Chapter 227 – Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds

Chapter 227 – Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds

“Chen Xi, what level has your strength attained? That Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication was the Blood Essence of a Heavenly Fragrance Saint Beast of the Heavenly Fiend Realm, and it’s a treasure that can only be chanced upon by luck, and even Heavenly Immortals covet it extremely.”

“Yes, it’s miraculous indeed. I feel that my True Essence and body seem as if they’ve been cleansed and all the impurities within have been cleaned out. My entire body feels transparent, my tendons and bones feel refined like jade, and my strength has advanced by leaps and bounds. I just need to tear open that windowpane and I’ll be able to advance to the Golden Core Realm!”

“Then do you feel that you can kill Qing Xiuyi with your current strength?”

“Not yet. That woman has obtained a great benefit from the Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication, and she can advance to the Rebirth Realm at any moment. Only when I advance into the Golden Core Realm, perhaps I’ll possess the ability to fight her, but if I go against Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, and the others, I should be able to possess a 50% certainty of being able to defeat them?”

In the depths of the Oceanic Desert, Chen Xi and Ling Bai tore through the sky. They’d left the strange Oasis Forest seven days ago, and during these seven days, the both of them had flown all the way and didn’t encounter any danger.

But as they went deeper, the temperature in the Oceanic Desert grew higher and higher, and the scorching temperatures caused the air to distort and warp. There were even strands of flames that frequently effused out from the sky, there were crimson red Sunflames, blue colored Nethersoul Flames, dark green Polo Jadeflames, translucent Lightning Hellflames…

All of these flames were rare flames of the heavens and the earth that were of extremely high quality. Every single strand was capable of being sold at an astronomical figure in the outside world, and using them to refine equipment, refine pills, and improve in one’s cultivation techniques was a superb choice.

However, these spirit flames within the Oceanic Desert weren’t so easily tamed and refined, and they seemed to be extremely violent and unyielding. Cultivators with comparatively inferior cultivations would be instantly burned into nothingness by these spirit flames.

Chen Xi had once seen a group of three initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators being assaulted by a few thousand balls of Sunflames, and they didn’t even have the time to emit a shrill cry before being burned into nothingness. They didn’t even leave behind a spec of residue, it seemed as if they’d evaporated into thin air, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.

This had also dispelled Chen Xi’s thoughts of gathering these spirit flames, as with his current strength, he was barely capable of making certain that he himself would be able to move safely within this area filled with whistling flames by relying on the Third-Fire Shaman Marking on his back. Moreover, he had to be vigilant at all times against these flames that would suddenly flash out from the sky. In this way, he didn’t have any spare energy to gather these spirit flames.

Three days later, after he passed through the area where spirit flames raged, the scene before his eyes changed instantly.

Numerous tombs that were 30 m tall densely covered the entire desert. They were completely pitch black and shaped like spires, and they covered every corner the eye could see. The heavens and the earth here seemed to be covered in a black mist. When looked for afar, those numerous tombs were coiled with black mist that was like wandering ghosts that fluttered about in the entire sky, and there were even waves of shrill and tragic sharp cries sounding out from them, causing a chill to run down one’s spine.

The Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds!

Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings, causing him to instantly recognize where he was and information related to the Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds flashed within his mind.

As rumor had it, this place was the base camp of the Heavenly Fiends during the great battle between gods and fiends from a few tens of thousands of years ago, and there were a few hundred million heavenly fiend warriors stationed here. Every single heavenly fiend warrior that died would be buried here, and as time passed by, it actually formed into an enormous burial ground that covered 5,000km in distance. After experiencing countless years of change until now, the baleful aura of fiends here had already shot into the nine heavens and became impossible to disperse.

Most terrifying of it all was so long as ordinary cultivators were to enter here, they would have their mental ability seized away by the boundless aura of fiends. Then devilish thoughts would invade their body before transforming them into vicious, ruthless, and bloodthirsty monsters that were neither human nor beast, and their souls will be unable to be freed for eternity!

“Aowu!” Right when Chen Xi was sizing up the Baleful Fiend Burial Ground, a monster suddenly shot out from the shadow of a nearby tomb, and it soared into the sky and clawed at him.

