Chapter 236 – Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone

Chapter 236 – Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone

Unable to injure another?

Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi were both stunned when they heard Zhen Liuqing, and their unsightly expressions instantly became surprised and doubtful.

The two of them seemed to not believe it and secretly circulated their True Essence yet instantly noticed that there seemed to be a layer of incorporeal restriction around their bodies. This restriction didn’t restrict their freedom, yet it possessed a copious and irresistible suppressive effect against various energies, causing one to have to destroy this layer of restriction to attack another.

However, regretfully, they were utterly unable to touch this layer of restriction with their current strengths, let alone destroy it.

No wonder. This kid obviously noticed the existence of this layer of restriction, so that’s why he dared be so arrogant!

The two of them raised their eyes to look at Chen Xi, and they were aggrieved and enraged in their hearts, causing their expressions to be extremely ominous. They were truly unable to understand why this kid’s luck was so good every single time, and it was as if he imperceptibly received the providence of the heavens, causing his luck to be good to the point that even they were extremely envious.

“Young Prince, there’s no need to be enraged. We’ll just be patient for now. Even though we’re unable to kill each other during the three tests, there’s a divine beast Suanni guarding the treasure in the third test. With this kid’s cultivation, he’ll surely be killed instantly by the Suanni. At that time, we only have to plunder the treasures in his possession.” Liu Fengchi took a deep breath as he sent a voice transmission with a gloomy voice.

“We can only do that!” Huangfu Chongming gritted his teeth as he spoke, and his voice revealed unconcealable hatred. “This kid’s luck is too great. If we allow him to grow, then he’ll absolutely be a calamity to us. This time, we must annihilate him no matter what!”

Liu Fengchi’s eyes narrowed slightly as he nodded in his heart. When faced with an enemy that possessed boundless potential and great luck, then only by killing this enemy before he grew, killing him while he was still in his cradle, would Liu Fengchi be able to be fully at ease.

These two people are revealing killing intent towards me, I must eliminate them as soon as possible! The nearby Chen Xi acutely noticed the killing intent the two of them had towards him, and he planned in his heart.

Interesting, interesting, all of these three people have their own schemes in their hearts and wish for nothing more than to kill the other. I wonder why they would have such great hatred between each other. I should find a chance to find out about this young man’s background. At the other side, Zhen Liuqing, who was a bystander, had numerous thoughts emerging from her heart, and she seemed to be lost in thought.


A white light flashed as another cultivator passed the first test to become the fifth fortunate person that obtained a Dao Grade martial technique, and when Chen Xi raised his eyes to glance over, it was the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Lin Moxuan.

After Lin Moxuan appeared, his gaze swept the surrounding people, and when he saw Chen Xi had actually appeared a step before him, his arrogant and conceited face instantly flashed with a trace of gloominess. Obviously, losing in the ranking of passing the first test to Chen Xi had caused him to feel extremely humiliated.

I must find a chance to kill this kid! Lin Moxuan wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi as soon as possessed as well, and the reason behind this was exactly the same as Huangfu Chongming and Liu Fengchi.

Not long after Lin Moxuan appeared, Man Hong, An Qianyu, Pei Zhong, Xiao Linger, Wang Daoxu, Xue Chen, Tantai Hong, and the others, including the various other cultivators of the younger generation that had passed through the first test, had appeared within the hall.

Based on the order of their appearance, it could be discerned that Man Hong was ranked sixth, An Qianyu was seventh, Pei Zhong was eighth, Xiao Linger was ninth, Wang Daoxu was tenth, Xue Chen was eleventh…

But twelfth wasn’t Tantai Hong, and it was instead a young cultivator from the northern barbaric lands’ Ancientmoon Sect, Yue Qi. He wore grey clothes and possessed an ordinary appearance that was extremely easy to be overlooked. But since Yue Qi was capable of being the twelfth cultivator that passed through the first test, no matter how ordinary he looked, he still drew the attention of everyone.

This was a dark horse!

Everyone thought so. But compared to Yue Qi, the amount of attention Chen Xi received was even higher. After all, he was a perfection-stage Golden Hall Realm cultivator, yet had fought his way into the rank of fourth and obtained a Dao Grade martial technique. How could this not astonish the other Golden Core Realm disciples that didn’t obtain a rank?

There were even some people that had already aroused malicious intentions, and they intended to carry out the deed of killing Chen Xi and seizing his treasures after they left the treasure vault.

When being repeatedly paid attention to by the numerous Golden Core Realm cultivators of the younger generation, Chen Xi instead seemed to have nothing to do with it and was like a wild crane flying in the clouds. His expression was calm as he remained unmoved, and he was instead laughing coldly without end in his heart.

The strengths of these people were obviously weaker than Huangfu Chongming and the others, so if they dared think about going against him, he wouldn’t mind giving them a painful lesson that they’ll be unable to forget for their entire lives!


When the last cultivator to pass the first test appeared before everyone, the ground at the center of the hall shattered as an ancient stone tablet that seemed like a pillar that held up the skies surged out from beneath. The stone tablet emitted countless types of auras such as the aura of wind, water, earth, fire, sun, moon, star… Amidst these boundless auras was actually a trace of the aura of Dao Insights!

“It’s actually the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone. According to legend, during the primordial era, for the sake of measuring the Dao Insight stage of the cultivators in the world, the Equipment Emperor’s Dao of Equipment Refinement possessed thorough knowledge of the universe and had gathered Chaotic Divinestones from the absolute beginning of the world, spent a few thousand years to refine 99,999 Dao Measuring Stones, and then he distributed it throughout the myriad of worlds to become the Saint Artifact that measured Dao Insight in the three dimensions. I never imagined that I’d actually have the fortune of seeing it here, I really don’t dare believe this is real.”

