another divine light shot into the sky once more…


Chen Xi was observing the changes in Dao Insight within the chaotic world and wasn’t aware of the passage of time, but to the outside world, only an instant had passed.

Om! Om! Om!

A wave of rapid buzzing that was like tidewater sounded out successively from the Dao Measuring Stone, and expressions of everyone that were in animated discussion turned blank as they raised their head to look doubtfully at the place the sounds were emitted from.

Then everyone was dumbstruck.

They saw that five divine lights had actually appeared at the same instant on the exceedingly black surface of the Dao Measuring Stone. This scene instantly shocked everyone because during the previous measurements, the Dao Insights of everyone appeared one by one, and there was no one like Chen Xi who instantly caused an entire five types of Dao Insights to appear at the same instant.

What did this represent?

Practically everyone present knew clearly in their hearts that these five Dao Insights were surely existences that complemented each other. In other words, these five Dao Insights surely possessed an extremely intimate connection and were not separated from each other!

There were infinite Dao Insights in the heavens and the earth, but there were some Dao Insights that were intimately connected, like the Dao Insights of the five elements and the Dao Insights of Yin and Yang, all of them were independent to each other, yet complimented each other.

If a cultivator was capable of mastering these Dao Insights that possessed an intimate connection, it would undoubtedly possess a might greater than that of any single one of these Dao Insights, and it would provide a deeper and more thorough understanding of the essence of Dao Insights.

Moreover, there was a publicly acknowledged rule in the cultivation world that only Grand Daos were capable of possessing this type of intimate relationship!

Unlike Dao Insights that were fused with each other, this was a relationship that originated from the essence of Dao Insight and was formed naturally, and it was an existence that was absolutely impossible to be changed by the might of man.

“This kid has actually comprehended five Grand Daos! Is… Is this something a Golden Hall Realm cultivator is capable of achieving?”

“Five types of Dao Insights that compliment each other, could it be the Dao Insights of the five elements? If it’s really like this, then this kid’s comprehension ability is so high that it’s sufficient to be the best in the world and go down in history!”

“How can this be possible?”

Everyone opened their eyes widely as they the expression of having seen a ghost appeared on their faces. At this moment, they suddenly realized that this Golden Hall Realm kid that was the last to undergo measuring and had been ignored by them possessed a level of Dao Insight that was so high that it even surpassed every single person present here!

The reason they thought like this was that these were five Grand Daos and not Minor Daos.

Comprehending the Dao had always been extremely difficult for cultivators, whereas, comprehending Grand Daos was infinitely more difficult than comprehending Minor Daos. It was a difference in quality, and it was absolutely not something that number could weigh up to.

For example, when an Earthly Immortal Realm expert underwent the Heavenly Tribulation, an expert that mastered a single Grand Dao had a greater certainty and possibility of overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation when compared to an expert that mastered 10 Minor Daos. This was the might of mastering a Grand Dao!

I’ve only mastered four Grand Daos and nine Minor Daos now, and the Dao Measuring Stone detected another three Minor Daos, allowing me to be ranked first. Never had I imagined that this fellow has actually mastered five Grand Daos. His comprehension ability is so great that he’s simply equal to Eldest Senior Brother. Zhen Liuqing’s beautiful eyes rippled with extraordinary splendor. If it was said that she was only curious about Chen Xi in the past, then she’d already taken him to be a person that was worthy of being paid attention to now. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi’s shocking display had caused her to recall her own Eldest Senior Brother, the person that was praised to be the most dazzling genius in the past few thousand years of history of the Mistwater Pavilion.

Eldest Senior Brother is in closed door cultivation now for the sake of preparing for the Allstar Meeting that’s held five years from now. If this fellow is capable of advancing to the Golden Core Realm, then he would have the chance of meeting Eldest Senior Brother during the Allstar Meeting. Unfortunately, this fellow’s cultivation is too low. If he was at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, then perhaps he would be capable of sparring for a while with Eldest Senior Brother. Or if I take a step back, even if he’s able to advance to the Golden Core Realm before the Allstar Meeting that’s held five years from now and participated in it, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be capable of defeating me, let alone battle Eldest Senior Brother… Zhen Liuqing sighed endlessly with emotion in her heart, and she felt rather regretful that Chen Xi’s cultivation was too low.

Unlike Zhen Liuqing’s admiration, the expressions of Huangfu Chongming and the others had darkened. In their hearts, Chen Xi was an ant that was a lucky bastard and possessed a strength that wasn’t worth mentioning, yet the scene before their eyes instead caused them to arouse the thought that the Dao Measuring Stone might be broken.

That was five Grand Daos! How could it appear on a bastard that deserves death?

“Hmph!” When Yue Qi saw the attention he’d endured for over ten years to obtain had been seized by Chen Xi in an instant, an uncomfortable feeling instantly gushed out from his heart, and it felt more disgusting than eating a fly. He grunted coldly in an attempt to reclaim the attention of some people, but unfortunately, the minds of everyone in the hall was concentrated on Chen Xi, so who would have the time to pay attention to him?

This caused Yue Qi to utterly detest Chen Xi even more.

But no matter what everyone thought in their hearts, the divine lights of the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone showed no signs of vanishing suddenly. Shockingly, after the appearance of the five Dao Insights, another two Dao Insights appeared at the same time!

What did this scene represent?

It represented Chen Xi had mastered seven Grand Daos!

“My god! Where did this freak come from? Seven Grand Daos! There’s such a ferocious and imposing person in this world?” Someone couldn’t endure the shock in his heart and cried out involuntarily with shock.

Even though the others didn’t speak, but their stiff and shocked expressions revealed their extremely surging feelings, and they were unable to maintain their calm any longer.

Because within their field of vision, the divine lights were still appearing ceaselessly on the Dao Measuring Stone. Eight, nine, ten… In next to no time, it had already surpassed Xue Chen to arrive at 13 divine lights. This number was already capable of being equal with Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Pei Zhong, and the others!

However, this wasn’t the end of everything…


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