Chapter 237 – Competing In Dao Insight

Chapter 237 – Competing In Dao Insight


At the instant Huangfu Chongming sat cross-legged on the ground, the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone became black in color, and it was like the color of the night before the absolute beginning of the world, without stars, the moon, or the sun, nor did it have any light or flames. It was a pure black, utmost darkness. When looked at from afar, the darkness seemed to be capable of absorbing one’s soul into it, and it seemed to be extremely mysterious and profound.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became silent when they saw this scene, and it was perfectly silent to the point that a falling needle could be heard.

Everyone held their breaths and concentrated their gazes as they stared fixedly at the Dao Measuring Stone, and their appearance seemed as if they were afraid they would miss the slightest detail.


Huangfu Chongming who sat cross-legged on the ground was completely bathed within the black radiance, whereas, a dazzling and resplendent ray of light swiftly emerged from above him, and revealed the Dao Measuring Stone while becoming the only wisp of light in the boundless darkness.

“In the boundless universe when chaos was just born, the heavens once revealed the signs of Dao Insight, and it was a dazzling ray of divine light. The rumors are really true, the divine light that emerged from the Dao Measuring Stone is a Dao Insight comprehended by a cultivator, and every divine light represents a type of Dao Insight!” Someone cried out in shock, and it seemed extremely clear in this silent atmosphere.

Only now did Chen Xi who stood far away at the back of the crowd understand that every ray of light that emerged from the Dao Measuring Stone represented a type of Dao Insight that Huangfu Chongming had comprehended. As for what Dao Insight it was, or if it was a Grand Dao or Minor Dao, it was something that couldn’t be discerned.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Subsequently, numerous divine lights gushed out from above Huangfu Chongming and appeared on the Dao Measuring Stone, and in only the time for a few breaths, 15 types of Dao Insights had been measured!

“My god! It’s actually 15 types of Dao Insights. Young Prince Huangfu is worthy of being a rare genius of the Wise King’s Estate, and he’ll surely obtain one of those nine Dao Insight Origin Pills!”

Numerous surprised voices sounded out from the surroundings of the hall. Obviously, the amount of Dao Insights Huangfu Chongming had comprehended had already exceeded the imagination of many people.

In the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, geniuses were divided into numerous grades. Normally, Golden Core Realm cultivators of the younger generation that were capable of comprehending five Dao Insights were considered to possess outstanding talent, those who comprehended six to nine Dao Insights were instead considered to possess extraordinary talent, those who comprehended 10 to 13 Dao Insights were instead considered to be shocking prodigies, and those that have comprehended more than 13 Dao Insights already stood at the peak of the ranks of geniuses!

Obviously, in the eyes of everyone present, Huangfu Chongming was a genius that stood at the peak of the ranks of geniuses.

When faced with this scene, even the nearby Liu Fengchi, Lin Moxuan, Man Hong, Xiao Linger, An Qianyu, and Wang Daoxu revealed a trace of shock. Because according to their knowledge, the amount of Dao Insights that Huangfu Chongming actually possessed should only be 13.

But they understood soon after. Huangfu Chongming surely possessed two concealed Dao Insights that were noticed by the Dao Measuring Stone, and that’s why it could make up the number 15 appear in the form of divine lights.

Top figures at the Golden Core Realm of the younger generation like them were at almost the same level of comprehension in Dao Insight and were equal to each other, and it was extremely difficult for them to pull open a great distance between each other.

After all, they were already at the top amongst cultivators of the same generation, and it was extremely difficult to take a small step forward. Unless they were a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal like Qing Xiuyi, then they would perhaps be capable of surpassing the others by a great extent.

15 Dao Insights? I didn’t expect that this fellow would actually be so strong. The Dao Insights I possess right now are only the 13 Dao Insights of the Five Elements, Yin, Yang, Lightning, Wind, Star, Sky, Paramita, and Oblivion. I wonder if I can be ranked within the top nine and obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill… After seeing Huangfu Chongming’s shocking display, if Chen Xi said he wasn’t nervous, then it would absolutely be a lie. The Dao Insight Origin Pill was a precious treasure capable of allowing a cultivator to instantly master a Dao Insight, and there was no one that was willing to watch idly by as it was obtained by another.

“The Dragonshark Isle’s Liu Fengchi is going to measure his Dao Insights as well…” Right when everyone was exclaiming in shock because of Huangfu Chongming, a blue clothed Liu Fengchi that seemed unrestrained and elegant in bearing walked forward slowly to sit cross-legged beneath the Dao Measuring Stone.

“Brother Liu, don’t be pressured. Good luck! Hahaha!” Huangfu Chongming who was withdrawing himself patted Liu Fengchi on the shoulder as he laughed out loud and a wisp of complacency flashed in the depths of his eyes. Even though he and Liu Fengchi had a cooperative relationship now, he didn’t think that Liu Fengchi could surpass him in Dao comprehension.

Liu Fengchi smiled as he took a deep breath and went silent.


Under the focused attention of everyone within the hall, Liu Fengchi’s entire body was covered by the black colored Dao Measuring Stone, however, numerous divine lights swiftly gushed out from above him, and they appeared on the surface of the Dao Measuring Stone.

14 Dao Insights! Only a single Dao Insight inferior to Huangfu Chongming.

Liu Fengchi’s measurement caused exclamations of admiration in the surroundings once more. A result like this was already considered to be fairly strong. At least, he was already considered to be a peak existence amongst the geniuses in Darchu Dynasty.

“Let me try!” At the instant Liu Fengchi withdrew, Man Hong, who bared his upper body and had a stalwart figure, walked forward with large strides, and he pushed Lin Moxuan who intended to move forward aside before sitting cross-legged before the Dao Measuring Stone.

