Chapter 228 – The Sword Of Righteousness

Chapter 228 – The Sword Of Righteousness

The stone tablet at the center of the Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds pierced straight into the skies. It emitted a desolate and ancient aura of righteousness, and it was like a pillar that was connected to the heavens. Inscribed onto it was countless oddly shaped words that seemed like tadpoles, yet they also seemed like an inscription. Coupled with it experiencing the corrosion of countless years, the words had long ago become extremely blurred and indistinguishable.

When looked at from afar, this stone tablet seemed as if it was a sacrificial altar used to suppress souls. The instant the roiling and jet black devilish qi in the heavens and the earth approached a distance of 30m from this stone tablet, all of it would avoid the stone tablet and not dare take a step forward.

Before the stone tablet was an iron sword stabbed into the ground, and only half the body of the sword was revealed above ground.

Hmm? Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. The iron sword emitted an indistinct fluctuation of spirit energy, and it faintly revealed a trace of a righteous and lofty aura. This aura was extremely familiar to him, as it seemed to be identical to the Righteous Sword Dao Chen Hao cultivated, only that the righteous aura was from different mediums.

Chen Xi executed the Divine Windwing Flight to instantly vanish on the spot, and when he appeared once again, he already stood before the damaged stone tablet.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to hold onto the iron sword before pulling forcefully.


A righteous sword qi shot into the sky and pierced through the nine heavens, causing the devilish qi and fiendish mist in an area of 300m in the surroundings to instantly seem like snow that had melted into water, and they vanished into thin air.

This iron sword was completely black, with a meter long blade that revealed a dark blue glow and was inscribed with profound runes. These runes were clear and concise, and when looked at as a whole, the blade was like a great flowing river that moved forward like a great flood and had many mighty waves slapping on its banks. Its eternally continuing aura seemed as if it was capable of accommodating everything in the mortal world, completely covering the rise, decline, and changes in the world. It was simply like a sword of history that embraced the changes in the mortal world!

“What a great treasure!” When Chen Xi held the iron sword, he felt as if he’d experienced the waves of the mortal world, the myriad of conditions of life, the replacing of dynasties, the withering of all things, the rise and fall of human life… All of it had transformed into a righteous aura that puffed up his chest, and he wished for nothing more than to give his heart to the heavens and the earth, give his life for the people of the lands, and to inherit the ultimate techniques of the sages of the past and develop a flourishing age of peace!

What a sword! This sword ought to be a divine weapon of the Confucianist Sects, and it’s been nurtured by the aura of a great Confucianist sage, causing its righteousness to become eternal. It’s extremely grand, magnificent, impressive, and lofty! Chen Xi praised endlessly. He suddenly recalled that the Righteous Sword Dao Chen Hao cultivated just happened to correspond with the aura of this sword. If the two of them were to be combined together, they would simply complement and bring out the best in each other.

“This sword is profound, and even though it isn’t an Immortal Artifact, yet it isn’t inferior. I can give it to Chen Hao to comprehend and perhaps it will allow his Righteous Sword Dao to improve.” Chen Xi immediately intended to put the iron sword away in the Buddha’s Pagoda.

A few kilometers away, a few disciples that were scattered around had noticed that there was sword qi that shot into the sky ahead of them, and their gazes flickered as they flashed over without the slightest hesitation.

“People are coming!” Ling Bai warned.

Chen Xi’s figure that was about to leave instantly stopped, and after a few breaths of time, five disciples that were young generation cultivations from the various sects in the Darchu Dynasty had appeared in his surroundings. All of them stared covetously at Chen Xi with gazes that flickered indeterminately.

“Kid, did you take the sword treasure from before?”

“Leave the sword behind and I’ll spare your life!”

“Sword qi shot into the sky! This sword is surely extraordinary, and a treasure like this isn’t something you can obtain. Severe one of your arms and I’ll spare your lowly life!”

Amidst a wave of cold shouts, the five people slowly approached him, and they obviously held thoughts of killing Chen Xi and seizing the treasure.

Chen Xi had a calm expression; He was able to determine from their auras that these five people were experts at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and their strengths were obviously inferior to the Teng Brothers.

