Chapter 229 – The Descent Of The Treasure Vault

Chapter 229 – The Descent Of The Treasure Vault

Huang Yuhu died too quickly, perhaps even until the end, he didn’t dare believe that he would be killed by Chen Xi, but all this was unrelated to Chen Xi, as he was only responsible for killing people.

“Six people, six storage Magic Treasures, six golden cores. Chen Xi, quickly gather the treasures!” Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder, and his eyes glowed as he spoke with excitement.


However, right when Ling Bai had just finished speaking, an unexpected event emerged abruptly. Extremely far away from the Baleful Fiend Burial Ground was an enormous explosion that shook the heavens and the earth. At the same time, the heavens and the earth suddenly started to shake intensely. Even from afar, Chen Xi could see a golden ray of light that shot through the sky like a pillar that held up the heavens, and the image of a palace that was towering and lofty like a mountain was revealed within it.

The sea of clouds surges as rays of light shot out to illuminate everything in an extremely large area!

Amidst the rumbling and enormous bangs, the true face of the palace appeared inch by inch in the heavens and the earth, and the dazzling and beautiful rays of light were like sharp swords that pierced directly into the sky, causing the layer upon layer of seas of clouds to surge like waves.

Seeming to have experienced being sealed under a layer of dust for an extremely long time, the palace that seemed as if it was made completely from white jade bathed under the beautiful rays of light, and it once more saw the light of day. It stood towering within the heavens and the earth as it emitted a strand of vast aura that was ancient and lofty.

This aura was so dense and so vast that it caused the feeling of reverence and worship to involuntarily emerge from one’s heart.

Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault!

In practically an instant, Chen Xi’s entire heart and mind were attracted by the distant Palace. He was sure in his heart that the palace was undoubtedly the place of inheritance left behind by the Heavenly Immortal in the legends, the place that possessed countless treasures and Dao Insight Origin Pills that countless cultivators only dreamt of!

“Let’s go, the commotion made by the appearance of this palace had probably already drawn over the cultivators from all over. Let’s quickly head over as well or we’ll be too late!” Chen Xi couldn’t care about anything else, and he decided instantly to dash towards Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault.


Chen Xi was like a gust of wind as he executed the Divine Windwing Flight with his entire might and instantly vanished on the spot.

“Hmm? That’s…”

“Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault!”

“The legends are actually true! Supposedly, countless treasures gathered by a Heavenly Immortal are stored within it. I never expected that it would really appear!”

“Let’s go! We can’t allow others to get ahead of us!”

Practically all the cultivators that were wandering about in the depths of the Oceanic Desert were attracted by the lofty palace that emerged out of thin air, and all of them revealed extremely fervent expressions and burning gazes as their breathing quickened.

Just like Chen Xi, they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to head over.

If one were to look down from the skies, one would notice a myriad of flashing lights converging towards the palace from all over in a formidable array.

After 15 minutes.

Chen Xi was the first to arrive at the place the palace emerged. This place was obviously a desolate and uninhabited desert earlier, yet along with the emergence of the immortal abode, the layer of sand on the ground was lifted open to reveal many enormous ravines and fissures that were filled with innumerable tongues of flames that slowly rose like a cloud of flames.

These flames were actually extremely rare spirit flames of the heavens and the earth that had converged together to seem like numerous flame dragons that danced about without end. Chen Xi could even see many enormous three-legged golden crows flapping their wings within these ravines, and every single flap of their wings emitted boundless flames. The scorching high flames within was sufficient to melt anything in the heavens and the earth!

“Sea of Flaming Spirits! I didn’t expect Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault to actually be hidden within the Sea of Flaming Spirits!” Chen Xi forcefully endured the scorching high temperatures around him as he looked at the palace that lay across the heavens and the earth, and he gasped endlessly in admiration in his heart.

The Sea of Flaming Spirits was like the Five Element Ruins, the Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds, and the Thunderstorm Zone. All of them were extremely dangerous areas within the Oceanic Desert. According to legend, the Sea of Flaming Spirits possessed the most violent spirit flames in the entire world that remained eternally without dying out, and even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert wouldn’t dare easily step into this extremely terrifying place.

Chen Xi only dared move about its borders and didn’t dare go deeper in when faced with this boundlessly vast sea of flames, as he would probably be burnt into nothingness from the slightest carelessness once he entered it.

Fortunately, the palace lay across the heavens and the earth, and so long as he was slightly careful and avoided the innumerable spirit flames that were like flowing fireflies, he would perhaps be able to approach and enter the treasure vault.

But at this moment, the palace that covered an area of 3km was bathing in the beautiful rays of light, and there seemed to be a shapeless forcefield that separated everything from it and utterly disallowed anyone from approaching it.

“The treasure vault hasn’t opened yet, we can only wait nearby.” Ling Bai frowned.

“Hmm? Someone’s approaching!” Right when Chen Xi was pondering, he suddenly noticed acutely that a wave of sounds of the sky being torn apart sounded out from 3km behind him. Chen Xi couldn’t help but circulate his Third-Flame Shaman Marking, causing his figure to instantly transform into a flaming silhouette that mixed into the boundless spirit flames and completely concealed his tracks.

Sure enough, right after Chen Xi concealed himself, a wave of powerful True Essence fluctuations suddenly came from the distance, and their formidable energy tore through space as they appeared near the place Chen Xi was earlier.

Shockingly, it was Huangfu Chongming, Tantai Hong, Lin Moxuan, and Xiao Linger.

“Dammit! I was thinking of relying on the incomplete map in our possession to enter Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault without anyone noticing. Now that it has made such a great commotion, I’m afraid the greed of countless people has been drawn over.” Huangfu Chongming spoke with a dark expression.

It wasn’t just him, the others had extremely depressed expressions as well. No one had expected that Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault would descend into the world, and it would actually cause such an enormous scene in the heavens and the earth.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right after their group had arrived, Liu Fengchi’s group from the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle and Man Hong’s group from the northern barbaric lands’ Skycave Mountain has arrived as well. Following behind their two groups was the Whitecrane Sect’s Pei Zhong and Xue Chen, and only Qing Xiuyi was missing.

“I didn’t expect that all these fellows would have arrived here already. If I want to obtain ample benefits from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, then I obviously have to be on guard against these people…” Chen Xi was concealed within the nearby dense spirit flames, and he pondered about the method to deal with them as he gazed at the enemies that had once attacked him.

Qing Xiuyi not appearing with them had exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. But it was better like this. If one were to speak about the enemy he feared the most, then it would undoubtedly be this woman. As for the others, he wasn’t really afraid of them, but what caused worry in his heart was that if these people joined forces, then it would be troublesome.

“The treasure vault has already appeared, yet why hasn’t Miss Qing arrived yet?” Huangfu Chongming frowned as he swept his gaze at the surrounding people before speaking with a grim tone. “I presume everyone has seen the current situations. The appearance of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault will surely draw the greed of countless people. I suggest that all of us continue working together temporarily, and after we enter the treasure vault and seize all the treasures, we’ll share them equally. As for the other people… So long as they compete for treasures with us, we’ll kill every single one we see. What does everyone think?”


“This plan is the most appropriate.”

“We agree as well.”

The others weren’t stupid, and they pondered briefly before nodding in agreement to Huangfu Chongming’s suggestion.

“As expected, they’ve joined forces…” Chen Xi frowned when he saw this scene.

“Chen Xi, let’s go in right now. Don’t you have a Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl in your possession? It just happens to be of use at this moment!” Ling Bai suddenly spoke via voice transmission.

“Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl?” Chen Xi was instantly delighted in his heart, and he thought to himself. How could I have forgotten this treasure?


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