Truly a boorish barbarian. Let me see how many Dao Insights you’re capable of displaying! Lin Moxuan’s eyes flashed with an expression of rage, yet he puckered his lips and remained silent.

In next to no time, the outcome was apparent. Man Hong was similarly measured to possess 14 Dao Insights and was equal to Liu Fengchi, yet was a single Dao Insight away from chasing up to Huangfu Chongming.

When they saw this scene, besides exclaiming with admiration, the others couldn’t help but feel anxious in their hearts. Three people who’d been measured successively were all so formidable, yet there were only a mere nine Dao Insight Origin Pills. In this way, how many more opportunities for them to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill remained?

However, along with the appearance of Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Pei Zhong, Xue Chen, and the others, the feelings of the people in the surroundings slowly sank and were almost at the bottom.

Nothing could be done. These Core Disciples of the younger generation of the various sects were too ferocious. Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and Pei Zhong all possessed 13 Dao Insights, and they were ranked third when compared with Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, and Man Hong. Only Xue Chen possessed 12 Dao Insights, but a result like this was still something that most people were incapable of reaching, and this was obvious from the following measurements.

After Huangfu Chongming and the others withdrew to the side, the other cultivators impatiently moved forward to be measured. They already placed no hope on the Dao Insights they had grasped, and they instead hoped that some concealed Dao Insight could be noticed and allow them to enter the top nine.

But regretfully, after measuring a few hundreds of people, no one was capable of exceeding ten types of Dao Insights, and it was only nine types at most. If nothing unexpected happened, then they’d already lost the qualifications to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill.

At this moment, only Chen Xi, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, Zhen Liuqing, and Yue Qi hadn’t measured their Dao insights, and the gazes of everyone descended onto the five of them in unison.

Or perhaps, it could be said that their gazes descended onto An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Zhen Liuqing, who were famous outstanding talents of the younger generation. As for Chen Xi and Yue Qi, one was a little fellow at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, and the other was an unknown figure with an ordinary appearance. So, they were naturally unable to compare with An Qianyu’s group of three.

But due to Chen Xi and Yue Qi having fought their way into fourth and twelfth of the first test respectively, so even though the two of them kept a low profile, they still drew the attention of a small portion of people.

“Miss Zhen, I’ve always heard that your strength is unfathomable, and you even been personally praised by his Majesty Emperor Chu. He praised you as a genius that’s equal to Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Qingying. I dare conclude that one of the nine Dao Insight Origin Pills will surely be yours.” Huangfu Chongming’s gaze swept out and directly ignored Chen Xi and the others to descend instantly onto Zhen Liuqing, and he said with a burning gaze, “With this opportunity, why don’t you allow all of us to witness how many Dao Insights Miss Zhen has mastered?”

In his eyes, since Zhen Liuqing was capable of dominating in the first test and obtaining the position of first, it had proven that her strength was extremely unfathomable. Amongst the people present, he only didn’t dare overlook Zhen Liuqing, and he even felt that first in the second test was bound to be born from between himself and Zhen Liuqing.

Huangfu Chongming took An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu extremely seriously as well, but he automatically placed them into the ranks of being slightly inferior to himself in his heart.

As for Chen Xi and the dark horse that had suddenly emerged, Yue Qi, he’d never taken them seriously from the beginning until the end. It wasn’t that he didn’t care, but as far as he was concerned, it was impossible for people with no reputation like them to possess a comprehension in Dao Insights that could catch up to him, so why should he pay attention to them?

Huangfu Chongming’s words instantly drew the attention of everyone, whereas, Zhen Liuqing had become the place of convergence of the gazes of everyone, causing An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu beside her to dim in comparison.

Chen Xi noticed acutely that because of these words that Huangfu Chongming spoke, a wisp of imperceptible anger had flashed on the faces of An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu that had been overlooked, whereas, Yue Qi instead seemed like a block of wood, and he seemed to be extremely calm and unconcerned towards everything in his surroundings.

Interesting, Zhen Liuqing is undoubtedly extremely strong, whereas, An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu are obviously slightly inferior, but comparatively speaking, perhaps this Yue Qi is the person that’s most worthy of paying attention to… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he faintly felt that Yue Qi wasn’t as simple as he seemed on the surface.

“Since the Young Prince has spoken like this, then how can I dare disobey?” When being stared at by numerous gazes, Zhen Liuqing still seemed to be indifferent and calm, and she lightly smiled before moving forward and sitting cross-legged under the Dao Measuring Stone.


Under the concentrated gazes of everyone present, the divine lights that gushed out from Zhen Liuqing seemed like numerous dazzling fireworks that bloomed within the cold darkness of the Dao Measuring Stone, and it seemed to be extremely resplendent.



“13! She actually surpassed the Whitecrane Sect’s Xue Chen and is equal to Lin Moxuan and the others!”

“Wait, it still isn’t over. My god! 14! She has completely chased up to Liu Fengchi and Man Hong!”

As they gazed at the numerous Dao Insight divine lights that gushed into appearance on the Dao Measuring Stone, the hall was instantly in an uproar as people exclaimed successively in astonishment.

When they saw the Dao Insight divine lights of Zhen Liuqing finally stopping at the number 16, there were instead no more exclamations of shock, because everyone present was already dumbstruck.

16 Dao Insights!

Not only had it surpassed Xue Chen, surpassed Lin Moxuan and the others, and surpassed Liu Fengchi and Man Hong, even Huangfu Chongming that was originally ranked first had been forced down. Who wouldn’t be shocked by an outcome like this?


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