Chapter 232 – Unbridled Plundering

Chapter 232 – Unbridled Plundering

Medicinal pills were in large groups as they whistled about like the rain!

As he looked at the numerous medicinal pills that were filled with intelligence and danced about in the sky, Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp. He instantly felt a strand of pure and refreshing spirit energy gush into his body, causing his spirits to suddenly be refreshing, and the True Essence within his violet palace seemed to have become a little more condensed.

This is only from breathing a mouthful of the aura they emit. If I consume one of these medicinal pills, exactly what kind of extraordinary effect would it provide? Chen Xi’s heart burned as he looked at the myriad of medicinal pills.


When a spirit pill flew right past him, Chen Xi raised his hand and caught it. This medicinal pill was completely translucent and crystalline, and strands of a dazzling and divine glow were faintly emitted from within it as it emitted a clear cry that was like the roar of a dragon or the howl of a tiger. The medicinal pill caused one’s ears and eyes to feel clear and one’s entire body to feel comfortable, and it seemed extremely profound.

“A Sky Jadeliquid Pill! It’s actually an earth-rank medicinal pill that possesses a strand of intelligence!” Ling Bai stuck out his hand to grab a medicinal pill as well, and after sizing it up briefly, his eyes lit up abruptly as he cried out with excitement. “After a cultivator advances to the Golden Core Realm, ordinary spirit liquids are already incapable of suiting the cultivator’s needs in cultivation. Only by relying on the energy within medicinal pills at the earth-rank and above would one be able to allow one’s cultivation to advance. This Sky Jadeliquid Pill is a top-grade earth-rank medicinal pill that’s well known throughout the world, and 10,000 years ago, only the Sky Dao Palace was capable of refining it. A single Sky Jadeliquid Pill is enough to compare with 50,000 kgs of spirit liquid!”

Medicinal pills were similar to Magic Treasures and were divided into the four ranks of heaven, earth, profound, and yellow. Every single rank was further divided into the four grades of top, high, intermediate, and low.

Amongst them, yellow-rank and profound-rank medicinal pills were called Origin Pills, and they were basic medicinal pills that weren’t complicated to refine, whereas, earth-rank and heaven-rank medicinal pills were called Spirit Pills because they already possessed a trace of intelligence.

Obviously, this Sky Jadeliquid Pill was a type of earth-rank spirit pill, and its grade was superb, to the point of being in the ranks of the top-grade!

“Sky Jadeliquid Pill?” Even though Chen Xi didn’t know exactly how great the fame of this medicinal pill was, yet he knew that once he advanced into the Golden Core Realm in the future, he would surely be unable to do without the support of earth-rank spirit pills.

Most importantly, after he advanced into the Golden Core Realm, it would be equivalent to possessing the root of the heavens and the earth in his body. When in battle, so long as he possessed sufficient earth-rank spirit pills, then he would entirely not have to worry about the embarrassing scene of being unable to continue fighting due to his True Essence drying up. Because an earth-rank spirit pill was capable of instantly recovering one’s True Essence and allowing a Golden Core Realm cultivator to maintain a lasting and exuberant combat strength!

If it was a Violet Palace Realm or Golden Hall Realm cultivator, even if the cultivator consumed an earth-rank spirit pill, the cultivator would be utterly unable to achieve this, and their Dantian would even collapse from the tremendous medicinal strength of the spirit pill and lose their lives.

This was the powerful aspect of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. The so-called great path of achieving the golden core was to establish a root of the heavens and earth within one’s body, causing the Dantian to become exceedingly tough, tensile, and solid like iron. It was precisely because of this that it was capable of accommodation the surging medicinal strength of an earth-rank spirit pill.

“Great! With so many earth-rank spirit pills, then so long as I’m able to advance to the Golden Core Realm, I don’t have to worry about the problem of my True Essence drying up when in battle.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and the myriad of Sky Jadeliquid Pills in the sky transformed into raindrops that were put away within the Buddha’s Pagoda by him.

The spirit pills were like a rain and were in the thousands. The instant they entered the Buddha’s Pagoda, they instantly transformed into a river of pills that hovered and danced about in streaming columns. Bai Kui, who was sound asleep at the side, suddenly shuddered as he stood up, and when he saw the countless Sky Jadeliquid Pills, he abruptly roared with excitement. Bai Kui took a step on the ground before leaping up swiftly to chase behind the cluster of medicinal pills and started eating with great pleasure.

Chen Xi noticed this scene, yet didn’t stop Bai Kui. Those medicinal pills were exceedingly numerous and at least numbered over 100,000. Even if the little fellow ate continuously for an entire year, it could only be considered to be a drop in the ocean. Not to mention, this little fellow Bai Kui was extremely selective about his food now, and after he tasted something new, he would stop eating on his own.

This pill storehouse has been completely plundered by me, I wonder what other treasures are stored in the other places… After Chen Xi gathered all the medicinal pills in the surrounding space, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out and head deeper towards the next door.

He didn’t dare waste the slightest bit of time. The entrance to Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault had been opened now, and Huangfu Chongming and the others would probably be making every effort to crack the answer to the Eight Path Formation. If he were to wait for them to rush over, then would there be any benefit for him to reap?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi had just entered into another door when he heard a wave of dense sword howls that were in great strength and like a tide, and then he saw innumerable swords flying ceaselessly in the sky along a profound trajectory.

Sword lights shot out violently along with a myriad of howls that sounded out in unison, the peerlessly swift and fierce sword aura actually suppressed Chen Xi to the point of feeling suffocated, and it caused shock to emerge within his heart. Those numerous swords were actually high-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures, and they were a riot of colors as they flew and howled by themselves. Over 10,000 high-grade earth-rank swords revolved around nine swords that were noble like kings, and they howled in unison and resonated. The sound wave emitted was sufficient to directly crush a Violet Palace Realm or even Golden Hall Realm cultivator into mush.

