Chapter 226 – My Little Junior Brother

Chapter 226 – My Little Junior Brother

This beautiful youth had cherry lips and was obviously a woman disguised as a man, but she had her own natural charm that caused her to seem beautiful and distinguished. Every single move she made seemed to cause the entire heaven and earth to cheer, yell, and jump for you, causing her to seem unparalleled.

However, as soon as the beautiful youth spoke, Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan felt as if they were abandoned by the heavens and the earth, isolated and helpless. It was as if they were criminals that were expelled by the Heaven’s Dao, condemned universally and unable to flee.

Because within their eyes, the airflow, spirit energy, clouds, mist, flowers, plants, rocks, dust… Everything in the heavens and the earth seemed to be enraged, refusing them, rejecting them, and it seemed as if it wanted to tear them into powder!

What sort of cultivation is this?

With just a mere sentence, she caused the laws of the heaven and earth to submit to her, be controlled by her, and wish for nothing more than to do anything for her and crush all existences that caused her to be unhappy!

Ling Bai smiled happily when he saw the beautiful youth that was a woman disguised as a man, and he cupped his hands.

Different to how Qing Xiuyi’s and Fan Yunlan felt, from the instant the beautiful youth appeared, he felt the boundless spirit energy of the heaven and earth gush towards him and were compliant like sheep, and not only did they recover the injuries within his body, even his vitality that was consumed by his act of sacrifice earlier was recovering at an unbelievable speed.

He knew that all of this was from the ability of this ‘Senior Sister’ of Chen Xi’s, and she controlled everything in the heavens and the earth within the palms of her hand. With a single thought, everything would grow, yet with another, everything would perish. Everything followed the will of her heart while not going beyond the laws of the world!

The beautiful youth stretched out her delicate and white hand that was smooth like jade to pinch Ling Bai’s small face and beamed. “Lofty and unyielding, with integrity that reaches the clouds, not bad, not bad.”

Ling Bai, who’d always presented himself as being cold and handsome, revealed an unprecedented trace of embarrassment, and he lowered his head, seeming to not dare look the beautiful youth in the eyes as he refrained from speaking.

The beautiful youth grinned as she rubbed Ling Bai’s tiny head, yet when she turned around, there wasn’t a trace of a smile on her white, clear and young face, and it was indifferent like water. Her gaze sized up Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan for a moment before shaking her head. “One is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, yet has only recovered less than a thousandth of the memories of when you were a Heavenly Immortal. The other was born while accompanied by a Lotus of Evil, yet is cultivating a Souleater Devil Technique that’s full of mistakes and has a trivial and common cultivation. I truly don’t know where do both of you get your feelings of superiority from.”

When they saw the beautiful youth expose their secrets one by one, Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan, who had great fear emerge from within their hearts, went pale once more, and they were even more afraid of acting rashly.

Qing Xiuyi took a deep breath and asked with a wondering tone. “Who’re you?”

She felt an energy that couldn’t be shaken from the beautiful youth, it was deep and unfathomable to the point it wasn’t like she was facing a person, but a strand of the will of the Heaven’s Dao instead!

She’d never felt a feeling like this before, and it was also the first time since reincarnating and cultivating until today that she felt despair.

Yes, it was despair.

Even if it was her Master, Daoist Long He, or even if she searched throughout the will of the ‘Heavenly Immortal’ that was within her mind, she was unable to find a person that could cause her to feel such terrifying pressure!

Little Junior Brother?

How could this Golden Hall Realm kid possibly possess such a terrifying Senior Sister? Exactly who is he?

Qing Xiuyi was unable to wrap her head around it.

Just like Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan was similarly nervously guessing the identity of the beautiful youth.

The secret that Qing Xiuyi was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal was something the entire Darkhan Dynasty knew, whereas she was different. Besides the Sect Master of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, there wasn’t a second person that knew that she was born while accompanied by a Lotus of Evil. However, this utmost secret had been seen through with a single glance of this beautiful youth, and the beautiful youth had even revealed the Souleater Devil Technique that she cultivated was full of mistakes. Exactly what sort of cultivation would allow one to be able to achieve this?

“Is there any point asking this question?” The beautiful youth frowned and spoke unhappily. “Both of you must understand your situations. Since both of you felt that my Little Junior Brother can’t compare with both of you in any aspect, and both of you felt that you can wantonly trample upon him and harm him to the point of even taking away his life. Then now, the situation has changed!”

When she spoke up to here, the beautiful youth’s eyes squinted, and it seemed as if a vast starry sky had gushed out into appearance within her pitch black pupils. The sun, moon, and stars flickered between existence and destruction as the derivation of the Grand Dao circulated ceaselessly within. At the same time, her entire body seemed to have transformed into a river of a myriad of stars with a terrifying aura that caused everything in the surroundings to seem as if they’d become incorporeal and vague.

When the heavens emitted killing intent, the stars and constellations moved; when the earth emitted killing intent, all living creatures moved, and when she emitted killing intent, the heavens and earth were overturned. At this instant, with a single thought of the beautiful youth, killing intent was instantly born, and it seemed as if so long as she was willing, a single thought of hers would be able to cause Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan to explode and perish!

As they felt the killing intent in the sky, it was like a sharp sword was placed before their throat, causing Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan to be unable to restrain a wisp of terror from emerging from within their hearts, and it caused their entire bodies to go cold, as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

Their countenance went pale as the arrogance and conceit within their hearts were shattered into pieces. Their proud posture? Their noble aura? All of that was shattered and collapsed. Their appearances were like eagles that were knocked out from amongst the clouds, like Phoenixes that had their feathers plucked, and they seemed powerless and pitiful to the extreme.