“Want to kill me and seize my treasure? That will depend on if all of you have the strength.” There was no killing intent or baleful qi emitted. Chen Xi’s expression was calm, his voice indifferent, and he seemed to be extremely composed when facing the siege of five Golden Core Realm cultivators.

“Since you’re courting death, then I’ll fulfill your wish!” The disciple that was the closest to Chen Xi swung his fist out, and a True Essence fist print that was the size of a millstone pressed over towards Chen Xi.


A sword that surged with a silver light appeared within Chen Xi’s hand, and it pierced out with an incomparable speed, causing a cold light to appear, a thunderclap to explode in the sky, and an arc of lightning to tear through space as it tore apart the True Essence fist print before piercing through this person’s throat!


A wisp of hot and scarlet red blood sprayed out to form a matchlessly beautiful and tragic sight.

Death in a single strike!

Early on when he was still in the Five Element Ruins, Chen Xi had relied only on himself to annihilate the Teng Brothers, and his cultivation was only around the initial-stage of the Golden Hall Realm at that time. Presently, after mutually cultivating with Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan while having the miraculous Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication as a supplement, his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations were only a step away from advancing to the Golden Core Realm, and his strength had more than doubled. Thus, killing an initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator was naturally exceedingly easy.

“This kid is difficult to handle, everyone, let’s attack together!” The other four people were shocked, and they put on a fierce appearance to cover up their fear as they shouted out.

A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as his sword turned around causing sword images to tear through the sky like a rolling tempest, and he’d utilized the Tempest Sword Dao within the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture.

The disciple that assaulted him from the side hadn’t even come close when a bloody hole had appeared between his brows, and half of his skull was sliced off.

After killing a disciple with a single strike, Chen Xi didn’t hold back in the slightest, causing his sword to sweep out light a great river of lighting that fiercely penetrated beneath the ribs of another disciple, and with a swish, the person’s body was sliced into two and blood tainted the ground.

“Flee! Quickly! This kid isn’t an ordinary perfection-stage Golden Hall Realm cultivator, he has actually successfully cultivated the most difficulty sword technique in the world, the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture!” The souls of the remaining two disciples almost left their bodies as they saw this scene, and they were struck dumb with astonishment and rage. They understood that Chen Xi was utterly not someone they could offend.

But wanting to flee now was already too late.

One of them was a bit slower and his head was blasted open by a single strike of Chen Xi’s sword. The other person had already arrived 300m away and didn’t even have the chance to rejoice when he felt his neck go cold, and when he looked down, a wisp of a cold sword light had penetrated his throat and brought out a spray of dazzling blood.

In the blink of an eye, the five initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators had perished, and the scene was bloody and shocking!

Chen Xi didn’t leave, nor did he go search and retrieve the storage Magic Treasures on the corpses of those people, and he instead turned around suddenly and looked towards the back of the stone tablet. “Friend, the show has already ended, it’s time for you to make an appearance!”


A figure flashed out like a wisp of smoke and lightly descended at the side of the stone tablet.

“Your strength isn’t bad. You're able to rely on a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm to surmount a realm and kill five initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators. If this matter were to spread out, it would surely be an incident that shook the world. Once you advance into the Golden Core Realm, you’ll even be able to display extraordinary talent in the Allstar Meeting five years from now. If someone with natural talent like yours is killed, it would truly be a pity. I don’t want to make it difficult for you, but you have to hand over that sword you obtained earlier, and you can consider it to be the spoils of the victory of I, Huang Yuhu. How about it?”

The young man called Huang Yuhu had a young appearance. He wore luxurious and embroidered clothes, and he held his hands behind his back while wearing an indifferent expression, yet he carried an intense aura of ruthlessness on him. Merely from his aura, his strength ought to be equal with the Teng Brothers, but was slightly inferior to Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and the others.

Chen Xi slightly pondered before concluding that this person was surely similar to the other Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation and was a Golden Core Realm Core Disciple that was fostered by a great power of the Darchu Dynasty.