“Yeah, in the entire boundlessly vast territory of the Darchu Dynasty, only the Imperial Palace in Silken City possesses a Saint Artifact like this, and it’s obvious just how precious it is. According to legend, not only is this stone capable of measuring the Dao Insights a cultivator has comprehended, it’s even capable of measuring concealed Dao Insights that the cultivator hasn’t noticed. It’s simply a divine creation that’s extremely miraculous.”

“Concealed Dao Insight?”

“Exactly. Us cultivators are comprehending the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth all day and night, and everything we experience including principles and comprehension is accumulated ceaselessly. But we just don’t know about it. With this Dao Measuring Stone, we’ll be capable of measuring if there are any concealed Dao Insights within the comprehensions we have accumulated.”

“It’s so formidable? Then wouldn’t it mean that once these concealed Dao Insights are measured, we can instantly comprehend them and transform it into something we can use?”

“If only it was so easy. Concealed Dao Insights are mostly incomplete and in terrible states, like a bunch of pearls that are scattered all over the floor. After it’s measured by the Dao Measuring Stone, we still have to comprehend it ourselves and string them together before we’ll have the chance of mastering its essence and utilizing it.”

“I understand now. The function of the Dao Measuring Stone is to guide cultivators on the direction of comprehension and help one obtain twice the result because of this guidance, and not blindly look for the way on a single path and comprehend nothing in the end.”

When they saw the ancient and lofty stone tablet that appeared at the center of the hall, the hall resounded with a wave of shocked exclamations and noise. Chen Xi listened to all these words and instantly understood the miraculous function of the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone, and it caused him to exclaim endlessly with admiration in his heart.

In the heavens and the earth, there were an infinite amount of Grand Daos and Minor Daos, and they were like the amount of sand in the Ganges River. Cultivators were unable to completely master all Dao Insights in their entire lifetime. Moreover, on the path of comprehending Dao Insights, most cultivators were muddled and didn’t know where to search for Dao Insights, nor did they know what Dao Insight they’d always wanted to cultivate in their hearts, or if the Dao Insight was suitable for them, or if they were capable of comprehending it.

In this way, most cultivators died with regret on the path to comprehending Dao Insights. It was either because their comprehension ability was too terrible, or because they stubbornly comprehended a Dao Insight that wasn’t suitable for them, thus they were utterly unable to master it.

There were even some people with shocking comprehension ability that exhausted all their lifespan because they chose to comprehend a Dao Insight that wasn’t suitable to themselves, causing them to be unable to touch the borders of the Dao Insight, and finally resentfully be stuck on the path of cultivation.

The appearance of the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone had solved these malpractices during the comprehension of Dao Insights. It was capable of measuring the concealed Dao Insights within all the comprehensions a cultivator had accumulated, and even though these concealed Dao Insights were incomplete Dao Insights that were in pieces, it had undoubtedly pointed the cultivators on the path of comprehension. How could such a miraculous function not cause one to be moved?

I wonder how formidable of an existence that Equipment Emperor is. He was actually capable of refining such a Saint Artifact, and it’s no different than seizing extremely great fortune for the myriad of living beings in the myriad of worlds. This achievement of his established his eternal fame, and it can be considered to be an immeasurable kindness! Infinite yearning emerged within Chen Xi’s heart, and he admired this Equipment Emperor extremely.

“The second test, Dao Comprehension Fortune. The top nine people that have comprehended the most Dao Insights will be able to obtain a Dao Insight Origin Pill.” Suddenly, the aged and sonorous voice sounded out once more, and it spread out into the ears of everyone present.

Dao Insight Origin Pill!

When they heard these four words, the breathing of everyone present within the hall became heavy, and their gazes burned to the point of being capable of melting everything in the world.

“I’ll go first!”

“Motherfucker! Let me see who dares fight me to be the first!”

“Fuck off! If your strength is lousy then stand back! Watch out or you’ll get harmed!”

The aged voice had just finished speaking when everyone roared loudly and charged towards the Dao Measuring Stone like a swarm of bees. Their desperate appearances seemed as if they wished for nothing more than their parents to have given birth to them with two more legs.

The scene was in chaos as everyone seemed to have fallen into a state of madness, and all of them wished for nothing more than to measure their Dao comprehension as soon as possible so that they could seize a Dao Insight Origin Pill.

Just think about it, a single Dao Insight Origin Pill was capable of allowing a cultivator to instantly master a Dao Insight, and it was a rare treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck. Who wouldn’t be moved when faced with such temptation?

Chen Xi was moved as well, yet he stood silently at the back and didn’t move forward.

Because of the existence of the layer of shapeless restriction within the hall, it was impossible for cultivators to fight each other. Not to mention only after measuring the last person could the people who’d comprehended the most and least Dao Insights be distinguished, and then be ranked, so there was utterly no need to charge forward impatiently.

There were many people that held the same way of thinking as Chen Xi, like Zhen Liuqing, Yue Qi, and so on and so forth.

“Hmph! All of you don’t know what’s good for you! I, Huangfu Chongming will be the first to be measured, does anyone have an objection?” Right at this moment, Huangfu Chongming’s loud shout sounded out abruptly from within the crowd.

Instantly, the expressions of the crowd of people that were squeezing forward froze, and they seemed to be afraid of Huangfu Chongming’s power and influence as they unwilling opened up a path.

Huangfu Chongming snorted coldly when he saw this, and then he held his hands behind his back as he stepped forward to arrive before the Dao Measuring Stone and sat down cross-legged.


The surface of the Dao Measuring Stone was suddenly suffused with a layer of ripples, and it revealed an extremely magical scene.


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