“Trampling of the both of you is boring indeed, and there isn’t the slightest bit of a sense of accomplishment for me. If it wasn’t because of my Little Junior Brother, I couldn’t be bothered to take a glance at the both of you. Do you know why? Because both of you aren’t worthy! Perhaps in the eyes of others, there are countless halos above your heads, and both of you receive the adoration of countless people. But in my eyes, both of you are only a drop in the ocean, and both of you can’t even compare to a hair of my Little Junior Brother’s.”

“Do you know why I’ve spoken so much? It’s because your foolish actions caused me to feel enraged. You’ve obtained a benefit, yet you instead want to harm my Little Junior Brother, you’re truly shameless. Even though I’ve promised an old fellow that I wouldn’t interfere in some things of the mortal world, since both of you have drawn me here, then I have to make an exception and go against my promise this time.” The beautiful youth spoke unhurriedly with an indifferent tone, yet her words were like cold and sharp blades that repeatedly sliced the hearts of the two women, causing their hearts to tremble and drip with blood.

But they were unable to refute. Because what the beautiful youth said was the truth, because the beautiful youth’s strength gave her the qualifications to speak like this!

Ling Bai felt extremely pleased and delighted while he heard this from nearby. Earlier, when the two women had chased after him and Chen Xi for the sake of killing them, their words seemed as if they were queens that controlled the life and death of others, whereas, he and Chen Xi were instead lamb that was to be slaughtered at their mercy, ants that were to be trampled at their mercy, fish and meat on the chopping block that was ready to be taken…

The feeling of being disregarded, trampled on, and having one’s fate completely grasped in the hands of another was something that was utterly impossible to describe unless one experienced it for one’s self. Yet now, the situation had turned completely around, the positions had changed, and Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan had become the people that were disregarded, trampled on, and had their fate completely grasped in the hands of another. So the delight in Ling Bai’s heart was obvious.

“You… How do you want to deal with us?” Qing Xiuyi’s countenance was ghastly pale as she spoke slowly.

“I, of course, will not kill you both. Even though it’s more than easy for me to kill both of you, since you had the fortune of meeting me, it can be considered to be a type of fate.” The beautiful youth’s gaze descended onto Chen Xi, and the icy coldness on her face instantly melted and a smile hung on the corners of her mouth. “I can give both of you a chance. Fight my Little Junior Brother once more five years from now, and the fate of your lives will be decided by his strength. How about it?”

When they heard the beautiful youth didn’t intend to annihilate them, Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and then they were stunned. Fight Chen Xi five years from now? Decide the fate of my life with his strength?

The two women looked at each other, and the color of hope grew brighter and brighter within their eyes. As far as they were concerned, perhaps they were forever unable to surpass this beautiful youth, but if it was against Chen Xi, then the chances of victory were undoubtedly much greater.

The beautiful youth smile spuriously as she seemed to have seen through their thoughts, yet she didn’t expose it and thought in her heart. “Old fellow, oh, old fellow, I’ve restrained myself so much and let them go, and I didn’t interfere in the matters of Little Junior Brother. I ought to not have disturbed his cultivation, right?”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

After they established a vow under the Heaven’s Dao that they wouldn’t make a move against Chen Xi in the next five years, the beautiful youth drove the two of them away right away, and her appearance seemed as if she was driving flies away.

Ling Bai said unwillingly when he saw the two women leaving safely, “Hey, why didn’t you kill them? Do you know how detestable they were earlier!”

The beautiful youth shook her head and smiled. “You don’t understand. If I interfere, then wouldn’t I become a person that’s just like them? Relying on one’s strength to kick people around isn’t a good thing. If you want to take revenge, then you must defeat the person with your own two hands, and use your own strength to fiercely slap that person with a resounding slap. Only then will it be pleasing.”

Ling Bai curled his lips and was slightly disgruntled in his heart. “They can rely on their strengths to kick others around, why can’t we?”

“Enough. Don’t tell him about this once he wakes up, you must remember.” The beautiful youth changed the topic and grinned as she spoke, and she didn’t continue explaining to Ling Bai even if what Ling Bai said was something she agreed with extremely in her heart.

Ling Bai nodded. “Don’t worry. I know that you did this for the sake of Chen Xi becoming stronger. After all, cultivating is something that one does alone, one must possess the great courage to take responsibility and dominate the world, and only then would one become a true expert.”

The beautiful youth nodded and glanced deeply at Chen Xi, who sat cross-legged and hadn’t awoken. She didn’t seem to make any movement, yet her entire body was like a ray of starlight that became faint from a material form before vanishing completely. She arrived imperceptibly and left without a trace, like the secrets of the Grand Dao, mysteriously and without anyone noticing.


After the beautiful youth left, Ling Bai let out a long sigh of relief, and it seemed as if an extremely heavy and enormous rock was removed from his heart, causing his entire body to be at ease.

“I never imagined that Chen Xi’s Senior Sister is so amazing. I’m afraid that even a Heavenly Immortal isn’t a match for her. I wonder exactly how terrifying the sect behind her is. I dare not think about it, I dare not…” Ling Bai sighed with emotion as he gazed vigilantly at the surroundings.

The beautiful youth had left already, Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan had agreed to not harm Chen Xi in these next five years, but the depths of the Oceanic Desert and especially this strange forest was filled with killing intent and danger, so he had to be vigilant against any unexpected event that may occur.

“Alright, Ling Bai, I’d already awoken earlier and roughly heard everything that happened. Moreover, my strength has almost recovered now, so we don’t have to be afraid of the others any longer.” Amidst this calm voice, Chen Xi, who sat cross-legged on the ground had suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were deep like the starry sky, causing others to be unable to see through exactly what he was thinking within his heart.


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