“What if I don’t hand it over?” If it was before, Chen Xi wouldn’t have the certainty of being capable of defeating him, but today was different from yesterday. Not to mention Huang Yuhu, even if he encountered Qing Xiuyi once more, he would even dare fight her.

Huang Yuhu lightly smiled, yet the words he spoke were exceedingly ruthless. “If you’re comparing me to those trash from earlier, then you’ll die an extremely miserable death. I advise you not to make me do it myself.”


Chen Xi’s finger flicked the body of his sword, and the sword emitted a clear cry. “I’ll take your head within three strikes of my sword!”

“Haha! It really is like this. Most of the people that court death in this world overestimate their own ability and are ignorant!” Amidst a wave of loud laughter, the tip of Huang Yuhu’s foot stomped on the ground, causing it to collapse and sink, whereas he soared into the sky to pounce towards Chen Xi.


He was still on the way yet a curved saber that was snow white like ice had appeared in his hand, and fierce saber qi gushed out from it, causing the surrounding space to be torn open like cotton and open into countless cracks, and its might was peerlessly ferocious.

“Skysplit Saber!” Huang Yuhu shouted out explosively as his saber was like a wisp of dazzling sunlight that tore through the night sky and slashed down towards Chen Xi.

“One!” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly as he lightly shook his head. His sword pierced out with a might that was like a series of mountains, yet like a gushing marsh, and the mountains and marshes were interlocked together to cause sluggishness and heaviness. It was precisely the Mountain Marsh Sword Dao of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture.

The trigram of Gen represented Mountain.

The trigram of Dui represented Marsh.

The mountain and marsh fused with each other, causing the sword strike to be heavy like a mountain, yet sluggish like a marsh. Instantly, everything in the surroundings seemed to have fallen under a group of mountains and marshes, becoming stuck and delayed, and the vast might of the sword strike emitted a heavy energy that caused everything in the world to become sluggish and delayed.

Huang Yuhu’s figure that flashed through the sky instantly became sluggish. He seemed as if he was a large insect that had fallen into the web of a spider, and even the Saber Insight that slashed down within his hand seemed to have been pulled on, causing its speed to lower by at least 30%.

“What strange Sword Insight is this? But, you’re too naïve if you’re thinking of using this to trap me, Waterfall Dao Territory!” Huang Yuhu’s eyes squinted as he hurriedly circulated his True Essence, causing the might of his sword to change, and it seemed like a violet squall as he slashed out with a myriad of strikes that seemed like waterfalls that swept through the sky and crashed down with a bang.


Chen Xi instantly entered into a domain where a myriad of waterfalls swept about, and those waterfalls, that were snow white like silk, seemed like the milky way that had descended down from the nine heavens. Every single drop of water contained raging and overbearing Dao Insight, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

“Kan Sword of Water!” Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent, with the guidance of his sword, the vast might of his sword was like the god that commanded all water, and it actually led the myriad of saber light waterfalls to cause their descent to become slower and slower!


When the waterfalls completely stopped, Chen Xi drew his sword and struck out, his movement smooth without the slightest hesitation, and the surrounding waterfalls silently split into two, causing Huang Yuhu’s Water Dao Territory to instantly be completely shattered.

“How can this be possible? How can my Waterfall Dao Territory possibly be destroyed by a kid at the Golden Hall Realm?” Huang Yuhu’s expression abruptly went pale. At this instant, he suddenly realized that he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s strength.

But unfortunately, it was already too late.

Right when his voice was still lingering in the air, a shapeless Sword Insight that was like the boundless ancient sky appeared out of thin air before his throat before slicing down.

The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s Qian Sword of Sky!

The trigram of Qian represented the Sky. The Qian Sword of Sky was the most incorporeal and unreal, it was fused within the sky at all times, and it was even to the extent that so long as Chen Xi was willing, even the sky could become the Sword Insight in his grasp and kill his enemies without anyone being aware.


A bloody head flew into the sky, and its face still carried a trace of astonishment as if he didn’t dare believe that he would die miserably at the hands of a Golden Hall Realm kid within three sword strikes…


The curved saber that was snow white like ice fell to the ground and emitted a clear and melodious sound, and it seemed to be mourning for its perished master.


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