This monster was completely coiled in black mist, its eyes crimson red, the corners of its mouth suffused with a violet tint, and its pair of sharp fangs were 60 cm long and shaped like a sharp sword. Moreover, the nails on its hands were 30 cm long, every single one like a thorn that was suffused with a bloody sheen.

A Baleful Fiend!

Chen Xi practically recognized what this monster was with a single glance. Baleful Fiends were once human cultivators, but their bodies were invaded by devilish thoughts, and they’d turned into monsters that were neither human nor beast now.


The sharp claw tore through the sky as this monster flashed out like a bolt of lightning that carried violent corrosive devilish flames as it pounced towards Chen Xi in midair, and then it opened its bloody mouth that grew two sharp fangs and fiercely bit down.

Chen Xi remained composed, his figure was like a bolt of lightning as he leaned sideways and lowered his head before punch the monster’s abdomen.


This punch wasn’t inferior to a weight of 5,000 kgs and even contained vast Shaman Energy that was condensed on the surface of his fist to form a material fist light that instantly penetrated through this Baleful Fiend, causing jet black blood to taint the ground.

Hiss~ Hiss~

The Baleful Fiend fell onto the ground, then its entire body suddenly transformed into a clump of devilish qi that was like a living being as it brandished its claws and bared its fangs before letting out a shrill cry and heading straight towards Chen Xi’s head.

“You still want to swallow his soul? You’re truly courting death!” On Chen Xi’s shoulder, Ling Bai flicked his finger, causing an arc of dazzling and resplendent lightning to shoot out explosively, and it crackled wildly as it completely exterminated the roiling devilish qi.

“Let’s go, the dangers of this Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds are unknown, so it’s better if we pass through as soon as possible.” Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings as his formidable Divine Sense cover the surroundings, allowing him to instantly faintly sense that there were a few obscure and formidable auras in the depths of this Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds, and they were gloomy, evil, and extremely peculiar.

However, he hadn’t walked for long when danger appeared once more.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A few dozens of monsters that were shaped like humans, yet possessed wings, flashed out from the enormous tombs on both sides. Their wings were pitch black and coiled with devilish qi, and they emitted hissing sharp cried as they attacked Chen Xi from all directions.

“Winged Baleful Fiends? Their strengths are obviously much stronger than the Baleful Fiend from before…” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he attacked ferociously.


A strand of an extremely dazzling sword light seemed like an enormous blade that was interwoven with arcs of lightning swept out towards the surroundings. This caused the Winged Baleful Fiends to seem as if they’d collided with a shapeless wall and were struck by the peerless sword light that contained a destructive aura. Blood spilled from the corners of their mouths as their wings were severed, and then their entire bodies split apart to transform into roiling devilish qi that was completely exterminated by the energy of lightning.

As the base camp of the Heavenly Fiends during the battle between the fiends and gods, the strengths of the fiends here will probably become more formidable the deeper I go into this Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds… Chen Xi silently pondered for a moment before continuing deeper in.

This Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds was extremely vast and were suffused with black mist, causing it to be extremely easy to get lost. Chen Xi had already been heading forward for half an hour, yet he was still unable to see its borders.

All along the way, the baleful fiends that launched surprise attacks on him were innumerable; there were Winged Baleful Fiends, Bullhorn Baleful Fiends, Blackscale Baleful Fiends… There was also no lack of baleful fiends that were comparable to cultivators at the Golden Core Realm amongst them.

Just earlier, Chen Xi had even seen a baleful fiend that was enormous like an elephant, and its strength was comparable to the Rebirth Realm. A single stomp of its feet caused the earth to shatter and devilish qi to sweep out, and it even contained strands of devil sect Dao Insight, causing it to be extremely terrifying. Moreover, there were even a few thousand baleful fiends of other kinds that possessed strengths comparable to the Golden Core Realm following behind it, and it was simply like an army of baleful fiends that no one dared bear the might of.

When facing a terrifying existence like this, Chen Xi naturally fled as far as he could. Moreover, if it wasn’t for him fleeing in a timely manner, he would have almost been drowned by this baleful fiend army.

“Hmmm? What’s over there?” After an hour, Chen Xi stepped on a 300m tall tomb as he looked towards the extreme distance, and at the center of the dense tombs stood a stone tablet that pierced into the skies!


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