This was a sword formation! A large scale sword formation that was formed from over 10,000 high-grade earth-rank swords and nine top-grade earth-rank swords!

“Grand Qi Charge Sword, this… This is actually the Sky Dao Palace’s Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation!” Ling Bai spoke with shock. “Once this sword formation formed from a total of 10,800 high-grade earth-rank Grand Qi Charge Swords and nine top-grade earth-rank Grand Qi Soul Swords is fully activated, then it’s sufficient to annihilate even a Nether Transformation Realm expert!” When he spoke up to here, Ling Bai stopped briefly become speaking with a firm expression. “The owner of this Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault is surely an expert of the Sky Dao Palace. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for him to be capable of setting up this sect guarding sword formation. After all, in the Sky Dao Palace is a similar grand formation formed from over 10,000 top-grade heaven-rank swords and nine Immortal Swords. Its lethality is so terrifying that it’s even a path of no return for Heavenly Immortals.”

Over 10,000 top-grade heaven-rank swords?

Nine Immortal Swords?

A strand of astonishment couldn’t help but emerge in Chen Xi’s heart. Exactly what kind of power was this Sky Dao palace to actually take so many precious treasures to set up such a terrifying sword formation?

“Chen Xi, take them, take all of them. When you establish a sect of your own in the future, set up this formation before your sect, and it’s sufficient to annihilate all people with evil intentions!” Ling Bai started shouting loudly with excitement.

This Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation was startling indeed.

“Alright! My younger brother is rebuilding the Chen Clan now. After I take this sword formation, it will be just right to be set up around the Chen Clan to form a superb barrier that can protect the Chen Clan’s longevity!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest and made a move right away.

He didn’t rashly move to forcefully collect them, and he instead silently deduced this formation.

Because this Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation didn’t possess an owner to direct it, it wasn’t activated. So long as they slowly circulated according to the positions of the formation, everything would be completely revealed before his eyes, and it was as if the formation was silently teaching Chen Xi its secrets, causing it to be effortless for him to comprehend it.

But even then, Chen Xi still spent an entire 1/8th of an hour before being able to completely grasp and memorize the various secrets and variations of this formation, and then he started collecting these 10,000 plus swords.

This time, Chen Xi was wise and placed these swords within a concealed place in the Buddha’s Pagoda. In this way, he would be able to avoid the ignorant Bai Kui foolishly eating some of these swords.

“All of the Magic Treasures behind this door have already been collected by me. Let’s go to the next door.” Chen Xi counted the time with his fingers for a moment, and he felt that time was even more pressing.

When faced with a great fortuitous encounter that allowed him to plunder without restraint by himself, who wouldn’t be worried that countless people would charge over in the next moment and enter into the ranks of plunderers?

At this moment, Chen Xi was like a locust, his speed was swift to the point of being unbelievable, and he first seized the almost 100,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills before seizing the Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation. Subsequently, in the next moment, he’d appeared within another door, and within this space was rare materials like White Refined Gold, Water Netherstone, Six-Yang Crimson Iron, Azure Heart Wood… Various equipment refining materials and rare and precious stones were scattered all around, and they were all spread out into piles, causing it to simply seem like a misuse of resources.

All of these were swept away cleanly by Chen Xi. At any rate, the Buddha’s Pagoda contained an entire eight spaces that were comparable to a world, and it was sufficient to hold countless treasures. So, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about the problem of having insufficient storage Magic Treasures.

While Chen Xi was ceaselessly plundering.


Over ten figures break through the path of beginning in the Eight Path Formation and charged into the space where Chen Xi was earlier, and they were Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, and the others.

As the first group of forerunners that passed through the Eight Path Formation, every one of them was excited to the extreme. However, when their gazes swept the surroundings, the smiles of excitement on their faces froze instantly.

This space of was completely empty and without a single treasure. Obviously, someone had beat them to it, and it caused the expression of every single one of them to be extremely terrible.

“What’s going on? Why is it completely empty, and not even a hair is here? There are still traces of the aura of pills that are extremely pure remaining in the air, and it’s at least at the standard of earth-rank spirit pills. Why have all of them vanished?” Someone spoke with surprise and bewilderment.

“Dammit! There’s obviously been someone that plundered it clean before us. If I fucking find out who obtained it, I’ll cut off his hand!” Someone cursed angrily.

“Could it be that kid Chen Xi?” Someone asked.

“Chen Xi? Dammit! How could I have forgotten that kid came in first? But, that kid is too ruthless and greedy, he didn’t even give us the chance of having some leftovers. He truly deserves death!” Someone was angered to the point of stomping with rage.

All of these experts of the younger generation were normally arrogant and conceited, and they considered others to be beneath them. Since they were able to pass through the Eight Paths Formation first and leave the other cultivators behind, they were extremely excited in their hearts, and all of them rubbed their hands as they prepared to plunder without restraint. Yet how would they know that when they expended their heart and blood and worked arduously to enter here, they actually obtained nothing? How could they endure this? All of their expressions were dark like the bottom of a pot, their eyes almost emitted flames, and they were angered to the point they almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Let’s quickly chase after him! Perhaps that kid is not far ahead. We’ll chase up to him and make him spit out everything he took!” Huangfu Chongming, this prince of the Darchu Dynasty, actually didn’t have the slightest bit of an elegant demeanor at this moment, and his face was warped as he gnashed his teeth and roared loudly.

No one spoke a single word as all of them urged their True Essence with all their might and charged deeper towards the next door with a murderous look on their faces.


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